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Dec 30, 2016 1:05am EST
various countries fared. thanks especially to what happened in poland, the soviet union and china. and then if you look at the united states, you see a little bit of military deaths. to be precise it's 405,399 military deaths in world war ii. not a trivial number. but again if you put it in the sales of what other countries contributed, it starts to look a little different. if you look at civilians deaths in the united states, it's to the vanishing point. and in fact in the 48 states that then had a star on the flag if i'm cutting out this little bit of discussion alaska and hawaii, the results would be numerically a little different but not materially different if we included them. but in the 48 continental united states civilian deaths due to enemy action were exactly six people. and they all died in a very improbable place of the shoulder of gerhardt mountain which is a mountain in the cascade range near the tiny little hamlet of blye, oregon. this is the monument that stands to this day to these people. it was a woman named elsie mitchell and five children who were with her. they w
Dec 18, 2016 9:45am EST
was the soviet union. longer 2007, we are no at the top of that index, china is, largely because of population. he was the comparison from 1945, that was hard to read. from 1991, i neglected to put that slide in. states hade united more absolute power in 1945 than it did in 1991 when the french describes it as a hyper-power. what did the united states do with the power and 1945? i will leave this up here. it is matchless power at that moment when it stood at the summit at the world. newreated all these institutions. the world bank, nato, the marshall plan, the international atomic energy agency, nafta, which comes later still. elsa put in the transpacific partnership and me trans-atlantic trade and investment partnership all of which are now in jeopardy. in my view as well the european union. i think the united states shepherded the whole european union project along from the moment it insisted as a term of participation in the marshall plan aid that the proposal had to come in from europe as a whole and not from individual countries that forced the europeans at that crucial moment
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)