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Dec 7, 2009 3:35am EST
: bob woodruff, abc news, isle de jean charles, louisiana. >> it is a worldwide issue. china has the fastest-growing economy in the world and is the largest emitter of greenhouse gases which are heating up the planet. >> beijing has promised to slow the rate at which emissions are growing. although the overall level will continue to climb. the bbc's quentin somerville reports on some of the advances. >> reporter: it's china's industry that will be the key to its success in copenhagen. the heat and steam from its factories have been making the planet warmer. so, china's been on an energy efficiency drive. and this cement factory has been doing its bit. making cement requires a lot of energy. but at this plant they're actually saving some. what they've been doing in the kilns behind me is capturing the extra gas and the extra heat and turning it into power. and by doing so, they've cut their electricity bills by 25%. but this is a country addicted to coal. that means even with its energy savings china's carbon emissions will keep rising for many years to come. technology could be the s
Jan 17, 2010 6:00pm EST
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Apr 2, 2017 5:30pm PDT
donald trump, including a visit from the president of china and the nomination for the supreme court nominee. a test of his influence. seems after the first set back, health care reform is bark on the table. david wright is at the white house tonight. >> reporter: today donald trump teed up a fresh week, starting with a golf outing with senator rand paul, who opposed the president on health care reform. but today trump signaled he's not throwing in the towel just yet. "talks on repealing and replacing obamacare are, and have been, going on," he tweeted. >> we had a great day with the president today. we did talk about some health care reform. i think the sides are getting closer and closer together and i remain optimistic we will have a reveal. >> reporter: by the end of the week, trump hopes to have his supreme court nominee confirmed. today another democrat, senator joe donnelly, broke ranks and said he'll support neil gorsuch. he's the third democrat to do so. the white house needs five more democrats to defect in order to bring the nomination to a vote. but this weekend the vice
Aug 8, 2012 2:35am EDT
likely heard of a bull in a china shop before. here is a story with a sweet sort of twist on that. >> yes, look closely at this surveillance video. you will see it is a bear in a chocolate shop. when they found the little mess in the store, owners of the rocky mountain chocolate factory thought a squirrel may have gotten inside. >> they were stunned when they saw it was no squirrel. the bear forced the door open. went in and out a few times between helpings. further proof that we all love chocolate. >> chocolate. a neat bear. a neat bear. went in. had a snack. >> want out. >> chose. >> like picky, yeah. i want the truffles. he wanted the truffles. >> they thought it was a squirrel. >> no squirrel. coming up next, reversal of fortune for olympic favorite gabby douglas and a heartbreak for a chinese athletic hero. >> you will see how early the intense olympic training begins for chinese children. you are watching "world news now." ♪ just stay this little ♪ oh dar lu♪ ♪ darling don't you ever grow up ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" brought to you by >>> team u
Nov 18, 2009 3:05am EST
his asia trip. before leaving china the white house announced president obama invited president hu to visit washington next year and the chinese president had accepted. the visit will allow a cooperative relationship between the two countries to further develop. >>> away from the presidential spotlight, secretary of state chinese counterpar morning over breakfast.ty about closer cooperation on ke issues including northkorea's nuclear program and the situ in pakistan. >>> the pentagon is expected to launch an investigation into how all branches of the military keep an eye on potential problem members. into possible misse signals in members. into possible misse signals in the case of major nidal hasan, the pentagon investigation would focus on personnel policies and the availability of mental health care for troubled service members. wu is website it set up to track in jobs created by federal stimulus money. the site was riddled with reports of new jobs in districts that did thought exist. here's chief congressional correspondent john karl. >> reporter: the white house's stimulus web
Dec 3, 2016 5:30pm CST
with taiwan. china launching a complaint. so, did the president-elect shatter decades of protocol? >>> the murder mystery at a popular california university. a psychology professor stabbed to death, his student under arrest. 18-wheeler. the big question for investigators tonight? where were the seat belts? >>> and roaring on the green. could this be tiger woods' storybook comeback? >>> good evening. and thank you for joining us. on this saturday. i'm cecilia vega. we begin tonight with that breaking news in oakland, california. a warehouse party that turned into a deadly inferno. tinderbox, burning in near seconds. the scene so horrific, authorities at this hour are still searching for the missing. at least nine people killed, dozens unaccounted for. party-goers trapped on the second floor as the flames devoured that building. it was a gathering place where many artists lived and worked. tonight, details about the victims are just beginning to emerge. and now, questions about just how unsafe this building may have been. the only stairway out blocked? and there were past building c
Nov 14, 2010 6:00pm EST
course, is china. and beginning tomorrow, "world news" will be broadcasting from china. diane sawyer is already on the ground there. diane? >> reporter: good evening to you, john. it is great to be reporting tonight from a windy skyline of shanghai, china. we have come here because of the challenge china has issued to the rest of the world, america in particular. about economic growth, educational perfection and about modern energy for a modern time. we spent the day out in the streets of shanghai today. this beautiful old city now a rocketship of economic growth. to talk to people about what they're doing and we heard from workers, how they are working seven days a week, all because they believe this is their moment, this is a chance to do it. we heard about education here. >> piano. >> reporter: and the english that is being spoken at very young ages and it is still a staggering statistic, that more people are learning english in china than there are people in the united states. and we're asking a lot of questions about what is truly possible. you grow enough food to live? and, wha
Aug 9, 2012 1:50am PDT
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Jan 14, 2017 6:30pm EST
swearing in to what could be major foreign policy shifts. today, sharp warnings for china. and possibly russia, a break. abc's gloria riviera is in washington with this part of the story. >> reporter: a foreign policy shakeup from the president-elect before he is even sworn in. donald trump suggesting those sanctions against russia imposed for hacking may be short-lived. >> i don't know that i'm going to get along with vladimir putin. i hope i do. >> reporter: telling "the wall street journal" he'll keep the sanctions at least for a period of time. but quote, if you get along and russia is helping us, why would anybody have sanctions if they're doing great things? laying the groundwork for his future relationship with vladimir putin in his press conference this week. >> if putin likes donald trump, guess what, folks. that's called an asset. not a liability. >> reporter: trump's comments on sanctions come after the republican-led intelligence committee announced friday it would investigate ties associated with political campaigns. and now this in that "wall street journal" inter
Jul 13, 2012 2:35am EDT
actually made in china. now find out who is demanding some action. i think it seems odd to most folks that the american olympic team is wearing uniforms made in china. just on face value alone. seems incredibly bizarre and weird. >> it could bring the u.s. economy something like $1 billion. >> if the clothes were made here for our nation's athletes. >> unbelievable. >>> we did mention it is friday the 13th. sound effect, please. what is that, the sound effect, a little jive. >> the remix. >> this suspicious day, part of a popular series of horror movies. we are about to tell you what you probably don't know about this day that many people dread. i can't watch those movies freaks me out. i don't like scary movies. i plug my ears. usually the sound track. and close my eyes. >> come on, paula. stay tuned for the script. there are some word in the script that we are never going to be able to pronounce on the air. >> ever. >> stay tuned as we look foolish. >>> before all of that it may have started as a joke. now a washington, d.c. police officer is unserious trouble over a certain comment
Jan 19, 2011 3:05am EST
china's president. >>> critical cuts. cities forced to lay off police officers. >> it's scary and it makes me worry for my kids. >>> and new fears about crime. >>> and regis philbin's retirement. his surprising tv announcement and who is ready to take his place. it's wednesday, january 19th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >>> another big entertainment question, can anyone really replace regis, you know? >> i think the key is to not try to replace him. >> start a new chapter. >> that father/daughter relationship they had. i heard someone say it's like oprah. you can't replace oprah. you can't replace regis. >> i think it's cool that after that many years in television, breaking the record for on camera hours, he's going out certainly not starving, looking good and in great health and on his own terms. we should all go out that way. it's cool. >>> good morning and thanks for being with us. i'm vinita nair. >> i'm rob nelson. >>> the president of china has arrived in washington for key talks on security and trade. >> it is a challenging visit for president obama
Dec 11, 2010 6:00pm EST
, china offered another bold claim that the world is medaling its in affa affairs. those words came after so much attention to that one empty chair we showed you last night here. that empty chair in oslo, norway, as the nobel peace prize was awarded in abdecision yeah to this man, serving 12 years in china. but it wasn't just his chair that was telling. there were other empty chairs in the audience, countries pressured by china not to go. is there any question china is keeping score of who went and who didn't? >> china is absolutely keeping score of who went and who didn't. the chinese government drew a red line and said you must not cross it. there are normally some 65 governments in oslo that will normally send representatives to every peace ceremony. >> in fact, more than a dozen countries decided not to go. china, now the second largest economy in the world, flexing its muscle. >> they said they're orchestrating an anti-china farce by themselves. we're not changing because of a few clowns and we're not changing our paths. >> the actors who look like clowns at this moment are in
Sep 19, 2011 3:00am PDT
learned in china. >>> but first, he's kept silent since the sexual encounter with a hotel maid back in may. >> now dominique strauss-kahn is telling french television about his regrets about what happened that day. abc's jeffrey kofman has the details. >> reporter: what happened was more than an inappropriate relation, said dominique strauss-kahn on french tv, adding it was a moral failing. strauss-kahn was one of the most powerful men in the world. but in an instant last may, his world collapsed. he lied, he said, in this, his first public statement about the case. in clearly rehearsed responses, strauss-kahn insisted the sexual relations he had with the chamber maid involved no violence, no aggression, and he. but he clearly feels he has paid in other ways. i've regretted it every day for the last four months, he said, and i am not done regretting it. the alleged victim, diallo, an immigrant from west africa, broke her silence in an interview with abc's robin roberts. she maintains strauss-kahn attacked her. >> he come to me and grab my breasts. no! he don't have to be sorry. i sa
Dec 11, 2010 5:30pm PST
recovering carbon emissions. >> in china, another bold statement that the world is meddling in their affairs. that came after so much attention to one empty chair that we showed you last night. that empty chair in oslo, norway, as the nobel peace prize winner was seawarded in absengs yeah. it wasn't just his chair that was telling. there were other chairs in the odd wrns. countries pressuredchina not to go. is there any question china is keeping score of who went and who didn't. >> china is absolutely keeping score. the chinese government made a red line and said you must not cross it. there are normally some 65 governments in oslo that will normally send representatives to every peace pride ceremony. >> more than a dozen countries decided not to go. china, now the second largest economy in the world, flexing its growing muscle. >> the chinese government said of the nobel committee, they're orchestrating an antichina farce. we will not change our path. >> i'm afraid to say the actors who look like clowns at this moment are in fact chinese officials. they literally caused this trouble
Aug 2, 2012 2:35am EDT
day five. china leads the u.s. by medals overall. but has five more golds. japan is third. abc's tom rivers has the highlights including one unfortunate low light. >> reporter: it wasn't supposed to happen, two time defending olympic beach volleyball gold medalist, kerri walsh jennings and misty may trainer vowed not to lose a set in london. they did in a preliminary match against austria wednesday night. the first time they lost a set in three olympics. but they went on to win in three sets and advanced to the knockout round. the u.s. women's basketball team mastered their toughest test in the olympics and outscored previously unbeaten turkey 89-58. rebecca soni, america's next best gold medal hope. set a record in the 200 meter breaststroke semifinal wednesday and sets the bar high for thursday's finals. america's women continue to fill up their win column, swam for gold in the 4 x 200 meters freestyle relay. nathan adrian took the gold in the men's 100 meter freestyle winning by the slimmest margin, 0.01 second. kristin armstrong scored her second gold medal. 38-year-old finished
Jan 20, 2011 3:05am EST
chinese company is investing $3 10 million to export motor homes to china. >> as we get this investment, we're immediately going to be able to put jobs right back here in southern california. over 1,000 jobs that have been lost recently. >> reporter: the theme the state dinner quintessentially american. that's reflected in the decore, the entertainment, jazz, the menu, surf and turf, and the quintessential american dessert, apple pie. jake tapper, abc news, the white house. >>> for many americans it was a watershed moment in the nation's history. 50 years ago today president john kennedy took the oath of office. his daughter, caroline, is using the anniversary to launch a new public service campaign aimed at getting young people to volunteer. there will be ceremonies and tributes today on capitol hill as well as at the kennedy center. >>> meanwhile, republican lawmakers in the house have quickly carried out a key campaign promise. they have officially repealed health care reform. >> the vote itself will have no impact, it's part of a long-term strategy for the gop. t.j. winick is joinin
Dec 7, 2009 2:20am EST
to come for this time to come. and in china, even, there has been much made about how the conference there is going to be affecting the economy. but it's not just chain na, it's also for the u.s. >> we may get indignant in the u.s. oh, why aren't china, india, so forth doing their things? but the rest of the world's saying, whatr talking about? you do so much more than any other country. you're responsible for so much of the rise of greenhouse gases that have taken place to now, when are you going to show some leadership? >> reporter: environmental groups have also been marching around the world to highlight the importance of the summit. >> sonia gallego, thank you very much. the president was planning to go to the early part of the summit. now he's going to go to the end of the summit because he thinks he might have some kind of agreement. >>> soldieeasona senators head capitol hill this morning for more debate on health care reform. could help democrats inch toward the 60 votes they need. they got a pep talk from the president over the weekend. here's rick kline. >> reporter: by ma
Aug 9, 2012 2:35am EDT
. i don't like beer. china showed the thirst. china in the lead. u.s. second. third brazil. four fourth, russia. >> they need a gold to catch up. controversial "newsweek" magazine cover, best restaurants in the world, using this image >>> this morning on "world news now" -- systems failure. the frightening emergency in the skies over california. >> what went wrong on an alaska airlines flight and what the cockpit crew did to prevent disaster. it's thursday, august 9th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >>> good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> i'm sunny hostin in for paula faris. we'll explain what happened over california and hear from some frightened passengers in just a moment. and then to the drama taking place right now involving a medical emergency in antarctica, a risky air lift just to save an american. >>> also later this half-hour, the tennessee woman who says her own husband was serving her poisoned coffee every morning. get the latest on what she was served, her health now, and what investigators have to say. maybe there was a few issues in
Nov 17, 2009 3:05am EST
people's republic of china, the united states supports the early resumption of dialogue bween the chinese government and representatives of the dalai lama. >> reporter: in a candor that has not always mark ed relation, both presidents admitted they will sometimes disagree. ann compton, abc news with the president in beijing. >>> the army plans to launch its own investigation into whether red flags about major nidal hasan were ignored before the ft. hood shootings. the "wall street journal" reports the probe will look at the six years hasan spent at walter reed medil center. investigators say in the days before the shooting hasan practiced shooting more than 200 rounds at a firing range near ft. hood. >> he seemed like he was new at it. what some of the basic concepts down but hadn't been doing it for a very long time. >> this is the final hurrah for him. he knows he's going to die or he hopes he will do i that day. >> lawmakers in congress plan to investigate signs of missed clues in the case on thursday. >>> in north carolina last night a vigil for a missing child became a vigil
Jan 19, 2011 2:35am EST
president of china. >> they have already met behind closed doors for a private white house dinner last night. we're joined with the latest from karen on this high-stakes dinner. >> reporter: good morning. president obama formally welcomes president hu to the white house today even as administration officials are saying distrust still remains between the two sides. the obama administration rolled out the red carpet for chinese president hu jintao. the arrival was a rare arrival for a foreign leader. asia experts say one key focus for the two presidents is simply mending fences. >> fundamentally they're -- both presidents are trying to signal to both populations that this is a relationship that's important for both sides. we ought to find ways to move forward. >> reporter: beyond the pomp and circumstance there's, of course, substance. three key items on the agenda. first, national security issues, including north korea's nuclear program and u.s./chinese military relations. second, human rights and political reform in china. president obama is, of course, a noble peace prize winner. the
Dec 29, 2009 3:05am EST
crossed the border from china christmas eve. >>> despite britain's protest china has executed a british citizen accused of drug smuggling. relatives say akmal sheikh was mentally unstable and was duped into bringing the drugs into china. china executes more people than any other country. >>> an arctic blast is delivering another frigid and blustery day to western new york. 1 foot of snow already fallen in buffalo. the city will have to cope with another foot by tonight. that means more whiteout conditions as strong winds intensify off lake erie. you've got to go get some of those wings and warm up i guess. >> just don't drive. >> stay home. >> yes. >> watch "world news now." >> that's one option. >> one of many. >>> here's your tuesday forecast. more snow and gusty winds in parts of michigan and northern new england where temperatures will feel like single digits or teens. snow from the southern rockies into oklahoma, kansas, and north texas. and rain and mountain snow from northern california to the cascades. >> 40s in the pacific northwest. 32 in billings. 37 in albuquerque. f
Apr 20, 2011 2:05am PDT
. >> reporter: it all started in my living room. at my son's toy box. china. not a single toy made in america. china. the next morning that toy box empty. he was left to play with pots and pans and daddy's nose. it turns out 90% of all children's toys sold here are imported from china. mr. potato head, china. etch-a-sketch, china. even gi joe, the american hero, is made in china. but then we heard from viewers from workers at channel craft toys writing "we still make toys in america." so we went on a little road trip. charleroi, pennsylvania, just outside of pittsburgh. hoping to refill that toy box. charleroi was once a thriving steel mill town. crippled when the mills shuttered in the '70s. >> all of my uncles, all of my cousins they all worked in the steel mill was the town. >> reporter: it was about that time dean helford started selling his homemade toys in the back of this van. there's a tree growing out of the steering wheel. >> yeah, this is pretty sad. this was my first shop. i was in college and i could build boomerangs and demonstrate them. >> reporter: today the business h
Jun 16, 2015 1:42am PDT
were away the past month. >> i took a two-week vacation to china. >> i was gone one day. don't welcome me back. welcome you back. >> i do have some treats for you later this half hour. >> treats from china. >> treats from china. i did think of you and brought you back -- >> did you bring me back one of those t-shirts that says -- what does it say? my co-anchor went to china and all i got was this t-shirt? >> i did not find that at the great wall. i did search. >>> we have lots of news today. weather. >> weather has been a big deal for a while. it's that season, we know. but we start with tropical storm bearing down on the texas gulf coast this morning, hitting the state at the worst possible time. >> the surf pounding and gale warnings posted as tropical storm bill inches closer. the bull's eye, some of the same cities slammed by last month's historic floods. our coverage begins in galveston with abc's kendis gibson. >> reporter: tropical storm bill hitting the texas coast this morning. winds intensifying overnight. the surf in galveston getting rougher by the minute. the bigge
Nov 29, 2013 2:10am PST
, emeralds, and sapphires. >>> china is upping the ante for a disputed region of the east china sea. it sent fighter jets over the islands claimed by china, japan and taiwan. >>> the launch of a privately owned rocket was scrubbed because of a technical glitch. a rocket is a communication satellite privately owned by spacex. they are expecting to try again in a few days. those are the top stories on this friday, november 29th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. friday and not all of it i >>> all right, everybody. good morning. we hope you had a nice thanksgiving. people getting ready for black friday and not all of it is pretty. we begin with breaking news. black friday violence. several people were shot outside of a kohl's store in a suburb of chicago last night. the gunman's motive isn't known yet, but there are reports it may have been a robbery. after the shooting, shoppers continued to browse the aisles in the store. >> in south florida, shoppers at this electronic store in south florida, yelled and shoved each other and it may g
Jul 12, 2012 1:40am PDT
sporting outfits that are made in china? our made in america team is on the case. >> that does seem to be -- seems to be a little perverse that the usa -- >> where are you made? >> what does it say? >> i don't know. it doesn't say. can't get to it. >> weird that the olympic team is wearing stuff made in china. beyond bizarre. >>> actress kristin chenoweth has a bad day on the set of "the good wife," the accident that sent the star to the hospital. all that and more coming up in a few minutes in "the skinny." >> she seems to be a little accident prone. i think this is like her fourth accident in the last couple years. >> she is tiny, 4'1". >> 3'9." she is adorable. >> if you round up. >>> but we begin with the high-level investigation into what went wrong at penn state. and the probe headed by fbi director louis freeh, released later today and could be especially damaging to the reputation of late coach joe paterno. >> in a just-released letter written shortly before his death, paterno passionately defended his program's integrity. he said this is not a football scandal. and should n
Jul 30, 2017 6:00pm EDT
latest missile launch. and now president trump accusing china of doing nothing. >>> white house chaos. day one for the new chief of staff after a series of shake-ups. the president raging twitter, urging a new strategy on health care. plus why vladmir putin is kicking out more than 700 american diplomats from russia. >>> tourists targeted. the law professor shot while with his family at an island resort. the security guard tied up, the is this dream destination turning dangerous? >>> this is abc "world news tonight." >>> thanks for joining us this sunday. i'm tom llamas. >>> police conducting raids across sydney, arresting four men they say wanted to take down a commercial airplane with an improvised device that may have used toxic gas. security stepped up at airport terminals across the country. authorities there probing reports the suspect may have had direct contact with isis. and the department of homeland security keeping a close eye on the investigation. we begin with cannelston. >> reporter: tonight investigators scrambling to find evidence of an alleged plot to bring dow
Aug 8, 2012 1:50am PDT
. china still leads. they have 73 total medals. team usa in second place with 70 medals. great britain and the russian federation are tied each with 48 medals. here is abc's tom rivers with some more highlights. >> reporter: the u.s. will bring home the gold and silver in women's beach volleyball. two-time olympic champions misty may-treanor and kerri walsh jennings looking for a three-peat when they take on u.s. team two, jennifer kessy and april ross they advanced with a win over top-seeded brazil. final day of gymnastics competition, aly raisman flipped her way to gold in the floor exercise. earlier took the bronze for the balance beam to become the most decorated of the fierce five. teammates gabby douglas who slipped off the beam and jordyn wieber who may have a stress fracture in her right leg came away empty-handed. in the 100-meter hurdles, americans dawn harper and kellie wells were edged out of the gold by sally pearson. they took silver and bronze respectively. lolo jones, who fell at ninth of ten hurdles four years ago finished fourth. in the 200 semis, sanya richards-ross,
Sep 19, 2011 2:05am EDT
their lowest level in years. are we fall beg heinz other countries like china? >> the best teacher in america went to china to see what we can learn from them. >> reporter: back to school for students and teachers across the country. but are students in the u.s. getting the education they need to compete globally? national teacher of the year michelle scheerer aren't to china to get a first look at their education system and meet with chinese teachers. >> we all spoke the language of teaching. we share the same goal. >> reporter: by some measures, chinese students have been more successful than american students. in a standardized test last year they ranked last in reading, science and math. american students came out somewhere in the middle. experts and politicians say the expectation system in this country is in desperate need of reform. >> it's a cookie cutter system that's not allowing our students to move forward. >> reporter: yet when scheerer visited china, she found herself bombarded with questions. >> wow, our students are so focused on tests. our students have electives and
Aug 2, 2012 1:50am PDT
as the u.s. and china battle to be the best? and it's close. >> that's shaping up to be the big subplot of the olympics, america versus china. who will win the final count? i wonder if people judge more by overall medals or number of golds you win? what is the standard? for who really wins? >> for me it's the number of golds. because that means you're the best in that particular sport, that event. >> the gold is the benchmark. >> i think the chinese have a lot more golds. >> a few more. >> a few more. >> they're leading. it should be close though. >>> later, robert pattinson escapes the kristin stewart scandal hiding out in the home of a very famous friend. we'll tell you which star is sharing her space. all the details and hollywood smut coming up, later, in "the skinny." >>> but we begin with the exclusive new information in the colorado shooting suspect case. >> new questions are being raised about what his university knew and when it knew it. here's abc's mark greenblatt in denver. >> reporter: abc news has learned that psychiatrist dr. lynne fenton who was treating holmes a
Nov 17, 2009 3:05am EST
china where the buick regal is hot, gm sells nearly as many cars as it does here. even as it's selling more cars and paying back those loans, gm is facing some fresh criticism for the way it's spending taxpayer dollars. for example, some of that loan money is now financing gm brands in europe. >> we don't want to help create an international company that has strong outposts in germany and weak ones in detroit. >> gm's most responsible act is to invest where they can make the most money for the american taxpayer. >> reporter: american taxpayers will likely never get all their money back, according to a government watchdog. gm's ceo says his mission is to prove that prediction wrong. chris bury, abc news, chicago. >> normally after a story like that we would tell you how the company's stock did. the thing about gm is they're no longer on the new york stock exchange. in terms of bond prices they were up sharply yesterday after the announcement. >> such a strange thing that a company can lose $1 billion in a quarter and that's good news. because it's not as much as expected and the
Nov 17, 2011 2:35am EST
pacific region. in a speech to australian law makers this morning the president sent a message to china saying america will maintain a strong military presence in that area. part of that presence will be up to 2,500 marines and air force aircraft that will talk up permanent posts down under. they will be deployed middle of next year. >>> the casey anthony sthoer will be told at a made-for-tv movie. anthony acquitted in july on charges she killed her 2-year-old daughter. an orlando prosecutor wrote a book about the case before his retirement and now fox has bought the film and tv rights. the movie will probably air on the cable network lifetime. >> who is going to play casey anthony? >> that is a big question. such a huge story. so much outrage about the case. imagine folks will be tuning in to see how the hollywood folks portray. >> i have interviewed jech ashton. his book is going to be very interesting. he feels very strongly in her guilt. he has some inside scoop. >> like most people. see how much it plays out on tv. >> they're having a really, really good time in argentina. >> we to
May 3, 2012 2:35am EDT
deal worked out that would have allowed him to live freely in china. now the human rights activist says he wants to come to the u.s. with his family. he is begging now to be flown out of china on the very same plane as secretary of state hillary clinton. we'll keep an eye on that story throughout the day. >>> and 13 people face criminal charges in the highly publicized hazing death of a florida a&m university drum major. robert champion died on a chartered bus in november after getting pummeled by members of his own marching band. his attackers could face a maximum of six years in prison. champion's parents were hoping for more serious charges but prosecutors lacked the evidence to justify murder or manslaughter. in five people have been shot to death in a suburban phoenix home including a little girl. police say the shooter is also among the dead. he's been identified by local media as jason j.t. ready, a known white supremacist. the investigation is being stalled by concerns over two large containers found in the backyard. police believe they could contain hazardous chemicals. >>
Dec 18, 2016 6:30pm EST
. >> they have no idea if it's russia, china, or somebody. it could be somebody sitting in a bed someplace. >> reporter: but the clinton camp says there's no debate. "saturday night live" joked that putin is like santa delivering trump christmas gifts. >> this is elf on the shelf. you just put it right here next to your internet router. >> reporter: electors had wanted more information. 80 of them asking for a briefing on russia before casting their vote. but intelligence officials declined. republican electors have reportedly been bombarded with pleas to ditch trump. trump saying on twitter, if my many supporters threatened people like many who lost the election are doing, they would be scorned and called terrible names. trump once blasted the electoral college as a disaster for democracy. but now praising the process. >> i never appreciated it until now, how genius it was, what they had in mind. >> and mary joins us from washington. tonight, trump already facing another foreign policy challenge? >> reporter: yes, trump's team is sending mixed messages to china as tensions rise.
Mar 24, 2014 3:00am PDT
. we'll look back on that disaster in our next half hour. >>> china says its planes have spotted an object in the indian ocean that may come from the missing malaysian airlines jet. it is in an area where there could be possible debris. if it is from the boeing 777, one that disappeared two weeks ago, searchers may look for underwater drone to look for the plane's wreckage. >> these drones can go to much deeper depths, carry lots of extra gear and they can stay down for long times. so they'll be quite useful helping us find potential wreckage on the bottom of the sea floor. >> it's concentrating on a large area, 1500 miles from australia. bad weather may slow down today's search efforts. >>> president obama is confronting the crisis in ukraine today. he's beginning a busy week of foreign travel which includes meetings with mideast leaders and the pope. but the most important are allies to discuss ukraine and russia. as alex marquardt reports, things remain tense. >> reporter: president putin boasted russia took over crimea without firing a shot before his forces violently stormed uk
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