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Feb 24, 2011 4:30am PST
, where prices are almost $4 a gallon. >> ouch. that hurts. >>> travel in china is booming so much so that the government is planning to build at least 45 new airports in the next five years. the price tag? expected to equal $230 billion. cbsmoneywatch reporter ashley morrison checking the overseas markets this morning. >> reporter: most asian markets saw a drop off. hong kong's hang seng and japan's nikkei both down by 1%. the price of oil rose near $99 a barrel. today wall street gets a look at the jobless claim numbers. wednesday was day two of the biggest sell-off in months. the dow was down 107 while the nasdaq dropped 33. >>> foreclosures are driving a slight rebound in home sales. according to numbers released overnight from realtytrac, foreclosures accounted for 26% of all home sales last year. in 2009, it was higher at 29%. a record number of foreclosures has forced home prices down in most markets. the median sales price for a home fell to its lowest level in nine years last month. >>> gm's road to recovery could pass a major milestone today. the auto giant is expected to re
Feb 23, 2011 4:30am PST
last year and the chief of finance gives credit to growth in mainland china and the rest of asia. ashley morrison reports those markets are lower today. >>> asian markets slipped again amid worries of global economic growth. japan's nikkei shed is 1% while hong kong's hang seng was down a fraction. stocks took a dive on the dow jones industrial average the worst day in 6 months, down 17 8 points, the nasdaq down 77. >>> the power struggle in libya pushed oil prices higher. overnight price hit a new two- year high up 30 cents near $96 a barrel in asia. the trouble in libya could disrupt supply. pipelines on libya's main export port have been closed. >>> higher fuel costs are taking a toll on airline stocks. delta, unite continental, u.s. airways and american airlines parent company dropped 5% or more on tuesday. that's your moneywatch. stay with i'm ashley morrison in new york. >>> last year has been declared the safest in aviation history for passengers traveling on western built jets. the international air transport association says there was only one acciden
Feb 15, 2011 4:30am PST
. >>> reporter: asian markets reacted to inflation news from china. japan's nikkei gained a fraction hitting a 10-month closing highly while hong kong's hang seng lost nearly 1%. today wall street gets the latest on retail sales and the housing markets. on monday, stocks finished mixed after wal-mart was downgraded by jpmorgan. the dow lost five while the nasdaq was up 8. >>> the white house is trying to make it a little easier to go green. their budget proposal calls for giving $7,500 directly to electric car buyers rather than making them wait for a tax credit. it's part of the white house goal of putting a million electrical vehicles on the road by 2015. >>> general motors will pay factory workers record bonuses next month. less than two years out of bankruptcy protection, gm will pay its union workers more than $4,000 each as compensation for the company's strong financial performance last year. >>> and get ready for higher price tags on clothing. soaring cotton costs are expected to mean higher prices soon for everything from socks to bluejeans to shoes. the hikes could be as mu
Jan 21, 2011 4:30am PST
to 4.05%. >>> on wall street, investors are worried that china may raise interest rates. that offset strong profits at morgan stanley and better than expected reports on home sales. the dow was down 2, nasdaq down 21. another fast food group is planning to ditch one of its brands. wendy's wants to find a buyer for its arby's chain. the roast beef sandwich chain accounts for 30% of wendy's revenue but it's struggling. earlier this week yum brands says it's keeping pizza hut and others but selling long john silvers and a&w. for more go to in no, i'm alexis christoforous. >>> progress on keeping the 49ers at candlestick park for at least four more years. the parks commission has approved a tentative five-year lease. the 49ers can opt out of a final year if a proposed stadium in santa clara is ready. it would also give the 49ers millions of dollars in rent credit to fix up the stadium. the board of supervisors still has to sign off. >>> the payroll for players salaries on the giants will be about $115 million this year. that's the club's highest ever. nearly every play
Jan 4, 2011 4:30am PST
california has the most international college students of any state in the u.s. and china is leading the way when it comes to sending students. kiet do shows us why one bay area college works hard to reach out to budding scholars abroad. >>> reporter: kin jo wu is a living example of the trend in higher education, young, smart, imported from china. >> i want to try, you know, different place to starting to learn and different cultures and california is wonderful place. >> reporter: the chinese more than any other international students are coming by the tens of thousands to american colleges every year. and why not? chinese universities are overcrowded and more and more wealthy families can afford the tuition, often without financial aid. so it adds diversity. the admissions officer at santa clara university just got back from a whirlwind recruitment tour at five chinese cities. the university even passed out marketing materials translated into chinese touting all the big companies in the silicon valley. sexton says it's not about pushing out local students. it's about gettin
Jan 19, 2011 4:30am PST
with china's president hu jintao at andrews air force base in maryland yesterday vice president joe biden greeted the chinese president, in the u.s. for a four-day state visit. they are hoping to find common ground on security concerns and economics. there will be a dinner this evening. it will be the first time in 12 years for ace president to host a state dinner for a chinese leader at the white house. >>> oakland mayor jean quan will get a chance to dine with the two presidents as will ed lee. both are newly inaugurated and of chinese descent. they are the first asian- americans in their cities. >>> 4:36. san francisco's police commission starting to work on selecting a new police chief next week. george gascon stepped down earlier this month to become san francisco district attorney. the city charter says the police commission's job is to select as many as three candidates and then the mayor will select a new chief. >>> transit workers in san francisco will not have to pay to park at their workplace at least for now. yesterday, the metropolitan transportation agency backed off a
Feb 18, 2011 4:30am PST
. >>>china has ordered its banks to hold more money in reserve. ashley morrison has world markets. >> reporter: asian markets rallied for a fourth day. japan's nikkei gained a fraction while hong kong's hang seng rose more than 1%. today wall industries tries to finish on a high note. on thursday, stocks finished higher despite a jump in jobless claims. the dow was up almost 30. the nasdaq was up 6. >>> inflation is creeping up and that has americans paying more for just about everything. according to the consumer price index, food costs rose more than half a percent in january. that's the most in more than two years and gas is up 3.5%. despite those higher costs, government officials don't expect inflation to be a major problem this year. >>> the government is reportedly taking a long hard look at apple's new subscription service. according to the "wall street journal," the justice department has bee gene a preliminary antitrust -- has begun a preliminary antitrust investigation into companies who want to sell their contents through the ipad. the service would offer magazines and
Feb 21, 2011 4:30am PST
africa to china. protestors are said to have taken over libya's second largest city. >> protestors are taking their anger and frustration straight to the capital. for the first time sunday demonstrations spread to tripoli as activists seized military bases and weapons. >> the son of ruler moammar gadhafi said the unrest could ignite a civil war. he promised reform but said his father would stay in power and fight to the last man, woman and boy. according to human rights groups, 233 people have died in the demonstrations so far but many believe that number could be much higher over the weekend police fired machine guns into crowds of protestors a frantic doctor described the scene on the phone. >> it is a real massacre. really disaster. >> officials are growing concerned about the crackdown they are urging the government to show restraint. >> in libya as throughout the region, peaceful protests need to be respected they need to be able to exercise universal rights people around the world share. >> massive anti government protests toppled the rulers of tunisia and egypt. the escalati
Feb 22, 2011 4:30am PST
flying. the company will also hire 30 new attendants to staff flights to and from shanghai, china, who speak mandarin. >>> coupon clipping is on the prize. some consumers are getting dollars back by using coupons. julie watts shows us the tricks of the trade on the consumerwatch. >>> these are $4 each totally free. >>> reporter: not does this extreme couponner claire williams get all her drugstore products for free she often makes money on them. >> i made a dollar per bottle of melatonin. >> reporter: there are items in this store that we can walk in right now and buy for free? >> absolutely. >> reporter: and make some money back? >> might even make some money back. >> reporter: claire says the strike combining drugstore deals with the manufacturer coupons both of which come together in the sunday paper. take this pain product. >> it's a fantastic deal this week. it's normally 10.99 but it's on sale for 5.99 and when we spend 5.99 we'll actually get 5.99 back from walgreens in the form of register rewards which is dollars that you can spend at walgreens but i have a $2 coupon on this,
Dec 15, 2010 4:30am PST
monday unloading 4 million pounds of steel that arrived from china. the work originally scheduled for thursday, but crews got ready a day earlier. workers will hoist the tower section into the area bringing the tower three-fourths of the way to its final height. ones again caltrans is asking drivers not to get distracted as they can see the work going on from the upper deck of the bay bridge. >> there is a little bit of concern that we can have traffic slowdowns on the bridge when the work take place. motorists have been fantastic. we haven't seen a real problem. we're hoping for the same thing. >> crews hope to finish the newest section of the tower by christmas. caltrans said it's month ahead of schedule, but it's actually taken a while and many delays to get to this point as you remember. caltrans predicts the $6.3 billion project will be done by 2013, but that is 24 years after the loma preata earthquake. caltrans said it would fill us in on the new details of the tower section going up at a news conference this morning at 6:00. >> add to that something to look at and the wet
Jan 20, 2011 4:30am PST
the tucson tragedy. investigators say loughner fired 32 bullets in 15 seconds. >>> china knees president hu jintao is scheduled to meet with congressional leaders after a state dinner at the white house. his welcome to capitol hill might not be as warm. yesterday, senate majority leader harry reid called hu a dictator. reid later tried to recant the comment. president obama toasted hu's visit last night. >> to our people, the people of china and the united states of america, may they grow together in friendship, may they prosper together in peace, and may they realize their dream of the future for themselves, for their children and for their grandchildren. >> as for entertainment, guests were treated to a performance by herbie hancock. and in case you're wondering what was for dinner, it was an american menu. pear salad, maine lobster, ribeye steak and russian river chardonnay along with apple pie for dessert. >>> well, the two bay area mayors invited to last night's white house state dinner escorted each other to the event. this is a photo of long-time friends oakland mayor je
Dec 20, 2010 4:30am PST
. >>> facebook founder is in china today touring the offices of the country's top search engine. he met with the ceo but he is not clear what they discussed. facebook remains blocked on mainland china and most people there are not familiar with the social networking site but many are aware that he is time magazine's 2010 person of the year. >>> a a new study finds many children in america do not have access to health care. >> reporter: nearly a million children across america have no access to a family doctor. that is the word from a new study which find a majority of those kids live in rural areas. the problem wasn't as apparent in urban areas. the sections are on the rise. according to a new report nearly a third of all births were done by cesarean section in 2008. the rate has climbed 56% so the pace has recently slowed. >>> babies who are breast fed may do better in school. a study found students fed for 6 months or older did better than those not breast fed. >>> a special treat for sky gazers tonight. a total lunar eclipse will begin about 10:00. during a total lunar eclipse the earth p
Jan 3, 2011 4:30am PST
starts at 8:30 with a ceremonial walk from china town to fox theatre she supported last night at the space and science center she said she is looking to make real changes to the city. >> it is a different time, different place i think when you involve different people, different things happen. i don't think one person does it when you are moving together you do. i know that from the work i have already done. >> tonight kwon will host an open house at city hall featuring tours of the mayors office and opportunities to sign up to volunteer. a live report at 5:00 p.m. >>> also sworn in, kamela harris state attorney general. state superintendent of public instruction and the insurance commissioner. gan newsom is postponing his swearing in until after the newly elected board of supervisors picks his replacement. >>> if you are taking the golden gate ferry it may cost you more than usual. ferries between marin county and san francisco charge 10% more if you use a clipper card a one way fair from sausalito is 4 .8 $5 a ticket from larkspur will cost $5.70. cash fares will remain the same bu
Feb 9, 2011 4:30am PST
profit-taking after china's central bank hiked interest traits. the nikkei lost a fraction and the hang seng was down more than 1%. ben bernanke testifies on capitol hill today. on tuesday stocks finished higher for the 7th straight session. the dow jumped another 71 points while the nasdaq tacked on 13. shares of toyota jumped 4% after a government investigation found no electronic flaws were to blame for reports of sudden unintended acceleration in its vehicles. the transportation department says the acceleration issues were caused by mechanical problems fixed by previous recalls. nasa engineers examined 280,000 lines of software code during the investigation. >>> more than a quarter of u.s. homes are under water. according to a new report from, when the 4th quarter ended, 27% of single-family home owners with mortgages owed more than their home was worth. that was up from 23% a few months earlier. the report also estimates the total value of homes fell more than $2 trillion last year. >>> and airfares are going up again. united and continental started the ball rolling tuesd
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14