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Oct 4, 2016 1:37am CDT
media post was at 2:30 a.m. kim showed herself facetiming with black china. >> the police say that the gunpoint, handcuffed and forced to take two of the robbers to the apartment where they then robbed kim kardashian. they tied her up, locked her in the bathroom. >> the robbery news hit new york at 9:40 p.m. eastern, kanye stopped his concert. >> sorry. family emergency. i have to stop the show. >> kim left paris this morning at 7:30 a.m. local time. this morning, outside their tribeca apartment, kim's mom, kris, was asked about kim. >> how is she doing? thumbs up. >> the network that produces the kardashian reality show sent kim support adding, keeping up with the kardashians was not filming at the time of the robbery. we're to cushioned entirely on kim's well-being. >> how could such a huge security fail like this happen? pasqual is always by her side. for the past two years, we've seen him with her all around the worl prankster who attempted to go up kim's skirt to the ground last week. and wasn't with kim when the robbery took place. instead he was protecting kendall and kourtn
Feb 27, 2017 1:35am EST
china that it had to be in a movie with him. i really -- i have a lot of sympathy for that guy. i'm praying for him right now. give me one second. >> well, we don't have much time, so make it quick. >> okay. that's it. >> you're good now? >> crews are also busy getting the dolby theater ready for the big night. the oscar set will include over 300,000 swarovski crystals and backstage a 1,000 square foot green room sponsored by rolex. the producers hope this year's broadcast will connect with the viewers. >> we kind of think everything should either be funny or emotional. so we're trying to mix it with love of movies and inspiring you to remember what you love about film. >> the movies are a great reminder of you come together with 300 people in the dark and laugh at the same thing. you're not so alone. that >> of course we'll have more oscar coverage straight ahead. >> now can i bust a move like nominee ryan gosling? i got a lesson from "la la land" cor reographer. our academy awards flashback with the expectant star. >> hold on. did somebody say pregnant. amal clooney is now doubly
Jun 24, 2017 9:00pm PDT
? >> you are a little miss globe trotting jet setter. you've been to shanghai, china, london. >> we're going to go to brazil. we're going to go to miami. >> are you loving being on this tour, or are you ready to get home and relax a little? >> i mean i always want to be home. i'm a home body, but this is a great opportunity. >> i've been following your fashion choices. you've done long hair, short hair. what's the vibe we're going to see tonight? >> i don't know. i think since i just got a little fresh new haircut, i'm going to rock this one. >> the teen definitely slayed it later looking all grown up in her marchesa gown. >> i was just a normal kid when my world fell apart. >> isabella's world in real life as a normal kid is probably no more thanks to all the transformers excitement. pretty sensational for the cleveland native who turns 16 next month. >> how are you planning to celebrate your 16th birthday? >> hopefully relaxing, the opposite of what usually 16-year-olds are doing at their birthday parties. you know, i kind of want to just relax and sleep a whole entire day.
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)