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Oct 17, 2012 1:00am EDT
trade with other nations that they play by the rules and china hasn't. one of the ways they don't play by the rules is artificially holding down the value of their currency because if they put the value of their currency low that means the prices of their goods are low and that makes them advantageous in the marketplace. we lose sales and manufacturers in the u.s. can't compete. china has been a currency manipulator for years and years and years and the president has a regular opportunity to label them as a currency manipulator but refuses to do so. on day one, i will label china a currency manipulator which will allow me as president to be able to put in place if necessary tariffs where i believe they are taking unfair advantage of our manufacturers so we're going to make sure that people we trade with around the world play by the rules but let me not just stop there. don't forget, what's key to bringing jobs back here is not just finding someone else to punish -- and i'm going to be strict with people whom we trade with to make sure they follow the law and play by the rules -- b
Oct 16, 2012 10:30pm EDT
to deduct expenses when they move to china, that allow them to profit offshore and not have to get taxed so they have tax advantages offshore -- all those changes in our tax code would make a difference. governor romney actually wants to expand those tax breaks. one of his big ideas when it comes to corporate tax reform would be to say if you invest overseas you make profits overseas, you don't have to pay u.s. taxes but of course if you're a small business or a mom and pop business or a big business starting up here, you've got to pay even the reduced rate governor romney's talking about and it's estimated that will create 800,000 new jobs. the problem is they'll be in china or india or germany. that's not the way we are going create jobs here. the way we're going to create jobs here is not just to change our tax code but also to double our exports and we are on pace to double our exports, one of the commitments i made when i was president, that's creating tens of thousands of jobs all across the country. that's why we've kept on pushing trade deals but trade deals that make sure
Oct 22, 2012 10:30pm EDT
hopefully working and the points he made against the tide not trade was very valid -- the china trade was very valid. 90% of the products are coming from china. i'm excited he is going to make some kind of change with that and i am even more supportive of the pro-life stance he has. i also think that god were given a vote, he would vote for mitt romney all the way. host: deborah from texas, undecided. caller: i really did not know who i want to vote for. i am in the military. i agree with obama more than romney. i feel he has more experience and i want to give him four more years to see what he can do. it took 10 years to mess up the economy and everything else. we should of these give him four more years. not after that, ok, let's pick someone else. host: some other, some public officials and journalists. and all of you as well. this is from brent this is bad news for romney. poor performance and lack of vision. good news, no one knows, america has been put to sleep. tell us what you think about this debate. primarily focused on foreign policy of the domestic politics and the economy
Oct 4, 2012 1:00am EDT
. open up trade in latin america. crackdown on china if they cheat. make sure people have the skills to succeed in the best schools in the world. get us to a balanced budget, champion small business. it is small business that creates jobs in america. over the last four years, small- business people decided america may not be the place to open a new business because new business start-ups are down to a 30-year low. i know what it takes to hire people. i am concerned that the path we are on is unsuccessful. the president has a view very similar to what he had four years ago that a bigger government spending more, taxing more. trickle-down government would work. that is not the right answer for america. i will restore the vitality that gets america working again. >> please respond directly to the trickle-down approach. >> let me talk about what i think we need to do. we have to improve our education system. we have made enormous progress drawing on ideas from democrats and republicans. they are starting to show gains in some of the toughest-to-deal- with schools. we have a program called r
Oct 3, 2012 10:30pm EDT
and big businesses, he has not taken china seriously, taking american jobs and being a money manipulator. he has added so much to the national debt to that he promised to reduce. i know it is not all of his fault and the congress is to blame, too, but he is the guy that has to take charge and get people realizing we are on a path to destruction. i think we need a new president in 2012. >> will also take some tweets. karl rove says -- next is a viewer watching us from oklahoma who is a democrat. this is gary. >> thank you. i thought the president held up on mr. romney. mr. romney comes out and tells you he will tax -- not lower taxes on the rich by cutting out deductions. just like the president said, he did not hammer him enough on it. even if you add up all of the deductions and then the defense spending, you are just going further into the hole. >> thank you. that is dave's tweet to us. we also have our facebook page open and our twitter account. you can send us lots of comments and any of these mediums. you can reach us on this is laurie who is a democr
Oct 11, 2012 10:30pm EDT
who has brought the entire world including russia and china to bring about the most devastating efforts on the iran did to make sure they in fact stop. these guys bet against america all the time. >> a look back at some of the presidential debate. we will be airing the entire debate beginning at -- about 45 minutes from now. it is also on our web site. you never get a but they can st. -- the campaign side to the has a convention hub it. we have also aggravated all of the debate so you can go back to areas of special interest to you and listen to what the candidates had to say. let's go to calls. patrice is from north carolina, an independent. >> i just wanted to call and say i really enjoyed the debate it. it was so much more substantial in the way it was handled by a moderator. i am an independent. i am probably will vote for the president again. i just cannot really like the way that mitt romney and paul ryan are so conservative and are against abortion for -- it seems like they are against abortion for everybody. i did not realize religion played such a big part again to of t
Oct 23, 2012 1:00am EDT
the president. i would like ask the american people, if you had a company that you could take to china or south america and pay $2 per hour and you had to pay me $15 per hour, what would you do? these are the things you're blaming the president for. the private sector -- if you had a company that you could lay 15 people off, keep 10 people on the job, you are making money, you are making a profit, what would you do? stop blaming the president for all of this. host: you can join the conversation on our facebook page and weigh in on the question, "who won the debate?" this is a non-scientific survey, but 20,000 people saying the president won the debate compared to about 9004 mitt romney. we will get more of your reaction from the debate. on the twitter page, this is from david from cnn. host: next is a supporter of governor romney. patrick from california. go ahead, please. we will go to charles next, who is joining us from arkansas. go ahead, charles. caller: what is -- if people would listen to what is going on, they would see that romney is doing a lot of rambling. i really do not th
Oct 12, 2012 1:00am EDT
there is any possibility the entire world would have joined us? russia and china? these are the most crippling sanctions in the history of sanctions. period. when the governor is asked about it, he said, we have to keep the sanctions. you're going to go to war? the interesting thing, how are they going to prevent war? there is nothing more they'd say we should do than what we have already done. with regard to the ability of the united states to take action militarily, it is not in my purview to talk about classified information. we feel quite confident we could deal a serious blow to the iranians. the iranians are -- the israelis and united states intelligence communities are the same exact place in terms of how close the iranians are to getting a nuclear weapon. there is no difference between our view and theirs. when my friend talks about material, they have to take this highly enriched uranium, then they have to be able to have something to put it in. there is no weapon the iranians have at this point. both the israelis and we will know if they start the process. all this bluster
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8