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on the diss she met the chinaes leader and the ties to russia, if there is anything all know there have been ties to russia and rub yeah and the question is where they continue to do more of the same. people want that investigation. and we haven't seen it happen. what does he he have to hide. and this is a common did he no, denominator. the president doesn't value transparency or promises he made. and i turn it back. mr. crowley: just to add to that, the connection between russia and thement's tax returns. he refuses to disclose as it relates to tax reform and how that will benefit him and his empire as ell well as, but the empire and his business empire. we should be concerned about the impact it has on our nation and how he has borrow money and who he is beholdened, too and soy that, we will open up for questions. reporter: on friday night, how concerned are you all about what will be happening? mr. crowley: the american people are concerned about the ability of government to continue to function. and i think democrats have been supported of keeping government open. and they coul
who obtained trademarks from china. it happened on the days she met the chinese leader. finally the ties to russia. if there's anything we all know, it is the fact that they have been tied to russia. russia has also influence our elections. the question is whether they are continuing to do more of the same. investigationat and we have not seen it happen. what does he have to hide? all of these things have a common denominator. the president does not value transparency, openness, and promises he made to the american public. with that i would like to turn it back to the chairman. my -- let me thank my colleagues for being here. to add to that, the connection theeen russia and president's tax returns, he still refuses to disclose his tax returns. we are interested for a. a myriad of- for issues. i'm speaking about his business empire. most in sport -- most importantly we should be concerned with the affected has on our nation. we should be concerned with who he has borrowed money from and whom he is beholden to. that includes anyone close related to mr. putin and his regime. with that
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)