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Jul 10, 2016 1:00am EDT
the gold reserves are in china and russia we would not entrust the foreign powers that are not in line with their own someone needs to ask the candidates on record especially given their positions if they like to turn that money over to commodities. so instead opt for different commodities these are nicely divisible we could fix of portability problem we could imagine a commodity problem where bags are stored in paper currency is issued and conduct transactions using the handy paper currency but unlike the dollars would be redeemable at the commodity bank with intrinsic value and predictable unit of account reasonable core values and no risk of hyperinflation but if you really want all of your wealth in rice or wheat? if a farmer invented new technology the lifesaving this is now devalued because the prices have increased dramatically or maybe something was out the store's there is a reason to believe the supply will increase at the same rate that prices will rise or fall relative to other goods. would you run out one to write a long-term contract if you're not sure how valuable rice w
May 5, 2016 3:08am EDT
increase creating stable prices in terrible circumstances the gold reserves of china and russia. and then to control of foreign powers and are not always aligned with our own. some days to ask the presidential candidates on record was especially given there their positions with the small fraction of the world's reserve. so for different commodities they are nicely divisible we could fix of portability problem with darr storage and kidd and conduct transactions but unlike the current dollars to have a reasonable store of value with a new risk of hyperinflation. could you want all your wealth tied debt did rice or wheat? because the life savings is now the value because the rice increase to dramatically. in the supply of the commodity. it is relative to other goods. you're not sure how valuable rice would be there is an easy fix to the supply of any commodity. so it could be exchanged foray 88-gallon of gasoline in accounting is more difficult as long as the currency is repeating stable. against any sudden increase or decrease the currency has well-defined purchasing power during which
Apr 30, 2016 7:45pm EDT
canada europe japan and china and every developed country can be produced in unlimited quantities so you have always the potential of the zimbabwe problem. they have value because the government issued them declared them to be legal tender. a century ago those same countries use commodity money gold silver or a combination of the two. how is it that in the name of progress all the world's most economically vibrant nations have mood for money with intrinsic tie you to money with no intrinsic value that can be produced in unlimited supplies? we don't even needs quality paper and specialized in getting more and i know that because a lot of the cases or hyperinflation particularly latin america. the only constraint on how much money they printed was whether they could get enough of the high-quality paper because they were producing it. sometimes i think was an argentine at the height of the hyperinflation was paper from europe to produce more currency. so it's very strange and so when we finish this with a brief theoretical detour, if we could design the perfect money from scratch what w
May 1, 2016 7:45am EDT
high proportion of the world known gold reserves are in russia and china. we would not entrust control of the money supply to foreign powers is interested not always aligned with our own. gold has some issues. so many to ask the presidential candidates anwar record as saying we have to go back to the gold standard, why? we might opt for different commodities such as bags of rice or wheat. these are divisible in a controlled by russia or china. we could fix the portability problem. one could imagine the commodity bank were bags of rice and wheat are stored in the paper currencies issued against those bags. we could conduct transactions using this handy paper currency or electronic equivalent, but unlike our current dollars each certificate will be redeemable at the commodity bank for something with intrinsic value. that would give his portable part currency, predictable unit, a regional store of value, and no risk of hyperinflation. do you really want all of your wealth tied up in rice or wheat? these crops are less predictable than you might think o think the a farmer invents a new tec
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)