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Oct 7, 2016 9:49pm EDT
at the corporate and the government level, and we also have china slowing down, and that will find its own level at some point here, and then we have a very heavy commodity overhang. and that commodity overhang is going to take a great deal of time to settle in. but i would tell you haha if you wanted -- that if you wanted to look at just one statistic to think about what might break out, if you look at the correlation of business fixed investment and employment and you look at that back to the 1970s, it is a very, very tight correlation, and and it has just broken. and it has broken, and employment is starting to see very good signs of growth, and business fixed investment has not. so it really leads us to the question as to why that's not happening and could employment be a leading indicator as to where we're headed. and if so, 2% will be a good global growth number, and you'll have upside from there. >> so a bit of optimism, which is or very encouraging. gary, could you talk particularly -- obviously, add anything here or perhaps we really disagree, but could you focus a bit on
Oct 8, 2016 1:40am EDT
also to others with china slowing and that will find its own level then a very heavy commodity overhead that will take a great deal of time to settle.t i woul if you want to look at just one statistic, looked at the correlation of business fixed investment and employment back at the '70s with a very tight correlation ended has just broken and employment is starting to show good signs of growth in its lead to a question whether it is an happening and couldor as to employment be a leading indicator? if so 2% is a good global growth number. >> gary, a top -- talk about where we disagree leave aside the politics but we're d.c. the u.s. is going? it has been growing steadilyeadn it has never broken down or gone down. so there's a lot of controversy so how reduce c. the u.s.? mimicking between those points i agree exactly. the u.s. just continues to muddle through. corporate ceos and boardrooms today are in a position of not wanting to take a risk wanting to be very conservative when you t don't want to take risk your cap becks budget goes down, investment goes down in fact, what is
Oct 8, 2016 2:39am EDT
look at one country that can really change the dynamics it's china. >> mary on the asset management side how do you see at? >> the same way in by the way want to make a quick comment on china. the good fortune of sitting in the west china business counsel and when you look at what they have gone through in terms of the country that has taken half a billion people out of poverty with a 50% currency appreciation with relative calm and stability verses what we see in the rest of the world, we should all be applauding in the way that they continue to force long-term thinking and planning in their country and we should not have handwringing over short-term issues. and therefore there are tremendous opportunities there from that sent them i would also add places like are still as sergio said just about when it looks like it's at its worst is generally when you are about to enter into a phase of great chance for fantastic investments if you can handle the long-term dispute. >> we have had a very rich discussion. in different ways i think i've asked a lot of the questions that were here. i
Oct 8, 2016 7:01am EDT
unemployment rates are also increasing. we also have two other headwinds, china flowing downvev into then we have a heavydity oe commodity overhang is going to seek a greatake a great deal ofo settle it. if you look at the correlation of the investment and employmenr back to the 1970s it's a very tight correlation and it has just broken into then and employment is starting to show the signs of growth so that's why that is happening and how it could be an indicator to wherear it is headed and if so, toe present will be a good globalll growth number and you will haver an upside from their. >> focus a bit on how you see the u.s. and leave aside the pulpit. it's been growing about 2% a year and never broken out oren t gone down., ne. it's pretty good at least theer unemployment figures from the participation rates. but how do you see the u.s.? >> between the opening of planes, i agree with exactly where you are saying we are. the u.s. continues to we have corporate ceos in a position of not wanting to take risk, wanting to be conservative. when you don't want to take risks and you want
Oct 7, 2016 10:48pm EDT
trillion-dollar economy in the third largest as china and japan. the fourth-largest is japan so it's not a question of are you interested. listen there parts of europe that are doing great. chairman are doing much better. there is then economic marigolds in the so-called eastern europe poll and hungary. europe remains in a critical part of running a global financial institution. that's not even a remote question. this is down in the weeds of okay how many risk management people do need an xyz cities in london and do you have the infrastructure and how do we deal with the fact we have all these employees who were there on a pass for situation they thought existed. these are the questions i'm talking about. >> market shares their and available to peep picked up an house of plumbing were were? >> if you look at our history we have been in the uk over one of years. we are fortunate in some respect in terms of the flexibility we have. we not only operate out of the uk we have a bank in ireland. we operate physically on the ground and have pipes connected in and 220 of the 27th ever countr
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5