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Nov 15, 2010 6:30pm EST
>>> tonight on "world news" from shanghai, china -- game on. the u.s./china competition is heating up over jobs, fairness, global influence and who will have the smartest kids. >>> and in the news today, a cautionary tale. dozens trapped at the top of a high-rise right here in surging shanghai. as we answer questions about what it will take for america to stay ahead. >>> going for gold. what ordinary chinese workers will do in a year. 80,000 umbrellas. and one day with their children. >>> in other news, the growing backlash. passengers and pilots in open revolt over new airport screening. >>> good medicine. a blockbuster breakthrough offering hopes to millions of people at risk a stroke. it's all ahead, right here on "world news" from china tonight. >>> good evening tonight. welcome to "world news" in china, where the shanghai skyline built in record time, just two decades, announces to the world that the sleeping giant is awake. we have come here to answer some questions about the staggering economic growth in china. 10% a year. what does it mean to america? to american jobs? and
Nov 16, 2010 5:30pm PST
, china. racing. across this country on the world's newest fastest trains. and chinese education. what do they teach their kids to win? >>> royalty. prince william and kate middleton, engaged. and talking about it. >> very romantic. there's a true romantic in there. >> the reaction, and the ring that was once his mom's, princess diana. >>> rangel. found guilty tonight on ethics charges. >>> real. two women who share a name on opposite sides of the planet. how they live, work and love. those stories, and more, on "world news" tonight. >>> good evening, once again, from shanghai, china, where we've come to observe first hand this rocket ride of a chinese economy and learn what america has to do to stay ahead. one thing is clear. the chinese believe that the 21st century will belong to the country with the most educated people and energy self-sufficiency, not to mention technology and speed. which takes us to david muir who is riding on board some of the 4,600 miles of brand new, high-speed train track. the chinese are using it to connect this huge country in record time. david? >> report
Nov 17, 2010 5:30pm PST
. see you again at 6:00. >>> tonight on "world news" from china, breaking through. how american companies like gm and mcdonald's are chasing 1 billion customers. from golden arches and taro pie, to a weird little car of the future. what really does create american jobs? >>> heart hope. a new cholesterol drug that could turn back the clock on heart disease. dr. richard besser on the breakthrough. >>> hometown girl. what if your high school pal was suddenly becoming your future queen? >>> and, the journey. from giant crickets that lull you to sleep to red wine with coke? some unforgettable moments from our travels through the new china. >>> good evening on our final night from china, from the capital of beijing, home of the historic forbidden city, tiananmen square and tonight, something very modern. corporate executives, countless of them, from all over the world, coming here, hoping to carve out a share of the biggest economic boom on the planet. the emerging middle class in china. look at it this way. there are not just more house holds with tvs here than in america, there are
Nov 18, 2010 6:30pm EST
about human rights in china, and the one-child policy creating the shortage of girls. >>> and, the wedding. kate middle on the seems to be scouting a location. we look back at the bride whose wedding united a country in its darkest days. >>> good evening. it's good to be back home tonight, where americans are preparing for thanksgiving holiday travel. as of tonight, 60 airports have those full body scanning machines. and every airport is using the personal full bud patdown if you set off an alarm on a regular screener. tomorrow, 24 million of us will begin a week and a half of holiday flying, so, what's going to happen? what choice do you make and how does the security here in this country compare to the most celebrated security system on earth? aaron shall gone si has been looking into all of this today. >> reporter: a florida congressman sent a letter to the nation's busiest airports urging them to now consider using private contractors. now officials at orlando airport say they will. announcing today, they want to replace the tsa with a private security firm. those contractors w
Nov 12, 2010 6:30pm EST
visited, under siege by foreclosure. >>> and forward to china. a preview of our big trip. >>> and good evening, once again, from phoenix, arizona. we have spent the day here talking to students about the importance of journalism in america, and we begin tonight with a big american headline. a thunder bolt about the future of the u.s. postal service, and whether it can survive. today, a tidal wave of loss, $8.5 billion, even after all those layoffs. so, what happens now? will service be cut back right away? linsey davis has been looking for answers. linsey? >> reporter: diane, the post office is the biggest civilian employer after walmart, but apparently it's not too big to fail. the post office says without congressional action, it would be bankrupt by the end of next year. even after cutting more than 100,000 jobs, the postal service says it could lose $238 billion in the next ten years. >> we need changes to the way we operate. >> reporter: the problem, people just haven't sending letters. after all, you can send an e-mail and get a response before paper envelope even gets to the mai
May 15, 2012 6:30pm EDT
away in china. this stat stopped us cold. in the past ten years, made in america products sold to china have increased more than 500%. abc's david muir met some ingenius americans who cracked the code how to do that. >> we've reported so much about made in america. but about the exploding middle class in china? so tonight here are the everyday americans including one dad from memphis, cracking the code. he bids his family farewell and heads to work. if you look at the label on the suitcase, made in america, this time he's on his way to china. off to sell his american invention, dermo flaj, tubes upon concealer for the skin, hiding scars and blemishes. he knows there are 1.3 billion people in china who have never heard of it. >> here we are in beijing. we're in business in communist china. >> and when "world news" traveled to china, we were struck by what so many people told us. when you think of america, what do you picture? the technology, the products. there's a hunger for made in america. and american giants know it. this skipy plant in arkansas, they say they make the world's greate
Jan 19, 2011 5:30pm PST
"world news," the heavyweights. china, the u.s., making a deal that could mean american jobs, as china's president admits problems there on human rights. >>> the milestone. congresswoman gabrielle giffords ready to move to rehabilitation in houston. what is new today? >>> alzheimer's advance. do you know the difference between alzheimer's and dementia? and could a new test help revive a failing brain? >>> and, insider secrets. a wall street man uses his dying days to tell consumers how to succeed against their big bank. >>> good evening. under way tonight, a kind of super bowl summit at the white house. the two economic super powers. the two biggest economies in the world. president obama and china's president hu met face to face. and, china agreed to buy $45 billion worth of u.s. goods, which could keep 235,000 americans on the job. and what about that thorny issue, china's record on human rights? jake tapper has it all tonight from the white house. jake? >> reporter: good evening, diane. white house officials say that more than 50% of the conversation between president obama an
Nov 19, 2010 6:30pm EST
bernanke, who fired back at his critics in germany and china. he told a banking conference in germany the decision to pump another $600 billion into the u.s. economy was necessary to boost america's recovery. and he warned china they they put the global economy at risk by keeping the value of their currency artificially low. >>> and here at home, sometimes the story of a struggling economy can be told in the eyes of one child. we heard that food banks across the country are overwhelmed with hard-hit families, hoping for help getting a thanksgiving turkey. but the shelves are bare. here's clayton sandell. >> reporter: there isn't a kid alive who doesn't dream of a family dinner like everybody else's. >> turkey! >> turkey! >> reporter: but try to imagine the holiday without it. >> last year, we had pork ch chops, because that's the only thing that we had. >> reporter: ken and tina jackson have five kids. ken was laid off, and this thanksgiving, they're asking their church for help. the jackson's church, along with charities and food banks nationwide, report donations have plummeted. >> we r
Apr 19, 2011 5:30pm PDT
all-star american company taking on those toys from china. >>> and, super kid. a 9-year-old big brother saves little sis with something he learned in a movie. >>> good evening from washington and the details are still coming in tonight on another apparent air traffic controller mistake. and this time, the person on board the plane was michelle obama. her plane apparently too close to a big military cargo plane. it was at andrews air force base just outside washington, d.c. right here. and lisa stark, who covers aviation for abc news, is here with me right now. whole new headline, lisa. >> reporter: absolutely. you know, diane, we heard the last few weeks about lots of things going on with controllers, sleeping control ers, we heard one was watching a movie on the job. and now this. two planes getting too close. one of them carrying the first lady. the first lady was returning to washington, d.c. from new york, where she appeared on abc's "the view." and attended other events yesterday. she was heading home. landing at andrews air force base. air traffic controllers at the approa
Dec 7, 2010 6:30pm EST
. >>> and, we have a wakeup call now about america's kids. three weeks after we took you to china to see the ambition and energy of 1.3 billion people competing for the american dream. today, the new international reading, math and science scores were released, and chinese students left american teens in the dust in all three categories. we kept thinking all day of this scene we saw from our journey in china. these are third grade students pausing to massage their heads for relief because, they said, they study so hard. and they need to relax, in the third grade. david muir and i were talking about it, we traveled to china together. david? >> reporter: and diane, the numbers are stunning for the entire world. the shanghai stunner. our own education secretary called the results a wakeup call. our president is calling for a modern day sputnik moment to catch up. tonight's new numbers reveal what diane and i just witnessed a couple of weeks back in china. nearly 500,000 15-year-olds from all over the world took the test. the top five scores in math, shanghai china, singapore, hong kong, south k
Feb 24, 2011 5:30pm PST
shock about the souvenirs. surely that american flag can't be made in china? stay tuned. >>> good evening. we begin with another suspected terror plot against the united states. fbi officials told us today, this is exactly the kind of threat that keeps them up at night. a lone wolf, no known ties to any group, vowing jihad. he is a college student in texas, a 20-year-old saudi arabian studying chemical engineering. he is charged with plotting to destroy u.s. dams, nuclear power plants and targeting former president george w. bush. president obama was briefed on the fbi's plans before they moved in to arrest him, and pierre thomas set out to learn more about the saudi arabian and his plans today. pierre? >> reporter: diane, the sources i've been talking to on the phone all day say this case is scary. exactly what they are worried about. one official said the suspect is, quote, the real deal. a bona fide threat. >> reporter: the fbi says the evidence is clear. this man, khalid aldawsari, a chemical engineering student from saudi arabia, was planning a murderous campaign. >> this guy
Jul 12, 2012 6:30pm EDT
uniforms were made in china. congress lashes out, athletes react. our made in america team getting answers tonight. >>> coverup, a scathing investigation claims penn state officials pet football ahead of children. could sandusky's sex crime for 14 years. abc news exclusive investigation, children diagnose after routine dental visits. some dentists puts profits over safety. brian ross investigates. >>> and start it up t rolling stone celebrate a huge milestone and share the secret of their internal youth. >>> good evening. it sa point of pride when the u.s. olympic team walks into the stadium with the american flag flying, but last night we told you we had learned that america's athletes will be wearing clothes made in china. our report, members of congress called for action and olympic committee members ducked for cover. and remember, all of a clothing of mementos for team usa were made right here at home, it would keep $1 billion from heading overseas as one of you wrote us. what were they thinking? abc's sharyn alfonsi, one of the leaders of our made in america team spent the day gets an
Aug 8, 2012 5:30pm PDT
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May 13, 2011 6:30pm EDT
showing the u.s. is ready to challenge china in a whole new way. >>> zoo in a bag? look at the incredible pictures. a first class passenger, arrested, stuffing suitcases with baby leopards, panthers and monkeys. >>> and, right of passage. nervous boys putting their hearts on the line, with seven little words. it's happening across the country today, and they're our "persons of the week." >>> good evening and a good friday to you. we have all imagined what it was like at the moment osama bin laden knew he was face to face with americans moving in to take him down. well, tonight, for the first time, we know more about what those helmet cameras, worn by the navy s.e.a.l.s, show. and, there was another surprising footnote to this story today. the insistence by u.s. officials that they found a huge stash of pornography at the hideout. can this be true? it's a question were put to martha raddatz who is on this story for us tonight. good evening, martha. >> reporter: good evening, diane. this was one of those discoveries that stunned everyone. in fact, it was so stunning, officials ar
Nov 27, 2013 6:30pm EST
a serious despite. caroline kennedy delivers a stern warning after a defiant move by china. jim avila has the story. >> reporter: caroline kennedy greeted lie american royalty. presenting her credentials to the emperor, daughter of a slain president. missing from the resume, diplomatic experience but that did not stop her today, just two weeks on the job from delivering a blunt warning that china's sudden and unilateral demand that planes must check in before flying near these remote islands is dangerous. it may be symbolic but today china deployed its first aircraft to the region. a sign that despite ambassador kennedy's stern statement, china is not backing down from its demand for advanced notice from any plane flying over these uninhabited i understand. her statements have made her an even bigger hero in japan. >> i'm proud to carry forward my father's legacy. >> reporter: serenaded today on her 56th birthday. ♪ >> reporter: she has read to children and visited the tsunami zone, her appointment said to be an ego boost for japan. >> japan is not as central as it used to be
Jul 13, 2012 6:30pm EDT
her car. >>> made in america, today the white house weighs in on those olympic uniforms made in china. and the happy anthem this summer. ♪ here is my number. >> the song that has everyone from puppets to pets singing along. and the young girl who wrote it is our person of the week. >>> good evening. we begin with the breaking news happening right now. shortly before we came on the air, word of another headline for the family that has face sod much trauma and tragedy. karen kwen gi involved in an accident. she is unharmed, but it was an accident with a tractor trailer on the interstate highway. and later she was found passed out behind the wheel of the car. abc's lindsey davis is following this developing news for us. >> reporter: it is the latest drama to be fall the ken dis. carry kennedy t daughter of robert kennedy was charged with driving while impaired with drugs. it happened around 8:00 this morning along interstate 684, north of new york city. the 52-year-old ex-wife sideswiped a tractor trailer. according to naen calls her call was operating in anner rad eijkmaner. she was f
Jan 18, 2011 6:30pm EST
what he hopes, and what he would say to the family of the suspect. >>> the arrival. china's president heis here. >>> sargent shriver, the peace corps founder and devoted father, has died. >>> the waste? new evidence many students learn next to nothing in college. is there a better use for all that tuition money? >>> and, regis retiring? giving up his morning show after 28 years. >>> good evening. tonight, we bring you more of our interview with astro gnat, commander mark kelly, who for ten days has slept at the hospital to be near his wife. congresswoman gabrielle gifford s. and a full hour of their remarkable story will be airing in primetime later this evening. but since we have all just seen the parents of the shooting suspect for the first time, one of the questions being asked is this -- is kelly angry at the loughner family? and that's where we begin right now. have you thought what you would say to jared loughner's parents? what if they asked to see you? >> i'd probably give them -- i would probably see them. i don't think it's their fault. you know, gabby has two ste
Oct 6, 2011 5:30pm PDT
, americans have watched as 4.5 million american jobs have gone overseas to china. well, tonight, a major sign that hemorrhage may be ending. those jobs are starting to come home. abc news has obtained a powerful new report from the highly respected boston consulting group, which says 3 million jobs are now on their way back to america. how soon? what kind? and where? abc's david muir has been pouring over this data that's too good to be true. >> reporter: very bold report, diane, as you point out. good evening. the answer to how soon we'll see these jobs? some of them, we're seeing already. and so tonight here, we ask, what's behind this? turns out, made in america suddenly makes a lot more business sense when it comes to a company's bottom line. jobs coming back from china? the kind of headline once unheard of. this isn't something down the road, you're seeing businesses come back already? >> yes. we are seeing businesses moving jobs back to the united states now. >> reporter: for decades, american automakers moving jobs overseas to find cheaper labor. now comes word of that new plant a
Dec 9, 2010 6:30pm EST
, a brave dissident, is behind bars in china. and, china is going to great lengths to shift the international spotlight away from him and his achievements, even putting together a rival chinese award show. our clarissa ward in beijing ran straight into that road block. >> reporter: it was a bizarre scene. the recipient of the hastily created confucius peace prize didn't even come to pick up his award. instead, a young girl, no relation, accepted the honor. and if organizers were trying to make the world forget about the nobel prize winner -- jailed activist liu xiaobo -- that didn't work. "we will only answer questions about peace," he said. china has fought a campaign to push back against liu and the nobel prize, describing the award as an anti-china force supported by clowns. they pressured 15 other countries into boycotting the ceremony, countries that buckled under the pressure of china's economic mustle. we visited the home where liu xiaobo's wife is under house arrest. we quickly learned we were not welcome. he's asking me again and again to call her on her cell phone. he
Jul 11, 2012 6:30pm EDT
china? our made in america team, on that case tonight. >>> good evening. we begin with that explosion that has 100 million americans wondering about the train tracks in their neighborhoods. outside columbus, ohio, in the dead of night, a train carrying ethanol derailed, a massive burst of flame 30 feet high. one eyewitness said it was as if the sun had exploded. hundreds of residents had to flee their homes. it is not often a blast this big is caught on tape and tonight, investigators are studying this film for clues as to what happened. abc's alex perez takes us to the site. >> jesus bloo[ bleep ]. >> reporter: a frightening boom -- an orange glow of raging flames visible as far as ten miles away. it was 2:00 a.m., and shawn wall had just come home after working the late shift. he grabbed his phone and started recording. what did it feel like on your skin? >> it felt like standing next to a bonfire, like, when i say that, i mean putting your hands like right there next to the heat and your skin is tingling and feeling as much pain as it could. >> reporter: it all happened a
Aug 27, 2014 5:30pm PDT
they're made in america when actually they're made in china. tonight american workers who want their jobs back. >> made in america! yay! >>> and also tonight, a personal note, a thank you to all of you as i leave the anchor desk at "world news." >>> a good evening to you on this wednesday night, and we begin with the new video from one american mother asking the terrorists of isis to show humanity. asking that they be merciful and let her son live. they are the same killers who executed james foley, and tonight we are learning more about them. as that other american journalist released after nearly two years is home and speaking for the first time. abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross back on the story for us. >> i am shirley sotloff. my son stephen is in your hands. >> reporter: the mother's emotional plea came eight days after isis said it would execute her 31-year-old journalist son, seen in the same video release that showed the execution of james foley. >> i want what every mother wants, to live to see her children's children. >> reporter: shirley sotloff directed
Aug 16, 2012 6:30pm EDT
from china. cust dumbs agents in california announced a big bust of counterfeit goods. shoes just the tip of a mammoth icebe iceberg, a phony product fueling shoppers everywhere. here's abc's nick watt. >> reporter: is that a pair of christian louboutins in the hands of a border patrol. they're usually selling for up to 6,000 bucks but now, they're a counterfeiter's dream. you're looking at 20,000 pairs of fake louboutins there. >> these are coming out of china. >> reporter: every year, they intercept a staggering 1,000 shipments of counterfeit goods. we're not just talking high fashion. we've got kids' shoes from china with danger levels lead, and a whole container of tvs and this fan. wiring with that, it's going to catch on fire. counterfeit and pirated goods cost the u.s. economy 750,000 american jobs and up to $250 billion a year. >> there's also a lot of sales taxes that would go to schools and hospitals that are not being received when you buy counterfeit goods. >> reporter: they range from food to car parts to boards for nasa. you could never catch allel counterfeit stuff.
Sep 27, 2010 6:30pm EDT
fueled the economy, factories like syracuse china -- at its height, 1,200 workers. last year, the last of the jobs went overseas. tim louck's job among them. >> they think they can fool the rest of the world into believing they're still making syracuse china, when they're actually making it in china, china. >> reporter: and we found this everywhere. the tv station i wrote to when i was 12 years old. my parents brought me here to intern, got my first job. and look, all that sits here now, nothing but a giant "for sale" sign. a long ways from those early days i remember here, that tv jingle. ♪ you've got the spirit ♪ say you're from syracuse that spirit 20 years ago bruised but not gone here. so many laid-off workers now sitting at computers. of the 13,000 who finished the program, 60% have been hired. you absolutely tell them all is not lost. >> reporter: and we found proof. first, scott gray. his 20-year factory job went to china. he feared his skills were worthless. >> i didn't know where i'd use them. i was scared. >> reporter: but one syracuse company didn't see it that way
Feb 14, 2012 6:30pm EST
competitor. the leader of china. his name is xi jingping. and the story is full of surprises. a daughter at harvard. and why did he request to visit a hog farm in iowa? abc's jake tapper tells us about this new political giant tonight. >> reporter: this man is likely about to rule 1.3 billion people. so, when vice president xi jingping came to the white house today, he was welcomed warmly. >> i hope you'll have a wonderful visit while you're here. i'm sure the american people welcome you. >> reporter: meeting with the president. >> our very special guest of honor. >> reporter: honored at a state department luncheon. and visits with pentagon and later, business leaders. he shows signs of modernity. married to a famous chinese folk singer in china. their verse of adele. their daughter attends harvard. and tomorrow, xi will return to muscatine, iowa, where in 1985, xi, then just a mid-level communist official, visited to learn about hog-raising techniques. he spent two nights in this home with an iowa family in their college-age son's bedroom. which was festooned at the time with "star trek" d
Feb 28, 2011 5:30pm PST
? >> made in china. >> reporter: the cross? >> made in honduras. >> reporter: you're covering the world here. made in thailand. >> yeah. >> reporter: have you are ever flipped it over before? >> never, never. >> reporter: never even crossed your mind. so i see the kids' stash here. and what could be more american than all that money made on the monopoly board? >> the dice and tokens made in china. >> reporter: not american and the coffee table. >> the table is made in india assembled by me actually. >> right here in the den. >> reporter: so made in india, assembled here in the house. >> that's correct. >> reporter: doesn't count. >> no. >> reporter: and that was just the living room. usually looking at what's on the plate and not underneath it. so here's the test. >> the sable is made this thailand. >> reporter: and the chairs? >> mexico. >> reporter: and we had a fork from -- >> same pattern. >> reporter: this one is from korea. >> china. >> reporter: and the plate was from japan. >> yes. >> reporter: is there anything made in america on this table? >> does not appear to be. >> reporte
Aug 1, 2013 5:30pm PDT
here at home. they're issuing a challenge to china as a giant company to assemble their phones overseas. abc's david muir shows us how these americans are calling the world to say we are back. >> reporter: 8,000 miles away tonight, new smartphones, iphones -- racing off assembly lines in china and tonight hard at work inside this texas factory, the first smart phone made in america, about to come off the line and we are the first to see it. >> where would these phones have been made before? >> china. >> now they're made here. >> right here. >> reporter: arguing that it makes business sense to make these smart phones here. shipping costs from china slashed. but wages in china rising. >> they are putting together the factory as we speak. >> they are building. >> reporter: air force veteran tabitha debose looking for work no longer. >> it was boom, boom, pop. i got a job. >> now you're running the place. >> reporter: 14 assembly lines already. they're still hiring. >> 2,000 jobs by the end of august? >> correct. >> reporter: 2,000 new jobs in a factory actually built 20 years ago for old s
Oct 15, 2010 6:30pm EDT
"world news." an announcement of a special event. in four weeks, "world news" will take you to china. and as everyone knows, china is america's biggest rival as we race together to the 21st century. and, the season's campaign ads make this rivalry clear. >> we've lost 91,000 jobs to china. >> this campaign season -- >> he's fighting for jobs. in china. >> reporter: one country is cited as america's dangerous rival. here are the hard facts. the chinese economy is rocketing, 10% each year. they already buy more tvs, cars, homes and cell phones than anyone else in the world. and get this. there are more english speakers in china than there are people in america. >> i learned english when i was 3 years old. that's very young. >> i will become rich. >> i think i can speak perfect english. >> reporter: so, here are some questions. what do the chinese do in the workplace that america should start doing tomorrow? what's going on in their classrooms? what's going on on the battlefield? will this chinese baby know something by the age of 2 that most american babies won't? and you'll meet two y
Feb 22, 2012 5:30pm PST
back. >>> made in america. u.s. factories leaving china and coming back home. david muir and the "made in america" team, on who's hiring, here, right now. >>> diet drug. a thumbs-up for the first new weight loss pill in more than ten years. >>> and in the doghouse. what are they doing behind the scenes to get uggie to do this? >>> good evening. the most stressful job in america today just may be the person who has to change the rising price on the sign at the gasoline station. the average price tonight, $3.58 and going up every day. and all day long, across america, as americans filled up, they got fed up. as abc's cecilia vega found out. and she's in los angeles tonight. cecilia? >> reporter: good evening, diane. boy, these prices are off the charts here. $4.99 for a gallon of regular. if you think that's bad, there are drivers in alaska who are reportedly now paying $6 a gallon. these prices are starting to take a toll on drivers. and they are venting their anger. gas prices aren't the only thing on the rise these days. so are tempers all around the country. from flint, michiga
Feb 28, 2011 6:30pm EST
buy american. what would happen when we start to pick things up. >> made in china. >> the cross? >> made in honduras. >> reporter: made in thailand. have you ever flipped it over? >> never. >> reporter: i see the kids' staff. what could be more american than that money on the monopoly board? >> the dice and tokens made in china. >> reporter: not american and the coffee table. >> the coffee table is made in india assembled by me. >> right here in the den. >> reporter: made in india, assembled here in the house. doesn't count. >> no. >> reporter: that was just the living room. looking what's on the plate and not underneath it. here's the test. the table is made in thailand. and the chairs? yes, yes. >> reporter: a fork -- >> this one is from korea. >> china. >> reporter: the plate from japan. anything in america made on this table. >> does not appear to be. >> reporter: even the children's rooms. what about your texas hat? >> let's see. bangladesh. >> reporter: this is your room and ellis and her prized american girl dolls. what does it say? made in china. checking the living room
Jul 31, 2012 6:30pm EDT
china. can a 16-year-old girl really swim faster than the olympic men? look at her big hands, her feet? that is coming up. and here is the total medal count tonight. china and the usa v u.s. tied, 23 medals each. and japan is third. >>> back in this country a close call in the sky today. a bird collided with a pack the united airlines jet flying into denver and the bird punctured a hole in the front with a gaping hole in the nose. fortunately, the flight landed safely. but as clayton sandell reports, bird strikes are a growing threat. >> reporter: it could have been cat frofic. a feathery midair collision. this united 737, with 151 passengers, on approach to denver international airport today when it collided with what appears to be a large bird. the impact tore a giant diamond-shaped hole in the nose, even ripping off flight sensors. there were no injuries, but the pilots declared an emergency. in april, another bird strike was captured on camera, a passenger on a flight from new york to los angeles saw a flock of birds fly right into an engine. of course, who could forget when canada
Dec 6, 2012 6:30pm EST
american powerhouse, apple, famous for its giant manufacturing operations in china, has promised to do something they have not done in nearly 20 years. build some apple computers right here in the united states. and abc's david muir, captain of our made in america team, is here with the latest. >> reporter: diane, as you know, for nearly three decades, apple made its computers in the u.s. tonight, word one of those lines will bear those three words we've been talking so much about here. made in america. tonight, that bold announcement from apple. ceo tim cook now says some of apple's mac computers will never year carry those three words, made in america. cook telling bloomberg business week that the company plans to spend 1$100 millioner in year t move production from the mac line from china back here to the u.s. it was this year, when asked about the factories they used to have here in america that tim cook talked about the possibility of bringing manufacturing back. >> there is some manufacturing revival in the u.s. will there be an apple product ever made again in the united states?
Nov 3, 2011 6:30pm EDT
group photo today, china. president hu jintao quietly standing there. the chinese have essentially said, "don't look to us," reportedly telling european leaders they're confident that europe has "all the wisdom and capability" to fix the problem. beijing has said it could lend billions but if and only if there's proof this bailout will work. china, of course, is already the largest holder of u.s. debt. of course, china does hold $3 trillion in foreign currencies already. not looking to add greek debt, at least not yet. and one more note. when the president arrived here in cannes today famous for his film festival, he said, "i came to see some movies." his attempt at humor as they deal with the serious economic picture here tonight. >> all right, a big day at the summit. thank you david muir tonight. >>> and now, the republican front runner herman cain, battling that tempest, three women claiming sexual harassment. and today the candidate's supporters rallied around him, evoking a racially chapter in american history. abc's january coron karl explai. >> reporter: herman cain's suppo
Oct 26, 2010 6:30pm EDT
in any kitchen. swanson 100% natural chicken broth. >>> once again, overseas, china flexed its engineering muscle today. a new high speed train made its debut, appears to have set a world record. officials say the train now fastest on the globe. top speed, 262 miles per hour. passengers took a lightning fast ride. 126 miles from shanghai in just 45 minutes. cut the travel time in half. and china plans on doubling its high speed rail network in the next two years. and a reminder to everyone there, not only does china have the fastest train, but as we know, the fastest growing economy, and in just 20 days, "world news" is going to be taking you there to ask some burning questions about china and what is really going on. go to for more on your trip. >>> and the story we told you about. for anyone that's tried to get a husband or dad to pull over and ask for directions, a new british study says that when men get lost, a quarter of them wait at least half an hour before asking for help. men wrack up nearly 300 extra miles on the road each year as a result of this. and by
Mar 4, 2011 5:30pm PST
india. >> bangladesh. >> reporter: where is your couch made from? china. was a wakeup call for thousands of you who wrote in -- >> made in china. >> reporter: and sent in your own moments from all over the country. in philadelphia, the phillies fan and his hat, made in china. from the lone star state -- >> we take our cowboy boots very seriously. even they were made abroad. >> reporter: viewers telling channel 8 in dallas they were turning things upside down for the first time. channel 6 in philadelphia. >> i'm going to really check the labels from now on. >> reporter: viewers reaching out to channel 7 in san francisco. so many viewers responding to the usry home and that american makeover. finding american replacements for the bedroom. relatively easy. the living room, a little harder. but we found what we needed. >> reporter: but the kitchen? belly up. the only 100% made in america appliances came with a whopping price tag. hi, i'm triping to find out -- and the coffee maker. we couldn't find one, but last night, a viewer e-mailed us, telling us we missed one. the bunn-o-mati
Nov 30, 2010 6:30pm EST
. >> reporter: i'm clarissa ward in beijing. china's strong alliance with north korea is suffering some serious setbacks today after leaks revealed china's mounting frustration with the rogue regime. according to the documents, one top chinese diplomat is said to describe north korea as acting like a spoiled child. another says the country represents a threat to the supreme court of the whole world. here in china, where media is state-controlled, there has been no mention of cables involving china and the wickkileaks website is blocked here. but analysts are still concerned about how this might effect the influence china has on north korea and whether this might push an already paranoid country deeper into a tail spin. diane? >> thank you clarissa and lara and also nick, our team in the field. >>> and today, the pentagon released its long awaited study on don't ask, don't tell and how the troops will react if gays can serve openly in the military. after seeing the survey top brass are reaffirming it is time for a change. here's jon karl. >> reporter: the clear message from the top
Jun 16, 2010 6:30pm EDT
. and fossil fuels. and making sure that china doesn't get all the new jobs in wind and solar power. but dan harris heard a story today of one company, one big idea, but in america, no one to say "give it a try." >> reporter: natcore is a small company based in new jersey that says it's come up with an innovative new approach to make solar technology better and cheaper, one that its scientists are very excited about. the president of the company says he was determined to set up shop here in america. >> i live here in new jersey. i'm a former marine. i consider myself a good american and a patriot. we wanted to do business in the states. >> reporter: he went to washington, d.c. and met with congressional staffers, lawyers and lobbyists, but says he couldn't get the help raising the money that he needed. were you met with blank stares? >> they were very polite. we got polite letters, polite conversations, but it was obvious there was a major disconnect. >> reporter: there was, however, one place offering help. china. the government flew him over there and made him a very generous offe
Feb 9, 2010 6:30pm EST
stimulus for green jobs, and find taxpayer money is beingsed to create jobs overseas and soon in china. >>> and, the hidden life of penguins. this woman spent 27 years learning their secrets, and tells us what she found. >>> and good evening. one-third of all americans are scrambling tonight, and some of them for a secontime as another sammy of snow about to descend. from chicago to washington to boston, where it will take even longer now before cars budge and there's a new danger that roovs may collapse. david kerley tackles the big problems. david? >> reporter: hey, diane. already crippled by this storm of a couple of days ago, this area has been predicting for this second storm. worried that all the work to restore power is going to be buried under a foot and a half of snow. it's already pounding the midwest. the midwest is getting its biggest snowfall of the year. in chicago, a half foot on the ground and cars already sliding off roads. from the windy city east, air ports are shutting down. nearly 6,000 flights already canceled. all up and down the east coast, from washington to ph
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