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2016 5
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treaty that you hope become yours legacy. >> questions on the new island bases in the south china sea by china. does the navy have what it needs to counter the threat in the south china sea? how far should the united states go in protecting allies in that region? mr. thornberry: we do not have what we need because we don't have enough ships. that's part of what i was talking about. you can't be -- we don't have enough ships to be everywhere we need to be. there's portions of the year we were not able to have a carrier, for example, in the persian gulf. pacific is huge. we don't -- we have lots of things to pay attention to. we do not enough ships. i think it's very important to continue to have on a more aggress i schedule ships and planes to re-emphasize the point that these are international waters, these are not owned by the chinese. but the other key point for me is that lots of countries in that region, gentlewoman -- some allies of ours, some not so sure, are looking to see what we do. they're trying to decide, how is this going to go? is the u.s. going to step back and let china d
people in place -- china is making 500 -- you look, we have a trade deficit with china, $500 billion. it is not going to happen if i'm running. [applause] essentially, i him, summer ofct trump, now he said, it is the autumn of trump." it does not matter unless i win. i can look at all these headlines, "the wall street journal" was very nice today, they talked about the debate -- it all doesn't matter because unless we win, we cannot put the right things think year. idea with the politicians. they are all talk, no action. when i say build the wall, they don't know. it'll have a clue. -- they don't have a clue. when i say the different elements that i say, and say it whongly -- for example, will pay for the wall? mexico will pay for the ball. remember? i said it. the politicians come up to me -- a couple of them, nice people, i get along with most of them -- they say, mexico will not pay for the wall. sure they will. every business person in this room gets it. you get a? i bet this guy does. andou are making billions more than the rest of the world, you will pay. ford moving to mexico
marking implementation day, not alone, not bilaterally, but with france, germany, britain, china, russia, all of us join together in an effort to create this accountability. i also want to thank the delegations representing all of our partners. all of them have worked unbelievably hard and have set a standard for international cooperation and i particularly want to thank dame cathy ashton for helping to lead this process for 2.5 years and her successor, federica mogherini for expertly ordinate eight efforts during the final stage and helping in these last two days to bring us to this announcement. i also want to express my gratitude for the superb efforts of my own delegation, led by steve maule, and previously by wendy sherman, all of them from the state department and the thee house and throughout inter-agency system that we work with in the united states, all of them, the justice department, energy department, has done an extra ordinary job and they richly deserve the gratitude of our nation. i believe other nations to benefit from this. let me also think the government of aus
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)