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Aug 10, 2017 6:30pm EDT
. president trump today said china, north korea's only ally, can do a lot more to resolve the crisis, and he said he thinks china will. he even suggested he'd give china a better trade deal in return. cbs news correspondent ben tracy is in beijing. ben, how likely is it, do you think, that china will step up? >> reporter: it's not likely on china for about 90% of its trade, but it's unclear at this point how much north korea will even listen to what china says. in fact, the regime is very upset with china because it went along with those tough u.s. sanctions. now, theoretically, china could cut off north korea's oil supply and eventually that could cause the regime to collapse. but the fear is that you would then have refugees streaming across china's border, and that's not something that it wants. even more so, if there is a war on the korean peninsula, china believes that south korea and the u.s. would eventually win that war, and the u.s. military on china's border is not something it's going to tolerate. >> mason: ben, what about china's relationship with this white house? >> reporter
Apr 29, 2012 6:00pm PDT
increasingly is targeting the young, and should be treated in a new way. tony guida has details. in china, a blind dissident's apparent escape to the u.s. embassy could complicate diplomatic relations. celia hatton and whit johnson have the latest. >> a van crashes near new york's bronx zoo killing seven people including three children. terrell brown reports from the scene. and riot radio, 20 years after the deadly turmoil in los angeles, john blackstone takes us to the radio station that opened its phone lines and gave people a voice. >> stop it, people! stop it! we've got to be together! >> this captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> jeff: good evening, everyone, i'm jeff glor. we begin with a growing epidemic among american children. and tonight a new recommendation on how hundreds of thousands of those kids should be treated. we're talking about type ii diabetes, a problem that is confounding more doctors, families and health care professionals every day. now the release of a new report offers new insight. here's tony guida. >> reporter: type ii diabetes was never
Aug 5, 2012 6:00pm PDT
runners. and inside look at how china churns out young olympians. and mission to mars. counting down to the landing of nasa's newest rover curiosity. those stories when the "cbs evening news" continues.Ñii] wow. that was fast. this is the check i've been waiting for. mom had a guaranteed acceptance life insurance policy through the colonial penn program, and this will really help with the cost of her final expenses. is it affordable? it costs less than 35 cents a day-- that's pretty affordable, huh? that's less than the cost of a postage stamp. so, you said it was guaranteed acceptance? yes. it's for people ages 50 to 85. there's no medical exam or health questions. you can't be turned down because of your health. it fit right into mom's budget and gave her added peace of mind. you should give them a call. man: are you between the ages of 50 and 85? for less than 35 cents a day, you can get guaranteed acceptance life insurance through the colonial penn program. you cannot be turned down because of your health. there are no health questions or medical exam. your rate will never go up, a
Aug 16, 2015 6:00pm PDT
, thank you. the death toll in this week's explosion in china is up to 112. these images show the crater the blast left behind in the port city of tianjin, today crews in hazmat sues combed the site looking for toxic chemicals, 95 people remain missing, 85 of them firefighters, front runner donald trump is out with new details on his much publicized immigration policy. mark albert has more. >> donald trump is making deportation of illegal immigrants central to his immigration plan. he unveiled it sunday, the first policy specifics of his campaign. the plan also would rescind president obama's executive actions deval patrick ferguson some removals and automatic citizenship for children of illegals, build a wall on the mexican border and give, get mexico to pay for it and trip it will number of immigration agents. trump also said he would be okay sending ground troops to fight isis and would not scrap the nuclear deal with iran but he told nbc --. >> i would pull a contract so tough that they don't have a chance. >> trump continued his unrelenting attacks on one time front runner je
Jul 4, 2017 5:30pm PDT
presidents of russia and china urged a freeze on both north korean testing, and on u.s. military exercises with south korea. the aim of a freeze would be to buy time for all sides to negotiate a way out of an impending collision between donald trump and kim jong-un. ?laine? >> quijano: david martin, thanks. nan tracy in beijing has more on the role china may play in this. >> reporter: north korean state television's most famous news anchor triumphantly announced what the country called "an historic event." and just moments later, the chinese government urged restraint. a foreign ministry spokesperson said north korea should stop violating security council resolutions, but in an apparent reference to the united states, siid all relevant sides should raing things back to the track of peaceful settlement via dialogue. president trump took a much different approach, tweeting, "perhaps china will put a heavy seve on north korea and end this nonsense once and for all." tina feels it has already done enough to try and rein in its rely. it's stopped buying coal from n rth korea, and has
Apr 28, 2012 6:30pm EDT
>> axelrod: tonight, escape in china. a blind dissident under how arrest eludes his tbrds and reportedly heads into the u.s. embassy. manhunt, police corner an armed survivalist. terrell brown follows the trail to his bunker. jobs for americans. dean reynolds visits with workers who settle for lower wages instead of none at all. and spy story-- does this reenactment solve the case of the dead spy? charlie d'agata with the bizarre details. >> a captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." xelrod: good evening. i'm jim axelrod. we begin tonight with reports of a blind chinese dissident make a 300-mile journey from house arrest to the gates of the u.s. embassy in beijing. his as-yet-unconfirmed presence at the embassy would likely complicate prealations with china just as secretary of state hillary clinton is set to travel there. >> reporter: the u.s. embassy in beijing could be protecting this man,. he fled house arrest last week. neither the u.s. nor the chinese government will confirm if he is in u.s. custody. he was imprisoned after opposing a program forcing w
Sep 16, 2012 6:00pm PDT
demonstrators in china are so angry at japan. >> jeff: an unusual demonstration in washington today. several hundred protestors were outside the japanese embassy, a spillover from a simmering dispute between china and japan over a tiny set of islands in the east china sea. here's lucy craft. >> reporter: beijing finally clamped down on anti-japanese protests around the japanese embassy installing heavy security in response to yesterday's violent melee. but beyond the well-guarded chinese capitol, tens of thousands of protestors in nearly 80 cities across china joined what appeared to be well organized rallies. many carried posters of former communist leader mao zedong. anything associated with japan from sushi shops to factories to japanese brand cars was under siege. department stores were emptied of merchandise. it was the worst eruption of anti-japanese rage since the two countries normallized dep lo-- diplomatic relations 40 years ago. the japanese should return our territory, said this man. the japanese violate us again, we should declare war. sparking the anger was japan's mov
Jun 4, 2011 6:00pm PDT
, eat, and drink. and picture perfect-- meet couples in china willing to spend several days and thousands of dollars to get the wedding portrait of their dreams. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with russ mitchell. >> mitchell: good evening. we begin tonight with the latest on the economy and how it continues to hit americans hard in the pocketbook and in the workplace from coast to coast. the latest numbers show the unemployment rate stands at 9.1% with the pace of job growth slowing. when it comes to new jobs, 70% of those are coming from small businesses, but many of them are struggling just to hang on. whit johnson shows us a case in point in the small town of scarboro, maine. >> reporter: in the unsettled race towards economic recovery, small businesses like maine indoor carting can hardly keep up how close are you to that edge? >> we're struggling every step of the way. >> reporter: in 2003, owner rick snow chose his passion for cars over a lucrative career in financial consulting. a lot invested here. >> seven figures. >> reporter: seven figures.
Jul 28, 2012 6:00pm PDT
tough headaches. >> in china today, angry protesters took to the streets over the issue of pollution. the demonstrators say they're angered by environmental threats from a water discharge plant on the eastern coast. just after today's protest, the government said it would drop plans for that waste water facility. it was four years ago that china hosted the summer olympics, but while the athletes have moved on, left behind is the bird's nest, a spectacular stadium. barry petersen reports on what's happened there since. >> reporter: the last time around, all the world was a stage for china. to show off images of soaring skyscrapers after decades of economic growth. >> they want the the to hold the olympics because it was a shining example of what china had accomplished and the communist party had achieved. >> reporter: but it was also an effort to erase another image of the communist party, its 1989 bloody crackdown on pro democracy students. >> the last time people had really clued in to china was 1989, and i think 2008 was an attempt to create a new impression of a modern, first-worl
Jul 3, 2017 6:30pm EDT
members will stay here in syria. >> quijano: holly williams, thanks. china's president xi jinping gave president trump an earful last night when they spoke by phone. the two men will pete in person this week at the g20 conference in germany. ben tracy reports xi was upset that a u.s. destroyer sailed close to a disputed island claimed by china. >> reporter: the chinese government says the u.s.s. stet ddz em a navy war shep was trespassing in its waters when it passed just 12 miles off the coast of a small island in the south chiern-- china sea. the united states disputes china claims to the area and accuses the chinese government of building a military airstrip on one of its manmade islands. china's foreign ministry accused the u.s. of what it called a serious political and military provocation. this is the second pass of a u.s. navy ship off the island since president trump took office. it comes just days after the u.s. announced it is selling 1.4 billion dollars worth of weapons to tie want, which is also angered the chinese government. the relationship that president trump and chine
Aug 23, 2015 6:00pm EDT
watching for. >> all eyes on china. all of the selling really started in china. the fear is that china's economy is slowing down. the market there has been in a beer market down more than 20% over the last few months but the fear is that with the slowdown in china, it drags down the rest of the world. part of the problem is that china's been gobbling up a lot of oil and the demand for oil is dropping. we've now seen oil prices drop from last year's 62%, that's hurt big countries like brazil, also hurting russia. so now we're trying to see is the chinese government going to try to intervene, push more money into that economy to try to stimulate it. we have to wait and see this week. >> glor: we should mention corrections do happen. >> this is a normal part of markets. they usually appear every year or so, we have been long overdue, more than four years since the last correction. i should note fouries ago in 2011 the economy was not in great shape, worried about the debt ceiling crisis, now the labor market is improving. we also have the housing market improving a great deal and on
Apr 30, 2011 6:30pm EDT
-- disturbing pictures of very young smokers helped shock china into imposing an indoor smoking ban. and how a los angeles county horse ranch is helping youngsters find a safe haven from gangs. >> when you want to fight, you just talk to your horse. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with russ mitchell. >> mitchell: three days after the tornadoes that swept through the south, the full extent of the destruction is still emerging. let's take a look at the latest. the death toll has risen to at least 342 people in seven states. at least 1700 people are injured, and at least 477,000 customers are without power across the region. satellite imagery shows tuscaloosa, alabama, before the tornado, and after, with the storm's path cutting a long slash across the city. right in the middle of the path is the corner of 15th and mcdougall before, and after. that's where our dean reynolds is tonight. dean, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, russ. well, the people of alabama and the deep south in general are trying to get back on their feet this weekend, but as the may
Jun 23, 2012 6:30pm EDT
how it's working six years in. and china tees up. chip reid shows us young golfers on the rise in a country where the sport was once beganned captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> good evening. i'm norah o'donnell. the sex abuse trial of jerry sandusky ended in a long series of guilty verdicts late last night. the former penn state assistant coach, aged 68, now faces the prospect of life in prison. chief investigative correspondent armen keteyian joins us now from bellfont, pennsylvania. armen, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, snora. it took about 20 hours of deliberations but in the end a jury of seven women and five men delivered a powerful message on behalf of what the prosecution calls 10 lost souls. jerry sandusky's first full day behind bars as a convicted pedophile came after a dramatic, chaotic. standing and staring at the jury foreman sandusky heard a drumbeat of guilty time and time again, 45 times in all, before his bail revoked, he was escorted off to jail. outside, a large crowd erupted when the verdict was announced. pennsylvania attorn
Aug 13, 2011 6:00pm PDT
of the running at the p&j championship. the other side of china's economic boom-- skyrocketing wages and prices. and athletics at an early age. how early is too early? those stories when the cbs evening news continues. >> mitchell: british police have reported more than 2200 arrests following this week's riots, arson attacks and widespread looting in london and other major cities. the british government under fire over the police response to the urban violence may have something to learn from american methods. elaine quijano explains. >> reporter: in philadelphia, officials are cracking down after a recent rash of mob attacks targeting people and property. >> we are not joking around. >> reporter: police flooded parts of the city last night and arrested about 50 teenagers for violating a newly enforced curfew. police commissioner charles ramsey makes no apologies for the tactic. >> we're talking about 14, 15, 16-year-old youngsters. they're old enough to know write from whereon and they know what they're doing is wrong and they'll suffer the consequences. >> reporter: so far the curf
Feb 14, 2015 6:00pm PST
west coast ports at a standstill, the white houseus tries to get cargo moving again. and china catches a fallenat n.b.a. star on the rebound. >> for me, it was like being reborn again coming here. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good evening. i'm jim axelrod. this is the western edition of the broadcast. when we say boston has had a lot of snow this winter, this is what we mean by "a lot." boston is about to set the record for its snowiest month ever recorded. those records go back to 1891, and we're only halfway through the month. after two of the biggest snowstorms ever in the past three weeks, another blizzard is forecast for this weekend. how's this for snowfall-- in boston gets more than 10 inches, as predicted, it will have seen more snow in the past three weeks than chicago has ever seen in an entire winter. they simply don't know where to put any more in boston, leaving mountains of snow in the boston area. check out this campus shot in what are being called "the alps of m.i.t. and now here comes some more. jericka duncan begins o
Jun 23, 2012 6:00pm PDT
lifeline for those fighting poverty. >> o'donnell: ahead, china's elite go golf crazy, giving the game new drive. that story is next. [ slap! ] [ slap! slap! slap! ] [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium rich tums goes to work in seconds. nothing works faster. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums [ male announcer ] you get in the zone long before the race. get your head right. and focus. on race day you don't leave anything to chance. ♪ get set every morning with gillette fusion proglide. engineered with our thinnest blades ever, so it glides for less tug & pull. ♪ great starts begin with gillette fusion proglide. ♪ >> o'donnell: finally tonight, china is teeing up to join golf's elite. this month, a 14-year-old from beijing became the youngest person to qualify for the u.s. open, and 23-year-old became the first chinese national to win a major title. but the game is not for the masses just yet. here's chip reid. >> reporter: at china's most exclusive schools, they start taking aim at that little white ball while they're still in kindergarten. by
Sep 26, 2015 6:00pm PDT
american educator teaching kids in china a new way to learn. >> memorizing a lot of information doesn't necessarily lead to creativity or problem solving skills. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good evening. i'm jim axelrod and this is the western edition of the broadcast. pope francis is wrapping up his three-city tour of the united states in the cradle of american democracy, philadelphia. today he delivered a speech from independence hall, the building where both the declaration of independence and the u.s. constitution were signed. the holy father spoke from the same simple wooden lectern that president abraham lincoln used when he delivered the gettysburg address nearly 152 years ago. pope francis addressed two issues that have been widely discussed by americans in recent months, religious liberty and immigration. allen pizzey is traveling with the pope. >> reporter: at his request, pope francis took time out to be a tourist today, doing passes by the statue of liberty on his way the take the plane to philadelphia. the final two days o
Aug 14, 2017 6:30pm EDT
. bombing. anthony? >> mason: omar villafranca. thank you, omar. the united states needs china's help with north korea, but president trump signed an executive memo today that's sure to actor the chinese. it calls for an investigation into whether china stole american intellectual property. here's ben tracy. >> reporter: china has repeatedly warned trump not to use trade as a means to force stronger action on north korea. china accounts for 90% of north korea's trade and has been reluctant to punish the regime economically for fear of collapse. yet today china issued an order banning all imports of north korean coal, iron ore and seafood in compliance with tough new u.n. sanctions. meanwhile, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, marine general joseph dunford, began a tour of asia, meeting to reassure south korea's president moon jae-in. dunford says the u.s. still prefers diplomacy to force, but the u.s. is ready to use the full range of its capabilities to respond to any attack. the u.s. staged joint military exercises with japan today and will go ahead with exercises in south korea
Nov 10, 2012 6:00pm PST
at work. >> i'm astound by the response from new york. >> axelrod: challenges facing china's new leaders. bill whitaker shows us just how far the country has come in a single generation. and take a look at the latest muscle car. you won't believe whose muscle created it. priya clemens introduces us to the design team. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good evening. i'm jim axelrod. we are learning more tonight about the investigation that led to the abrupt resignation of c.i.a. chief and retired four-star general david petraeus. petraeus admitted to an affair and submitted his resignation to president obama, and now it turns out, it was the f.b.i. that discovered the relationship was with his biographer. homeland security correspondent bob orr is standing by in washington tonight. good evening, bob. >> reporter: good evening, jim. well, david petraeus is one of america's most decorated and reveered generals. as head of the c.i.a., he was in charge of the nation's most sensitive operations, but the ridgedly disciplined p/e was hiding his own d
May 19, 2012 6:30pm EDT
>> dubois: tonight, departure from china. blind dissident chen guangcheng is rushed out of beijing for the yiewt. elaine quijano is tracking the story. the blooming of the facebook economy. rebecca jarvis shows us how other companies are expanding the social network one app at a time. millennial voters on the fence. will the young turn out for president obama as they did four years ago. terrell brown sounds them out. and diamond jubilee as the british begin to mark queen elizabeth's 60-yearlong rein. charlie d'agata has some of the pomp and circumstance. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> dubois: good evening. i'm cube cube. the blind chinese dissident chen guangcheng has landed at newark airport just outside new york city. his depart infrastructure beijing marked a sudden end to a diplomatic stalemate and an apparent positive turn in u.s.-china developments. elaine quijano joins us from new york. >> reporter: after a 12-hour flight from beijing, chen guangcheng is now on american soil. his arrival here marks end of nearly a month of uncertainty and a hi
Apr 4, 2015 6:30pm EDT
you look. for a guy who lost his phone in new york that last plate placeturned out to be in china. >> oh, my god! >> reporter: this home the at a chinese airport was months and millions of page views in the making. >> welcome to china. >> reporter: it's been quite a journey for matt stopera who we met in beijing. you made it to china. >> yeah, it's crazy. >> reporter: here the back story. stopera lost his iphone in new york city months later li, all the way in southeastern china, received the phone as a gift and began taking pictures on it in front of what looked like orange trees. >> who is this man and why are his pictures showing up on my phone? >> reporter: those pictures automatically uploaded to stopera's new phone and as an editor for the online outlet "buzzfeed," he wrote about it. >> from there it was translated and put on chinese twitter. >> reporter: users on weibo china's twitter, started looking for an answer. >> i started getting all these tweets from people in china saying "hey, we're going to help you find orange man." >> reporter: the search led to li a 30-year-ol
Jun 30, 2017 6:30pm EDT
imported steel. the white house has accused china of dumping cheap steel in the u.s. comert secretary wilbur ross is a key supporter of the tariff, but some members of congress worry that could set off a global strayed war and raise prices in this country. police in the philadelphia suburb of west gauchan are investigating the murder of an 18-year-old girl this week in an apparent road rage attack. jim axelrod is following this. >> reporter: outside philadelphia this afternoon, police held up this wanted poster, a drawing of the man driving this red pickup truck who allegedly shot and killed this 18-year-old recent high school graduate bianca roberson, in what appeared to be a traffic dispute. thomas hogan is the chester county, pennsylvania, district attorney. >> a man in a red pickup truck pulled out a gun and shot her in the head, killing her. this is now a murder >> reporter: roberson and the man were merging into a single lane on a road in the town of west gauchan, 25 miles west of philadelphia. west gauchan chief of police joseph gleason. >> reporter: roberson's car veered off t
Sep 15, 2017 5:30pm PDT
easily north korea evades the ban on coal exports. in june, a ship left port in china. halfway to north korea, it turned off the transponder, which allows it to be tracked. it pulled into north korea, where it was caught by a satellite as it loaded coal. the ship returned to the point where it had turned off the transponder, switched it back on, and proceeded to a port in russia, leaving a track which look liked it had gone straight from china to russia. both u.s. and u.n. officials say the only way to make sanctions work is to give navies the power to stop and search vessels suspected the carrying banned goods to and from north korea. anthony. >> mason: david martin at the pentagon. thank you, david. ben tracy, meanwhile, is following this from beijing. ben, these new u.n. sanctions aimed to cut north korea's oil imports, will they have any bite? >> reporter: not much bite. china supplies about 90% of north korea's oil, and it has already cut supplies, but these new u.n. sanctions that were passed on monday, they capped the supply at current levels. that's about four million barrels a
Mar 25, 2012 6:00pm PDT
with china's leader hu jintao, and he'll try the persuade him to use china's leverage to get the north koreans not to go ahead with that missile launch. jeff? >> glor: bill plante in korea. bill, thank you. dick cheney has undergone a heart transplant. he's had five heart attacks and had the procedure on saturday at the age of 71. for more on this we're joined by medical correspondent dr. john lapook. jon, good evening to you. this happened yesterday. what is tick chain yes's immediate prognosis. >> we don't have a lot of information about his underlying condition. he's a little bit on the older side to be getting this, but in general about 15% of people are over the age of 56 who get this and five-year survival is about 70%, which is almost as good as the 75% everybody has. >> he was on the waiting list for 20 months. how does that compare the other folks? >> the average is about 250 days, so he was actually waiting a lot longer than everybody else. >> glor: so the immediate danger for him lasts for how long? >> about three to six months. the main things are two. one is infectio
Jul 29, 2012 6:00pm EDT
stronger in china, which has been a strong spot for auto sales in general and gm is the number one carceler in all of china. >> glor: does the news for car sales get any better in the six months ahead before the year ends? >> it is interesting to note that car sales have been relatively strong here in the u.s., we sold 12.8 million cars in the u.s. last year and expected to be 14 million this year and in part the cars on the road are older on average 11 years old and that means people want to g go pout and get a new car because it is more intensive to fix the old one plus credit is more available. >> glor: rebecca jarvis, always good to have you here. there is some encouraging news on the housing front. new home sales are up more than 15 percent in the past year. checked out the housing market in massachusetts and found it is building. >> unlike a lot of early homes we have good ceiling height and big rooms in this house. >> with their eye on retirement, bob and lisa shots have been looking to buy a house in new uryport along the massachusetts coast. >> we thought it would be nice
Jan 12, 2014 6:00pm PST
. >> retaking of an island but the live fire games could just as easily be seen as a message to china. japan and china have been fighting over who onus a set of islands in the south china sea. >>> next up, haiti. >> it's been four years since the worst disaster in history. the earthquake in port-au-prince killed 14,000, did blts in damage and already strained country fractured wide often. but there are changes taking place that might surprise you. in the past four years the haitian government says 90% of the rubble left behind by the earthquake has been removed. now they are trying to remove the notion that haiti isn't a great place to vacation. >> we have an enormous potential for tourism. and this is something that haiti has not been seen as a tourist destination before because they talk more about some of our shortfalls than some of our assets. >> laurent lamothe, haiti's prime minister believes haiti has some of the best beaches in the world. that's why the airport is putting up four new airports as well as billboards across haiti. >> we are one of the safest destinations in the c
May 19, 2012 6:00pm PDT
apparent positive turn in u.s.- china developments. elaine quijano is watching developments tonight here in new york. elaine, good evening. >> reporter: after a 12-hour flight from beijing, chen guangcheng headed here to new york city. his arrival here marks the end of nearly a month of uncertainty and a high-profile test of u.s.- china relations. supporters cheered as chen arrived at new york university. >> i am very gratified to see the chinese government has been dealing with the situation restraint and calm. >> reporter: the case focused international attention on the thorny issue of human rights in china. >> the u.s. and china, at least in this instance, were able to work together for an outcome satisfactory to both sides and mr. chen. >> reporter: chen is a self- taught lawyer, had been imprisoned four years for speaking out against china's one-child policy and advocating for the rural poor. most recently, chen was under house arrest, where he alleges he and his family were subject to beatings. visitors were turned away. wereds monitored his every movement. but last month, und
Jun 21, 2014 6:30pm EDT
china. seth doane on an american comic looking for laughs on a stage in beijing. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good evening. i'm jim axelrod. in the the 13 months since becoming the head of the catholic church, pope francis has developed a reputation for straight talk on issues he feehe feelsstrongly about and ns going to question that reputation after his trip to southern italy today to a stronghold of an especially brutal branch of the italian mafia. there at an outdoor maz, the pope declared the mobsters are now excommunicated. as allen pizzey reports, it's been more than 20 years since a pope took on the mob. >> reporter: stepping boldly where angels might, indeed, fear to tread, pope francis used a mass in the heart land of onest most violent mafia organization. "they are not in communion with god," he said. they are excommunicated. pope john paul ii made similar condemnations of the mafia in sicily in 1993 and the mafia responded by bombing several churches in rome. the italian police say virtually everyone here knows who is connected to
Mar 23, 2014 6:00pm PDT
planes from china and japan. >> how long will you keep up the search? how long will you stay here? >> we are here at the request of the australian government and we will stay as long as we are operately supported. >> reporter: the french government said today it captured radar echoes indicating debris inside the search area, but, jeff, there are still no confirmed sightings of the wreckage of 370. >> holly williams, thank you. >> russian president vladimir putin and german chancellor merkel agreed in a phone call today on a plan to send western monitors to ukraine. >> vehicles smashed the ukraine's last remaining base in crimea yesterday, on the eastern ukraine city of donetsk today. >> they had a. >> voted on a referendum to join russia. >> this will top the agenda in a summit that begins tomorrow in the hague. >> chief white house correspondent major garrett joins us. major. >> jeff, russia's military menacing of eastern ukraine will dominate this summit and already prompted a sideline meetg of the g-7, that is the top economies on what to do next. >> the united states and europ
Aug 4, 2012 6:30pm EDT
totalitarian dictatorship, there needs to be. >> reporter: in china there seems little interest in forcing kim to change his or his country's ways. so china, as it did this week, sends officials to encourage economic development but remains quiet when the north talks of another nuclear weapons test. to china's leaders, supporting north korea is better than the alternative. >> that you might have the sort of unintended consequence of seeing that regime, the north korean regime, topple. >> reporter: the propaganda machine portrays kim as a man ready to ride to his country's rescue, but massive flooding and looming famine may test that. will he spend millions on nuclear weapons or on food to save the lives of his increasingly hungry people? barry petersen, cbs news, bake. >> axelrod: to the middle east now, where iran today said it testifiered a new and more accurate short-range missile. it claims to be able to hit targets in israel and u.s. bases in the region. the big concern is that this kind of missile cowl potentially carry nuclear weapons. next, the green that came out of the bl
May 20, 2012 6:00pm PDT
from china in the past have pretty much lost their impact on china. they have tried to use the internet in publications and telephone and so on to maintain that works in china. but they're not really in the game in china. >> reporter: chen found relaxation today in a park near his new apartment. he has not applied for political asylum here, preserving his right to go home. but previous dissidents have been prevented from returning. and one who tried to sneak back into china was arrested and is still in prison. tony guida, cbs news, new york. >> glor: president obama will be in missouri tomorrow to address high school graduates in joplin. tuesday marks one year since the tornado with winds over 200 miles an hour ripped 13 miles across that city. 161 people died. ben tracey is there tonight, ben, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, jeff, you know, that tornado damaged or destroyed 7500 homes in this city. so now you see a lot of this all over joplin. new houses being built. but you also see this, painful reminders of how much destruction there was here and how much work ther
Jul 5, 2017 6:30pm EDT
against north korea or sanctions that would strangle its economy. china is north korea's main ally and accounts for more than 80% of its trade. to pressure the north into ending its missile tests, china has stopped buying north korean coal, but it has not cut off oil shipments to north korea. hearing that could cause kim jong un's regime to collapse, destabilizing the korean peninsula. >> the russians and the chinese just don't care. it's not their problem. >> reporter: jeffrey lewis is an expert on nuclear policy. he says without a coordinated international response, tough talk and sanctions are the only realistic weapons the u.s. has to fight north korea. >> so i would expect that cycle to repeat. they'll be condemned, they'll be angry, they'll do a nuclear test, and then we'll be back the square one again. lather, rinse, repeat. >> reporter: china and russia have called on north korea to end its missile and nuclear tests, but in exchange, they want the u.s. and south korea to end their joint military exercises. james, that's not something the u.s. is likely to agree to. >> ben tracy
Aug 7, 2017 6:30pm EDT
, john. for the first time in eight years, the two koreas and china sat dunn and talked at a regional security conference in manila. what came out of it were threats from the north. it said it will retaliate for sanctions the u.n. security council approved in response to the latest missile test. here's asia correspondent ben tracy. >> reporter: after a rare public appearance at north korea's foreign minister ri yong-ho at this weekend's security conference, the north launched a blistering attack on the new u.n. sanctions. in an angry statement, the north vowed the u.s. will pay by 1,000 fold for heinous crimes against north korea and that it is ready the teach the u.s. a severe lesson. new york northern's latest launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile that could hit the u.s. appears to have united the international community against kim jong-un's regime. u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson still kept the car open for talks but said the north must first end its missile tests. >> we've not had an extended period of time where they have not taken some type of provocative action
May 12, 2013 6:00pm PDT
spotlight on how american movies are changed before they can open in china. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> jeff: good evening, everyone, i'm jeff glor. outrageous and chilling. two of the words used today to describe what was happening at the i.r.s. after we learned the agency singled out conservative political groups for extra scrutiny. tonight republicans are calling for a full investigation. and bill plante is at the white house has reaction. >> reporter: new revelations about i.r.s. targeting of conservative advocacy groups raise the level of outrage today across the political spectrum. >> this is not tolerable. >> this is truly outrageous. >> i don't care if you are a conservative, liberal, democrat or a republican, this should send a chill up your spine. >> reporter: the white house said the president expects swift action for any misconduct. but also noted that the i.r.s. is an independent agency. nonetheless, senator susan collins called on mr. obama to apologize. >> but the president needs to make crystal clear that this is totally unacceptable in
Apr 15, 2012 6:00pm EDT
aggressiveness is china. but china has little interest in anything that would damage a fellow communist regime. that's because if communist party rule fails in north korea, a lot of people here in china are going to start wondering if the same thing could happen here. so china did nothing to stop last week's failed launch of a rocket that many see as a test for a ballistic missile that could hit the u.s. that kind of defiant act keeps north korea so isolated they call it the her hit kingdom and kim, only four months into his rule, looks like he will keep it that way. barry peterson, cbs news, beijing. >> jeff: ahead on jackie robinson day, fewer african-american players on the field. that story is next. that make k. and even fewer that make moms happy too. with wholesome noodles and bite sized chicken, nothing brings you together like chicken noodle soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. but does bringing a floor back to life really make us heroes? [ chuckles ] yes. yes, it does. ♪ call 1-800-steemer can you start the day the way you want? can orencia help? could your "i want"
Feb 10, 2013 6:00pm PST
the sacred ganges river a ritual they believe will wash away their sins. china has overtaken the u.s. to become the world's biggest trading nation. china's imports and exports totalled 3.87 trillion dollars last year compared to 3.82 trillion for the u.s. the u.s. economy overall is still more than double the size of chinas. chinese new year's celebrations are ushering in the year of the snake. parades and fireworks marked the holiday. people born in the year of the snake are considered stylish and good with money. in beijing singer celine dion became the first foreigner to start an official new year's festivity. she sang a duet in mandarin chinese, one of china's most popular folk songs. still ahead, would you trade your car for a microcar?pr i choose date number 2! whooo! [ sigh of relief ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego. if you're living with moderate to severe crohn's disease, and it feels like your life revolves around your symptoms, ask your gastroenterologist about humira adalimumab. humira has been proven to work for adults who have tried other medications but
Sep 19, 2017 5:30pm PDT
: you're afraid we're falling behind? >> not afraid. we are. you think about china. china used to be "made in china," a joke. cheap stuff. i didn't want to use it. today, "made in china," quality. as mason: you think they're doing it better than we are? >> in some places, yes. i still think there's no reason we have to fall behind unless we stop reaching out to the world, bringing the best and the brightest here, building good trading relationships with everybody. and you can't do it alone. ve yason: have you had any at aets at all that you chose not to run for president? >> no, i think it would have been a great job. i would have loved the challenge. i don't think there's any question about that. but we did the work and we decided in the end an t aiesmeout cannot win. >> well, you know, i joked that i'm going to run for the president of my block association. >> mason: former new york mayor michael bloomberg. evcoenp ing ne uwsng," o teachet themselves to try to stop school shootings. il shootings. diet and exercise, once-daily toujeo® may help you control your blood sugar. get into
Dec 13, 2015 5:00pm CST
broadway. al pacino in china doll, bruce willis in misery. and james earl jones in cicely tyson in the gin game. but while those actors draw big lines at the box office, some of them are having trouble remembering their lines. each has reportedly used tel prompters on an earpiece so someone off stage can cue them. the reviews are not greats. in fact, al pa china's "china doll" may be the worst reviewed play of the season. "the wall street journal" says yes, he's using tel prompters. and that he was not at ease with his lines. "the new york post" tel prompters for lines in terrible new broadway play. >> it they use celebrities to drive ticket sales for plays or musicals, you have this problem with that you need assistant. >> date cote is time out new york's theater editor. he says audience members walked out after the first act, launching pa chin-- watching pacino search for the tel prompters. >> they will have more difficult when they are in a play and have to sustain a scene over several minutes. >> cote doesn't hold back on willis' performance either. calling it stiff. willis and
Sep 21, 2013 6:00pm PDT
worked in china for 25 years. he said bo xilai was perceived as a threat. he was a celebrity, really, of sorts in china. >> well he was a western-style politician who people really liked and you don't do that in this party. this is a party of gray men who kind of hide behind the party, not their own personality. >> reporter: prosecutors charged that around $3.5 million in bribes, mostly from a wealthy businessman, were funneled through bo's wife and son. bo's political life started to come apart after the 2011 murder of a british businessman. his wife, gu kailai, was found guilt of killing him, and bo was charged with using his position to try to cover up the murder. bo's wife testified against her husband. she told stories of safes filled with cash hidden in the couple's homes. bo called his wife crazy and mounted a vigorous defense. he acknowledged mistakes in leadership, but did not admit guilt. the communist party, which runs china, also runs its courts. and while it's not nobody yet how much jail time bo might serve, it is almost certain he'll be found guilty. seth doane, cbs ne
May 1, 2010 6:30pm EDT
back. it was his third derby win. still ahead, what china is spending $50 billion on. >> glor: if you had any doubt about china's ambitions, take a look at the world's expo 2010 in shanghai. the chinese are spending 50 billion on this event, more than they spent on the summer olympics in 2008. more on china's largest city, here's terry mccarthy. >> reporter: take the world's fastest train, some of the world's tallest skyscrapers to some of the world's most cutting edge architecture. already one of asia's fastest growing cities, shanghai this summer hosts the world expo showcasing design ideas for cities of the future. >> shanghai is going to be ground zero of some of the most powerful thinking that is going on currently around the globe. >> reporter: shanghai has always liked to be cutting edge even when the city was run by foreign traders along the famous bubblebubbledbund now transform. pathic has lived here for 13 years. >> it's always about being most modern. when these buildings were built they were state of the art. >> they were wealthy, stylist famous around the world. toda
Jan 10, 2016 6:00pm EST
suggested he was in mainland china, assisting with an investigation. lee was the fifth person tied to causeway bay books to go missing. >> this book shop specializes in the stories that could never be on sale in mainland china, criticizing the communist party and the rulers. >> protestors worry chinese government agents illegally snamped lee and took him into mainland china. the hong kong government released a statement today saying law enforcement officers of other jurs dictions do not have the authority to take actions if they are in hong kong. protester same cho said the chinese government shouldn't use their tricks to arrest our hong kong people. william knee is follow-- nee is following this case for am >> beijing sees this type of company as posing a threat to national security because they say that they are producing rumors and slander about the country's leadership and political system. >> lee bo picture is just the latest face in the fight against beijing's efforts to exert control. seth doane, cbs news, beijing. >> glor: coming up next, a young woman arrested in a string
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