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Oct 1, 2016 7:00am EDT
. that is okay. they are all making their debut in china care takers had their hands full. chinese officials crediting provements in the breeding technology for this. a baby boom, in panda's they ar >> panda's are up there. up in tampa again, a problem expected to grow as we get toward it is holiday season. affordable gadgets to help keep your stuff safe. >> reporter: it is package pirate season in tampa, a man and woman in a delivery box from a home in acc watch it happened there last week e es point incidents of packe ne than ever before the problem w. >> you have packages groceries >> steve green berto home secur cameras inexpensive and easy set up. >> someone watches your front door it sends you a clip to your smart phone. >> thicamera first cally thieves it helped police finally identify and catch them. >> delivery for eric parker. >> some allow you to talk to stores. >>> the worst feeling when you go outside because you are waiting for a delivery and there is nothing there. problem ou that i buy things like paper towels and they just wouldn't fit you know, like amazon is my s
Nov 19, 2016 7:00am EST
barack obama is in peru traveling with asian leaders for an economic limit. he will meet with china's and also will host a town hall meeting >>> people, many with two jobs struggle to put food on the table. we are looking at the problems in the area and how it may help. >> take a look. we are off to a cool starred to the day but those temperatures warm up quickly with lots of sunshine. we are still on the warp side of that cold front that's headed our way. we won't see any rain out of it today but we will definitely notice the temperatures overnight tonight and into 80. it's going to be gorgeous and warm. i'll let you know how much it is going to warm coming up in z26kjz zy6z z26kbz zy6z >>> across the bay area, food banks are feeding nearly 20,000 new mouths this year and the food pantries, as you can imagine, they are struggling to keep up. >> we take look at why so many of those who need help are working multiple jobs and still can't make ends meet. >> the line for groceries here, minimum of one hour but the wait is something that phillip wood is more than willing to do. >> just a
Oct 22, 2016 7:00am EDT
hacker gang spread across russia and china, claiming responsibility for the hack that shutdown netflix and other webs membership at a hub in new jersey was the cause. >>> the battle ground states, -- experts say if she can win those states, she will win the election. she appears to be in a strong position in early voting. people have requested ballots. >>> trump this morning appears to be holding ground in ohio, georgia, but maybe not enough to win if he loses florida. he added florida to his campaign stops. the event is free here, but you >>> 7:07 we're glad you're was on this weekend edition. if you think that a clean driving record will get you a better insurance rate, think again. up next, we'll show you why good drivers are sometimes paying the highest premiums and what you can do about it. >>> the key advantage one housing program is providing and a fantastic weekend on tap, detail ies >>> it used to be your driving record that played the biggest role in how much >> we have new information it's more about your financial fitness. >> reporter: a pristine driving record is no longer
Jan 30, 2016 7:00am EST
says the next stop on his tour look china. >>> you have heard about cats getting stuck in trees. but in westminster, colorado, firefighters had to rescue not only the cat but the owner. he used a ladder and climbed up the tree to get his cat, but the ladder fell. firefighters saved the day and they are doing just fine. >>> smartphone apps can make life easier and now they could make you money. >> we'll run down the three apps out there offering to pay you for using them. >> reporter: we are here at the tampa yacht club and i snuck inside the makeup room. this is where all the gasparilla pirates are getting their scars and hair done. >>> this morning we are learning more about technology that could earn you money for losing weight. >> 88% of americans already ruined their resolution to lose weight. apps out there promising to help keep you on track and get paid. one is called postmates, a service where you can walk, bike or drive your car. >> it's and independent contractor type of situation. so you set your own hours, decide how much you want to work, and they give you 80% of th
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)