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Oct 3, 2016 2:37am MDT
sales. deep water horizon. magnificent seven. all three may end up making more money in china which is expect the to become the biggest film market in the world in the next two years. holly williams has a story for "60 minutes." >> in the remote hills of eastern china, this is a magic kingdom. but not even walt disney could have dreamed up. it is called the the world studios and at over 7,000 acres the largest film lot on the planet. a palace for every dynasty. a village for every era. where some of the biggest movies in china have been fill temperatured over the last two decades. these sets aren't flimsy facades. but full-scale brick and mortar replicas of china's imperial and when the film's wrap, a brief silence. before the sets are flooded by 15 million tourists who visit every year. it is all the domain of a one-time farmer who realized his fields were fertile ground for a new industry. permission is hardly ever granted to film in the real forbidden city. china's iconic landmark. so he built his own. it took several hundred years to build the real forbidden city. it took you fi
Oct 31, 2016 1:30am CDT
-- >> china has the world's largest population and second largest economy. what challenges will it present olay total effects vitamin enriched to revive skin and fight 7 signs of aging your old school dance moves might show your age, your skin never will sometimes we use k-y ultragel to enhance my body's natural moisture so i can get into it a bit quicker. and when i know she's into it, i get into it and... feel the difference with k-y ultragel. we're going to prove just how wet and sticky your current gel antiperspirant is. now we're going to show you how degree dry spray is different. degree dry spray. >>> in our special series, day one, we are hearing from experts about the critical issues the next president will face the moment he or she takes the oath. tonight, margaret brennan talks to retired general and former cia, and nsa director, michael hayden about the dangers of china on day one. >> china is not an enemy. of the united states. there are not any good reasons for china to ever be an enemy of the united states. people of my background actually spend more time worrying ab
Oct 31, 2016 2:35am EDT
factory in china that makes some of these masks. beyond the zombies and the ghouls, this halloween's most popular masks are two people you probably recognize. do you think this looks like him? >> reporter: forbes young is a sales manager at the party time latex art and crafts factory in china. where workers carefully design, stretch, spin, and spray tan america's presidential candidates. >> was it difficult designing his hair? >> yeah, it's not easy. but i pull up experience. >> reporter: some people think his hair is fake? >> also we can make a wig, yeah. maybe buy wigs from us. >> reporter: every four years, political masks become a halloween must-have. they're largely made in ch and mexico and shipped to the u.s. where voters get to try on our candidates. who do you like more? >> donald trump. >> reporter: why? >> because he is funny. >> he is funny. >> i think most of chinese like him better than hillary. >> reporter: both candidates have attacked china on the campaign trail. >> china is a currency manipulator. >> one of the biggest problems with china is the illegal >> reporter:
Mar 16, 2016 3:42am EDT
. >> ties are made in where, china? >> taking things donald trump has said. and giving them a mega phone. >> the group's founder is gop strategist, katie packer. >> there isn't any one silver bullet. it take is a lot of information to convince people that they have been duped. >> florida is the first state where our principle's pac has tried to replicate the strategy that stopped trump from winning the iowa caucuses. luntz says it is likely too late. >> if you wanted to defeat donald trump, you should have done this 90 days ago. >> all negative ads flooding the airways this season has a lot of parents wondering how to talk about the election with their children. than you think. chip reid has that part of the story from middleburg, virginia. >> reporter: we are at middleburg charter school and 5th graders are holding their own presidential debates. they told me that their debates are more focused on the issues and a whole lot more polite than what they're seeing on tv. who really enjoys watching the debates? >> a little. >> little bit. >> what do you like watching about the debates, max?
May 26, 2016 3:12am PDT
beijing. >> reporter: like most issues here in china, the government does not appreciate outsiders getting involved. the turf war over the south china sea is no exception. the u.s. considers it international waters. china wants the u.s. to stay out of it. the president's trip comes amid heightened tensions over the south china sea. big nations should not bully smaller ones. disputes should be resolved peacefully. six asian countries including vietnam have claims on the sea. with vital shipping lanes and natural resources. china claims nearly all of it. and has turned reeves and shoals into island. some now complete with run ways, tennis courts. and military capability. more than 3,200 acres of land have been added since 2013. to show its displeasure the u.s. increased patrols in the sea. defense secretary ash carter visit itted a u.s. ship there last month. >> the united states and vietnam are united in our support for a regional order. >> reporter: when the president lifted the 41-year-old arms embar go to vietnam this week, he said china wasn't part of his calculation. the chines
Oct 31, 2017 3:12am PDT
trump administration is encouraging production of oil and coal, china is headed in the opposite direction. the country embarked on a massive project to bring solar power to its people. by 2030, china's leaders say the sun will provide 10% of the country's energy needs. ben tracy is there. >> on a farm in northern china, they're planting a new crop. nearly 200,000 solar panels in the heart of coal country. in the south china just flipped the switch on the world's largest floating solar installation. built on top of a lake, created by an abandoned coal line. project like these help china double its solar capacity last year. it is now twice taz big as the the u.s. capacity. nearly half of all new solar installations in the world are happening here in china. and they're doing it quickly. green peace says they're installing soccer field full of solar panels every hour of every day. >> we have 28 solar plants in operation in china. and, three more are under construction. >> maggie cho, is president of panda green energy, installed enough solar panels to power 140 million homes. >> why
Mar 16, 2016 2:02am EDT
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Jan 11, 2016 2:35am EST
critical of china's communist government have disappeared. the latest to vanish owned a bookstore. seth doane has the story from honk done. >> reporter: since hong kong was handed over from british to chinese rule in 1997 it has retained some of its autonomy, notably its own legal system and freedom of speech. now with the case of those missing booksellers and word of an investigation on the freedoms may be under threat. sandwiched between a pharmacy and a nail salon, up a cramped stairwell, is causeway bay books which was closed today. in the hallway, some of the gossipy, salacious titles it was known for. criticizing china's leaders. this book talks about china's first lady's private lave. this title predicts the downfall of china's president, xi jinping. now the story of this bookstore is harder to believe since five men tied to it have disappeared. the most recent, li wo, expected home for dinner december 30th but never showed. days later this faxed letter purportedly from li said, due to some urgent matters i have made my own way to the mainland. it might take a bit of time.
Jan 26, 2016 3:07am EST
foreign government believed to be china downloaded nearly 22 million personnel files. there is no word on when the new system will come online. meantime, private u.s. companies are also feeling the heat from china's online espionage. lesley stahl reports for "60 minutes." companies. not a fair fight. a private company can't compete against the resources of the second largest economy in the world. >> reporter: the assistant attorney general for cyberattacks and increasingly economic espionage. >> this is a serious threat to our national security. our economy depends on ability to innovate. if there is a dedicated nation state using intelligence apparatus to steal day in, day out what we are frying to develop. >> reporter: what is their ultimate goal, chinese government's ultimate goal? >> they want to develop certain segments of industry and instead of trying to out innovate, outresearch, outdevelop, they are choosing to do it through theft. >> reporter: all you have to do he says is look at the economic plans published periodically by the chinese politboro. they are according to t
Mar 9, 2016 2:37am EST
, major lazer. everywhere else, turkey, china, india. mexico. brazil. everywhere, a huge hit. it is a special time right now. on the radio for instance, you have to have a revolutionary sound to, to kind of get people's attention. people are all churlly aware ly -- people are culturally aware. they're ready for something, chaotic and exciting. >> before i came down, i was at my computer. >> reporter: on the drive down the street that became his stage. we found out why diplo may be dance music's busiest man. >> week ago, from india to pakistan. >> plays more than 300 shows a year across the globe. strive ing to constantly push electronic dance music forward. for you, what do you hope to do with it? >> i think it is important to play places like this where the music is brand new. these are the guys that are going to change it, kids in havana, pakistan, india, that >> reporter: there was rhythm on hand in havana. with little talk of politics. it was after all, a free government approved concert. but in place of diplomacy, there was melody. everyone says they want to see cuba before it ch
Nov 17, 2016 2:07am CST
appear to represent a conflict interest. the most glaring conflict involves china. julianna goldman has the story. >> president elect trump threatened a trade war with china. >> we can't continue to allow that's what they're doing. >> reporter: yet he bragged about his great business relationship with the chinese. >> the thing they most want. one of the top ten things, anything trump. you believe it? my apartments, my cars, they love me. >> reporter: mr. trump's web of financial interests in china adds to the unprecedented conflicts posed by his global business which will be run by his children who are also his key advisers. >> for us, there is a great future in china. financial disclosure, lists companies such as trump china development, llc. requests for more about entities went unanswered. in 2012, ivanka trump said they had a team based in shanghai. >> there is such interest in the brand being here. we are really ramping up our commitment to meeting our partners and finding the right opportunities. >> reporter: taking those steps is all but impossible without also doing business
Jul 5, 2017 2:07am EDT
make a deal. but we need china. and china is not stepping up. and i think the president is right to jab them a little bit with initiatives. that, that, stir them up. that stir the chinese up. if they really want to help, they can do it. >> former u.s. ambassador, bill richardson. mr. ambassador, thank for your time. >> thank you, elaine. >>> containing north korea is one of many issues likely to come up when president trump meets russia's vladamir putin friday at g-20 summit in germany. the two leaders are expected to discuss syria. there its no indication that russian meddling in the 2016 u.s. election will be discussed. the cbs "overnight news" will be right back. >>> new jersey state parks reopened today including several beaches after lawmakers approved a budget four days late. governor chris christy faced intense criticism after photos showed him sun bathing on a state beach. he had ordered closed during the budget standoff. google wants to clear the air. the tech giant that mapped the world's roads to help drivers get from a to b now wants to make your commute healthier. john
Apr 14, 2017 3:10am EDT
. it's no longer obsolete. >> reporter: how about china as a currency manipulator? in august. >> i'm going to instruct my treasury secretary to label china a currency manipulator. >> reporter: but yesterday the president told the "wall street journal," "china does not manipulate its currency to hurt u.s. workers" and his administration will abandon that pledge. as for china and its leadership overall, this was day one of the trump campaign. >> china's killing us. >> reporter: and this was day 84 of the trump presidency. >> as you know, president xi is a terrific person. >> reporter: mr. trump's stance on russia has done a 180 also. >> i don't know putin. but wouldn't it be nice if we could get along actually? >> reporter: yesterday. >> right now we're not getting along with russia at all. >> reporter: on inauguration day president trump outlined his america first philosophy. >> we do not seek to impose our way of life on anyone. >> reporter: but on wednesday mr. trump explained why he launched missile strikes against the syrian regime of bashar al assad. >> that's a butcher. that's a
Nov 14, 2016 3:07am MST
this. [ speaking foreign language ] >>> that's china central television news anchor, uyang xiodin, announcing president ping sent a message of congratulations to president elect donald trump. after all the tough talk about china during the campaign, how largest population and second largest economy reacting to trump's victory. adrianna diaz reports from beijing. >> reporter: at one of china's busiest ports, cranes load containers headed for america. part of the half trillion dollars worth of exports essential to keeping china's economy afloat. but a donald trump presidency has beijing worried the exports may be in jeopardy. >> we can't continue to allow china to rape our country. it is the greatest theft in the history of the world. >> reporter: on the campaign trail, trump regularly accused china of stealing american jobs. and vowed to punish them with tariffs as high as 45%. if his rhetoric becomes policy, china's economy could suffer. and job losses rise. >> i think it would be very, very painful for china. >> reporter: long time china watcher and finance expert, michael pettis
Mar 16, 2016 3:05am EDT
prescription painkiller overdoses. and, he talks constantly about china. now, what china says about trump. the cbs overnight news will be right back. my son and i used to watch the now, i'm walking them. life is unpredictable being flake free isn't. because i have used head and used regularly, it removesr up to 100% of flakes keeping you protected live flake free for life hey there, heard the good news? and even better. everyday stains the first time. which is bad news for stains, and good news for you. spray 'n wash. back 'n better. geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. (sounds of birds whistling) touch gel cr me. for massage and intimacy. every touch, gently intensified. a little touch is all it takes. >>> today the cdc urged doctors true stop overprescribing opioids, painkillers that includes vicodin and oxycontin. there is a groegs epidemic of addiction, and each day, over 40 people die from overdoses of these drugs. here is dr. jon lapook. >> 60-year-old executive recruiter, steven diamond was prescribed opioids. in 2004 to treat chronic and knee and back pain from yea
Mar 9, 2016 3:08am EST
because of the economic slowdown in china. the communist government there is struggling to manage enormous debt, shaky stock markets and growing perception it may not be equal to the task. seth doan is in beijing. >> reporter: at this roadside beijing job fair those searching for work told us it's getting tougher. does china's slowing economy affect you personally in any way? >> translator: yes i can feel the pressure she told us. the economy is slowing. industries are facing lots of changes. >> they have spent massive amounts of money building unnecessary things. >> reporter: this professor says michael pettis china faces a debt crisis after borrowing tens of trillions of dollars for iffy investments, real estate and shipping. >> beijing has never gotten its arms around the problem of debt. until it does, things will continue to get worse. >> reporter: now china is trying to rebalance its economy. leading to massive layoffs and government owned industries. bought mid the backdrop of labor protest thousands. state media has run a slew of glowing, good news stories. and the preside
Mar 11, 2016 3:38am EST
with their cell phones and lap tops, for what they know. >> china's communist government christians. and in one province, crosses are being pulled down from churches. last month a protestant pastor sentenced to 14 years in prison. one of the charges, disturbing social order by holding prayer services. seth oan has mr. from beijing. >> reporter: the protests can be quickly quieted. the pictures of the cross removal scan be que grainy. but for almost two years now, we have seen an ongoing battle against religion. cell phone individually released this week shows yet another cross being taken off a steeple. the government of the province has removed. some times burned down crosses. from as ma as 200 churches there. since u.s. based activist group, china aid. protested illegal demolition. while one of their supporters, wyer john kawas i raded on state tv in february, expressing remorse. at t start of government's campaign, a chur. was demolished. the offi<'cial reason, a violation of building codes. china's ruling communist party is officially atheist. technically it does allow freedom o
Jul 5, 2016 3:08am EDT
, china. >> reporter: those who love everything harley say the motorcycle embodies freedom and self expression. it all seems oh, so american. which is what makes this harley club so very different. meet harley's shanghai chapter. yes, as in shanghai, china. you love the harley davidson? >> he is a harley davidson dealer and proud owner. >> reporter: how did you hear of harley davidson? >> movies, with the heroes on hardy davidson. >> you are thinking i want to be a hero on the bike. >> reporter: his so-called heroes cut across cultures. >> terminate. >> reporter: terminator. >> terminator. >> reporter: on this saturday morning. the parking lot of his dealer ship was abuzz with activity and terminator attitude. their harley club captain, it might surprise you is an american. jim rice. >> reporter: the chinese embraced the harley lifestyle. >> amazed at how well that translated right into china. chinese adopted the whole thing. even tattoos, ponytails, and, all of the clothes and gear. they love it. >> reporter: rice, a businessman, lived in china for 24 years. and has the mandarin to
Feb 15, 2017 3:10am EST
korean ballistic missile test calling it a grave violation of international law. even china, north korea's closest ally, signed onto the statement. adriana diaz is in beijing. >> reporter: north korea's said the launch was for self-defense. it comes after months of quiet and at a particularly sensitive time for beijing, just as relations with the trump administration were beginning to thaw. so this launch adds a new layer of uncertainty to the region that's still trying to get a read on the new, and unpredictable, u.s. president. the missile tested sunday was a new type, using solid fuel, not liquid, to eject from a mobile launcher. it's more stable and allows for less advanced warning. analysts say it's a dangerous step forward in north korea's pursuit of a deliverable nuclear weapon. and it's a first test for president trump. >> obviously, north korea is a big, big problem. and we will deal with that very strongly. >> reporter: it also potentially pits the new u.s. administration against china. north korea's only major ally. less than a week after president trump smoothed things
Jan 11, 2016 2:05am EST
disappeared, days later reportedly sent a letter suggesting he was in mainland china assisting with an investigation. li was the fifth person tied to causeway bay books to go missing. >> this book shop specializes in stories that could never be on sale in mainland china criticizing the communist party and the rulers. protesters worry chinese government agents illegally snatched li and took him into mainland china. released a statement saying, law enforcement officers of other jurisdictions do not have the authority to take actions if they are in hong kong. protest sammy chow said the chinese government shouldn't use their tricks to praeft hong kong people. william ni is following this case for amnesty international. >> beijing has -- sees this type of company as posing a threat to national security because they say they're producing rumors and slander about the country's leadership and political system. >> reporter: li wo's picture is just the latest face in the fight against beijing's efforts to exert control. seth doane, cbs news, beijing. >>> coming up next, a young woman arrested i
Sep 28, 2015 3:00am PDT
economy grows the way it should grow, if i bring jobs back from china, japan, mexico, so many countries. everybody's taking our jobs. >> how do you get them back? $20 an hour jobs that this country was built on. >> right, exactly. you get them back by taking them away from other countries. if you look at china -- >> how does the president do that? >> by not allowing places like china to devaluate -- they devalue their currency so such an extent that it's impossible for our companies to compete. every time they do that, they suck the blood right out of our country. >> you're not running for president of china. >> no, i'm not, no. >> you're not going to be able to prevent the devaluation of their currency -- >> sure you are. they don't respect our president, they don't respect our country. they will respect me, they won't be doing it. if they don't come to the table they're going to have a tax when they put their products into this country. and they're going to be behave. >> you would tax their products coming into the united states? you're talking about a trade war. >> i'm talk
Oct 28, 2015 3:07am EDT
after an american navy destroyer, the "uss lassen" sailed within 12 miles of one of china's disputed artificial islands in the south china sea. >> reporter: today's patrol was a blunt message that the u.s. does not recognize china's territorial claim on these islands. they've been filling in reefs to 2013. china said the u.s. is playing a dangerous game. how far is china willing to go to protect what it sees as its territory? >> translator: the chinese side is willing to resolve the dispute in a peaceful way, but if forced, we will respond in our own way. >> reporter: new satellite images of the islands reveal what are believed to be airstrips capable of handling military aircraft. last june, we traveled towards the reef, one of the islands the u.s. ship approached today. as we get closer, you can see a number of cranes up and down the length of this island. it almost looks like a city in the middle of the sea. by claiming these islands, china is also claiming its vital shipping lanes and vast oil deposits. but the u.s. is pushing back and warned today's patrols won't be the last in
Jun 22, 2016 3:08am EDT
pretty speechless. >>> china is apparently making good on its pledge to stop supporting hackers, targeting american companies. fire eye, the online security company known for fighting sophisticated chinese hack attacks says security breaches linked to china-based groups are down 90% over the past two years. the justice department kids chinese espionage a national security emergency. there are more investigations and more prosecutions, but the dragnet sometimes snares the innocent. bill whitaker reports for "60 minutes." >> it was so urgent, pounding so urgent that i run here to open the door without being fully dressed. >> reporter: last may the fbi paid an early morning visit to scientist xia xing xi to his home in suburban philadelphia. >> i open the door. i see a lot of people outside. >> bulletproof vests? >> yes and guns. >> xi is chair of the temple physics department. convince heed was a spy passing high tech secrets to china. he was stunned when agents burst in and handcuffed him. >> reporter: did you have any idea what was going on, why they were here? >> no, i had abso
Mar 6, 2017 3:00am PST
, coughing, aching, fever best... ...sleep with a cold, medicine. >>> china said today its defense budget this year will top $145 billion, a record high. the announcement came as lawmakers gathered for the communist nation's parliamentary pagea pageant, the national people's congress. our adriana diaz reports from the opening ceremony in beijing. >> reporter: while it's a largely symbolic event, at the opening ceremony, the premier presents the status report, and sets goal for the year ahead, much like our state of the union address. about 3,000 delegates, the largest legislature in the world, packed into the great hall of the people to hear the premier speak. he pledged to tackle china's poor air quality, acknowledge the dangers of rising debt, and pegged gdp growth at 6.5%. while president donald trump wasn't mentioned by name, mr. lee criticized the protectionist policies favored by mr. trump and says china remains committed to inclusive economic globalization. >> we can't continue to allow china to rape our country. >> reporter: mr. trump has had a rocky relationship with china, after
Feb 11, 2016 2:07am EST
to the united states. what would you do to deal with that reclusive country? >> i would get china to make that guy disappear in one form very quickly. let me tell you. >> how do you make him disappear, assassinate him? >> well, i have heard of worse things, frankly. this guy is a bad dude. don't underestimate. any young guy can take over from his father with all the generals and any body else who want the position. this is not somebody to be underestimated. because china has control, absolute control of north korea. they don't say it. they do. and they should make that problem disappear. china is sucking us dry. they're taking our money. they're taking our jobs. they're doing so much. we have rebuilt china with what they have taken out. we have power over china. china should do that. now, iran. >> force the chinese to take care of north korea. >> force the chinese to do it. >> economically, charlie. they're suck the money out of us. we have a trade deficit this year with china $500 billion. they're taking money out of our country. they're taking our jobs. >> they hold all our debt
Mar 16, 2016 3:07am EDT
% increase on what jackson paid for atv originally. >>> overseas, china's communist government is moving to combat the terrible air pollution around beijing with pedal power. seth doan is there. >> reporter: we have seen plenty of pollution busting gimmicks and cans of fresh air. this was a publicity stunt. now beijing is looking at another way to combat smog and bad traffic. and about as low tech as you can get. early each morning, he prepares or well braces for his commute. the 39-year-old zig-zags through beijing traffic on his 30-minute journey through the city of more than 5.5 million cars. it is dangerous he admits. cars and bikes are fighting for space on the road. what can you do? 28,000 new cars came on to beijing streets last year. smog and snarled traffic, city planners are looking to the past. riding bikes is a good way to avoid being stuck in terrible traffic. adding, bikes are totally green and have zero emissions. he is with beijing's transportation department across the city it installed nearly 1900 racks filled with rental bicycles. they're free for the first hour
Jul 5, 2017 3:12am PDT
. russia and china are proposing north korea should stop all nuclear and missile tests. while the united states and south korea stop all military exercises. that would in theory open a window for all parties to talk, and avoid war. ben tracy is in beijing. >> the threat from north korea got more serious. joi kim jung un said his goal is a nuclear tipped intercontinental ballistic missile that could hit the united states and he may be one step closer to making that happen. north korean state television gleefully announced what it called an historic event. it claims kim jung un oversaw a successful test of this intercontinental ballistic missile. it is calling the hosong 14. with range of 4,000 miles capable of hitting all of alaska, but not the continental united states or hawaii. during 11 missile tests this year, north korea demonstrated its growing capabilities. at a military parade this spring, it showed off missile canisters believed to contain icbms. still not known if the regime has been able to miniaturize a nuclear warhead to fit top of the weapons. >> the claim that it is a majo
Jan 7, 2016 2:07am EST
tonight. david, thank you. >> well, worries about china's slowing economy shook up financial markets again today. the dow closed off 252 points. oil finished below $35 a barrel for the first time in nearly 12 years. and we note that chipotle lost $22 a share today. down nearly 38% since an e.coli outbreak at restaurants in the fall. the cbs "overnight news" will be right back. uh just gonna hang out. with gary and todd? yea. i've been meaning to ask you, is there any drinking going on in this crowd? no. so if any of your buddies ever pressure you to take a drink, just tell them you promised your dad you wouldn't. i'd do anything to keep you safe. ok. i will. i hope this is working. i promise. i love you too dad. they really do hear you. for tips on what to say visit can use some improvement. trying to make all the pieces fit together? wondering if you have the right tools? if your family improvement project isn't going the way you'd like, call the boys town national hotline at 1-800-448-3000 (tdd# 1-800-448-1433) or visit for problems big or
Aug 4, 2017 3:10am EDT
use sharing services like uber and air bnb but no more is it more popular than in china. it's gotten so big some feel china may be sharing too much. >> bikes are big business in china. the country's two largest bike shares companies ofo and mobike complete a combined 50 million bikes every day. investors poured more than a billion dollars in the companies explaining the millions of bikes on the streets and massive piles of pedals growing. the sharing brings convenience this woman said but this is too much. like a friend who doesn't know when to stop china might we over sharing. you can share a basketball for 15 cents an hour. charge your phone? a power bank share for that. then came the shared beds, many called napping pods to make it sound slightly less gross. shortly after opening they were shut down for not meeting fire code. in china a entrepreneur opened his umbrella on a dark day and had what he thought was a bright idea. the umbrella share launched in shanghai turned out to be all wet. 300,000 umbrellas went missing, probably because people decided to keep them. >> in the u.s.
Oct 28, 2015 1:37am CDT
years, it sees more growth overseas, especially in china. >> our projection is that the world, over the next 20 years, needs 38,000 new commercial airplanes. >> reporter: and more than 6,000 of those will be in china? >> yes. we're the u.s.'s biggest exporter in the manufacturing sector. it's a global business. >> reporter: now, as a further example of that relationship between boeing and the chinese, when the chinese president visited here in the u.s. last month, he went out to that factory in seattle and boeing announced it was building a plant in china. now, donald trump says that's going to cost u.s. jobs, but boeing says it's solidifying its relationship with the chinese, meaning more orders for airplanes and more jobs in the u.s. lysol spray kills 99.9% of bacteria. making it more than just the "pungent stink" neutralizer. for up to 7 days" spray. discover more ways you can use lysol to help keep your home healthier. guys listen up! jake, put that down point it at the ground til your ready that's not the ground leo put that down when your day goes on and on, you need 48 hour o
Oct 4, 2016 2:42am MST
the integrity of the sites and not to commercialize them. >> the cbs "overnight news" >>> china reopened its latest tourist attraction. the highest and longest class bridge in the world. was originally opened earlier this year. they had some trouble with it. which has reportedly been fixed. adriana diaz took a stroll across. >> reporter: both breathtaking and terrifying at the same time. come each day, a view they will likely never forget. it's got everyone acting like they're kids again. china's newest tourist attraction. is a selfie dream come true. that is if you can handle it. >>> shh. >> it's okay. >> it's okay. >> reporter: the grand canyon glass bridge in central china is stretching more than 1,400 feet. churning stomachs. >> trying to rationalize it and tell my brain it is safe. it just doesn't feel right. and leaving visitors amazed. >> are you scared? >> translator: no, i think it is great said this man. >> i feel a little scared. but i am strong enough. so, no. i am superman. >> reporter: this scenery inspired the floating mountains in the blockbuster avatar. the brid
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