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Aug 21, 2016 6:00pm EDT
serbia, 96-66. durant with 30 ts in that one. united states finished with 12 second place china. 46 are gold for american athletes. the u.s. olympic committee says ryan lochte will face some sort of punishment for the armed robbery that wasn't fiasco. two wrestling coaches stripped off clothes in protest of a call by an official that lost their man the bronze medal. abc action news is back righ thank you for choosing abc action news, see you tonight at olympic swimmer ryan lochte changing his story. admitting he was drunk when he said he was robbed at gunpoint in rio. >> i was still intoxicated. >> tonight, lochte's public apology. admitting he overexaggerated his story. but says he still wasn't lying. >>> politics of race. reaching out to minority voters. so why are some african-americans calling his outreach offensive? >>> path of destruction. >> tornado on the ground! >> tornadoes tearing across parts of the midwest. damaging homes, flipping cars. new flash floods leaving neighborhoods unmassacre. new developments in that deadly terror attack overseas. the suicide bomber, as youn
Feb 1, 2016 6:00pm EST
china, where factory workers make the flooring product. investigators at eia have been sharing information and findings with several law enforcement. lumber liquidators will have to pay $13.2 million in fines. at least some will be handed out to different environmental groups. >> reporter: part of the five- year probation, the company has to come up with an environmental compliance plan within three months. they still face lawsuits after levels of formaldehyde in their floors. >>> the boys are upset. this is all stuff they worked hard for. >> boy scouts targeted. the giant haul for some low- down thieves and one clue that could help the scouts get their stuff back. >> and save $1,500 on your new car. >>> welcome back. heartbroken boy scouts in central florida tonight, police searching for the person who stole a trailer containing thousands of dollars in camping gear and other equipment inside. members of the troop say they are hopeful someone will recognize the trailer's bold pain scheme. if not, they will work hard to replace the lost items. >> it hurts. we teach them values,
Nov 24, 2016 6:00pm EST
people are dead after a scaffolding collapse this morning at a construction site in china, the platform at a power plant tower came totaling down you can see in the video iron pipes and wooden planks fell to the ground while no word on why the platform went down. >>> a burglar busted tonight the trick that one man used to scare away a would-be thief.>>> tonight the long wait for families who need help with mental health issues and the reason one fix is not moving forward.>>> still gorgeous outside with more sun and warmth on the way tomorrow but we have changes for later in >>> new video catching a would- be burglar red-handed, the homeowner managed to scare him off by using his smartphone, the would-be thief had a big mistake trying the front door setting off the security app while michael lopez was at dinner down the street, the thief jumped a six-foot fence trying the back door where lopez confronted him virtually. >> a jersey with a big number four it gives you away. >> police were called and this man the 24-year-old arrested within an hour charged with second-degree attemp
Nov 23, 2016 6:00pm EST
. >> reporter: we discovered the fake website was just created this year in china. >> i wish i would have taken a minute to slow down. >> reporter: visit the retailer 's actual site. look at from misspellings. never click on a link or any email to download. consumers who fall for the fake apps phase another thread. the bad guys can use that information to steal identities and run up unauthorized charges. >> whether it is in store or online do your homework. >> reporter: jackie callaway, taking action for you. shopped from a trusted website through a trusted browser like google chrome. always look for the green padlock icon to be sure you are shopping on a secure website. it means it was verified by a trusted third-party. if there is a yellow exhalation point that is not a deal and if there is -- ideal. a red padlock icon, do not shop there at all. we have more tips like these and all the local hours available right now on our website at and on our free mobile app. >>> after you shop online you have to be careful of porch pirates. there are some things you can do to avoid s
Jan 20, 2016 6:00pm EST
welcome two new cranes this year that will create new jobs. they are traveling on a ship from china as we speak and will be fully operational sometime in may. >>> still to come, they did the work but never got the paychecks. and it's happening more than ever here in tampa bay. the new way that you can finally get what you earned. buy back your car. the new decision and the thousands of dollars it could were caught in vw's emission >> well, you put in the work but didn't get the pay. it's called wage theft. it's a growing problem for >> now help is on the way for victims in hillsborough county. jackie callaway shows us how a new program will recover stolen paychecks. >> reporter: it involves county agencies and the courts. it opens for those that have no place left to turn. >> i was told to wait for my check. >> reporter: former telemarketer darlene lacey videotaped the last visit to her former boss' office. she wanted to prove she did everything in her power to claim her paycheck. >> that's work for an entire month with no pay. >> reporter: the missing checks forced her to drop out
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5