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Dec 31, 2015 2:03am EST
going on right now in china called gel ice. at the chat box. it's a chat bot. you type, and it response to you. they have gradually gotten better over time, now we are applying the internet, deep learning, big data, there is sort of an uptick. i've been dealing with since 1991, none are very believable. both siri and quintana are productivity tools. the designers of siri was to get something done. you ask a question i do get something done. gel gel ice is designed as a companion. 20,000,000 registered users, users, 10 million use it intensively, multiple conversations per day. 25% of gel ice users have set i love you too gel ice, 5050% have said thank you. it was even creeping up the microsoft designers. then i have this interesting conversation with a woman who is the former ibm researcher, she is chinese, she said you know when we come to your country it feels quiet. in china, interactions are so densely, people in contacts all the time. her her view is gel ice is private space. they call it toilet time. they go to the bathroom and have long conversations with gel ice. this i
Sep 13, 2015 7:45pm EDT
quiet in china the interactions they have contact all the time it is called total time they go into the bathroom to have long conversations with gel ice this is the world of the "her" we're stepping into "her". >> another important definition that you make early in the book about artificial intelligence you talk about those who believe in a.i. will run through history so explain why it is important to understand that this is just augmentation. >> it is a puzzle of course, it is a dichotomy and a paradox because if you are a human you displace humans. i noticed when i was writing dormouse there were two laps underside of the stanford campus. at that time they believed it would take a.i. to perfect a human being on the other senator campus the of the set out to build technology to augment the human beings. it is still philosophically opposed and i was struck by that because those two labs set off to communities in the computing world with the committee and those edison around humans and i realized you solution is to use a.i. technology designed to augment humans rather than and displace t
Sep 19, 2015 10:45am EDT
will happen. i just wrote about this microsoft experiment that is going on now in china call gel ice. it is a chat bot. you type it and it talks back to you. it has been around for a long time. they have gradually gotten better over time. now we are plying the internet, big learning, big learning, big data and there is an uptick. the thing that is interesting and none of them are very believable. their productivity tools, they built it to get something done. gel ice is designed as a companion. 20 million registered user, 10 million use it intensively. multiple conversations per day being composed of multiple interactions. twenty per 5% of users say i love it. 50% have said thank you. >> .. will replace humans and those that he really does run throughout the history. it's at the very root of the earliest days. explain why it's important to understand that replacement. >> at the puzzle that got me into this and i will talk about the history but it is a dichotomy in the paradigm. there is no easy way out of it. there were two labs on either side of the campus. john mccarthy created
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)