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Jan 6, 2016 12:00pm MST
were hydrogen -- >> far more tremor would have been experienced in south korea, in china, in japan. >> okay. the world is pretty much, you know, condemned this. >> the world has condemned it because this is scary, this is a very dangerous commitment on the part of the north korean government to develop rapidly nuclear arsenal, their nuclear weapons program and even if this is not a hydrogen bomb, it definitely somehow proves that north korea is determined to really develop it eventually so deliberations today and a few days ahead. china, japan, south korea, nato, european union, united nations security council and, you know, we want to stop this because we want to have a nonproliferation of dangerous weapons of mass destruction but in particular nuclear weapons. >> for north korea to do this, they want to be noticed and respected. now, the u.n. security council as you mentioned has already met. no word yet in terms of sanctions. i would guess that would be coming? would that be something that would get their attention and they would stop? >> yes. sanctions will definitely get their
Oct 5, 2016 12:00pm MDT
cute. more than 150,000 tourists in china came to visit these black and white pandas during the giant panda day there, part of a national holiday. people took pictures, video, spent time looking at the panda and kids drew lots of picture and played ga what would you text? tell me what they eat. >> bamboo? >> i will go with that. >> i don't know. >> my niece, who's 10, loves panda. hers is named ban into. >> i think so. love it. they're so adorable. >>> forecast is fantastic, mid- 60s. as we go towards tomorrow, we have the switch-up but this system is a one-hit wonder, showers, and then sunshine from here on out. >> can't believe it. >> i'll bust out the nine-day -- >> there's an 80 in there? >> i know. >> what's going on? >> crazy october. >> i'll take sweat and flip- flops. thank you for being with us. have a great day and we'll see >>> was kim kardashian stalked before her terrifying armed robbery? >> the mystery man who reportedly tracked her every move. and is kim quitting her reality show? now on "extra" ? "extra" "extra"! > was tied up and robbed at gunpoint. new clues to the $
Sep 6, 2016 12:00pm MDT
. president. >> that, after more diplomatic drama for president obama in china. perhaps their last face to face while obama is in office. the two were unable to agree on a cease fire. >> president obama wild attending the summit will -- obama will attend a summit. they will step up efforts to troops. now, back to you. >> rthank you >> $20 million and a public apology. that's what a sexual harrassment cost the former ceo of fox news. the lawsuit brought by news anchor gretchen carlson led to the downfall of roger ailes. she said she was fired after >>> bren brewer's fate that he would beat cancer looks like a reality. he's been fighting since he was a two. we met when when he was a red head freckle faced kid. becoming radioactive killed the neuroblastoma that time around, but it came back. over the last five years, gone through phi -- five years of chemo. >> i'm very happy and excited. i'm just -- there's always that fear that something bad keeps happening. scared it might happen again. >> ben heads out this sunday for new york where the trial is going to be taking place over this n
Nov 3, 2016 12:00pm MDT
tissue massage. >> i noticed improvement on it helped a lot. >> cupping is used in russia, china, germany, greece today it's used all over the world. if you can get past the marks, it can leave crate deep muscle knots, common -- help with deep muscle knots. >> that popping sound is not bad. a 30 minutes. it's sometimes covered by insurance in conjunction with acupuncture. it depends on your individual insurance plans. check first before you do go if you decide to try it. . >>> colorado is known for craft breweries and stop of the nation search and rescue organizations. why not support both by brews for rescues. this is an event for the alpine rescue team. it's faking fake -- taking place tonight in ever green. it starts at 6:00, gets wrapped up at 10:00. it costs $10. all benefit the alpine rescue team the brewing company has a special brew called gone stray ipa. it honors lost hikers the team has not located in the 57 year history. throughout the year, the team 60 members responded to eight lost hikers, fallen climbers and avalanchic haves. this year has been -- avalanche hikers
Sep 30, 2016 12:00pm MDT
. kids were ordering them from china. some cost as much as 7 $700 each. later on 9news, matt takes a closer look at what detectives are doing about the problem this year. >>> another story we are following in lakewood. a neighbor who was trying stop a car theft was shot by suspects early this morning. had police say the attempted break in happened west of bell mar. the would be car thieves ran away from the scene. they are still on the run. lakewood police have not released any suspect information to us. we don't know how the neighbor is doing from the shooting, but we'll find out and let you know. and on tuesday. the bank is just east of colorado boulevard. on thursday afternoon, two men ran into the bank wearing hoods and demanding cash. investigators say they did get away despite a three-hour search. police couldn't track down the suspects. >>> investigators are still on scene of the train commuter crash in jersey that killed one person, injured more than 100 station thursday. we're in hoboken with a look at the investigation. >> the investigation continuing here, the ntsb on the
Sep 15, 2016 12:00pm MDT
girl grew up together in china. they're not actually related but they hav they even call each other brother and sister but they were separated when the 4-year old was adopted by a family in north texas. when they were going over the adoption materials they notice this had little boy in every single picture. they even shared a weekend foster mother. after a little bit of research the couple was able to find a home for the little boy not far from him. he reunited with her at this airport and they were so happy. and guess what, the they didn't even know each other, but now they say they will be friends forever so that they can all stay together. doesn't that just warm your heart? >> so sweet. i love that story. >> gives you faith in humanity. >> kids have so many emotions and feelings and the fact that they remember and love each other so much. >> great to see. how do you follow it really. >> but you've got something good. >>> i do. upper 70s look for a shower or 2 late this afternoon. tomorrow a little bit cooler so 72 the high a chance for an isolated storm in the afternoon. what i'm
Nov 11, 2016 12:00pm MST
. singles day in china is not what it sounds like. it's not about romance. it's more about shopping. it's an opportunity for unmarried people to buy items they want for themselves. berlin calls that tuesday, buy what you want. it's grown to the world's largest online shopping event. the company's biggest e-commerce brand say today. if you're wondering, that is triple what americans spent last year on sign her monday. they got us -- cyber monday. they got us beat by a long shot. that's not related to christmas. >> you work hard, got to treat yourself. >> treat yourself, don't cheat yourself. >> i like that. >> we're going to treat you to some nice weather over the weekend. if you don't have plans just yet, here are ideas of what to do. the cook park artist event is what? that's my favorite word, free. get ready for these events and others on 9 temperatures in the 60s and 70s next week. by the end of next week, it turns . >> join us. >> thanks for spinning part of your time with us. . annoucner: when you see this symbol you know you're watching television that's educational
Jan 4, 2016 12:00pm MST
, though, the dow fell 450 points. earlier today china's main index fell 7%, forcing an emergency trading suspension. the fall was triggered by weak chinese manufacturing data and just adding to the jitters today, all the tensions in the middle east, which pushed up oil prices. saudi arabia has cut now diplomatic ties with iran. that development could potentially threaten oil supplies. but tensions are growing. over saudi arabia's execution of a shiite cleric. protesters in india are bahrain, shiite crowds called for the death of the saudi royal family. saudi diplomats have left iran now after crowds burned down the saudi embassy. >>> the u.s. is now very diplomatic ties have been cut but the effect that could have on the war in syria and planned peace talks. iran and saudi arabia back different sides in that war. >>> smash-and-grab crimes are on the rise here in the metro area. that's where burglars smash in a window, grab some money or merchandise and take off. there have been more than a dozen in the past few days at businesses across the metro area, just this morning two store
Jan 20, 2016 12:00pm MST
this? it's something to do with the fact that they are expanding into every country but for china. >>> it's a first-of-its-kind opportunity for uber. the ride-sharing service will pick up and drop off passengers for the super bowl. the first time a company will be able to get ticket holders rides to and from the super bowl. in fact, super bowl had previously banned companies like uber and lest from driving fans to the game. time to change. >>> and well, the forecast is -- the members of the screen. meteorologist constantly study weather technology and they're doing that at this weather summit in steamboat. they're getting a glimpse of the next generation of forecasting and brigs us more from steamboat. >> reporter: hi, it says here four inches of -- four inches of snowfall overnight and four more on the way. this is where it's happening. tornado technology that is in the works that will help you and help us get a whole lot sooner and the satellite that will be launched in october that will bring the better imagery of storms. the next few days, we'll hear from the nation's leading
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9