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Jan 7, 2016 5:00am EST
blame on the president and his foreign policy for what happened. >> china has total control over them and we have total control over china. if we had people that knew what they are doing which we don't. leadership gets you. americans should be very concerned. >> it's an example of a withdrawn america in the world. >> ohio governor kasich saw things differently. while he agreed with opponents that mr. obama has a "horrible foreign policy" he also pointed out that tensions with north korea had been brewing for multiple presidencies and says he cannot blame it solely on president obama. >>> president obama is also getting heat for his executive vice president biden and other white house officials are now trying to garner support communities directly affected by gun violence. they are trying to make the case that the president acted because congress wouldn't. the white house hopes to gain backing before the president gun issues. >>> in sarasota county, a shocking case of child abuse. a doctor and his lawyer wife are accused of zip tying their and feet and locking her in a playhouse. licen
Feb 25, 2016 5:00am EST
belongs to china. beijing is the city with the most billionaires in new york city is the second. >>> 5:24. new video of a plane forced to make an emergency landing in the backyard of a florida home. a cessna 152 landed in a hollywood yard yesterday appearing to be heading to a small yard nearby when some problem forced the pilot to make a landing behind the house. a plane has been towed away. a wing was damaged but no one hurts. the pilot says he plans to fly again. >>> how would you like to be in a restaurant eating clams and -- pearl. >> she later took it to a gemologist who said it was a rare purple girl worth about $600 -- pearl worth about $600. >> he thought it was so round and perfect that someone was playing a joke on me.>> she says she plans to keep the pearl. the owners of the restaurant are happy for lindsey. others are coming in hoping to find a rare pearl. >>> 5:25. coming up, shooting off guns for the comfort of your backyard. the decision comes down from this controversial gun range is in florida.>>> detecting danger on the roads. what people are doing in the car next ye
Sep 19, 2016 5:00am EDT
protesters and security forces. kashmir is divided among pakistan, india and china in a long running territorial dispute. >>> pro-putin party united russia looks like it's going to district races. also leading the race for 225 seats chosen by voters nationwide. after the 2011 vote caused street process over perceived fraud and rigging, this time more parties were able to participate this time around and even a handful of kremlin critics were allowed to run, however there's still reports of voter fraud. >>> jonathan strobel's lawyer says his second degree burns when his cell phone exploded in had is pocket. he wants $13,000 in compensation. there's currently recalls because of numerous reports of them catching fire. he said he received notice of the explosions hours after the problem. >>> after a hot weekend we're going to see if the hot weather is going to continue. >> take a guess. both of you. another hot and humid day. if you want cool weather either stay here and wait a month, right? or go up to the north where fall is actually happening. in fact fall begins this thursday for us.
Jan 19, 2016 5:00am EST
china, could be good news. >> the country's economic growth last year was the slowest in a quarter century but investors are not too discouraged. most asian markets ended up higher today and overnight u.s. stock futures were also up. >> the tax filing season begins today. the irs will now accept 2015 returns. the agency said it's taken steps to protect against identity theft. so you may notice some changes this year. >> and you also get an extra three days, the deadline is april 18th. >>> you may want to start making your romantic dinner reservations for valentines today, at white castle. the burger chain says reservations are going fast. >> it's the 25th anniversary of chain. >>> 5:23. a consumer alert. if you shop at trader joe's, the store is recalling store brand raw cashew pieces by a this year. officials warn that the cashews could be contaminated with the company said no one so far has reported getting sick. throw them away or return them for a refund. investigation. >>> uber is expanding its providing helicopters. >> teeming up with munich airbus group to launch a project a
Jan 11, 2016 5:00am EST
morning, another stock selloff. >> china's main stock market plunged 5% today. investors uneasy about the world's second largest economy. >> that concern could drag down the other markets today as it did last week. u.s. stocks had their worst week in four years. >> uber cutting prices in more 100 cities. >>> the detroit auto show starts today with lots of cool cars. one of the biggest announcements, the new 2017 lincoln continental. >> and the new mercedes benz e- class, including self-driving technology. >> and lexus will show off the new production models of its lc luxury sports car. all i care about be heated >>> welcome back. the playboy mansion is up for sale. the six-acre holmby hills estate built in 1927 will be listed sometime next month. playboy enterprises is looking to get somewhere north of $200 say the property is only worth between $80 million and $90 million. there are a few strings attached. whoever buys it will be required to get a life estate, meaning he can live there until he dies. >>> as cold as it is here can you imagine stripping down to your underwear? and goin
Mar 9, 2016 5:00am EST
report from china and falling crude oil prices. >>> home depot will pay at least $19.5 million to customers because of a data breach in 2014. 2/3 of that amount will reimburse consumers. >> the rest will pay for identity protection services. the data breach affected more than 50 million customers who use payment cards on self-surf kiosks. >>> happy birthday camaro. chevrolet celebrating a big anniversary. the american automaker debuted the first camaro 50 years ago. >> here's the newest one. the 50th anniversary edition >>> the new danger taxi drivers face everyday. >> an armed robber holds a gun to a taxi driver's head in philadelphia demanding that he hand over all his money. >> give me all your money man. >> i don't -- >> everything you got now! >> all right. >> now scam >> all right. >> we can do it the easy way or make this the hard way man. >> little did that masked robber know there was a sheriff's deputy right behind he noticed wasn't wasn't right and quickly jumped out and went up to the taxi. >> i wanted to hear the conversation ahead of time so i knew i was getting into
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6