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May 20, 2012 4:30pm PDT
import fees on solar panels made ia. china. solar companies in this country, it's a step in the right direction. news business and technology reporter david louie has more. >> reporter: one company owns dozens of sol or panel manufacturers. solar world claims unfair chinese competition forced to it lay off worker is. >> for reasons we needed to close our california planted that continuously manufactures since the late 1970s and we modernized to the tune of $40 million. >> an american subsidies of chinese solar companies will benefit from the new tariff as they build factories in the u.s. they will do additional fact finding. commerce department is scheduled to rule on complaints that china is dumping low cost panels in the u.s. despite concerns the dispute will escalate into a trade war, solar companies are pushing ahead to capture important business. they have unviamd a new thin panel that replaces windows at a major train station in china. >> the window can be part of the building. the window, exactly you mentioned that. it could be part of the roof or something. it will have more p
Aug 1, 2010 4:30pm PDT
news. >> china is on a spending spree. the country appears focused on buying silicon valley companies, david louis with an inside look at what they're planning to buy and why. >> reporter: the u.s. and china don't always see eye to eye. but there is agreement at this gathering of tech executives and investors at stanford. money that china earned from manufacturing goods for the u.s. is coming back to buy tech start-ups in silicon valley. >> whether we like it or not, china is coming to us. it's not a question of going there, they're coming here, chinese companies or internet. >> reporter: it's all because of an explosion of mobile phone use in china. 570 millions and growing as shown in this video provided by china in a box. there is a need to create gaming, music download sites and social networking. things that silicon valley does well. >> we're going to be seeing the next i'd say next 12 to 18 months certainly a lot more companies that will be focusing their investment pitches to chinese companies as many of them have already set up branch offices here in the valley. >> reporter: o
Aug 1, 2010 7:30pm PDT
tapping into china's were prese i want y to >> [ male announcer ] ing frontline plus shows your pet you ce... by unleashing a complete killing force against... ...fleas and ticks. and not just grown fleas. unlike other products from your t, ...frontline plus also kills ea eggs and larvae, ...andeeps killing for 30 days -- on dogs and cats. that's why it's... ...the #1 choice of vets for their pets, d yours. there's killing, and there's complete killing with frontline plus. >>> weome back. a north coast vacation spot is facing a ifth consecutive year of long delay for emergency fire and medical service. the problem is in the town of jenner. has a fire station, but no bridge for its eine to use. abc 7's dna ashley reports. >> this picturesque town has beenrawing visitors for decades. jenner is nestled at the foot of the rusheriver along the cific coast, a stunning spot where sometimes you can find more harr sales than humans. only 125 people liv here year round. bu jenner still needs emergency services for thousands of tourists who pass through. at the moment, though, those services t
May 19, 2012 4:30pm PDT
in china but the mayor is not complaining about the 25 jobs they created here. >> in closing, let the good times roll. >> eric: home jobs can bring in that extra cash you need but some offers can cost you money. michael finney explains that the elderly are especially vulnerable. >> 85 rila barely gets by on her income. she couldn't resist making money at home. >> they say two to three weeks, they said i would have well over $1500 to $1800. >> she would have to send in money and company would sell coupon booklets and she would get a share of the profits. >> it made sense. >> she sent $149 to the company. then she sent another $190. then three more checks, $1700 in all. she was told the more she sent the more she could earn. >> it sounded almost hooked on it. they can convince you are going to be millionaire by next year. >> the only problem lila never received any money. no xui. >>> better business bureau gives donation bids an "f" rating with three complaints similar to lila's. >> when we called donation bids demanding a full refund the company did give lila $2500 back. >> "7 on your
Mar 25, 2012 4:30pm PDT
coit tower. playground in china to that town next store wouldn't have funding like for custodial staff. >> they are pledging a quarter million dollars one time face lifted for the murals which is under the jurisdiction of the arts commission. in san francisco, arrow lynn tyler, "abc 7 news". >> eric: a nonprofit group is guiding dozens of people hoping to become the next wave of oakland teachers. they are diverse group which lilian kim tells us is whole idea. >> you teach all day and ay at night. >> these are fired teachers getting a crash course what it's going to take to get a job. most are minorities who grew up in oakland. >> i was one of those kids who was misunderstood. i have a clear understanding what is going on out there. i can help. >> the nonprofits federally funded group teach tomorrow in oakland thinks so, too. they recruited this diverse pool of applicants. they are helping minority teachers can turn around the dropout rate which is about 40%. >> we need to have young men who can see african-american me teaching who teaching who are leading schools to use different
Jul 25, 2010 4:30pm PDT
county car company tapping into china's lucrative >>> welcome back. a north coast vacation spot is facing a fifth consecutive year of long delays for emergency fire and medical service. the problem is in the town of jenner. it has a fire station, but no bridge for its engine to use. abc 7's dna ashley reports. >> this picturesque town has been drawing visitors for decades. jenner is nestled at the foot of the rusher river along the pacific coast, a stunning spot where sometimes you can find more harbor sales than humans. only 125 people live here year round. but jenner still needs emergency services for thousands of tourists who pass through. at the moment, though, those services take a long time to get here. >> it is problematic. >> reporter: he's talking about the volunteer fire department and their engine. here it is. ready to go at a moment's notice. but there is a big problem. the bridge from the fire station into town has been condemned. so the engine can't cross it. >> while we have a fire station here that has a fire truck, we don't have any way to take the fire truck in an
Sep 18, 2011 4:30pm PDT
, "abc 7 news." >>> california will close 70 state parks next year including china camp in marin county. obtain wayne reports this comes with humanitarian complications. >> reporter: chain camp state park is not so much a place where time stands still from which time has marched on and not always in a good way. >> in the old case, could be 30 to 40 boats fishing. >> nowadays it takes a person to remember from the old days and it would be frank quan. >> it would a steward, caretaker and friend and soul of the case. >> he is the last resident what used to be a fishing village of 500 people. a man that left to fight in world war ii. they have occupied the house since 1890 but that is where things get complicated. >> do you feel like moving? >> no. >> but frank quan may not have a choice because when california drafted a list of state parks to close, china camp was among them. all 1500 acres including that house. frank lives in it when you the state owns it. they are looking at him as a special case. >> the house, we have never closed parks before so we are just learning how to do th
Nov 13, 2011 4:30pm PST
with china. they are working on ways to support the expansion of the clean air industry. david louie has the story. >> 25,000 people work for clean tech companies in california. they expect that number to double in the next year. solyndra was a highly visible set back anditate lawmakers are hard at work to support the companies. the senate select committee on green jobs chaired by senator aaron corbin is listening for ideas. brian seger is founder of santa fe solar. they suggested low cost loans being go a long way to buy equipment to boost production. >> it may be 10 or 20 million, that kind of scale to buy one or two or 3tools to release the bottle neck and be the factory will be run in a balanced way. >> u.s. solar panel makers may get help on import chine a. the coalition petitioned the u.s. trade officials complaining of unfair subsiders. the china company has a assembly plant in the united states. this could crate a major trade dispute. >> these are growing because of government finance land that is begin to the companies and they are growing the jobs in other count reese. free
May 13, 2012 4:30pm PDT
market comes from thousands of miles away, places like china, taiwan, vietnam. it winds up in huge refrigerators and freezers like this one in the south bay. >> lea is here to make sure the shipment is safe from china. >> i'm looking from the labeling from the outside all the way in to the interior like. i'm looking that the product is what they say it is. >> one of these in here. >> dan: she randomly select a case, open a box and take a sample to send back for further testing. all of that happened here at the bay area lab. the fish has to clear this facility before it can be sold. it's tested for chemicals including mercury and banned pesticides. >> by identification by detection, we're looking for salmonella in the fish. the amount of bacteria, we're looking for the pathogens, the one that will make you sick. >> there is a person with a certified nose that nothing is spoiled or spells. >> we are looking for decomposition. you look at it and taking apart and looking. >> we can test for different pathogens and different toxins, foods and drugs. cosmetics, anything that comes throug
Jan 16, 2011 4:30pm PST
exposition. the southern part of the island served as an airport for the china clipper. eventually the navy took over and stayed until 1997. it is now responsible for the cleanup. the work is overseen by the state of department of toxic substances, the navy started it's initial cleanup work in the early 1990s. it's expected to be completed by 2016. stewart black is the assistant deputy director. >> the department of toxics works every step to make sure that the site will be safe for the proposed used. >> this is the dirtiest site on the island. ten acres directly under housing buy by the military. radiological debris was dumped here, including buttons a were coated in low levels of radium that made them glow. >> they were going to excavate first four feet to remove and that is where they found the radium buttons. >> this has to be demolished before the cleanup can be completed. there are other buildings that have to come down but before that happens, they first must undergo extensive cleaning. >> it was the early 1950s. >> they are making sure that no waste remains. >> what we're doing now
Sep 25, 2011 4:30pm PDT
others about south korea. diplomats representing around the world came to learn. >> it gives china and japan are so well known to the united states but compared to that korea is less known to the people of the united states. >> the consul general says his country has made an extraordinary recovery from the war.of the korean war. >> first country in the world and we starred from there. >> now we have become tenth and 15th largest economy in the world. >> south korea's high speed rail is a technical marvel and they are bidding to build california's high speed rail system. south korea was the first emerging nation to host the g-20 summit, they gathered in seoul to talk about the global economy. ♪ >> and then there sat cultural movement, korean wave. >> including pop music drama and meefs. >> they want to blend the best of their past in every arena. it begins with their national dish and gracious hospitality. >>> construction crews are using a massive boring machine to cut a tunnel under san francisco bay. it's part of the retrofit of the aging hetch-hetchy water system. >> from the grou
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)