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the u.s.' dealings with north korea, china's dealings with north korea, that there aren't a lot of great options in terms of dealing with the regime in pyongyang and trying to curb its nuclear program. but the president saying with president xi, that something has to be done about it. not sure if that was in response to a number of questions or this was just something he volunteered at that moment. but again as we were saying earlier, he's not going to be giving us a chance to be asking him questions. he's leaving hamburg shortly to head back to washington. guys? >> jim acosta, nic robertson as well, thank you both. >>> do stay with us, we're continuing to watch what happens at the g20 summit as they wrap things up there today. also, looking at some of the crowds that have been there today. so far, peaceful. but that was not the case overnight. >> they were gathering all day outside of the g20 summit. the time day of the summit. german police we know are prepared and have already called in reinforcements from across the country. more than 100 demonstrators have best arrested. we kn
these countries, and then there's countering china. everybody is talking about the threat posed by north korea and that's the most imminent threat, china's military rise, aggressiveness in the region is something these other countries are concerned about. >> no doubt, elise labbot, thank you so much. >> here now cnn presidential historian and history professor at rice university, douglas brinkley, and cnn analyst and editor at the atlantic, ron brownstein. good morning to you both. >> good morning. >> morning. >> douglas, i'll throw this one to you first. i was going to ask how does the president have a successful trip, but really maybe i'll word it this way. what would be the measure of a successful trip for this president in that region? >> i think the measure of success would be if he could get -- stay focused on asian affairs, meaning not do a twitter about what's going on back home with the russia probe, or not get involved with nfl football or the like, but really hone down on what's important to the people of japan and south korea, vietnam, the philippines. these are our all
situation now. you have labs mostly in china that are creating this poison and then sending it by the mail system to the united states. there's really no effective way to target those packages. that's what we're trying to do, get that information to target the packages and be able to stop some of these deaths here. here in columbus, ohio, we had on average one death per day over the last two months from fentanyl. we're on track to triple the number of deaths from last year. it's tragic and it's affecting everybody. >> how -- if you're going to have the post office track them, electronically as i understand it, is there any way to scan or to decipher what is actually being sent? i can't imagine somebody is going to declare it as we do say with fede. >> it's a great question. they're required to provide advanced electronic information for these private carriers of where the package is from, what's in it, where it's going and that information can be used by law enforcement to at least target the packages that are most suspicious. obviously the information as to where it's going is pr
tillerson is in china where nuclear north korea continues to dominate the discussion. take a listen. >> we also exchange views and i think we share a common view in a sense that tensions on the peninsula are quite high right now and that things have reached a rather dangerous level. >> covering this all from all angles we want to bring in our power pack political panel. ryan noble, rebaecca burg. thank you all so much for taking the time to be with us here. ryan, i'd like to start with you. i want to look at where things stand. where w what is the status with the president and angela merkel after their meeting yesterday? >> it was certainly an awkward meeting. the body language was a b uncomfortable never more than during the press conference when trump was pushed by a german reporter about his accusations that obama wire tapped trump tower. take a look at how he responded. >> as far as wire tapping i guess by this past administration, at least we have something in common perhaps. >> certainly an uncomfortable moment there as the president alluding to the fact that wick key leak rev
war between the u.s. and china. president saying that china has to get involved and china has control over north korea. chinese foreign minister saying if they let a war break out on the peninsula, they must shoulder that historical culal culpability. >> he told "the wall street journal" the chinese president explained to him this contact in north korea and history between china and north korea and this was news to him. i think that was perhaps the most telling admission in this messaging back and forth that the president is really learning this as he goes and learning a lot more now about this conflict having spoken with china about it. but the president has changed his tone on china in a very interesting way since his meeting with the chinese president of course flipping on his former claim they are currency manipulators and now deciding they are not and doesn't want to use that terminology. it's fluid in terms of what we hear from president trump, and i expect that we might see that continue moving forward. >> the discussion of geopolitical rhetorical shift here, i want you to list
don't think they are getting through. he talks a lot about china, which will be a big issue in the campaign. china is going to be a challenge to the united states geopolitically. it is already an economic challenge. trump really is the only person discussing that. he has a lot of business links with china. that's not coming through. he talked about race with an interview with cnn's don lemon. he praised the presidnt for his speech down in charleston when he sung amazing grace. the fact that some of these inflammatory remarks are going to get headlines and detract from the rest of donald trump's platform. >> specially as companies continue to separate themselves from donald trump. >> steven colinson thank you so much. >> thanks victor. >>> still ahead, more on the killing of the san francisco woman who is raising new questions about the detention of undocumented immigrants. why was the suspect, francisco sanches still in the country having being deported? >> we are taking a closer look behind the terror threats this fourth of july. see why officials are xwernd possible lone wolf att
meeting with president xi of china and how they can work together to influen influence. >> three things that came out of that are first of all, that north korea, kim jung unarmed with nuclear weapons is a threat not only to the united states, not only to our great allies, japan and south korea, but also to china. that's a big acknowledgment. the second thing was that the goal of working together with them cannot be the so-called freeze for freeze, where we freeze our training and they freeze their program, because they are at threshold capability now. freeze for freeze doesn't work anymore. it's intolerable. the goal is denuclearization of the peninsula. that's the second big thing. the third big thing that came out of it is china acknowledged they have tremendous coercive economic influence here. they may not have a great political relationship. who does these days, right? but they recognize that they do have a great deal of agency and control over that situation. >> ron, first to you. any evidence that china is willing to use some of that influence? that's been the frustration of the
from president trump yet, who is urged by china to use restraint as nuclear tensions seem to be econgratulating here. >> president trump called president xi last night to pressure him on trade. he wanted to warn xi that a u.s. investigation into china's trade practices could start on monday. but xi shifted the conversation and pressed president trump to tone down threats like this one. >> if anything happens to guam, there's going to be big, big trouble in north korea. >> let's talk about japan now. they are ready to respond. look at the massive missile flthor flth interceptors. >> president trump is signals that possible military intervention could be on the table for venezuela. officials there calling the president's warning cowardly, insolent and vile. >> we have many options for venezuela, by the way, i'm not going to rule out a military option. we have many options for venezuela. >> recovering this from all aing angles this morning. let's start with cnn's diane gallagher. good morning to you. >> yeah, the saber-rattling continues. president donald trump not here in washingt
the press pool. he he's also visiting japan and china. his timing comes escalating tensions regarding north korea's missile launches. sb intelligence officials watching north korea in light of the south korean ousting of the president. kr cnn global affairs correspondent alise following this story. talk to us about this timing and the concerns as we watch from outside the perspective. what's happening in south korea? what's happening in north korea? what rex tillerson is going to do as we try to decipher what it means for the u.s.? >> well, clearly the impeachment of president park could not come at a more difficult time because of all this political vacuum. the fear is that north korea will try to exploit that. and also south korea's having tension not just with north korea but also with its neighbors both china and japan. japan over a diplomatic despite but china over the deployment of the missile defense system with the united states to ward off north korea. secretary of state tillerson will come into this all. he'll be asked -- meeting not with the leader of the country,
checks payable to donald j. trump for president. he is renewing rhetoric on china and mexico and adding to that line. a top aide for hillary clinton. listen. >> you look at trade pacts. china eating our lunch. japan like we're children. mexico both in trade and at the border, what they're doing to us is terrible. and i have great respect for china, for japan. i love the people. i love the people of mexico. i love hispanics. nobody, nobody loves hispanics like i do. i probably have more than almost anybody working for me. we have some low energy people, they're really low. i'm not going to say jeb is low energy, but he's pretty low. who would you rather have negotiate with iran? trump or jeb? how about this? trump or hillary. who is huma married to? one of the great sleeze bags of our time. anthony weiner. did you know that? she's married to anthony weiner, you know, the little bing bing bing, i love you very much. think of it. so huma is getting classified secrets. she's married to anthony weiner, who's a perv. no, he is! >> hillary clinton's campaign responded to that with this.
they sat down for breakfast inside the hotel. other victims were from china, belgium and the united states. anita datar was a mother and public health worker from the state of maryland. we have been following the latest from kenya. robin, could this attack push other countries to take on a bigger role in fighting terrorism in africa? >> reporter: well, fred, we have already seen through such organizations as the u.s. military's african command, they are talking about taking on a much bigger role. we are seeing that in somalia and north africa and west africa. france president hollande, mentioned he would extend all supports to the malians in general. we do know that, of course, this sort of tragedy and specially aimed at foreign nors in such an american-owned hotel, one of mali's most luxurious hotels and other foreign countries, because they had a number of people stuck inside as well. >> robin, reporting from nairobi in kenya. >>> this is the latest in a wave of terror attacks happening in africa in the past couple of weeks. are militant groups getting bolder and stronger in afric
travelled to illinois from china about two weeks ago as the search was ongoing. all three of them delivered very strong messages of hope to me when i spoke with them. on thursday morning. speaking with the dad through the translator, here was some of that hope we saw. >> the family hopes that the kidnappers would not hurt her. and knowing she, she's really well loved. and by the families and the friends. just let her go. let her come back. as soon as possible. >> he understands if the kidnapper did give a moment perhaps has this took this action, he will forgive him, if he, if the person lets yin to come back. the dad will understand. how the person got this action. but just let her to come back. >> that message of hope delivered the same day authorities captured christianson on audio explaining how he kidnapped zhang. >> goodness, kaylee thank you so much. >>> authorities in pennsylvania are searching for the person responsible for a deadly road rage incident. ended with the death of a recent high school graduate. we've got a sketch here, authorities have released of the suspect.
fellow at the university of southern california's u.s. china institute. mike, good to have you this morning. >> thanks for having me. >> so you visited north korea more than two dozen times. and as i understand it, you believe that this skirmish is more dangerous than previous standoffs. why? >> well, what we've had if this this situation are a couple of factor has we haven't really had in previous bouts of high tension between north and south korea. this is really the biggest crisis between the north and south since kim untojong-un too power. with his father and uncle, it was generally thought that their leaders knew where to stop. but kim jong-un is young, impetuous, been purmging a lot of key officials in his regime. so nobody really knew how far he would be prepared to take it. and at the same time south koreans have made it clear they are prepared to respond more forcibly than in the past. so the danger was that you would get a cycle of escalation. but at the last minute, the north suggested talks and this is also something we've seen in previous episodes of tension now after t
where you highlighted north korea, syria, iran, russia. you could add economic challenges with china, you could have that in the barack obama administration. it's a reminder foreign policy problems are rarely solved. they are more often managed. the world is not the caucus of the house of representatives. it's hard for the president to impose their will on them. iran is, you know, certainly an expression of that. we have been struggling really since 1979 to figure out how to leverage, exert leverage, on this new administration. so here you have the president being willing to use the moral authority of the united states against a regime that we oppose their geopolitical role. he's been much more hesitant about applying that same standard to those which we are allied. in fact, he's unreservedly put our chips on saudi arabia in what amounts to an undeclared civil war between iran and saudi arabia, the shia and sunni struggle for influence. but our position in iran is always very complicated. demonstrators do not want to be identified as advancing u.s. interests, and if there is one thin
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russia and china to come in, and that is not a place are the u.s. wants to be. that's not a place anyone wants to be, but if the united states is not seen as a reliable ally, you're going to see these kind of coalitions, if you will, coalesce without the united states. >> iran, ahead of the announcement, the president said yesterday that he was keeping a campaign promise, right, but this is not building the wall on the southern border. this is not tax reform. this is not some of the other tent pole issues that the president promoted during the campaign. how much does this really matter to his supporters, the withdrawal potentially from the iran deal? >> well, first of all, you know, building the wall has proven very problematic. look, you know, i think we really have to underscore what john and elise have both said. this is a move that has the potential, excuse me, to really isolate the u.s., to further isolate the u.s. in the world and to further divide the american political system. there's not a lot of sympathy for iran anywhere in the american political system. not a lot of pe
china. workers frantically digging as they rescue a firefighter who has been buried in that rubble. >>> so grateful to have you with us as always on a saturday. here with "newsroom," i'm christi paul. >> and i'm victor blackwell. it's a big political day in a couple of hours, many presidential hopefuls, a lot of them, will descend on the iowa state fair, hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and lincoln chafee, we also have rick santorum and donald trump as well. and donald trump will make a grand entrance. >> to say the least, yes. the business mogul expected to arrive in his helicopter. how else would he, correct? >> that's just the way. >> that's just the way. meanwhile, clinton heads to iowa after taking shots at each other and the rest of the gop field is essentially what's happening this morning. we've got the latest. we know, jeff, that hillary spoke last night. wondering, first of all, what was the reaction to her speech? >> reporter: hey, good morning. you're right. this is ground zero of the 2016 presidential campaign at least for the weekend. but hillary clinton spoke with th
happened full of governments have the capability to do this. russia and china are at the top of the list >>> president obama stopped in san bernardino late last night for an emotional visit. we talked to the partner of one of the victims. what he told us. that's coming up. >>> if you're not shot, sir, get out of the car. >> this is a new video where the officer says, he did not shoot the dui suspect. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose ast
me to stop -- help me stop them from being invaded by china. and i have been to vietnam, and americans are very well loved on the vietnamese peninsula. there was never a need for a war there. i think that muhammad ali realized that out a general humanitarian sense but dr. king realized he knew when the buddhist -- a very much pro vietnamese buddhist. he also knew thomas mertin, the roman catholic priest that knew vietnam very well and felt this was not a good war for us to fight. and he bore a great burden in price. i think the world would have been so much better if muhammad ali had been allowed to continue fighting and been able to be the kind of global ambassador with portfolio from the united states government that he became without any portfolio. he represented god and god's children everywhere in the world, and he loved everybody. and god is love. and yet everybody knew him as an american olympian and as a world champion, as a citizen of louisville but also a citizen of the world. he's one of my favorite people and -- but i still think that we should never forget that a
with china. tim kaine is absolutely a turnoff for those voters. they see trade as a huge issue in this election. donald trump is right on trade. he's for negotiating nafta. >> unfortunately, donald trump and pence are wrong on every other issue. >> let me finish. before this pick, 45% of bernie sanders voters said they were not going to support hillary clinton. half of those would support donald trump. i will predict the number will go up because tim kaine is turning off those bernie sanders supporters. hillary clinton did not listen to the movement and it will lose her the election along with a strong policy on economy and national security from donald trump. >> 15 seconds to finish it up. >> i think it's completely wrong what he's saying, if you look at what happened in 2008, plenty of hillary people were not in favor of obama -- >> it's not the same and you know it. >> it absolutely turned out and won overwhelmingly, donald trump simply does not have the broad based appeal or the turn out operation to be winning -- >> the polls show different it's much easier -- >> bori enjoy t
. it's a treaty, we signed it. >> i'm going to do this to china. okay, that's a violation of the world trade organization rules. we would be the rogue nation. i don't think we want to be the rogue nation. let's let north korea be the rogue nation, not us. >> you were cbo of a company called cannabis citiva, you've been open about your use of cannabis products. would a president johnson use cannabis products in the white house? >> no, i wouldn't. i've been on record saying that. i haven't had a drink in 29 years. i think i really have a proven record of discipline beyond most people. and, no, i don't think you want to have the president of the united states impaired and potentially being impaired in any way whatsoever. >> you can watch the full interview with gary johnson and bill weld, former governor at our web site and cnn is at the libertarian convention all weekend. we have live coverage beginning in just a few hours. >> live pictures of flooding in texas. this is coming in as we're speaking here. the state received more than 16 inches of rain yesterday. the big part of the problem
china has. and putin, russia has been targeted by isis over the plane in sharm el sheikh. >> the presumed killing of jihadi john, the victory for the kurds now. the sense that there was an acceleration in the battle of isis in iraq and syria. president used a word that perhaps we have contained them there. >> i think he may live to rue those words. it is not. >> a cnn affiliate told that two people -- sorry, a syrian passport was found on the body, near the body of an attacker outside the stadium in france. a syrian passport near the body outside the stadium in france. >> now, four people died in the attack in the bataclan. three blew themselves up with suicide belts. one was killed with -- by the police, and outside the stadium. three people, three of the attackers were killed in suicide attacks. the deputy mayor warned that more attacks may be coming. >> it's a terrible, terrible situation. it's a tragedy that we are facing. i don't know what more to say. of course tomorrow will be another day. we don't know if it will start again tomorrow or not. nothing to say that the sequen
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check in next weekend. thanks so much. >> yes, sir. >> there is a desperate search under way in china this morning, more than 120 people are missing after a landslide. take a look at some of the latest pictures we're getting in here. according to chinese state media, five bodies have been found in that rubble. emergency responses have been activated. more than 1,000 people are on the scene, they're digging as you can see there, through the debris and the mud and the rubble there. the landslide hit a village in the mountains, burying at least 60 homes. >>> there's a journalist who says that russia is practicing cyberattacks in ukraine that could potentially be used here in the u.s. we'll have that journalist with us, next. only tylenol® rapid release gels have laser drilled holes. they release medicine fast, for fast pain relief. tylenol® ykeep you that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. will you be ready when the moment turns romantic?
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and advances in technology not seen since the cold war. now china, north korea, india and others are joining a new arms race under the sea. commodore ali lewis -- >> we're operating in an environment where we didn't have adversaries to challenge us. that's changing. >> reporter: its greatest asset may be its silence. >> whether there's a submarine there or not, they don't know. >> reporter: and so underwater is where these boats and their crews spend nearly 90% of their time deployed. >> the uss missouri is coming into port now in jacksonville, florida, and that's not something if you're a submariner they do very often. their most recent deployment, they were out for 181 days, 163 days were at sea. that is the life of a submariner. >> that a call to action the u.s. navy 70 submarines are getting more and more often. it.? with discover card, you can talk to a real person in the u.s., like me, anytime. wow. this is a recording. really? no, i'm kidding. 100% u.s.-based customer service. here to help, not to sell. we're here to remind you that no one's the same without the game. like mat
, china and russia. they both stayed in their lane. neither person gave up ground. >> we have a bit of the response the president offered in which he compared the struggle for rights for gays and lesbians to those of african-americans in the u.s. let's listen. harm they are doing anybody, but because they are different, that's the path whereby freedoms begin to erode. and bad things happen. and when a government gets in the habit of treating people differently, those habits can spread. >> the president said, as an african-american in the united states i am painfully aware of the history of what happens when people are treated differently under the law. your reaction to that? >> look i thought that was a very compelling part of this unusually engaging press conference mixing personal and political. it was compelling in two respects. i think it was the most resonant argument he could have made that a country and government is better off treating people equally equating it to the u.s. struggle for rights across racial lines. it was interesting and he did the same thing on corruption. he m
there in south korea, and in japan. i think there has to be more increased pressure on china. we need to have some talk in the regard of pressure, i should say, put on north korea in a very similar way that we did with iran, in getting that nuclear agreement done. i know some people talk about that we had six-party talks in the past. if you go back, you look at it, we had an agreement. there was something that went on in the transition between the clinton administration and the bush administration and the north koreans pulled out. but if we had, i think we need those talks where there is a verifiable opportunity to get on the ground and get all of the information that's necessary from the north koreans in the same manner that we're doing in iran. but clearly, what the president is talking about, i have no clue what his policy is. and what that has meant. nobody indicated that they know what it is. >> let's turn to health care quickly before we let you go. senate republicans missed the self-imposed deadline to pass the bill by the july 4th break. if they come back and cannot pass
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china. storms still forecasted to being packing hurricane winds >>> tony stewart is facing a wrongful death lawsuit from the family of kevin ward jr. a year ago, he hit ward with his rear tire causing fatal injuries. they believe the fact that ward had wafted on to the track, factored into a decision not to indict him but the family claims he failed to drive safely. they are seeking unspecified financial compensation. >> it has been such a pleasure to spend the whole morning with you. >> certainly, there is a lot more. sorry, christi paul. i am victor black well. >> we are going on five hours. we are a little punchy. >> we made it. let's turn it over now to fredricka whitfield. >>> okay. my turn. how about that? victor, christie, thank you so much. great watching you this morning. >>> hello, everyone. it is the 11:00 eastern hour. i'm fredricka whitfield. "newsroom" starts right now. >>> oh, donald trump, he is at it again. his comments to cnn last night getting him dumped from a conservative political gathering in atlanta tonight. here is what he told our don lemon when aske
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