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Mar 1, 2016 12:00pm MST
camera, this is hard to watch. a toddler tumbles out of a van in china. ,, ,, i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together. >>> it's official. the denver broncos have placed the exclusive franchise tag on von miller. that means his salary can be no less than the average of the top five salaries. cbs sports reports that without a long-term deal, that tag is worth more than $14 million to miller but he has said he wants to make a long-term deal with the broncos and will do whatever it takes to stay in denver. >> i've never been franchise before. i can say don't want to be. i want to be with the denver broncos. i want to be with chris harris and all those guys. i want to be with those guys for my whole career. whatever it takes to get it >> all right then. broncos are
Oct 31, 2016 12:00pm MDT
. >>> new video captures a frightening scene with a happy ending. it happened in china. a child took his toy car for a ride on a major road. look at that bus sideswipe him. the 3-year-old safely navigated the traffic until an officer on a motorcycle spotted him and grabbed him and his toy car and get him to safety. >>> when you're behind the wheel. last minute merges often lead merge closer to closed lanes. some cities are encouraging using the zipper merge. >> i stay in that lane as long as possible and then merge into it. >> can you blame her? >> the other cars line up in the right lane and all that empty pavement is sitting there unused. now some traffic engineers are saying go, use that space. >> so it's okay to cut? kansas is one of eight states using the zipper merge system. the state department of transportation put up signs asking drivers to use both lanes and take turns. what this does is brings predictability to the commute. it takes five to six minutes to get through the work zone even in peak traffic. and the cars keep moving and a zipper, hence, the zipper merge. >> seve
Sep 5, 2016 12:00pm MDT
crisis overshadowed the president's efforts to ease tensions with china and military expansion. adding to the unease, north korea testified three ballistic missiles into the sea of japan. >>> a warning about a man who tried to sexually assault a woman in boulder. this is the sex of the suspect. a call if you have any information. >>> police want to find this man. the 31-year-old is wanted for murder after the discovery of a woman shot to death. he has an extensive record including domestic violence. >> reporter: investigators spent hours coming for evidence at this complex where a woman was found dead inside one of the apartments. >> we were inside and she said that she thought e >> reporter: they live across the street. they say shortly after hearing that shot, they saw police swarm the building. >> first it was like two, three. then there were all kinds, fire truck, ambulance. >> that was at 11:00 on saturday night. once on scene, police found her in her 30s shot to death inside. no one else was around, but neighbors say they heard fighting coming from that home often, but i
Oct 26, 2016 12:00pm MDT
carries a disease from china known as greening and it appeared in 2005 and has now infected 90% of the trees. florida produces more oranges than any country in the world except brazil. but now production is plummeting. that has scientists racing to >> we're still hear -- this disease. >> we're still harvesting fruit. they're spending three times the money to get that crop and the crop is much smaller. >> mesh netting can protect the trees but it is very expensive. cutting into slim profit margins in. 2004, florida produced 240 million boxes of oranges. this season, that number is expected to just be around 70 million. >>> one day you may see her with her sunny deposition. our wednesday's child wants to be a meteorologist but her talents include art and singing. >> here we are inside and ceramics in the city with our wednesday's child skylar. how are you today? >> i'm doing well. >> you love arts and craft, right? >> yes. >> so show me what we're going to paint today. did you pick something out? >> a fox. >> all right. what colors do you want? that. >> yeah. painting. >> she opened
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4