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May 27, 2017 8:33pm EDT
salons with the north koreans is china but the chinese have always been more fearful of the collapse of the regime than of a nuclear regime, so they have refused to tighten the screws on the north koreans and they could do a lot. they could close the border. they could deny them fuel oil. the chinese could really hurt the regime. the chinese have to be convinced that they now have to do whatever it takes to stop this regime and when you hear the administration say, if you want real with the north koreans we will that's the message that they are sending. that we will is kind of ugly because if you want to look at military options you are looking at seoul which is very vulnerable and very close to the border to the demilitarized zone the north koreans could do a lot of damage, a lot of civilian casualties very quickly in seoul so the options are not very good. it's complicated by the new president in south korea who is a man of the left who has said we have to be negotiating with the north koreans. trust me, i tried that. they walked away and we are going to have to try to find a way t
May 28, 2017 7:30pm EDT
between china and the united states through, and destined for war. historian sean takes a closer look at the end of the romanoff's rule over russia and the russian revolution. look for these titles in bookstores this coming week. watch for authors in the near future of book tv, on c-span to. [inaudible] >> ladies and gentlemen. please welcome condoleezza rice. [applause] [applause] [applause] >> good evening everyone. my name is john, i have the honor of being the executive director of the ronald reagan presidential foundation. i want to thank you for coming out this evening. in honor of our men and women in uniform protecting our freedoms around the world would you please stand and join me for the pledge of allegiance. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag, of the united states of america and to the republic, for which it stands. one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. please be seated. before we get started i want to recognize a couple of people in the audience. i know with the first couple you will recognize them they have been such terrific supporters of th
Jul 4, 2017 8:45pm EDT
the north koreans is probably china but the chinese have always been more fearful than the nuclear regime. they have refused to tighten the screen so they can do a lot wi with. they have to be convinced to do whatever they can for the regi regime. if you hear them say if he won't do with the north koreans, we will. but if the message that they are sending. it is kind of ugly because if you want to look at military options, you are looking at seoul which is very vulnerable and close to the border. they could do a lot of damage and civilian casualties very quickly. we ought to be negotiating, trust me, i tried that and they walked away. we are going to have to try to find a way to protect south korea and japan because again, no president can let the north koreans reach. [applause] we have seen a lot of analysis if he thinks there is one tragedy to occur they would point to the disaggregation absolution. i got an insight into this because i know vladimir putin very willing to spend a lot of time with him. [applause] he thought they would get more attention. so, one day we were sitting
Jun 24, 2017 10:47am EDT
it is this well the only country that actually has influence with north koreans is probably china. but the chinese have always been more fearful of the collapse of the regime of a nuclear regime. so they've refused to tighten the screws on north korean so he can do a lot and close border. they could deny them fuel, oil, and chinese could really hurt the regime. the chinese have to be convinced that they have to do now whatever it takes to stop regime and when you hear administration say, if you won't deal with north koreans, we will. that's the message that they're sending. mow, the we will is kind of ugly. because if you want to look at military options, you're looking at soul which is -- very vulnerable and very close to the military zone they could do the north koreans could do a lot of damage. a lot of civilian casualties very quickly in seoul. so the options are not very good. it is complicated by the new president in -- south korea who is a man of the left who has said we ought to be negotiating with the north koreans trust me, i tried that. they walked away. and we are goin
Jun 3, 2017 5:30pm EDT
what do you do about it? the only country that has influence with the north korean's is probably china but the chinese have always been more fearful of the collapse of the regime than of a newborn nuclear regime. they could do a lot. they could close the border, deny them fuel oil. the chinese could really hurt the regime but the chinese have to be convinced they could do whatever it is they need to stop the regime. the we will is kind of ugly because if you wabt want to look at military options you are looking at soule which is vulnerable and close to the border and the north koreans could do a lot of damage very quickly there. the options are not very good. it is complicated by the new president in south korea who is a man of the left who has said we ought to be negotiating with the north koreans. trust me, i tried that. they walked away. we are going to have to find a way to protect south korea and protect japan because no president can let the north koreans be able to reach the united states with a knuckler weapon. first of all i know vladimir putin well. i spent time with him. he
Aug 25, 2015 8:00am PDT
crazy last few weeks to be honest. amy: stocks plummet in china again as the dow loses hundreds of points. are we facing a new economic crisis? have we even recovered from the last one? we will speak to economist michael hudson author of the new book, "killing the host: how financial parasites and debt bondage destroy the global economy." then "tell homeland security-we , are the bomb." that is the title of a new book i boots riley. >> music, in particular right now, at that point for me, hip-hop, is something that could be used as a rallying cry, as a people to understand the common necessity, a common feeling, a common emotion to get people to join movements. amy: all that and more, coming up. welcome to democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. as many as ten thousand people fleeing violence in their home countries are surging through the balkans in efforts to reach hungary before the country seals its border. many of the people are fleeing wars in syria and afghanistan. they are traveling by busses, on foot, in wheelchair and wheelbarrows. onc
Sep 20, 2012 6:00pm EDT
plan to close the factory and make it to china. the workers have been trying to get romney to save their jobs. >> romney supporters in the audience were calling as communists because we're trying to save our jobs from going to communist china. >> first, mother jones reporter david corn who obtained the secret mitt romney tapes. >> david corn and mitt romney and the showdown, the inside story and "showdown: the indside story of how obama fought back against boehner, cantor, and the tea party." all of that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. we are broadcasting from freeport, illinois. the justice department's inspector general has issued a long anticipated report faulting top federal officials over the controversial gun sting operation known as fast and furious while exonerating attorney general eric holder. the operation saw u.s. agents allowing the sale of thousands of guns to middlemen for mexican drug cartels in an attempt to gain access to senior level figures within mexico's criminal organization. the nearl
Nov 5, 2013 9:00am PST
culture in china, it is a such an old civilization. and this symbol, besides its implications specifically within the religion, talks about balance, and harmony, and unity. and these are aspects of the eastern, the east asian world; touched on those a bit with buddhism, we'll see buddhism is in the mix, but the sense of the oneness, the unity of all things. now, think for a moment religiously how different that is. we don't have what i would call ontological dualism, we don't have a situation here where the world is here, human life is here, we live in history, and god angels the forces of creation are apart from that. what if everything belonged to one system? we are moving along the line more on the line of a monist. how would you react, ethically, if you felt that you, though you might have a different position in this oneness, you were a part of it, truly a part, there is a part in a part thing you have been dealing with the whole semester? that's a part of the instinct, that move to harmony and balance. if all is one, and there is no way you can opt out of the system, the
Apr 6, 2017 12:00pm PDT
.-china relations. pres. trump: we cannot continue to allow china to rape our country. and that is what they're doing. it is the greatest theft in history of the world. amy: that was donald trump on the campaign trail. today, he is hosting chinese president xi jinping at his mar-a-lago golf resort. all of that and more, coming up. welcome to democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. president donald trump said wednesday a chemical weapons attack in syria this week that left at least 86 people dead had altered his position on syria and its leader bashar al-assad. speaking at the white house alongside king abdullah of jordan, trump called the attack an affront to humanity, but offered no details about his planned response. pres. trump: it crossed a lot of lines for me. when you kill innocent children -- innocent babies. babies. little babies. with a chemical gas that is so lethal. people were shocked dear what gas that was. that crosses any, many lines. amy: when trump was later asked whether he would consider military intervention in syria, he said
Oct 30, 2012 6:00pm EDT
technologies plant to protest plans to move the factory to china, ending 170 jobs. a federal appeals court has rejected the group plan. his challenge of a funding ban in taxes. texas has sought to cut payments to planned parenthood and exclude it from a government funded health program for low- income women because it also provides abortions. the texas program offers cancer and health screenings as well as birth control to some 100,000 low-income women, about 40,000 of whom are served through planned parenthood. the court of appeals for the but circuit in new orleans declined to reconsider an earlier ruling upholding the ban. in response, texas governor rick perry immediately announced that texas will stop all payments to program participants affiliated with abortion providers. a recent george washington university study has warned texas will be unlikely to provide adequate care to the patients currently served by planned parenthood. the supreme court is set to decide today on whether to hear a challenge to the conviction of five former top officials with the holy land foundation, once the
Jun 7, 2017 3:00pm PDT
. we will get response from trita parsi. then china is refusing to release three activists who were arrested while they were investigating labor conditions at a factory manufacturing ivanka trump brand shoes. the men worked for china labor watch, which says the supplier forced workers into excessive overtime, verbally abused them and paid wages below china's legal minimum. we will get the latest. president trump kicks off his infrastructure week by announcing plans to privatize air traffic control. pres. trump: i am proposing new principles to congress for air-traffic control reform, making flights quicker, safer, and more reliable. crucially, these reforms are supported by air traffic controllers themselves. amy: we will speak with the consumer advocate group flyers' rights, which says trump's proposal amounts to giving the airlines control over a core public access for free and would allow them to extract new fees and increased taxes from passengers. then we look at the opioid epidemic and the new crarackdown by the t trump administration. >> for americans under the age ofof 50, d
May 19, 2014 8:00am PDT
william worthy. at the height of the cold war, he defied u.s. government by reporting from cuba, china, the soviet union, and iran. he went to north vietnam. the folksinger phil ochs once even wrote a song about him. >> went down to cuba am a he's not an american anymore. somehow it is strange to hear the state department say, you're living in the free world in the free world you must day ♪ >> we will air excerpts of our 1998 interview with william worthy and speak to three journalists who knew him. jeremy scahill and former washington post reporter scott armstrong. he took documents bill worthy brought back from iran and published them in the washington post when the new york times refused. we will also speak with the worthy's close associate photographer randy goodman who went with him to iran on a number of trips. all of that and more coming up. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. dozens of people have been killed and tens of thousands displaced after unprecedented flooding in the balkans. an estimated three months worth of rain hit
Jun 17, 2013 8:00am PDT
china morning post. he said one target of the nsa hacking was the chinese university of hong kong, which according to the new york times host the city's main hub for internet connections to the rest of the world. and you talk about the significance of this? , actually, the chinese university hosts what is called the hong kong internet exchange. it is not exactly the hub to the rest of the world, but it is the hub within hong kong. all of the hong kong traffic between internet service providers will pass through this internet exchange in the chinese university. in a way, you would guess that if somebody would want to snoop and want to listen in to as much traffic as possible, then you would choose the biggest intersection point. that would be this. i think that is what conventional wisdom here as been sort of guessing, why that particular place, that university, has been picked up as a target. but, of course, i think in saysen's interview, he that all over the world there were at least over 60,000 of these sort of intrusions. about 300 or so in hong kong. that means that hong kong
Oct 10, 2012 6:00pm EDT
close the factory and ship their jobs to china. >> i am here because people that have their livelihoods, have raised their families, they have worked at their jobs and put in long hours and hard hours, they are losing them to communist china. romney, who benefits from bain capital, he does not seem to think there is any correlation at all. i just believe in their cause prix de >> as millions of americans by the new iphone5, we look at why thousands of chinese workers at a key plant walked off the job last week. all that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. we are broadcasting from the capital of new mexico in santa fe. polls continue to show a narrowing presidential race after a widely by president obama over the past month. or reuters daily tracking poll says obama and republican challenger mitt romney are tied among likely voters at 45% each. but when the findings of a peace survey on monday. campaigning in the battleground state of ohio, president obama again took aim at romney's about to cut funding to
Jan 2, 2017 3:00pm PST
world for saving us from this impending disaster was china -- authoritarian, harsh china. that's where hopes were placed. at the same time, the leader of the free world, the richest, most powerful country in history, was acting in such a way as to doom the hopes to total disaster. it is an astonishing spectacle. and it is no less astounding that it received almost no comment, something to think about. well, the effects are quite real. cop21, the paris negotiations, could not reach a verifiable the refusal ofof the republican congress to accept binding commitments. the follow-up conference, cop 22, ended without any issue. we will soon see, in the not very distant future, even more dangerous, horrifying consequences of this failure right here to come to term to address in a serious way this impending crisis. so, say, take the country of bangladesh. within a few years, tens of millions of people will be fleeing from the low-lying coastal plains simply because of the rise of sea level with the melting of the huge antarctic glaciers much more quickly than was anticipated and the seve
Jan 7, 2016 3:00pm PST
with them, go to in china, trading was halted for the day for the second time this week after stocks plunged 7% in less than a half an hour. it was china's shortest trading day in 25 years. this comes as oil prices plunged to the lowest levels in more than a decade. a new report by the world bank warns that the global economy risks facing a "perfect storm" in 2016, renewing fears about a new global financial crisis. in libya, at least 50 people have died after a truck bomb exploded outside a police training center in the western city of zliten. at least 100 more people were wounded in the blast at the al-jahfal training camp, which had served as a military base during the rule of ousted libyan leader muammar gaddafi. afghan officials say a u.s. drone strike killed at least five people on saturday in the eastern province of kunar. this comes as the u.s. military has disclosed the name of the army special forces soldier who was killed in helmand province earlier this week. 30-year-old matthew mcclintock of albuquerque, new mexico was , killed tuesday during a u.s
Apr 17, 2017 8:00am PDT
to china which is urging both sides to , de-escalate their rhetoric and actions? then to the state of arkrkansas. >> nobody y in the modnn history of the united states death penaltlty is attempted to o cary out two o sets of back-to-o-back executions within the same week, let alone four sets wiwithin the space of 11 days. amy: arkansas's's plan to cacary out t an unprecedented sereriesf executions has been thrown into chaos after a judge ruled friday to temporarily halt the state's plan to kill eight men over the next 11 days. the state have been rushing to carry out the killings before its s execution drugs expirired. we will get the latest. and we will look at rising in turkey where president tayyip erdogan has declared victory in a referendum to vastly expand his powers. but turkey's main opposition party says the results should be tossed out. they claim widespread fraud.d. all that and more, coming up.. welcome to democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. vice president mike pence has made an unannounced visit to the demilitarized zone separat
Jun 24, 2013 3:00pm PDT
systems in hong kong. over the weekend, the south china morning post had new revelations about how the u.s. attacked china's mobile phone companies and universities. wikileaks is assisting snowed in his travels. and activist reportedly accompanied snowden on his flight to russia. we will have more with glenn greenwald as well as michael ratner after the headlines. house minority leader nancy pelosi was challenged over criticism of edward snowden and the defense of the obama administration surveillance olicies during the netroots mission converts in california. as she spoke about the need to balance secure with privacy rights, an activist shadid "it is not a balance. it makes us less safe." calusa was later booed when she mentioned snowden. >> as far as snowden, he did violate the law in terms of releasing those documents. we don't know -- [boos] i understand, i understand, but it did violate the law. , again, we have to have the balance between security and privacy. >> in pakistan, a group of gunmen shot dead 10 foreigners and a pakistani guide on a mountain climbing trip. the paki
Sep 30, 2014 12:00pm PDT
to occupy central hong kong demanding greater political freedom from china. we will go to hong kong for the latest. then, as afghanistan swears in its new government, we will look at the rise one of the country's most notorious warlords, abdul rashid dostum. >> the village might be looted. your family will be in danger. they will be killed. they will be ripped. .here will be no safety i am telling you straight. you must be honest. i am being honest with you here. in 2001 dostum was accused of -- >> in 2001 dostum was accused of orchestrating the killing of up to 2,000 taliban prisoners in what became known as the afghan massacre. on monday he was sworn in as afghanistan's new vice president. all that and more, coming up. welcome to democracy now,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. hong kong is facing its largest political unrest in decades as pro-democracy protesters have refused to leave the streets. tens of thousands of people have defied a police crackdown to continue their calls for greater political freedom. the protests began last week over china's re
Dec 8, 2014 8:00am PST
giving money to the green climate fund. the head of china's delegation criticized australia's decision. >> what i can say is not good refuse toralia, they any money into the that is a legal obligation for all developed countries to make their contributions. --t also has a very port and important impact on the negotiation process. it is a building process. >> climate activists are preparing for a major march here on wednesday. on saturday, hundreds of indigenous representatives of amazonian tribes gathered on a beach in lima to form a 'human banner' that read, "peoples' rights, living forests." john quigley helped organize the action. symbolizedthis that by a tree in the face together. together.s nature and the message is, people plus rights equals living forest. living forests are a solution to climate change. >> indigenous activists opposed to mining and deforestation have faced severe harassment and violence throughout south america. just last week, the body of an ecuadorian indigenous leader was found dead just days after he was to travel to lima for the climate talk
Oct 2, 2015 12:00pm PDT
smog crisis in china. >> previously, the environment issues are just peanuts. we can deal with it when we become rich enough. , we had the historical disaster.smog landscape changed the of environmental discussion in china. >> have you ever seen a star in the sky? >> no. >> what about a blue sky? >> i have seen one that is a little blue. >> what about clouds? >> no. the dome" wasnder online just one week before the chinese government took it down. in that week, it was viewed in china more than 200 million times. cooks you can't walk out because people can breathe. this cannot be the way the world is supposed to be about. >> air pollution has really become a big topic in china and the rising middle class people in china, you know, in many ways have improved a lot, now start to ask, when can we buy clean air? amy: from the film, "this changes everything." avi lewis is the director. china. the images are a believable. >> it is so striking. this is the metal of -- model of galloping economic growth and now people are literally choking on that growth. it is the number one issue of chin
Aug 30, 2012 6:00pm EDT
freeport, illinois are calling on romney to help save their jobs from being shipped to china. the plant to manufactures sensors and controls that are used in aircraft and automobiles. this is a sensata worker, talking about the response they have received. >> will try to save our jobs and we were called communists? we return to save our jobs from going out to china from the united states, and we were called communists. if there had not been a large police group in there, i am sure we would have been more threatened. they started this u.s.a. chant. we were like, yes, we're all for the usa, too. that is what we're trying to do. we're 2012 paying manufacturing jobs from being moved out of this country -- trying to keep well paying manufacturing jobs from being moved out of this country to china. it boggles the mind to what they are thinking. >> he is describing going to and i was romney campaign event last week. romney was maybe seven rows in front of him, and asking about their jobs, their company owned by bain, being sent to china. in fact, some of the workers went to china to train the
Oct 18, 2012 6:00pm EDT
jobs to china. >> bank capital board has made their decision. the sensata ceo has made his decision. so we believe the only person in the world who can stop these jobs from being moved is mitt @romney, because of his relationship with the bain board, his financial investment in bain capital. >> a new exposÉ by investigative journalist greg palast, in a "mitt romney's bailout bonanza: how he made millions from the rescue of detroit." >> part of a massive bailout, it u.s. taxpayers paid $12 billion to save u.s. auto parts corporation. 3 billion years and their partners to in a profit of over $4 billion. one big winner, a profit of over 4000% for the silent partner, ann and mitt romney. of that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. we're on the road in minneapolis. the alleged mastermind of the september 11 attacks khalid sheikh mohammed told a courtroom on@nesday the united states has killed more people in the name of national security than he is accused of killing on 9/11. he drat addressed the court during a heari
Nov 12, 2014 8:00am PST
% to 28% below 2005 levels by 2025. >> the united states and china announce a plan to cut carbon emissions, but will it be enough to do with the climate crisis? and willie fcc rejected president obama's call to preserve net neutrality and an open and free internet? then to iraq. to gain is nothing washing over the darker portions of a war. the vietnam war bitterly divided america. we must admit past mistakes. and we must learn from past mistakes. because that is how we avoid repeating that mistake. >> chuck hagel talks about mistakes made in the vietnam war. retired three-star lieutenant general daniel bolger, author of the new book "why we lost: a general's inside account of the iraq and afghanistan wars." up.that and more coming welcome to democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. the u.s. and china, the world's two largest polluters, have agreed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions over the next decade. president obama unveiled the details with chinese president xi jinping in beijing. also announce the united states has produced a new goal of r
Jun 1, 2017 3:00pm PDT
," that won't happen. amy: the guardian is reporting that china and the eu plan to forge an alliance to take a leading role in tackling climate change in response to trump's expected decision to pull out of the accord. the new alliance will reportedly focus on leading the energy transition toward a low-carbon economy. we'll have more on president trump and the paris accord after headadlines. in sri lanka, the dedeath toll s risen to 180 with nearly 600,000 people displaced amid the worst flooding in the country in the last 14 years. scientists have linked torrential rains and increased flooooding in sri lanka to clime change. meanwhile, in banglaladesh, thousands of rohingya muslims from neighboring burmama were lt homeless after a cyclone devastated their makeshift refugee camps. the storm prompted the evacuation of the cox's bazar districtctn the coasast, but may rohingya r refugees had d nowheo go. they were left without shelter after nearly all of the camps' 10,000 thatched huts were flattened. rohingyas have long faced persecution and violence in rma where e they are denied citi
Apr 20, 2017 12:00pm PDT
ivanka trump, who recently secured three new trademarks in china on the very same d she dinedith the chinese president her ther, president trump at mar-a-lago. , is ivanka using her white house post to enrich her business empire? >> nobody holding a position of trust with united states government can receive payments from foreign governments. whether gifts or a celery or profits. and that is what emoluments are, profits or benefits, comes from the latin root the refers to profits and benefits. amy: then as human rights watch accusethe s. of bombg a mosquen syria, kling dozens, we will look at the soaring number of civilian deaths caused by u.s. airstrikes in syria and iraq. all that and more, coming up. welcome to democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. the longtime fox news star bill o'reilly is out after more than half dozen women accused him of sexual harassment. his departure follows a similar ouster of longtime powerful fox news ceo roger ailes, who was also forced out this past summer after more than 20 women accused him of sexual harassment
Jul 5, 2017 12:00pm PDT
launch, president trump tweeted -- perhaps china will put a heavy move on north korea and end this nonsense once and for all. meanwhile, the chinese president visited russia and met with the russian president where they express their opposition to th aad and u.s. military drills. in a joint statement they called on north korea to suspend its ballistic missile program and called on the u.s. and south korea to cease their massive joint military exercises. the statement also calls on the u.s. to immediately cancel the deployment of the thaad missile system. the un security council is holding an emergency meeting over the north korea missile test. thousands of protesters marched in dozens of cities sunday to demand president trump's impeachment. marchers took to the streets in los angeles, san francisco, austin, philadelphia, new york city, in davenport, iowa, and other u.s. cities. these are two protesters in los angeles. >> resist, and resist loud. so loud that we won't even hear the door slam when he is dragged out of office. unstablental state is and i think everyone kind of knows
Dec 5, 2012 6:00pm EST
disabilities act of 1990. 126 countries, including britain, germany, china, and russia, have already ratified the un convention is a person with disabilities. bernard obermeyer of the who noted that the treaty rejected by republicans covers 15% of the world's population. >> people with disabilities make a 15% of the world's population and have worse health and socio- economic outcomes than people without disabilities. across the world, people with disabilities have for help, lower educational achievement, less economic participation, and higher rates of poverty and people without disabilities. this unacceptable situation must change. >> california has formalized its refusal to ensure the enforcement of federal effort begin immigration requests. on tuesday, attorney general kamala harris said state agencies are not required to -- comply with the program known as secure communities, where local authorities share fingerprints with immigration officials. the program led to the record deportation of around 400,000 people last year. striking care for workers at the port of los angeles and
Dec 20, 2016 3:00pm PST
china has returned a u.s. navy drone china seized in the south china sea last week. the u.s. has called the seizure of the drone illegal. china has claimed territorial control over the south china sea, one of the busiest trade routes in the world, while the u.s. has asserted the area should be considered international waters. after the drone was first seized, president-elect donald trump tweeted -- "china steals united states navy research drone in international waters -- ritz it out of the water and takes it to china in unpresidented act." he later deleted the tweet, after realizing he'd misspelled "unprecedented." in zurich, a gunman who wounded three people after opening fire during prayers at an islamic center in zurich has been n foud dedead a shohort distancnce froe shooting. swisiss police say the gunmann apparently committed suicide. the police have not identifified the shooter. a worshiper who wawas a witnesso the shooting says the three wounded victims were somalis, and that the islamic centre was frequently used as a mosque by zurich's somali community. the head of the
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