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2016 12
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Aug 9, 2016 11:00pm EDT
overall. china is in second with eight gold and 17 total. >>> now this one, i've got to see it. football didn't work for tim tee bow, so -- tebow, so he's baseball a run for the money. he has not played organized money since high school, but he is committed to doing this thing. he's been training at scottsdale, arizona with the former mlb catcher chad boller. >>> finally the former buccaneer player and coach passed away today. he was 58. he was diagnosed with stage iv >>> we want to update that breaking news right now. an officer accidentally shooting and killing a woman during the citizen's police academy there and just minutes ago that the chief identified the victim in asking everyone for prayer. >>> during the first scenario and a horrible accident, participant mary nulton was mistakingly struck with a live round. memorial hospital where she was pronounced deceased. >> the florida department of law enforcement will handle this investigation. the officer involved in that shooting now on administrative leave. >>> now an update on the breaking news in ferguson, missouri on the two-year
Mar 4, 2016 11:00pm EST
. >> the videos always come out of china. >> the u.s. government is now this impacts the ford f-150 pickup. the national highway travis safety administration so far has more than 30 different complaints about brake loss. we do have the details on our web site,, so you can share it and warn all your family and friends. >>> the fifth time is the charm. space x successfully launching a satellite into orbit. the delays are due to problems with rocket fuel, weather, and interference from a boat. unfortunately the attempt to land failed again. he >>> a lot of people on facebook asking why did the gator cross the road. see him? check out these images from sanibel island, this large gator stopping traffic as it slowly walked across the road. tourist from pennsylvania who estimates the alligator was about eight feet long. it was like, what's the rush? out. senate's kind of funny because you always hear about this and everybody is, ooh, ah, but we've got a lot of gators in florida. >> kind of normal for us. >> warmer air or colder air, i'm not should, because later next week
Sep 3, 2016 11:30pm EDT
of until it's too late. >>> the us and china both on board with the paris agreement on climate change, president barack obama announced the ratification today. obama and the president of -- president of china submitted fans today -- today umc. we are together because we believe that all the challenges that we face the growing threat of climate change, and the contours of this century more dramatically than -- more dramatically than any other challenge. obama is in china for his last meeting as a president. >>> after a recent criticism, donald trump can -- finally -- trump attendant services, the republican nominees swearing -- planning and clapping. she relied heavily on her staff to work in -- on the handle classified information -- and handle classified information. ultimately the fbi found there was not enough evidence to charge clinton with any crime. new tonight hundreds of people -- hundreds of people evacuated tampa international airport today after spokesperson said someone accidentally set off a -- up a here's a photo of the electrician. he quickly figured out what hap
Jan 29, 2016 11:00pm EST
the next off on his sightseeing tour will be china -- next stop on his sightseeing tour will be china. >>> they've released information they collected about ufos and unexplained sights in the skies. it's a nod to the new x-files show. the agency has a category called five documents agent fox mulder would love and another called documents agent dana scully would love. all of them were declassified in 1978. >>> now the most accurate weather team in florida, abc >>> -- abc action weather. >> they are making fun of x- files. >> what a bummer. here is a look outside. a little breezy and certainly clouds around but compared to what we've had the last couple days, it's awfully nice with temperatures on the cool side across our northern counties, mid-40s and low 50s, wesley chapel over to spring hill mid- 40s in citrus county. mid-50s in the rest of the viewing area. tampa checking in at 57 and partly cloudy, clearwater clear, 50 degrees so tomorrow morning will definitely be a chilly start but nothing to worry about. if you are getting out bright and early for gasparilla, the weather r
Nov 16, 2016 11:00pm EST
. >> take a look at this. a baby monkey lost in china finding a new adoptive mom. a goat farmer says these two the goat doesn't seem to mind while she forages. officials say they will soon move that monkey to a nearby zoo. makes you wonder why. >> looks like he's in pretty good care. >> they're listening, china, don't do it. >>> hey, today, great american teach-in. and today was pinellas. and it was a lot of fun. talking about broadcasting, the change in how our business is becoming a very digital, social media driven business. and the kids were very interested, and not to mention there were many of them that actually had their own tv production classes. they did some really great work. thank you very much. hit a lot of them. i know jamison and wendy are going to be out tomorrow. some of the kids hoping to be news anchors or meteorologists down the road. a lot of others out there. thank you for being so kind in our long the weather certainly cooperated. nobody had to complain about the weather. in fact, a lot of the kids are out of school next week. i think they're going to be pretty
Sep 30, 2016 11:00pm EDT
fluffy adorable baby pandas all under four months old making their debut in china. he's so excited, he face planted right off the table. 23 brave babies. don't worry, the baby is okay. chinese officials credit improvement in breeding technology. >> they are so cute. >> then they grow up. >> but i still want to take one home. >> speaking of blowing up -- >> this went from a one to a five in a day. >> which is almost unheard of. it's the strongest hurricane we've had in the atlantic since 2007. that was hurricane felix. and it's probably reached its peak, which is more than fine enough for us, right? you're looking at what is an extremely powerful hurricane. the big question, of course, where is it going. we in a couple of minutes. i want to focus in on what's happening locally. there are still a few showers out there. even one little -- two lightning strikes near the skyway. some heavier rains northwestern manatee county. a few showers in pasco and polk. some drier air is moving in especially across our northern counties. i think the weekend is actually looking rather nice for most
Sep 27, 2016 11:00pm EDT
bought the phone in china. this phone sold there are not a part of the company's massive recall though because samsung says that batteries for those phones are actually made by to do this. yeah. scientists are suggesting riding a role coaster that could be the -- riding a roller scientists testing the theory after some reported passing stones without any pain after riding a role -- roller coaster. some large stones were dislodged after two or the rides. riding in the back is more effective than sitting upfront. they suggest riding moderate intensity roller coasters could be good preventive therapy for people prone to kidney stones. >>> you've probably heard this staying of a happy wife is a happy life, right? well now a new study may back it u unhappy spouses that had more physical ailments than those who had a happy partner. researchers say that they have known that being around happy people can actually make you happy. now they suggest that it includes your health too. >>> well here is the perfect example of why you shouldn't believe everything that you see on the internet. so
Feb 24, 2016 11:00pm EST
twice about stepping into top china located on east hillsborough in tampa. after hearing inspectors shutdown the restaurant for three days in january after seeing over 65 live roaches crawling all over the kitchen, near the cook's line, prep table, soda machine, storage rack and sink. >> there is no way i would go no there now. >> no is not all. our eye team uncovering a follow up inspection two weeks later discovered more live roaches and dishes being washed in the same sink with raw chicken being prepared. a stop sale was immediately ordered. >> >> food manager, yes. >> i am food manager. >> inside top china he said he was there when the state closed their doors. >> did you know -- did you see the roaches? did you know you had a problem? >> yeah. [ indiscernible ] >> so you saw them too? >> yes. >> i see. he said they cleaned the kitchen thoroughly and reopened when inspectors approved conditions. problems existed before january with 127 violations written up in the last ten months. including no certified food safety manager on duty, ribs and noodles more than 24 hours old and not
Aug 10, 2016 11:00pm EDT
festival in china. they did dance moves to break the world's record. >>> remember the ice bucket challenge? a pennsylvania man took the challenge across the country to raise even more money for acl -- als research. in florida and chile in texas not water. he had corn dumped on him in iowa. last month, the als credited the challenge in their fight in curing it. >>> he will be moving to a new home to make room for more cups. her name is female polar bear. other members could possibly get earth as soon as november. >>> we have a nice little break from the rain today. >> it was 40 or 50 % coverage. we had our sunshine leading to a beautiful sunrise. we have a lot more on the way with this type of pattern. what we usually see in any given day in august is a lot of sunshine until 3:00 or four clock. then things got pretty nasty in terms of rainfall. most folks that got rain picked up a half inch. this is where the bulk of the heaviest rain was rain. the rain was primarily west of tampa. bottom line, we are beginning to see that change returning to a more traditional summer pattern whic
Aug 11, 2016 11:00pm EDT
clinton. >> are we liking these cards? >> he focused on bringing jobs back to the us from mexico and china and building the wall which he talked about for nearly 10 minutes. then he added another element. blaming barack obama for the creation of the islamic state.>> it's better to know the person that you are getting involved with an somebody that pu >> supporters say they like trumps take no prisoners attitude. >> a message of common sense.>> donald trump hit the topics tonight and got applies for talking about the wall, the one person he talked about very little tonight was his running mike pence. r. he talked about him for a few minutes. >> hillary clinton stumped in kissimmee after stopping in tampa. that appearance getting attention because the father of the orlando nightclub mess open fire in the pulse nightclub. clinton did not know that the father would be there. >> the owner of the pulse nightclub and the sister of a victim joining the anti-gay- rights advocates and announcing donald trumps speech in orlando at a pastors conference. they claimed the conference features a lineup of
Aug 8, 2016 11:00pm EDT
, china also has five gold, but has six total medals behind. australia after. that we're back in a minute and z22pvz zy6z >>> one last look at your forecast. through tomorrow rain off and on. heaviest storms in the early to midmorning hours. ivan will be on first thing in the morning. we'll update on-line, all night long if needed. >> continuing coverage on our top stories at >> have a good nature, and >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- david spade -- ozzy and jack osbourne -- "the baby bachelorette," the boys tell all -- and music from the strokes, with cleto and the cletones. and now, what'd you miss -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show.
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)