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reached agreement with countries like china and with brazil and when he had such rigorous conversations with india. i know in talking to all of those folks at the table that their job was to get an agreement. their job was to make good on those discussions. and it showed. i also know that one of the challenges i had going in there was to make sure that i could articulate the domestic agenda effectively. well, one of the things i wanted to make sure that i talked about was our clean power plan. well, it turned out that i needed to do a lot less talking than i thought because i had the utilities there doing that talking. that is quite a change. they were the ones talking about their ability to meet this. it's consistency with the way in which investment is happening in the u.s. and how this is the direction that we need to take in order to get investment once again in our energy infrastructure so that we could meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. there was private sectors beyond the utilities that were already on board and making pronouncements, including investments c
made a big difference with china and brazil. i know in talking to those folks their job was to get an agreement in may could of those discussions in one of the challenges going in there that i can articulate the domestic agenda effectively or to talk about our clean power plant. i needed to do a lot less talking than i thought because the utilities were there. that was a change. they were talking about their ability to meet the consistency in this is the direction we need to take with energy infrastructure to meet the energy challenges of today and tomorrow. ever though several already on board making pronouncements this is an opportunity for us to double the research capacity funding to make available from governments but also the private sector to stand up and advance technology this is an agreement we fully expect to produce terrific results more solutions need to be driven to the table and the right people saying the only way we will get those investments is to keep moving forward with an injured agency international way to identify these new technologies to align the research eff
bilateral relationships and discussions between u.s. and china and i'm particularly concerned every time i open my google alert and see yet again another thing on renewable energy and climate change stuff in china and they're building more incinerating plants, incineration plants. knowing that based on my own experience here there are entrepreneurs, i've worked with one sierra energy that has a gasification technology which eliminates these kinds of pollutants that come into the atmosphere because of incinerati incineration. and you mentioned methane, i think about the dumps and what is being produced out of there and so would love it if you would address how as a nation the united states takes those entrepreneurs who have patented in technology and get them developed into investments -- investment worthy activities. particularly in china, because i know i worked on this for several years for sierra energy. it's extremely, extremely frustrating and difficult and yet china is making these constant investments in old technology, which is only going to add to the problem. >> so you saw
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)