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Apr 1, 2017 1:30pm EDT
parts from china and assemble the car in detroit, what does that do to me? on deductibility of interest, you have really a lot of small businesses going wait, this is how i have financed my -- the creation of my company. so the fact is to lower tax rates, you need to pay for it. the pay for it either needs to be interest deductibility or border tax. they have to get that done. tax policy doesn't adjust that much. my suspicion is we get little r reform before big r reform. jason: you have been to capitol hill as an advocate. how do you play out how something like deductibility of interest, how does that affect your business? pam: private equity people, we been doing this a long time and investing for multiple cycles. we will amend our structures to deal with what gets done to us in washington. as long as the interest rates stay low, it probably doesn't impact us terribly much. i think you heard capital structures largely won't change that much because interest is still a cheaper form of financing than equity. if interest rates go really, really high, that could change. but we wi
Jun 25, 2017 1:30pm EDT
second-biggest economy, china. how does apple navigate what seem to be uncertain economic and political waters there? tim: we make all decisions for the long-term. we are not investing for next quarter or next year, we are thinking many years out. as i stand back and look at china, i see mega-trends that make china an incredible market, not just to sell in. i also mean for application developers. we have 1.5 million application developers in china now. probably closer to 2 million. it has been an incredible market -- it is an incredible marketplace for talent, and in terms of the size of the marketplace. the short-term kinds of economic moves up and down, i do not get too excited about. emily: how realistic is it to expect double-digit growth to continue for apple? in china? tim: it didn't continue last year. >> are the days of double-digit growth over? tim: i think we will do better this quarter than the last several. that doesn't mean that we are growing double-digit or will grow, but i think it will be better year-over-year comp over the previous ones. i feel pretty good about that.
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)