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Nov 18, 2009 3:05am EST
his asia trip. before leaving china the white house announced president obama invited president hu to visit washington next year and the chinese president had accepted. the visit will allow a cooperative relationship between the two countries to further develop. >>> away from the presidential spotlight, secretary of state chinese counterpar morning over breakfast.ty about closer cooperation on ke issues including northkorea's nuclear program and the situ in pakistan. >>> the pentagon is expected to launch an investigation into how all branches of the military keep an eye on potential problem members. into possible misse signals in members. into possible misse signals in the case of major nidal hasan, the pentagon investigation would focus on personnel policies and the availability of mental health care for troubled service members. wu is website it set up to track in jobs created by federal stimulus money. the site was riddled with reports of new jobs in districts that did thought exist. here's chief congressional correspondent john karl. >> reporter: the white house's stimulus web
Nov 14, 2010 6:00pm EST
course, is china. and beginning tomorrow, "world news" will be broadcasting from china. diane sawyer is already on the ground there. diane? >> reporter: good evening to you, john. it is great to be reporting tonight from a windy skyline of shanghai, china. we have come here because of the challenge china has issued to the rest of the world, america in particular. about economic growth, educational perfection and about modern energy for a modern time. we spent the day out in the streets of shanghai today. this beautiful old city now a rocketship of economic growth. to talk to people about what they're doing and we heard from workers, how they are working seven days a week, all because they believe this is their moment, this is a chance to do it. we heard about education here. >> piano. >> reporter: and the english that is being spoken at very young ages and it is still a staggering statistic, that more people are learning english in china than there are people in the united states. and we're asking a lot of questions about what is truly possible. you grow enough food to live? and, wha
Jan 14, 2017 5:30pm PST
his swearing in to what could be major foreign policy shifts. today, his sharp warnings for china and for russia a possible break. abc's gloria riviera is in washington with this part of the story. >> reporter: a foreign policy shakeup from the president-elect before he is even sworn in. donald trump suggesting those sanctions against russia imposed for hacking may be short-lived. >> i don't know that i'm going to get along with vladimir putin. i hope i do. >> reporter: telling "the wall street journal" he'll keep the sanctions at least for a period of time. but quote, if you get along and if russia is really helping us, why would anybody have sanctions if somebody is doing really great things? laying the groundwork for his future relationship with vladimir putin in his press conference this week. >> if putin likes donald trump, guess what, folks. that's called an asset. not a liability. >> reporter: trump's comments on sanctions come after the republican-led intelligence committee announced friday it would investigate ties associated with political campaigns. and now this in that "wa
Jan 19, 2011 2:35am EST
president of china. >> they have already met behind closed doors for a private white house dinner last night. we're joined with the latest from karen on this high-stakes dinner. >> reporter: good morning. president obama formally welcomes president hu to the white house today even as administration officials are saying distrust still remains between the two sides. the obama administration rolled out the red carpet for chinese president hu jintao. the arrival was a rare arrival for a foreign leader. asia experts say one key focus for the two presidents is simply mending fences. >> fundamentally they're -- both presidents are trying to signal to both populations that this is a relationship that's important for both sides. we ought to find ways to move forward. >> reporter: beyond the pomp and circumstance there's, of course, substance. three key items on the agenda. first, national security issues, including north korea's nuclear program and u.s./chinese military relations. second, human rights and political reform in china. president obama is, of course, a noble peace prize winner. the
Aug 9, 2012 1:50am PDT
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Dec 11, 2010 6:30pm EST
another year the tougher work of recovering carbon emissions. >> in china, another bold statement that the world is meddling in their affairs. that came after so much attention to one empty chair that we showed you last night. that empty chair in oslo, norway, as the nobel peace prize winner was seawarded in absengs yeah. it wasn't just his chair that was telling. there were other chairs in the odd wrns. countries pressuredchina not to go. is there any question china is keeping score of who went and who didn't. >> china is absolutely keeping score. the chinese government made a red line and said you must not cross it. there are normally some 65 governments in oslo that will normally send representatives to every peace pride ceremony. >> more than a dozen countries decided not to go. china, now the second largest economy in the world, flexing its growing muscle. >> the chinese government said of the nobel committee, they're orchestrating an antichina farce. we will not change our path. >> i'm afraid to say the actors who look like clowns at this moment are in fact chinese officials
Jan 20, 2011 3:05am EST
chinese company is investing $3 10 million to export motor homes to china. >> as we get this investment, we're immediately going to be able to put jobs right back here in southern california. over 1,000 jobs that have been lost recently. >> reporter: the theme the state dinner quintessentially american. that's reflected in the decore, the entertainment, jazz, the menu, surf and turf, and the quintessential american dessert, apple pie. jake tapper, abc news, the white house. >>> for many americans it was a watershed moment in the nation's history. 50 years ago today president john kennedy took the oath of office. his daughter, caroline, is using the anniversary to launch a new public service campaign aimed at getting young people to volunteer. there will be ceremonies and tributes today on capitol hill as well as at the kennedy center. >>> meanwhile, republican lawmakers in the house have quickly carried out a key campaign promise. they have officially repealed health care reform. >> the vote itself will have no impact, it's part of a long-term strategy for the gop. t.j. winick is joinin
Jul 13, 2012 1:40am PDT
uniforms made in china. at least one leader in congress now saying they should be burned. >>> later, why so many people feel so scared and so superstitious on friday the 13th. you're watching "world news now." 13th. you're watching "world news now." ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by consumer cellular. ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by consumer cellular. 3q i can't stand these spots. those spots are actually leftover food and detergent residue that can redeposit on your dishware during the rinse cycle. gross. jet-dry rinse agent helps wash them away so the only thing left behind is the shine. jet-dry rinses away residues for a sparkling shine. >>> welcome back, everybody. first told you about this one yesterday. since then the story has taken off. >> reaction pouring in about the u.s. olympic uniforms, the red white and blue made in china. as abc's sharyn alfonsi reports there is a call for action. >> reporter: they're the men and women of team usa and when they march into london's opening ceremonies with the world watching, team
Dec 7, 2009 2:20am EST
to come for this time to come. and in china, even, there has been much made about how the conference there is going to be affecting the economy. but it's not just chain na, it's also for the u.s. >> we may get indignant in the u.s. oh, why aren't china, india, so forth doing their things? but the rest of the world's saying, whatr talking about? you do so much more than any other country. you're responsible for so much of the rise of greenhouse gases that have taken place to now, when are you going to show some leadership? >> reporter: environmental groups have also been marching around the world to highlight the importance of the summit. >> sonia gallego, thank you very much. the president was planning to go to the early part of the summit. now he's going to go to the end of the summit because he thinks he might have some kind of agreement. >>> soldieeasona senators head capitol hill this morning for more debate on health care reform. could help democrats inch toward the 60 votes they need. they got a pep talk from the president over the weekend. here's rick kline. >> reporter: by ma
Jan 20, 2011 2:05am PST
treatment for china's president at the white house. >> we want to sell you all kinds of stuff. >> what's getting accomplished. >>> moving forward. the suspected tucson gunman's first serious charge. and gabby giffords' big step. >>> i'm at plein sud in the heart of tribeca. today on inso many knm neniacin we're going to show you how to make a tuna blt. look at all these layers. >> it's thursday, january 20th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> that's a sandwich. >> i couldn't count the number of layers. you saw eggs, there's bacon, there's olive tapenade, mayo. yeah, there's a lot. >> the most important question, did you bring one in? are we going to eat today? yes! thank you. thank you, vinita. >> for once i did a good job. >> exactly. good morning, everybody, i'm rob nelson. >> i'm vinita nair. >>> the president of china was welcomed to the white house by a mix of hollywood stars, washington insiders and prominent chinese-americans. >> the state dinner followed a day of tough talks between president hu jintao and president obama. john hendren is joinin
Nov 16, 2009 2:20am EST
issues in china today. his next step during an historic visit. >>> then, prison politics. plans to turn an illinois super max prison into the new home for guantanamo detainees. the pros and the cons. >>> and, fat fight. experimental medicine to battle obesity. the new drugs and how they work. it's monday, november 16th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning and thanks for being with us on this monday morning. i'm vinita nair. >> i'm jeremy hubbard. >>> we start this half hour in china where president obama has taken a staple of american politics, the town hall meeting, to hundreds of students. >> she joins us this morning from shanghai. good morning, yunji. >> reporter: good morning, jeremy and vinita. when the president stirs started out he explained to the students how this was all going to work. this event was, in fact, supposed to be broadcast live on chinese state television. but apparently the government changed its mind at the last minute. it was only broadcast live on local stations here in shanghai and it was streamed over the internet at whitehouse.g
May 3, 2012 1:40am PDT
on "world news now" -- a developing story from china, where a blind human rights activist is making big demands on the u.s. >>> chen guangcheng who escaped house arrest is now demanding a flight out of china to the u.s. all courtesy of hillary clinton. it's thursday, may 3rd. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning. i'm sunny hostin. paula faris is on assignment. >> good morning. i'm rob nelson. we'll get to those late developments in china in just a second. >>> and we'll also explain what may be wrong with u.s. military fighter jets that costs $500 million each. they've never actually been used in combat, and critics say the jets are nothing more than big, expensive failures in the air. >> i hope not. not at that price. >> $500 million each. whoo. >>> also this morning, 13 people now face charges in the hazing death of a florida marching band member, robert champion. you'll hear why champion's parents are not pleased. >>> and later this half hour, charges of racism against actor ashton kutcher. find out who is angry about an ad featuring that actor. t
Nov 29, 2013 2:35am EST
. >>> tension is building over the east china sea. china today sent fighter jets to patrol the air space it now claims. the u.s. does not accept those claims and let china know in words and deed. gloria riveria reports on this high-stakes confrontation. >> reporter: the message delivered by america's new ambassador to japan, caroline den kennedy, a warning to china after it insisted it has the right to police the sky over a series of islands. what might seem small, experts say is a big bold movie by china. an act of defiance from the superpower. but the u.s. was quick to respond flying two b-52 bombers ai unannounced in the zone and now japan and south korea have tested china too with their own flights. china responded by sending fighter jets in to the zone. raising the stakes, vice president joed by biden will be in china in the coming days an he will ask china to explain what is behind the aggression. glor wra riveria, abc news, beijing. >>> there's a guy named johnny love. the lives in south florida and yesterday he tried his best to hold up a gas station. don't as he planned. >> look at thi
Dec 29, 2009 3:05am EST
crossed the border from china christmas eve. >>> despite britain's protest china has executed a british citizen accused of drug smuggling. relatives say akmal sheikh was mentally unstable and was duped into bringing the drugs into china. china executes more people than any other country. >>> an arctic blast is delivering another frigid and blustery day to western new york. 1 foot of snow already fallen in buffalo. the city will have to cope with another foot by tonight. that means more whiteout conditions as strong winds intensify off lake erie. you've got to go get some of those wings and warm up i guess. >> just don't drive. >> stay home. >> yes. >> watch "world news now." >> that's one option. >> one of many. >>> here's your tuesday forecast. more snow and gusty winds in parts of michigan and northern new england where temperatures will feel like single digits or teens. snow from the southern rockies into oklahoma, kansas, and north texas. and rain and mountain snow from northern california to the cascades. >> 40s in the pacific northwest. 32 in billings. 37 in albuquerque. f
Dec 11, 2010 6:00pm EST
, china offered another bold claim that the world is medaling its in affa affairs. those words came after so much attention to that one empty chair we showed you last night here. that empty chair in oslo, norway, as the nobel peace prize was awarded in abdecision yeah to this man, serving 12 years in china. but it wasn't just his chair that was telling. there were other empty chairs in the audience, countries pressured by china not to go. is there any question china is keeping score of who went and who didn't? >> china is absolutely keeping score of who went and who didn't. the chinese government drew a red line and said you must not cross it. there are normally some 65 governments in oslo that will normally send representatives to every peace ceremony. >> in fact, more than a dozen countries decided not to go. china, now the second largest economy in the world, flexing its muscle. >> they said they're orchestrating an anti-china farce by themselves. we're not changing because of a few clowns and we're not changing our paths. >> the actors who look like clowns at this moment are in
Jul 30, 2017 5:30pm PDT
drills, in direct response to north korea's latest missile launch. and now president trump accusing china of doing nothing. >>> white house chaos. day one for the new chief of staff after a series of shake-ups. the president raging on twitter, urging a new strategy on health care. plus why vladimir putin is kicking out more than 700 american diplomats from russia. >>> tourists targeted. the law professor shot while with his family at an island resort. the security guard tied up, the is this dream destination turning dangerous? >>> this is abc "world news tonight." >>> thanks for joining us this sunday. i'm tom llamas. we begin tonight with chilling new developments in an alleged terror plot. >>> police conducting raids across sydney, arresting four men they say wanted to take down a commercial airplane with an improvised device that may have used toxic gas. security stepped up at airport terminals across the country. authorities there probing reports the suspect may have had direct contact with isis. and the department of homeland security keeping a close eye on the investigation. we begi
Nov 17, 2011 2:35am EST
speech to australian law makers this morning the president sent a message to china saying america will maintain a strong military presence in that area. part of that presence will be up to 2,500 marines and air force aircraft that will talk up permanent posts down under. they will be deployed middle of next year. >>> the casey anthony sthoer will be told at a made-for-tv movie. anthony acquitted in july on charges she killed her 2-year-old daughter. an orlando prosecutor wrote a book about the case before his retirement and now fox has bought the film and tv rights. the movie will probably air on the cable network lifetime. >> who is going to play casey anthony? >> that is a big question. such a huge story. so much outrage about the case. imagine folks will be tuning in to see how the hollywood folks portray. >> i have interviewed jech ashton. his book is going to be very interesting. he feels very strongly in her guilt. he has some inside scoop. >> like most people. see how much it plays out on tv. >> they're having a really, really good time in argentina. >> we told you last wee
May 3, 2012 2:35am EDT
deal worked out that would have allowed him to live freely in china. now the human rights activist says he wants to come to the u.s. with his family. he is begging now to be flown out of china on the very same plane as secretary of state hillary clinton. we'll keep an eye on that story throughout the day. >>> and 13 people face criminal charges in the highly publicized hazing death of a florida a&m university drum major. robert champion died on a chartered bus in november after getting pummeled by members of his own marching band. his attackers could face a maximum of six years in prison. champion's parents were hoping for more serious charges but prosecutors lacked the evidence to justify murder or manslaughter. in five people have been shot to death in a suburban phoenix home including a little girl. police say the shooter is also among the dead. he's been identified by local media as jason j.t. ready, a known white supremacist. the investigation is being stalled by concerns over two large containers found in the backyard. police believe they could contain hazardous chemicals. >>
Jul 12, 2012 1:40am PDT
sporting outfits that are made in china? our made in america team is on the case. >> that does seem to be -- seems to be a little perverse that the usa -- >> where are you made? >> what does it say? >> i don't know. it doesn't say. can't get to it. >> weird that the olympic team is wearing stuff made in china. beyond bizarre. >>> actress kristin chenoweth has a bad day on the set of "the good wife," the accident that sent the star to the hospital. all that and more coming up in a few minutes in "the skinny." >> she seems to be a little accident prone. i think this is like her fourth accident in the last couple years. >> she is tiny, 4'1". >> 3'9." she is adorable. >> if you round up. >>> but we begin with the high-level investigation into what went wrong at penn state. and the probe headed by fbi director louis freeh, released later today and could be especially damaging to the reputation of late coach joe paterno. >> in a just-released letter written shortly before his death, paterno passionately defended his program's integrity. he said this is not a football scandal. and should n
Nov 29, 2013 2:10am PST
, emeralds, and sapphires. >>> china is upping the ante for a disputed region of the east china sea. it sent fighter jets over the islands claimed by china, japan and taiwan. >>> the launch of a privately owned rocket was scrubbed because of a technical glitch. a rocket is a communication satellite privately owned by spacex. they are expecting to try again in a few days. those are the top stories on this friday, november 29th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. friday and not all of it i >>> all right, everybody. good morning. we hope you had a nice thanksgiving. people getting ready for black friday and not all of it is pretty. we begin with breaking news. black friday violence. several people were shot outside of a kohl's store in a suburb of chicago last night. the gunman's motive isn't known yet, but there are reports it may have been a robbery. after the shooting, shoppers continued to browse the aisles in the store. >> in south florida, shoppers at this electronic store in south florida, yelled and shoved each other and it may g
Aug 6, 2012 3:00am PDT
supplement plan that's right for you. ♪ >>> the people's republic of china pulled ahead in the medal count over the weekend with 61 total medals, one, just one, ahead of the u.s. >> a tight race. china has 30 gold, 17 silver, 14 bronze. team usa has 60 medals, 28 gold, 14 silver, 18 bronze. >> in third place, an unbelievable surge by great britain. who would have guessed that. >> not me. >> 16 golds, 11 silver, 10 bronze medals for a total of 37. >> the brits are loving life these days. the thing is china historically does not do as well in the second half of the games. hopefully u.s. can maybe pull away, we'll see. >> britain, wow. >> cheerio. >> there were some really notable golds this weekend, including a final one for swimmer michael phelps on saturday. he says he's hanging up his swim cap, he has announced his retirement at the ripe old age of 27. >> so, so old, yes. but he is not the only success story. not by any measure. here's abc's todd ent from london. >> reporter: jamaica has won the battle for fastest man. ewe bane bolt successfully defended the 100 meters in 9.64 recor
Jun 16, 2015 2:40am EDT
awesome, reena. >> i learned some chinese while in china. i want to say ni hao, that means hello. >> that's all you got? what else do you know? >> shi shi, means thank you. [ speaking chinese ] where is the toilet paper? sometimes it's not always there. >> while you were in china, you didn't need the bathroom. you just needed -- you'll go anywhere. you just wanted to make sure you could wipe. >> toilet paper. how are you? >> good. >> haven't seen you in two weeks. two weeks. >> we've never been separated that long. >> i think you're right. we have not. >> while you were out covering for "gma." >> i was in oakland for the nba finals. >> i thought we did this in march. you walked me through march madness in march. >> oh somebody -- jack did you hear this? no, come on, baby, that was college. this is the nba. >> all right. sorry. got it. >> oh. well, welcome back. it begins. >>> so let's -- >> weather, unbelievable. >> it seems like when you left we talk about nasty weather. you come back we talk about nasty weather. this is a big deal. texas, another day buj. tropical storm shore t
Feb 20, 2013 2:35am EST
. the fingers are pointing at china, as the white house today announces plans to fight the hackers. >>> and then -- this is crazy. why hand sanitizer is being singled out in a fire that severely burned an 11-year-old girl. wait until you hear how something so common turned into something so hazardous. you think you're doing the right thing, killing the germs, staying fresh, it's after the flu. and then something like that happens. that story is crazy. >> and where it happened is also crazy. you would think it's the safest place for an accident to not happen. >>> and later on, clyde davis, his tell-all book and a singing star who has a few choice words for him. that's coming up in "the skinny." >> he's having a little battle well a well-known singer. "nightline" revealed an interesting tidbit from his personal life. >> we'll get to all of that. >> all that dirt. >> oh, yeah. >>> but first, crews are working through the overnight hours at the scene of that explosion and the fire in downtown kansas city. >> they brought in cadaver dogs just as a precaution, since the destruction was o
Jan 30, 2010 6:30pm EST
. 14 1/2-hour direct flight. to china. >> he's sure big enough to go back to china. >> you're strong. >> reporter: a few years ago we visited giant pandas, in their native habitate. they are loaned in pairs for up to a million dollars a year. per panda. >> all of that money goes back to conservation research in china. >> reporter: as part of the deal, any cub born overseas is owned by the chinese. so the 4-year-old tai's duty was never in question. >> he needs to go back there and be a part of the breeding program and help save his species. >> reporter: hopefully, he'll find love. pandas are difficult breeders with a tiny window of 72 hours per year to conceive. any words of advice you have for him. >> have fun in china. >> and find a girl. >> reporter: as many people as tai shan has charmed at the national zoo, it's hard to believe he'll have any trouble. stephanie sy, abc news, washington. >> i love the advice there. find a girl. >>> that's "world news" for this saturday night. i'm david muir. >> barbara walters with some big gets tomorrow morning. on abc's "this week." have a good
Dec 18, 2016 5:30pm PST
all. >> they have no idea if it's russia, china, or somebody. it could be somebody sitting in a bed someplace. >> reporter: but the clinton camp says there's no debate. russia affected the election. "saturday night live" joked that putin is like santa delivering trump christmas gifts. >> this is elf on the shelf. you just put it right here next to your internet router. >> reporter: electors had wanted more information. 80 of them asking for a briefing on russia before casting their vote. but intelligence officials declined. republican electors have reportedly been bombarded with pleas to ditch trump. trump saying on twitter, if my many supporters acted and threatened people like those who lost the election are doing, they would be scorned and called terrible names. trump once blasted the electoral college as a disaster for democracy. but now praising the process. >> i never appreciated it until now, how genius it was, what they had in mind. >> and mary joins us from washington. the inauguration is a little bit more than a month away. tonight, trump already facing another foreign pol
Apr 15, 2013 2:30am EDT
polls closed. >> the latest on the bird flu crisis in china. the mysterious virus turned up in beijing over the weekend raising fears it could spread beyond china's borders. dr. richard besser now reports from china. >> reporter: china is on high alert. not because of the crisis in north korea but because the deadly new strain of bird flu is extending its reach. beginning in shanghai, the virus has been inching its way across the map. connecting the dots between eastern provinces to the capital beijing where a case was reported. the two latest cases, were in henan province. health officials are warning this outbreak is still far from contained. >> we still expect there will be other cases. awareness its now very high. >> reporter: we traveled to hong kong's border with the mainland. the major fear here is viruses don't care about borders. >> all of these people are coming from mainland china. you can understand why in hong kong, they're concerned about any health problem on the mainland. it is not going to stay there. not just tens of thou sand of people who cross the border ev
Nov 7, 2010 6:00pm EST
people don't have passports. we're about to start a trade war with china if we're not careful here, only because people don't know where china is. a quick reminder, "world news" with diane sawyer will be reporting from china starting one week from tomorrow. >>> the new congress will have at least 66 more republicans. many of them backed by the conservative tea party. from the economy to afghanistan, but many of these freshmen served notice today that they are in no mood for compromise. here's david kerley. >> reporter: the party isn't over for the tea party. with some newly elected members today,ish shug a warning to following remembers. >> we're proud, we're strong and we're loud. and we're going to co-op. i think we're already shaping the debate. >> reporter: the message is clear. >> the voters have spoken very clearly about the need to rein in this government. >> reporter: history has shown, political movements are even coopted by the main stream. tea party leader was asked, are they the de-republican party? >> hardly. >> the tea party are responsible for just about every republican t
Aug 6, 2012 2:05am EDT
driving home. >> i love it. >> the people's republic of china pulled ahead in the medal count over the weekend. they have 61 total medals, one ahead of the u.s. china now has 61 medals. in third place as you can tell from the chart, host country great britain surprisingly breaking into the top three. they have a total now of 37 medals much to the delight of that nation. they are loving life right now. of course on top of that, big news from the weekend, the most-decorated olympian ever is now calling it quits. >> i didn't believe it but perhaps it's true. michael phelps swam his last olympic race over the weekend and then he announced his retirement at the ripe old age of 27. he closed out his olympic career with yet another gold medal. this one in the 400 meter medley relay. fell s said he can look back on his career and say he's done everything he wanted to do, and that he says is a good way to go out. >> knowing when to say good-bye is a skill. don't tell michael jordan. jamaican usain bolt, he did it again, he won his second consecutive olympic gold in the 100 meter. he ran it
Nov 18, 2009 3:05am EST
aut newmammraog. > then, a nnection. an animated look at the amican d w mp you.llars st to china, >>> an best m ohi cad digital mu pls. shop lists.y holiday 's wednesd, november 18th. >> from abc news, this is "world se i a newr at digitamera for chr, hiin hopth don 't do that. >> well, oka at least we'll find out more. >> mbe your secret santa will. >> i doubt it. 'lfi outore about th highech s mi up is halfour. hubbard. i'jeremy >> vinnaita ir. >>> there is ang, cousion and revolt this morning among millions of american women >> that aftethatontroverrecodelg maogra. johnen is joining fm good mornio you, jn. eportemor: gooing, remy and vin a gornme task force trieto update its guidance on women and seer and ended up with a ous balash. nebreast canr screening >> whoers coming uth recoendations, tnky hink need to think twice. i'd be dead. thu. prevee ivrvices task force advising women to ha aual >> there aret wd a 4mo harm a. undergfalse positive exams, unnecessary biopsies, evene eated r cas that wour vearem. reporr: theanel says women ldom tithey tur and they on needhece e
May 4, 2012 1:40am PDT
where it will end. >> america should be proud of them that we did it every day. >> china/u.s. relations is very important. we're going to make sure we do this in the appropriate way. >> $1.2 million went to hide the affair, we know from the testimony that most of that $1.2 million went into a lavish home, a pool worth $100,000, extravagant trips for the youngs. and it undermines the government's case. >> we think in some instances that head trauma could be related to depression and depression at times can be a cause of suicide. >> everybody in the world knows who was responsible for the -- of news corp. rupert murdoch. more than any individual alive, he is to blame. morally, the deeds are his. >> i never once in my life would let my daughter, especially at that age, go into a tanning booth. >> people are using facebook to help locate their friends and family. so we figured, okay. could we do anything that would help people solve other types of issues like all of the people who need organ donations. >> nearly 180,000 people who donated to the campaign -- i want you to know tha
Nov 12, 2014 1:42am PST
announcing in china overnight the u.s. will move much faster in cutting pollution. he set a new target to reduce emissions of heat-trapping gases by 26% to 28% over the next decade. they call it a game changer. >>> also in china, russian president vladimir putin made news offering china's first lady a shawl. a chivalrous sign in some cultures, but the chinese saw it as inappropriate and flirtatious. pictures of the gift were quickly scrubbed from chinese media. putin is considered a heartthrob among many chinese women for his macho man of action image. wonder what the chinese president thought about that. >>> well, we are hearing some new firsthand details about the night osama bin laden was killed. but this morning there is a growing dispute over just who fired that fatal shot as two navy s.e.a.l.s have come forward with conflicting stories. here now abc's martha raddatz. >> reporter: abbottabad, pakistan. may 2, 2011. the bin laden compound quiet on this moonless night as s.e.a.l. team six moves in. s.e.a.l. rob o'neil saying the team had not initially been told who the infamous targ
Feb 4, 2010 3:05am EST
here in the united states will leave for china today. tai shan from the national zoo in ward ward and mei lan from the atlanta zoo are being taken back to china where they'll both live at special chinese preserves. >> their parents were from china and under agreement between the u.s. and china all cubs must eventually be returned. both pandas will fly on a fed ex plane dubbed the fed ex panda express. >> not to be confused with the restaurant panda express. that's my frame of reference. >>> finally this half hour, the art market that seems to be booming. it took eight minutes of bidding to set a world record for the most expensive piece of artwork ever sold. >> it took place in london so they were dealing in pounds but we've done the math for you. here's david sillito of the bbc. >> reporter: this is one work of art worth a really close look. these rarely appear in sale rooms. a takeover by a german bank had seen this fall into their hands and they thought they might be able to make 18 million pounds from it. >> the figure of the walking man is one of his most iconic sculptures. a
May 4, 2012 2:35am EDT
statement saying that chen only wants to come to the u.s. for a rest. then he'll return to china. >> weird twists and turns in that case. >>> an interior designer who secretly helped to funnel money to the john edwards campaign is expected back on the stand today in edwards' criminal trial. yesterday the focus was entirely on edwards' mistress rielle hunter. here's bob woodruff. >> reporter: john edwards arrived at the court with his daughter cate once again by his side. she was composed as her father's former aides described the bizarre interactions with his ex-girlfriend rielle hunter. the campaign's one-time videographer. >> i'm so glad you like it. >> reporter: on the stand, john davis, edwards' right-hand man by his side on the campaign trail. davis testified that in february of 2007, more than a month after rielle hunter was no longer employed as a videographer, he saw her in a hotel elevator. i would have preferred not have seen her, davis says. i was concerned why she was there. i was suspicious they had maintained a relationship. some time later, hunter knocked on his hotel room d
Nov 11, 2014 1:42am PST
economic issues. also expected to bring up china's economic record. you saw the money shot. they always wear the more traditional garb of whatever the host country is and the president was sporting a nice purple get-up there. >> a harry potter reunion or star trek convention. >> well, it could have passed for both. >> a special award for george h.w. bush. the 90-year-old smiled and waved from his wheelchair as the european parliament honored him. celebrating the fall of the berlin wall. this was at the bush presidential library in college station, texas. >> he looks so animated there. i want to see what socks he's wearing. he's all about these interesting socks. >>> well, a newly released tape is a rare glimpse of the diplomacy between bush's bred czyz, reagan, and margaret thatcher. the call took place while the u.s. troops were invading grenada in 1983. it was part of the british commonwealth and reagan was calling his friend thatcher to apologize for not letting her know about the invasion beforehand. >> hello. margaret thatcher here. >> i'd throw my hat in the door before i c
Apr 20, 2011 2:35am EDT
alfonsi discovered. >> reporter: china. it all started in my living room. mexico. at my son's toy box. china. china. not a single toy made in america. china. the next morning that toy box empty. wyatt was left to play with pots and pans and daddy's nose. it turns out 90% of all children's toys sold here are imported from china. mr. potato head, china. etch-a-sketch, china. even g.i. joe the american hero is made in china. but then we heard from viewers from workers at channel craft toys writing "we still make toys in america!" so we went on a little road trip. charleroi, pennsylvania, just outside of pittsburgh. hoping to refill that toy box. charleroi was once a thriving steel mill town. crippled when the mills shuttered in the '70s. >> all of my uncles, all of my cousins they all worked in the steel mill. >> the steel mill was the town pretty much so when the steel mill left there was nothing left. >> reporter: it was about that time dean helford started selling his homemade toys in the back of this van. there's a tree growing out of the steering wheel. >> yeah this is pretty sad. t
Feb 11, 2014 1:42am PST
. territory. 3700 miles west of honolulu. as abc's gloria riviera shows us, families from china are traveling there at great expense to have their babies. >> reporter: this is paradise. tiny tropical island of saipan. a u.s. territory. just four-hour flight from china, it is popular with tourist, no visa required. but an under radar is attracting another kind of tourist. the man you see here is a kind of handler, hired to help these pregnant chinese women have what is called an abc, american born baby. i know everything to about having an american baby, he says, you're in safe hands. it is a profitable business, and it starts in china. we are in beijing and we found an address for a birth tourism agency. they should be inside. they aren't hiding anything, they are out in the open, we will go and check it out. this travel agent selling saipan like a five-star location. they show top of the line medical care. are these actually the doctors in saipan? packages start around $27,000. promising social security cards, birth certificates and most importantly an american passport. instant ci
Dec 3, 2016 6:30pm EST
with taiwan. china launching a complaint. so, did the president-elect shatter decades of protocol? >>> the murder mystery at a popular california university. a psychology professor stabbed to death, his student under arrest. >>> the school bus full of cheerleaders slamming into an 18-wheeler. the big question for investigators tonight? where were the seat belts? >>> and roaring on the green. could this be tiger woods' storybook comeback? >>> good evening. and thank you for joining us. on this saturday. i'm cecilia vega. we begin tonight with that breaking news in oakland, california. a warehouse party that turned into a deadly inferno. witnesses say it went up like a tinderbox, burning in near seconds. the scene so horrific, authorities at this hour are still searching for the missing. at least nine people killed, dozens unaccounted for. party-goers trapped on the second floor as the flames devoured that building. it was a gathering place where many artists lived and worked. tonight, details about the victims are just beginning to emerge. and now, questions about just how unsafe t
Apr 2, 2017 6:30pm EDT
, don't trump and a visit from the president of china, a test of his influence. seems after the first set back, health care reform is bark on the table. david wright is at the white house tonight. >> reporter: today donald trump teed up a fresh week, starting with a golf outing with senator rand paul, who opposed the president on health care reform. but today trump signaled he's not throwing in the towel just yet. "talks on repealing and replacing obamacare are, and have been, going on," he tweeted. >> we had a great day with the president today. we did talk about some health care reform. i think the sides are getting closer and closer together and i remain optimistic we will have a reveal. >> reporter: by the end of the week, trump hopes to have his supreme court nominee confirmed. today another democrat, senator joe donnelly, broke ranks and said he'll support neil gorsuch. he's the third democrat to do so. the white house needs five more democrats to defect in order to bring the nomination to a vote. but this weekend the vice president suggested the white house would endorse
Nov 21, 2010 6:00pm EST
, china, japan, involved in the so-called six-party talks to see if they can get north korea in line and stop its enrichment and nuclear activities. >> proliferation could be even worse. thank you very much. >>> the federal official in charge of airport security said this morning there are no plans to back away from those new security patdowns at america's airports. with so many kratravelers complaining, he released a statement about making the patdowns as min ma'amly invasive as possible. here's chris bury. >> reporter: just as airports rev up, patdowns are topic a. >> i think the tsa is out of control. >> i'm not looking forward to being patted down, but it doesn't really bother me. >> reporter: today, one of the nation's elite frequent flyers conceded she would steer clear of the up close and person tsa checks. >> would you submit to one of these patdowns? >> not if i could avoid it. no, i mean, who would? >> reporter: not that such senior officials have to worry. even the incoming speaker side-stepped the tsa because he has a security detail. the rest of us, out of luck. and a ne
Dec 21, 2014 6:30pm EST
vandalism. that was very costly and expensive. >> reporter: now, the u.s. reaching out to china for help. this, as sony's hackers, apparently undaunted, reportedly releasing another message this weekend. this one, taunting the fbi, and linking to this youtube video titled "you are an idiot." the hollywood reporter said that they could not verify the a authenticity of the e-mail, but it appears like the other ones. the attack on sony, all because the country is angry over a comedic movie about a fictional assassination of kim jong-un. sony pulled the film after threats. foreign policy experts say it's now turning into an international incident. >> this could escalate to something much more serious. >> reporter: and sony reached out to experts, and no one raised a red flag. they're now saying they have insurance that may protect them from the financial losses of this cyber attack. >>> next, to the millions in a race against the clock. still not done with their holiday shopping. i'm one of them. and we are not alone. 1 in 10 shoppers waits until christmas eve. gloria riviera has the story.
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