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Nov 20, 2011 2:00am EST
canada and all the way out through japan and china and korea, and the conversation was completely different. it was a but global trade, freeing trade, and so i actually always felt the countries had more in common with their asian counterparts in the head with their latin american counterparts. how they perceive themselves. i think it is. because if you look at places like chile, quite developed in many ways, colombia is getting there in terms of development, countries like brazil. on the one hand, leading the global call one of the leaders in the global economy, but with a huge impact on the division, they keep it really more of the developed countryside. if you look at some of the poorest countries in central america, guatemala, for instance, you're talking about places where you cannot even reach the farmers in the high land by highway. and so their problems are to try to build infrastructure so that they can join the 20th century. forget the 21st century economy. yes. radically different levels of development, but when you think about it you have radically different levels of
Nov 20, 2011 1:30pm EST
china who all aspired to be hair designers which i don't know, i don't know what a hair designer is exactly, but if you asked them what they wanted to be, they said hair designer. and it was like five boys, and every day they came in with edward scissorhands-style haircuts. there was a group in the cafeteria called the arabic family, boys mostly are from yaleen. so there were all these -- yemen. so there were all these different groups, and rap groups from the dominican republic and haiti. but no hierarchy, the kids were equal. >> host: were there are issues among the different religious groups? >> guest: um -- >> host: you mentioned the arabic family. >> guest: the arabic family, yeah. there were, you know, sometimes you would hear discussions about palestine and israel. i don't really get into any of that in the book. you would hear, um, you know, certainly the kids from china and can the kids from tibet who are buddhist. there weren't a lot of religious tensions at the school, no. but there were a lot of kids who were muslim and who were struggling to deal with how to, um, manage
Nov 21, 2011 3:30am EST
power china had gone to the communist the soviets exploded the first atomic bomb then went sputnik you have a series of events that look like the communists were taking over some of the ada to have a communist dictator in place 90 miles from the american shores was seen to be something was tolerable to everybody. o >> on the cover of your booke but if we can get and tight you have five people stripped across caster you have eisenhower, and robert kennedy what role they play?p >> it began with eisenhower. the bay of p.i.g.s. is a kennedy fiasco but he only live with it for threey months where eisenhower was in control of the operation four years. in some ways he had more to do with the development in kennedy. robert kennedy did not play that big a role in the bay of pigs first came up when he came into power but just as before the invasion he became involved and as it started to fall apart a it is the beginning of a partnership presidency and kennedy realized afterwardsea he really needed his brother's advice in robert kennedy played a much more important role in the white house aft
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)