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Jul 4, 2017 6:30pm EDT
. after a previously scheduled summit meeting today in moscow, the presidents of russia and china urged a freeze on both north korean testing and on u.s. military exercises with south korea. >> the aim of a freeze would be to buy time for all sides to negotiate a way out of an impending collision between donald trump and kim jong un. elaine? >> quijano: david martin, thanks. ben tracy in beijing has more on the role china may play in this. >> reporter: north korean state television's most famous news anchor triumphantly announced what the country called "an historic event." and just moments later the chinese government urged restraint. a foreign ministry spokesperson said north korea should stop violating security council resolution, but in an apparent reference to the united states, said all relevant sides should bring things back to the track of peaceful settlement via dialogue. president trump took a much different approach, tweeting, "perhaps china will put a heavy move on north korea and end this nonsense once and for all." china feels it has already done enough to try and re
Aug 10, 2017 6:30pm EDT
. >> mason: david martin at the pentagon. thank you, david. president trump today said china, north korea's only ally, can do a lot more to resolve the crisis, and he said he thinks china will. he even suggested he'd give china a better trade deal in return. cbs news correspondent ben tracy is in beijing. ben, how likely is it, do you think, that china will step up? >> reporter: it's not likely at all. i mean, north korea does depend on china for about 90% of its trade, but it's unclear at this point how much north korea will even listen to what china says. in fact, the regime is very upset with china because it went along with those tough u.s. sanctions. now, theoretically, china could cut off north korea's oil supply and eventually that could cause the regime to collapse. but the fear is that you would then have refugees streaming across china's border, and that's not something that it wants. even more so, if there is a war on the korean peninsula, china believes that south korea and the u.s. would eventually win that war, and the u.s. military on china's border is not something i
Aug 5, 2012 6:00pm EDT
fastest runners. and inside look at how china churns out young olympians. and mission to mars. counting down to the landing of nasa's newest rover curiosity. those stories when the "cbs evening news" continues. hi, anne. how are you doing? hi, evelyn. i know it's been a difficult time since your mom passed away. yeah. i miss her a lot, but i'm okay. wow. that was fast. this is the check i've been waiting for. mom had a guaranteed acceptance life insurance policy through the colonial penn program, and this will really help with the cost of her final expenses. is it affordable? it costs less than 35 cents a day-- that's pretty affordable, huh? that's less than the cost of a postage stamp. so, you said it was guaranteed acceptance? yes. it's for people ages 50 to 85. there's no medical exam or health questions. you can't be turned down because of your health. it fit right into mom's budget and gave her added peace of mind. you should give them a call. man: are you between the ages of 50 and 85? for less than 35 cents a day, you can get guaranteed acceptance life insurance through
Apr 28, 2012 6:00pm PDT
>> axelrod: tonight, escape in china. a blind dissident under house arrest eludes his guards and hportedly heads into the u.s. embassy. celia hatton reports from beijing. manhunt, police corner an armed anvivalist. terrell brown follows the trail alisis bunker. jobs for americans. dean reynolds visits with workers who settle for lower wages instead of none at all. and spy story-- does this reenactment help solve the case of the dead spy? charlie d'agata with the bizarre e tails. th captioning sponsored by cbs >>his is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good evening. i'm jim axelrod. we begin tonight with reports of chiind chinese dissident making de300-mile journey from house arrest to the gates of the u.s. 30bassy in beijing. theas-yet-unconfirmed presence at the embassy would likely complicate u.s. relations with china just as secretary of state hillary clinton is set to travel pree. celia hatton is in beijing, >> reporter: the u.s. embassy in beijing could be protecting this man, chen guangcheng, one of china's famous human rights activist. he fled house arrest last week. hit
Nov 4, 2012 6:00pm PST
, san francisco. >> coming up, young people in china checking in on america's presidential campaign >> jeff: pollsters and pundits are not the only ones trying to anticipate the outcome of tuesday's election. the presidential campaign has also captured the attention of people in countries around the globe. our bill whitaker has the view from china. >> reporter: these young people crowded into this cafe for a very popular event, the last u.s. presidential debate. this cafe is in beijing. millions of young chinese like university student wang hanyi are engrossed with the american presidential election. >> we just want to know like what is happening on the other side of the world. we are now living the realm of social media. it's much easier to get the information compared to the past. >> reporter: we met with wang and two other self-proclaimed political junkie, zhan a student and liu jinyang, a journalist. american politics, why. >> american elections is open and democratic. >> reporter: unlike chinese politics. two days after the u.s. pick a president, china has a ruler by a communis
Jun 16, 2012 6:30pm EDT
activity. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, >> axelrod: china's ambitious space program took a big leap forward today. a shenzhou 9 rocket blasted off from a site in the gobie desert. as chip reid in beijing reports it carried a crew of three, including china's first female astronaut. >> reporter: in china they're national heroes, three astronauts on a mission that's become a national sensation, in part because of 34-year-old liu yang, an air force pilot, mother of one, and china's first woman in space. the plan is for the shenzhou 9 space capsule to dock with a small space module named the heavenly palace where they'll live and work for 10 days. >> and liftoff! >> reporter: with the recent end of nasa's space shuttle program, the future of manned space flight in the united states is uncertain, giving china a chance to grab the spotlight. >> a manned space criminal confers enormous prestige on the country that does it. china, the united states, and russia are the only three countries countries in the world that have ever done that. >> reporter: we asked about tha
Jun 4, 2011 6:30pm EDT
, eat, and drink. and picture perfect-- meet couples in china willing to spend several days and thousands of dollars to get the wedding portrait of their dreams. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with russ mitchell. >> mitchell: good evening. we begin tonight with the latest on the economy and how it continues to hit americans hard in the pocketbook and in the workplace from coast to coast. the latest numbers show the unemployment rate stands at 9.1% with the pace of job growth slowing. when it comes to new jobs, 70% of those are coming from small businesses, but many of them are struggling just to hang on. whit johnson shows us a case in point in the small town of scarboro, maine. >> reporter: in the unsettled race towards economic recovery, small businesses like maine indoor carting can hardly keep up how close are you to that edge? >> we're struggling every step of the way. >> reporter: in 2003, owner rick snow chose his passion for cars over a lucrative career in financial consulting. a lot invested here. >> seven figures. >> reporter: seven figures.
Apr 30, 2011 6:00pm PDT
-- disturbing pictures of very young smokers helped shock china into imposing an indoor smoking ban. and how a los angeles county horse ranch is helping youngsters find a safe haven from gangs. >> when you want to fight, you just talk to your horse. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with russ mitchell. >> mitchell: three days after the tornadoes that swept through the south, the full extent of the destruction is still emerging. let's take a look at the latest. the death toll has risen to at least 342 people in seven states. at least 1,700 people are injured, and at least 477,000 customers are without power across the region. satellite imagery shows tuscaloosa, alabama, before the tornado, and after, with the storm's path cutting a long slash across the city. right in the middle of the path is the corner of 15th and mcdougall before, and after. that's where our dean reynolds is tonight. dean, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, russ. well, the people of alabama and the deep south in general are trying to get back on their feet this weekend, but as the ma
Apr 21, 2012 6:00pm PDT
and profits went up. but they didn't reckon what "made in china" would mean to their market. their customers were not happy. >> i was upset and sad to see you giving china american jobs when we need them badly. >> reporter: chuck buck says the letters force the them to make a cower correction. >> "buck knives have lost my respect and credibility as a solid u.s. manufacturer." >> reporter: their brand was damaged. >> they just can't stand to have that "c" word on there. >> reporter: the "c" word being? >> being china. >> reporter: the message was loud and clear-- buck knives pivoted and brought their production product and the jobs to their factory in idaho. >> i think there's such an understanding among americans when you buy something made in america, the job you're saving just might be your own. >> reporter: the decision was not solely patriotic. with wages in china rising 20% annually, the numbers began to favor american manufacturing. >> china was a great place to go in 2001 when wages were only 58 cents an hour. wages are risen rapidly, and that means companies are starting to
Jun 8, 2013 6:00pm PDT
, where president obama has been meeting with the president of china. >> reporter: at a summit notable for its informality, president obama and chinese president xi jinping focused on a personal relationship to work cooperatively on a range of contentious issues. at the top of the u.s. agenda: cyber security, with president obama raising concerns about extensive chinese hacking of u.s. computer systems. >> which is why i believe we can work together on this, rather than at cross purposes. >> reporter: but working together could be difficult following a series of leaks this week to the british newspaper "the guardian" about u.s. cyber capabilities. friday, the paper reported on a secret directive by president obama to draw up an overseas target list for cyber attacks. while the existence of the directive was widely reported last year, someone has now leaked the actual document to "the guardian." a white house spokeswoman downplayed the significance of "the guardian" report, stating that the directive will enable more effective planning, development and use of our capabilities in
Nov 19, 2011 6:00pm PST
evening news, china's best-kn for critie government. >> mitchell: president obama is flying home tonight from the asia summit in bali. but not before holding a surprise meeting with china's prime minister. they discussed such divisive issues as trade, the value of china's currency, and china's territorial disputes. meanwhile, chinese officials are escalating their campaign to silence a world-famous artist with a reputation for speak, his mind. the latest move came only yesterday. hattiesburg, mississippi in beijing has more. >> reporter: ai weiwei is china's most famous artist. this disease daze he's better known as the chinese government's most outspoken opponent. after the 2008 sichuan earthquake he head his own investigation asking w schools collapsed while government billions stayed intact. he has railed against injustice pointing out the unfair advantages of china's elite. last april, protests erupted around the world when china's secret police detained weiwei for 81 days. when he was released he was hit with a $2.4 million tax bill and in a phone interview with cbs news he
Dec 18, 2010 6:30pm EST
story. >> reporter: china's inner mongolia province hasn't seen a good harvest in years, but a local farmer is surviving after switching from crops to livestock. i can afford my daughter's tuition now, she says. she borrowed $750 through a microfinance charity run by 26-year-old american casey wilson. wokai matches online donors with aspiring chinese entrepreneurs from a tailor sewing traditional clothing in northern inner mongolia to dump ling makers in sichuan. >> you get to repay the capital and support someone new. >> reporter: while studying chinese in beijing, casey was inspired by a friend, a restaurant worker trapped in poverty, earning $100 a month. >> the only difference between her and i is i was born in oakland, california, and she was worn delete s born in rural china. >> reporter: casey's inability to help her friend led her to launch wokai when just 23. china's economy is booming, but there's still plenty of poverty in a country where 470 million exist on less than $2 a day. so casey wilson and other young americans operating their own nonprofits in china have a huge n
Jun 23, 2012 6:30pm EDT
how it's working six years in. and china tees up. chip reid shows us young golfers on the rise in a country where the sport was once beganned captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> good evening. i'm norah o'donnell. the sex abuse trial of jerry sandusky ended in a long series of guilty verdicts late last night. the former penn state assistant coach, aged 68, now faces the prospect of life in prison. chief investigative correspondent armen keteyian joins us now from bellfont, pennsylvania. armen, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, snora. it took about 20 hours of deliberations but in the end a jury of seven women and five men delivered a powerful message on behalf of what the prosecution calls 10 lost souls. jerry sandusky's first full day behind bars as a convicted pedophile came after a dramatic, chaotic. standing and staring at the jury foreman sandusky heard a drumbeat of guilty time and time again, 45 times in all, before his bail revoked, he was escorted off to jail. outside, a large crowd erupted when the verdict was announced. pennsylvania attorn
Aug 23, 2015 6:00pm EDT
. what are you watching for. >> all eyes on china. all of the selling really started in china. the fear is that china's economy is slowing down. the market there has been in a beer market down more than 20% over the last few months but the fear is that with the slowdown in china, it drags down the rest of the world. part of the problem is that china's been gobbling up a lot of oil and the demand for oil is dropping. we've now seen oil prices drop from last year's 62%, that's hurt big countries like brazil, also hurting russia. so now we're trying to see is the chinese government going to try to intervene, push more money into that economy to try to stimulate it. we have to wait and see this week. >> glor: we should mention corrections do happen. >> this is a normal part of markets. they usually appear every year or so, we have been long overdue, more than four years since the last correction. i should note fouries ago in 2011 the economy was not in great shape, worried about the debt ceiling crisis, now the labor market is improving. we also have the housing market improving a grea
Jun 30, 2017 5:30pm PDT
tariff of up to 20% on imported steel. the white house has accused china of dumping cheap steel in the u.s. commerce secretary wilbur ross is a key supporter of the rsriff, but some members of tongress worry that could set off a global trade war and raise prices in this country. police in the philadelphia suburb of west goshen are g vestigating the murder of an 18-year-old girl this week in an apparent road rage attack. jim axelrod is following this. >> reporter: outside philadelphia this afternoon, police held up this wanted poster, a drawing of the man driving this red pickup truck who allegedly shot and killed this 18-year-old recent high school graduate bianca roberson, in what appeared to be a traffic dispute. e omas hogan is the chester county, pennsylvania, district attorney. m a man in a red pickup truck pulled out a gun and shot her in the head, killing her. this is now a murder case. >> reporter: roberson and the man were merging into a single lane on a road in the town of west goshen, 25 miles west of philadelphia. west goshen chief of police joseph gleason. >> this homi
Nov 10, 2012 6:00pm PST
at work. >> i'm astound by the response from new york. >> axelrod: challenges facing china's new leaders. bill whitaker shows us just how far the country has come in a single generation. and take a look at the latest muscle car. you won't believe whose muscle created it. priya clemens introduces us to the design team. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good evening. i'm jim axelrod. we are learning more tonight about the investigation that led to the abrupt resignation of c.i.a. chief and retired four-star general david petraeus. petraeus admitted to an affair and submitted his resignation to president obama, and now it turns out, it was the f.b.i. that discovered the relationship was with his biographer. homeland security correspondent bob orr is standing by in washington tonight. good evening, bob. >> reporter: good evening, jim. well, david petraeus is one of america's most decorated and reveered generals. as head of the c.i.a., he was in charge of the nation's most sensitive operations, but the ridgedly disciplined p/e was hiding his own d
Apr 4, 2015 6:30pm EDT
you look. for a guy who lost his phone in new york that last plate placeturned out to be in china. >> oh, my god! >> reporter: this home the at a chinese airport was months and millions of page views in the making. >> welcome to china. >> reporter: it's been quite a journey for matt stopera who we met in beijing. you made it to china. >> yeah, it's crazy. >> reporter: here the back story. stopera lost his iphone in new york city months later li, all the way in southeastern china, received the phone as a gift and began taking pictures on it in front of what looked like orange trees. >> who is this man and why are his pictures showing up on my phone? >> reporter: those pictures automatically uploaded to stopera's new phone and as an editor for the online outlet "buzzfeed," he wrote about it. >> from there it was translated and put on chinese twitter. >> reporter: users on weibo china's twitter, started looking for an answer. >> i started getting all these tweets from people in china saying "hey, we're going to help you find orange man." >> reporter: the search led to li a 30-year-ol
May 19, 2012 6:30pm EDT
>> dubois: tonight, departure from china. blind dissident chen guangcheng is rushed out of beijing for the yiewt. elaine quijano is tracking the story. the blooming of the facebook economy. rebecca jarvis shows us how other companies are expanding the social network one app at a time. millennial voters on the fence. will the young turn out for president obama as they did four years ago. terrell brown sounds them out. and diamond jubilee as the british begin to mark queen elizabeth's 60-yearlong rein. charlie d'agata has some of the pomp and circumstance. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> dubois: good evening. i'm cube cube. the blind chinese dissident chen guangcheng has landed at newark airport just outside new york city. his depart infrastructure beijing marked a sudden end to a diplomatic stalemate and an apparent positive turn in u.s.-china developments. elaine quijano joins us from new york. >> reporter: after a 12-hour flight from beijing, chen guangcheng is now on american soil. his arrival here marks end of nearly a month of uncertainty and a hi
Aug 9, 2017 6:30pm EDT
pushing for new weapons that could allow it to launch a preemptive strike on north korea. china is warning both kim jong-un's regime and the u.s. to tone down the rhetoric. in a statement to cbs news, china's foreign ministry called the situation "highly sensitive," and that all sides "should stop provoking each other." china does not want north korea to have nuclear weapons but sails the problem should be solved diplomatically. it fears a war in the korean peninsula could lead to a refugee cries along the nearly 900-mile border ist shares with north korea. next week, north korea celebrates its liberation day holiday, which some analysts believe could lead kim jong-un to launch another missile or conduct a sixth, underground nuclear test. now, north korea just released a new statement, and in it they say that president trump "let out a load of nonsense about fire and fewery and that dialogue is not possible with such a guy berest of reason." it appears north korea is not yet ready to talk. anthony. >> mason: ben tracy in beijing. thank you, ben. we turn now to veteran diplomat bill
Jul 5, 2017 6:30pm EDT
oppose any use of force against north korea or sanctions that would strangle its economy. china is north korea's main ally and accounts for more than 80% of its trade. to pressure the north into ending its missile tests, china has stopped buying north korean coal, but it has not cut off oil shipments to north korea. hearing that could cause kim jong un's regime to collapse, destabilizing the korean peninsula. >> the russians and the chinese just don't care. it's not their problem. >> reporter: jeffrey lewis is an expert on nuclear policy. he says without a coordinated international response, tough talk and sanctions are the only realistic weapons the u.s. >> so i would expect that cycle to repeat. they'll be condemned, they'll be angry, they'll do a nuclear test, and then we'll be back the square one again. lather, rinse, repeat. >> reporter: china and russia have called on north korea to end its missile and nuclear tests, but in exchange, they want the u.s. and south korea to end their joint military exercises. james, that's not something the u.s. is likely to agree to. >> ben tracy in
May 12, 2013 6:00pm PDT
spotlight on how american movies are changed before they can open in china. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> jeff: good evening, everyone, i'm jeff glor. outrageous and chilling. two of the words used today to describe what was happening at the i.r.s. after we learned the agency singled out conservative political groups for extra scrutiny. tonight republicans are calling for a full investigation. and bill plante is at the white house has reaction. >> reporter: new revelations about i.r.s. targeting of conservative advocacy groups raise the level of outrage today across the political spectrum. >> this is not tolerable. >> this is truly outrageous. >> i don't care if you are a conservative, liberal, democrat or a republican, this should send a chill up your spine. >> reporter: the white house said the president expects swift action for any misconduct. but also noted that the i.r.s. is an independent agency. nonetheless, senator susan collins called on mr. obama to apologize. >> but the president needs to make crystal clear that this is totally unacceptable in
Jul 11, 2015 6:00pm PDT
china's coast where typhoon has devastating winds and torrential rains forcing people to head for higher ground. here's seth doane. >> reporter: the strong typhoon slammed into china. thrashing the coast line with its 90 miles per hour winds. meteorologists said chang-hom was the most powerful storm to hit this part of china since 1949 when the communist government took over. the storm's heavy winds and torrential winds churned waves almost 30 feet high. on land it knocked down trees and power lines, flooded farms crops, even livestock. rescuers had to use inflatable boats to rescue. others waded through water. more than a million people evacuated ahead of the storm jamming train stations and airports in several cities. with hundreds of flights and trains canceled, some evacuees had to rest in shelters. nearly 30,000 fishing boats returned to harbor in zhenjiang province as they braced for impact. japan got a taste of this first. injured 20 people in the southern part of this country before careening toward china. jim. >> axelrod: seth doane, thank you so much. where is it hot so far thi
Mar 8, 2014 6:00pm PST
that the plane with 239 people on board crashed into the south china sea. relatives of passengers have been gathering at the airport in beijing. three americans are reported to have been on board. the names of two passengers listed on the flight's manifest match passports stolen in thailand, which is raising questions about terrorism. malaysian prime minister says it is simply too soon to draw any conclusions. we begin our coverage with seth doane. >> reporter: the search by air for the missing plane is expected to resume at daylight. six countries are now taking part in the operation, including the united states. the guided missile destroyer "u.s.s. pinckney" is head to the region. the malaysian prime minister says the search-and-rescue operation will continue as long as necessary. according to authorities, the plane left kuala lumpur after midnight heading to beijing. it was last detected on radar at 1:30 a.m. 85 miles north of coastal malaysia. its last reported contact came at 2:40 a.m. when it was somewhere over the south china sea. on board the flight, 227 passengers, includ
Jan 10, 2016 6:00pm PST
which suggested he was in mainland china, assisting with an investigation. lee was the fifth person tied to causeway bay books to go missing. this book shop specializes in the stories that could never be on sale in mainland china, and the rulers. protesters worry chinese government agents illegally snatched lee and took him into mainland china. the hong kong government released a statement today saying law enforcement officers of other jurisdictions do not have the authority to take actions if they are in hong kong. protester sammy chow said the chinese government shouldn't use their tricks to arrest our hong kong people. william nee is following this case for amnesty international. >> beijing sees this type of company as posing a threat to national security because they say that they are producing rumors and slander about the country's leadership and political system. >> reporter: lee bo's picture is just the latest face in the fight against beijing's efforts to exert control. seth doane, cbs news, beijing. >> glor: coming up next, a young brazen jewel heists. and the game that red
Oct 5, 2013 6:00pm PDT
from places like china thanks to a new piece of technology already working in an assembly line in pennsylvania. here's michelle miller. >> reporter: meet baxter, just seven months on the line, he's the newest member of the team at pennsylvania plastics manufacturer rodon. >> he works 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without a break. >> reporter: factory vp lowell allen has put baxter to work at what he's best at-- boring, repetitive jobs. >> our people have really taken to baxter. he's nonthreatening. he's helping them do their job. >> reporter: baxter is designed to work safely alongside humans. six facial expressions indicate status to human partners. a raised eyebrow signals confusion ifing? smg is not right on the line. but most of the time baxter works alone. >> the best part i like is baxter doesn't have a mouth so baxter doesn't talk. >> reporter: slow but steady, baxter toilz on 24/7 without breaks or benefits. he costs only $22,000, and even with power and programming costs, baxter is a $3-an-hour worker. >> they did not necessarily replace anyone. in fact, we need high
Dec 13, 2015 6:00pm EST
studded season on broadway. al pacino in china doll, bruce willis in misery. and james earl jones in cicely tyson in the gin game. but while those actors draw big lines at the box office, some of them are having trouble remembering their lines. each has reportedly used tel prompters on an earpiece so someone off stage can cue them. the reviews are not greats. in fact, al pa china's "china doll" may be the worst reviewed play of the season. "the wall street journal" says yes, he's using tel prompters. and that he was not at ease with his lines. "the new york post" writes al pacino needs tel prompters for lines in terrible new broadway play. >> it they use celebrities to drive ticket sales for plays or musicals, you have this problem with that you need assistant. new york's theater editor. he says audience members walked out after the first act, launching pa chin-- watching pacino search for the tel prompters. >> they will have more difficult when they are in a play and have to sustain a scene over several minutes. >> cote doesn't hold back on willis' performance either. calling it sti
Jul 28, 2012 6:30pm EDT
relief from tough headaches. >> in china today, angry protesters took to the streets over the issue of pollution. the demonstrators say they're angered by environmental threats from a water discharge plant on the eastern coast. just after today's protest, the government said it would drop plans for that waste water facility. it was four years ago that china hosted the summer olympics, but while the athletes have moved on, left behind is the bird's nest, a spectacular stadium. barry petersen reports on what's happened there since. >> reporter: the last time around, all the world was a stage for china. to show off images of soaring skyscrapers after decades of economic growth. >> they want the the to hold the olympics because it was a shining example of what china had accomplished and the communist party had achieved. >> reporter: but it was also an effort to erase another image of the communist party, its 1989 bloody crackdown on pro democracy students. >> the last time people had really clued in to china was 1989, and i think 2008 was an attempt to create a new impression of a moder
Jan 29, 2012 6:00pm PST
china has some asian nations turning back to uncle sam for protection, especially in the south china sea. an economic shipping hub where china has laid claim to disputed territory. >> there is a sense that we need to be there to serve as security blanket in the region. >> reporter: along with the philippines, the u.s. is looking it into possible security arrangements with indonesia, thailand and even vietnam. singapore has agreed to host navy warships. >> the united states is stepping up. >> reporter: in november, president obama announced plans to station 2500 marines in northern australia. the largest number of troops in that country since world war ii. >> our economy, virtually every job in america, it tied to the stability of this area. >> reporter: regional expert anthony cordas mann says preserving u.s. trade to and from asia is vital. >> preserving that level of security and stability is the cost we have to pay, is actually a relatively cheap insurance policy. >> reporter: there are fewer than 100,000 american troops stationed in east asia, which is not expected to change. pen
May 18, 2014 6:00pm PDT
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