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is 5:00 a.m. in the east. let's begin with the explosions rocking the warehouse in northeast china. this disaster happening in the port city of tianjin. dozens of firefighters are missing and hundreds injured and dozens killed. the blast knocked down doors and blew out windows for miles. let's go to cnn's will ripley. he is more than a mile from the blast site. look at the damage behind you, will, more than a mile away. >> reporter: i'm thinking about the firefighters, christine, at the epicenter of the blast. you think about the fact they are missing and people can't get close enough to look. it is really not good news. the death toll expected to rise here. we are more than a mile away. imagine a lot of people looking out the windows because they saw a huge fire ball for minutes before the explosion happened. they are looking out windows that were in tact. then the explosion happened and the blast smashes the glass and pushes walls in on people. that is why we have seen so many injuries here. 500 and rising at area hospitals because more than a mile from the accident, you see so m
>>> breaking overnight. china's markets plunging after the dow suffered its biggest one day drop. will stocks continue to slide or finally find stable footing. >>> joe biden could be one step closer to entering the presidential race with new words of encouragement from the white house. >>> jeb bush campaigning on the border, but he may have found himself wading into new controversy. welcome to "early start." i'm alison kosik. >> i'm christine romans. so nice to have you here. it is tuesday, august 25th. the dow, this is unbelievable, the dow down more than 1,000 points. this chart is unbelievable. ten minutes, it fell 1,000 points. stocks recovered some before closing down 600 points. investors in an absolute panic. selling risky assets. trading was the heaviest in four years and trading some of america's most widely held stocks was frenzy. bank of america, apple, microsoft and general electric saw the most action. u.s. stock futures are up significantly. european stocks are climbing. asia still looks like it is in trouble. look at shanghai's benchmark down 8%, alison, for the se
republicans. >> china's one policy is discussion this weekend with trump's comments saying we don't have to adhere to the longstanding policy. the global times editorial calling him a child. the one child pol china policy bought and sold. will he come to realize that china and other international powers are not to be bullied. is there a point in time where you think someone in his soon to be administration say the words you are saying matter. they resonate globally. >> tough times an eerie phrase coming from the chinese. they have ability to extract tough times. i think the conversations, alison, are already going on. how much do we want to push? how far do we want to go? what might they do in response? >> there is every reason to believe this is a change in policy. trump will be tougher on whine china? the taiwanese president and now the one china policy. he made clear he will be tougher on china and closer to russia. these are two things that seem abundantly clear. >> one thing with trump is believe what you hear. we think there is a new trump. that was a casual friendly congratul
. that news coming to us before xi jinping is visiting washington. u.s. officials believe china is responsible for the data breach. i can tell you people in the intelligence forces are concerned that their identities compromis compromised. >>> the food and drug administration is dealing with high profile mishaps over pathogens. there will be new agency wide training over specimen inventory programs. thehange is coming in response over outside experts conducting reports. >>> and asian stocks are lower. shanghai closing up 1%. it has been volatile there all year. yesterday, stocks fell for the second day. dow finished down 51 points. today we hear from janet yellen at the university of massachusetts amherst for any clues of an interest rate hike. a lot of what to do. pimco founder bill gross wants a rate hike now. gross says near zero rates are hurting pension fund safvers. he says 401(k)s are on a revolving spit being cooked alive focused on models and nonexistent inflation. we will get a durable goods report and new numbers are mortgage rates. a lot that could move. >> i'm getting
start" continues right now. new overnight. another meltdown for markets in china. stocks tumbling. trading suspended. and this fear, anxiety spreading around the world. first to europe and the u.s. markets pointing to an ugly open. what it means for your 401(k) and american economy. >>> new battle in the citiz citizensh citizenship. questions raised if cruz is eligible to run for president. cruz is taking the issue on. >>> condemnation giving way to skepticism over the north korea claim of the successful hydrogen bomb test. why officials now think pyongyang is lying. good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. it is thursday, january 7th. 5:00 a.m. in the east. >> breaking overnight. more turmoil in the chinese stock market. the shanghai plunged 7% at the open. shenzhen market down 8%. the rapid selloff. so much selling so quickly, they shut the market down triggering the circuit breakers designed to give investors a chance to calm down. this is the second time this week trading has halted in china. trying to calm investors trying to issue new
china is raping the u.s. you remember that? we'll tell you what he told china's president in the first call since the election. that's straight ahead. >>> 14 minutes after the hour. president-elect trump has a conversation with the chinese president xi jinping after months of tough talk on the campaign trail. the call seemed to be the latest to separate the campaign rhetoric from the policies of the administration. cnn's matt rivers live in beijing with more on what was said and what will be said when the two men meet face-to-face. matt. >> reporter: they will have plenty to talk about after meeting face-to-face. the phone call is an introductory phone call as he had with other world leaders. both sides saying they are agreeing to work with one another in the future. president xi jinping saying it is proof to cooperate is the correct choice between china and the united states. he believes the two leaders will have one of the strongest relationships between the two countries moving forward. the phone call might have been awkward given what you heard from trump on the campaign trail. acc
day. a few years old. it is a shopping phenomena. if there is a small movement in china that gains popularity. >> singles day. >>> early start continues right now. >> happening now, more u.s. troops join the war on isis. we are live. >>> in hours, president obama meets one-on-one with china's leader hoping to find common ground in the crucial, but tense relationship. we are live with what president obama is hoping to accomplish. >>> breaking news. the captain of the south korea ferry that capsized is sentenced for his role. >>> welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. it is tuesday, november 11th. 5:00 a.m. in the east. new this morning, 50 american service members now on the ground in iraq paving the way for a larger contingent in the battle against isis. the pentagon says these are the first to arrive since the president ordered more troops for iraq. the troops are there to advise and train, not there so says the pentagon for a combat role. we have new information on an air strike that may have wounded the head of isis. abu bakr al bagdadi. u.s. officia
the search for 370. back in full swing. china is now heavily involved sending in four ships, sending five aircraft to assist. nothing so far. meanwhile, family members in china, they are furious, many of them trying to storm the malaysian embassy in beijing in search of answers. let's bring in andrew stevens he's monitoring the search from perth, australia, this morning. it's morning here, but evening there. this is the time of day when you look to hear from authorities what they have found. have they spotted anything? they have brought anything on board a ship just yet? and so far, what are they saying about this full day of searching? >> reporter: all of those questions still unanswered at this hour, christine, frustrating for everyone. not the least the families, of course. you're right, we usually start hearing from the authorities leading the search around about now. anytime now, it could be -- it could be two or three hours. so it's an enact timing, really. depending on what they've got to say. the big equivalent search so far today, 12 aircraft, as you say, in the air today, t
than in 29 and tweeting. the tremors were a 5.1 mag new tied event felt in china, forcing the evacuation of schools. it's a test site in the northern part of the peninsula near the border with chosen. right now the chinese government is out testing for radiation. the japanese government sent up planes to see what environment am impact if any. the north koreans say they tested without adverse effects to the environment. it's sending a strong message they will continue in spite of very strong sanctions to grow their nuclear program to develop more warheads. they have the resources, financially and also they have raw uranium in the country. so the united states, which for since 2009 really has dried to take this policy and strategic -- to ignore the pyongyang regime and hope they denuclearize on tear own under the pressure of sanctions. that clearly hasn't happened says the u.s. ambassador to south korea. >> the condemnations from around the world will pour in. russia, china, france, england, united states, everywhere you look the rest of the world is condemning this. they would
here in china the united states, japan united kingdom the list goes on. if, indeed, north korea tested the hydrogen bomb. this is hundreds of times more powerful than for example the bomb dropped in 1945 on hiroshima and the bombs on nagasaki. this is a very dangerous explosive device that north korea says it would use to defend its sovereign territory. of course, that's been the regime led by kim jong-un, the defence for developing a nuclear program all along. what the united states has been doing, certainly since president obama too office is a policy known as strategic patience, hoping that because of pressure from sanctions and what not that north korea would choose to denuclearize it's own. they have a lot of raw uranium. they have the potential to build more many warheads. they are developing their former capabilities. listen to what the former people say will happen. >> i'm not sewer what patience will get us so far. there will be a discussion in the u.n., an effort to tighten sanction, there will be i think effort we aregional efforts including china. i hope there will b
out to the vatican for comment. >>> the u.s. is pulling sides out of china worried that their cover has been plane by that huge hack of government employee hackers. they believe they're behind the breach that exposed 23.5 million workers. this was such an extensive hack of extensive information of american federal officials, including the information of their friend and family who may have helped with security clearances, it's just very expensive. >> yeah, christine, this goes far deeper than first feared last month when the hacker information was first released. not just the 21.5 million employees' data, 5.6 million fingerprints this puts them at risk of exposure. the cia and other u.s. agencies have told cnn it hasn't affected their data, but it has affected their employees and they're taking no chances. when we talk about intelligence agencies, we're talking about the nsa, cia and defense intelligence agency. their people right now in china are going to have to be pulled out. according to u.s. official that spoke to cnn. i contacted the u.s. embassy in beijing. they say they don'
to reveal a staff pick. iowa governor terry bran stestb the next pick to be ambassador of china. >> governor branstad is known to have a close relationship with china. including a decades long relationship with president xi jinping. believe it or not, has long ties to iowa himself. i want to bring in matt rivers live in beijing. matt, the reaction from china to the nomination really warm. calling terry branstad an old friend of china which is very high praise. >> reporter: that's absolutely right. you rarely hear chinese officials specifically refer to american officials with high praise. at yesterday's ministry foreign affairs briefing in beijing, they singled out the governor as an old friend. that is a term of endearment here. it is more than saying i have known that guy for a long time. that is a phrase you refer to someone who you hold in high regard. that is because president xi jinping and governor branstad go a long way back. when jinping was 31 years old making the first trip to the united states, he met governor branstad on a tour in iowa. he slept in an average person
have had help from china in hacking sony pictures. >> you cannot talk about north korea without talking about china. you need to have a heart to heart with the chinese. i cannot imagine anything this massive happening in north korea without china involved. >> that is quite a charge. cnn's will ripley is in beijing following this for us. will china is a neighbor and partner to north korea but it also blunts north korea and the un influence of the world. >> reporter: this is an issue we have been looking into for several days christine. here is the reality. north korea relies on china for internet access. up until four years ago, north korea had to dial in to go online. now north korea has a small fragile connection. to launch the complicated cyber attack like the one on sony it requires a stable high speed connection. as we saw with the fact that the north korean internet has been unstable in recent days is there a possibility that chinese servers were involved? that is something u.s. law enforcement is looking into and they asked the chinese government for help in the investigation. to
its sides from china t. identity at risk of being exposed after a hack attack. we are live. good morning, welcome to "early start." >> good morning. >> i'm christine romans, it's wednesday, september 30th. it's 5:a.m. in the east. just a few hours ago, the state of georgia executed female death row inmate kelly gissendaner for orchestrating the murder of her husband in 1997. she had three unsuccessful appeals to the u.s. supreme court and pleas of mercy and from our pope francis, martin satisfy annuvage has the story. >> prison officials put the 47-year-old convicted murder's execution on hold to let the legal process run its course. >> she was very strong and she was very assured in whatever the process weighs going to be and she handled herself with poise that was just beyond belief. >> but when the last court turned her down, time and hope ran out. her own children begged a parole board to commute her sentence to life in prison. >> she is so supportive of me. i can talk to her about anything, any troubles i have or anything they want to celebrate. i know she's my biggest cheer
vietnam. a move sure to anger china. we are live with what the repercussions could be. >>> and new this morning, iraq begins a new fight to take back a critical city from isis. we are live with the latest. a lot happening this weekend. very busy. good to have you with us. welcome to "early start." i'm george howell. >> i'm alison kosik. it is 4:00 a.m. in the east. egypt deploying a submarine to help in the search for egyptair flight 804. the submarine will scour the bottom of the sea for the jet's black boxes. investigators believe what will reveal from the flight. whether it was mechanical failure or terrorism or something else. french authorities confirmed that the plane sent automated messages signals smoke at the front of the aircraft moments before it disappeared from the radar. joining us now is cnn's ian lee from cairo. ian, have they made it to the spot of the site of the debris? >> reporter: we not have been able to hear if the submarine has made it on site. on board the submarine, it has an array of cameras and arms with claws that will be able to manipulate items from the bo
amateur over his remarks on taiwan. on friday, trump said america's one china policy officially recognizes beijing's government, but not taiwan. he said that policy is necessity go necessi negotiable. the state run newspaper said we were angry initially, but now can't help but laugh at the u.s. leader in waiting. his amateur remarks and over confident manner are shocking. they would strike back hard until the entire taiwan siociet realizes the economy is hurting them. >>> and donald trump offering vladimir putin an end to sanctions in exchange for nuclear weapons reduction. trump is quoted as saying a lot of people are benefitting from the deal he plans to offer. that's not the only headline to come out of the interview with european media. let's bring in former cnn moscow bureau chief jill dougherty. the idea you can trade functinur sanctions. does it make sense? >> reporter: not to a lot of people who know about nukes. a few minutes ago, that idea was raised to the spokesperson for president putin. he said sanctions are not on the russian agenda. let's wait until he becomes president. ob
way of saying heart breaking overnight. >>> china furious over that navy warship. we are live with new developments next. i in. >> all right. breaking overnight, syria's diplomatic tensions, a u.s. naval ship sailed within miles of artificial islands built and claimed by beijing in the south china sea the u.s. is challenging its territorial claims. it's a serious provocation politically and militarily. the latest from beijing, often the diplomatic talks is very calm. it's wrapped up in mutually beneficial kind of wordage, verbiage. this time very sharp of sending a destroy within 12 miles of its man-made islands. >> that's right, christine, as you mentioned, the u.s. bead was summoned and got a severe dressing down t. message was consistent with what other officials have been saying publicly that the u.s. action harmed chinese national security and that was a severe provocation. china wanted them to face mistakes or face consequences, interestingly, christine, be every this mission, chinese officials have been privately telling me, they were perplexed by the u.s. insistence by goin
. >>> breaking news overnight, china denition allegations of spying on american companies and promising retaliation if the u.s. pushes charges against five chinese hackers. we're live in beijing with the latest. >>> happening now, crisis in libya. the u.s. military ready to evacuate americans from the country's capital as deadly fights in the street rage on. we're bringing you the very latest this morning. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to "early start." i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. it's tuesday, may 20th. it's 5:00 a.m. in the east. >>> this morning we're watching a critical primary day with voters deciding key races from coast to coast. >> election day! polls opening just hours from now in six states. and at stake is, you know, who will be your candidates for major congressional and senate seats and also for governors office, and just maybe, maybe some early indications about who might end up controlling the senate after the key midterm elections in november. cnn's political editor paul steinhauser has been up all night analyzing all the pre-election data to give us a
far as china. on the campaign trail, he put pressure on china. he had tweets over the weekend. his call with taiwan. clearly he is ramping up rhetoric with china. listen, trump is a disrupter. china hasn't done the u.s. any favors. he talks about let's talk about tariffs. taxes u.s. goods higher than the u.s. taxes china's goods coming in here. does he have a leg to stand on or is he putting the u.s. at risk of a trade war here. >> a couple points. he will game china like i games everybody. he has to satisfy his constituents in the rustbelt. pennsylvania and ohio who voted for him. he has to do that. i think relations will be rocky with china economically. frankly, i would worry more about iran. u.s./iran relations will be awful. we have a lot of posturing right now. last time i checked, he hasn't been inaugurated. >> he is doing all this and 49 days to go. the markets seem to like parts of trump more than they said they would leading up to election day. when it comes to tariffs and trade, where is the tipping point where the markets would start to be concerned he would begin some
employees are being contacted. there's reports out there this could have come from china. for now, the white house is not commenting on that. the federal government has been plagued by the attacks, especially in the past year. we heard about the white house and state department computers accessed. just in the last week some 100,000 americans had their personal tax information accessed in the irs. that hack originated supposedly from russia. both china and russia have been suspected in numerous hacks in the past. in some cases, it is thought the government was behind them. in china, there is an element within the chinese army that is launching cyber attacks. it is unclear here. we expect to hear more in coming days. john and christine. >> thanks michelle. intelligence officials tell cnn investigators believe hackers working for the chinese military are compiling an immense database of americans information. it is not clear the purpose of the database is. the chinese government is rejecting the claims it is behind the cyber attacks. in a statement, the chinese embassy says cyber attacks
. there's a tidy cats for that. >>> breaking overnight china seems to be ratcheting up. missiles have been deployed in disputed international waters. correspondent ivan watson is following developments. he's live in hong kong. how much more fuel to the fire does this placement of these missiles put it? >> well, it's going to continue raising concern for the much smaller countries in this region. we're talking about the south china sea here, miguel, and the island in question, one probably most people haven't heard of. it's called woody island and it has competing claims, vietnam, china claiming it. china has owned it for years. satellite imagery called isi appear to show a deployment of a new weapons system up on the beach here. what they say and the taiwanese and pentagon says appear to be surface-to-air missiles. why is there is a concern now? there appears to be a competing struling ore this water. all these neighboring countries, malaysia, philippines, vietnam, they all claim to control part of the china sea. china claims to control all the way down to here right next to the phili
. >>> thanks, john. time for an early start on your money. markets in china closed this week for the lunar new year. european markets are lower. u.s. stock futures barely moving. wall street's short winning streak came to an end. the s&p down almost 2%. the real damage on the nasdaq. 3.3% decline. now at its lowest level since 2014. the nasdaq is 16.4% below the record close last year. it was a mixed jobs report friday and another wild swing in oil. the big losers are the tech stocks. facebook and amazon falling 5%. those are big one day moves. linkedin, that is not a typo, down 43%. linkedin gave a weak sales for the quarter. investors just got creamed. >>> if this was peyton manning's last rodeo, it was sweet. they beat the panthers, 24-10 in super bowl 50. the real star of the game was the denver defense. we get more this morning from cnn's coy wire. >> for the second time in the historic career, peyton manning is a super bowl champion. at 39 years old, he was the oldest starting quarterback in super bowl history. many think this is his last game. if so, what an incredible journey
. >> another visitor, china's president touring washington state with tensions between the u.s. and china as high as they have been in years over industrial espionage, human rights, chinese encroachment and a host of other issues, xi xin pingping xinping is supposed to visit a high school he visited almost 20 years. he pledged to work with america to stop cyber crimes. >>> turning now on the latest battle with isis and syria. u.s. officials tell cnn american commanders are proposing arms and am munition. they've had success against isis, a pentagon effort has been faltering. the syrian government confirming it has now received advanced fighter and recon aircraft from russia. the regime says the new planes and drones are going to target isis fighters. this as a top former general goes before a senate panel criticizing what he calls america's failure to stabilize the situation there in syria. general david petraeus arguing chaos in syria is creating an opening for russia to reestablish its empire. >> like a nuclear disaster the fallout from the meltdown of syria threatens to be with u
latinos is i will create jobs. i will take jobs from china, excuse me from mexico from japan where they are sending millions of automobiles all the time. i'll take jobs back and bring them back into the couple try. the latinos will be able to work and make good money. they will vote for me. i tell you what i will take them away from hillary clinton. >> the new concern for republicans this morning is not the comments about immigrants, trump is leaving the door open for a third party for president. asked which party he would have in the primaries, he would have to see who the nominee is. and the new hotel under construction in washington, d.c. protesters stood outside demanding a halt to the project or removal of trump's name from the building. in a new chef there reversed plans for a restaurant in the hotel. cnn's joe johns has the latest. >> reporter: john donald trump has given a barrage of interviews. now mixed messages whether the chairman of the republican national committee asked him to tone down his rhetoric. the republican national convention is calling this a respectful conversa
. there's another theory that it could be the work of separatists from china, muslim separatists from china in the xinjing province. there's a lot of speculation and avenues that police need to explore at this time but they're not saying what they're favoring, what they expect for the investigation to go. >> andrew stevens live for us in bangkok, thailand. i know you're covering the story very closely. let us know if there are any developments. thanks for that, andrew. >>> more follow-up in the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. they're recommending 305 of the documents be transported to their agency. they're looking to see if any classified information was sent and received. with only 20% of the e-mail on the server be? how much more damaging could this be for democratic front-runner. pamela brown has the story. >> reporter: good morning, christine. 305 documents from hillary clinton's private server have been referred to various intelligence agencies for consultation to determine whether the contents were classified. that's according to a filing from the state department. this is after
service for ramos will be on saturday. the liu family is waiting on family from china to make arrangements. christine. >> don lemon, thank you. >>> a new york city police officer is now dealing with new threats on top of their grief. the nypd is investigating more than 15 new threats against officers posted on social media platforms. detectives are trying to figure out which if any are serious and credible. remember the shooter here had posted threats on social media. now the department plans to increase security around the times square ball drop this new year's eve. >>> the family of the gunman who shot ramos and liu is now speaking out. the sister and aunt of ismaaiyl brinsley who shot himself as police closed in say they are grieving for themselves and grieving for the dead officers' families. despite the anti-cop tirade on social media, they say this stemmed from emotional problems, not political issues. >> we give our condolences to the families. >> we are very sorry. >> this has nothing to do with police retaliation. this was a troubled, emotionally troubled kid. he need
used to it. it could be a rough first quarter. >>> china is the main reason for the wall street worry. one trigger for the selloff, a bad december manufacturing report from china following years of wildly strong growth. what is going on with the chinese economy? can the government's numbers even be believed? i want to bring in cnn's matt rivers in beijing. matt, you did not see another 7% loss and having to shutdown the market in shanghai. that's the plus. the negative is there was no decisive rebound here. this was not as if everyone said monday was a fluke. let's buy stocks. >> reporter: yeah, this was, i guess, a relatively good day here in china after the debacle that was monday. the first trading day of 2016 did not go as officials had planned here in china. t i think the reason you saw a more stable day. the shanghai composite was above yesterday's closing number for the day. it closed slightly lower than it did yesterday. that said, the reason you saw more stability here is because the government did come out and issue a statement and take pretty serious action. one of the thin
regarded as a hawk with long, sharp talons on china. >> even the ministry of china was asked about it. >> a subtle indication. >>> another job the administration is working to fill. it is turning out to be a bit of a struggle. the former ambassador to the u.n. john bolton. is unclear if he can get enough votes in the senate foreign relations committee. even bolton's boss rex tillerson has reservations about him. the candidates search is moving to other less known names. >>> donald trump's adult sons removed in the board of a charity poised to give access to the president in exchange for donations. they were listed on the board of the opening day foundation. tmz found a draft of the invite on january 21st. it offered a private reception with the president and then a hunting trip with the sons for $500,000 or $1 million donations. since, the new invite has been put out with no reference to the hunting trip or meeting with the president. >>> let's break down all of the latest on the trump transition. we are joined by political reporter tal kopan live in washington. you have to feel trump
a trade deal that could involve 12 different countries. china has been pushing for their own regional trade deal that does not include the u.s. that's going to be important here in japan, although, the u.s., some officials said japan needs to step up more for more progress, open up parts of its economy. so far, it's at a point of stalemate. we are waiting to hear if there will be progress in the talks between president obama and the japanese prime minister. other topics are going to come up, mainly north korea as we are seeing what could be provocative moves or preparation for provokation. national sovereignty. just as we are watching for many weeks now, this russia/ukraine crisis, some of these countries are involved in their own disputes with china. the u.s. has been supportive of these countries in their claims. for example, japan's claims over islands in the east china sea. but, what the u.s. needs to be careful of, they don't want to cause a positioning of this group of nations with the u.s. versus china. inevitably, that relationship is going to come up. what is the rel
trump in a showdown with the intelligence community? >>> china's state run media laughing at the president-elect taking swipes at him as amateur and arrogant. this as trump opens up to european media about a wide range of problems. >>> and donald trump trying to set the record straight on his health care plan. he is promising coverage for all and warning congress not to get cold feet. welcome to "early start." i'm miguel marquez. >> good to see you. >> happy mlk day. >> i'm christine romans. it is 4:00 a.m. in the east. overnight, trump lashing out at john brennan. brennan suggests the friendly e relr relations with russia. >> i don't think he has the full capability of the russian actions. i very much hope that our relationship with russia improves in the coming administration. there is a fair amount of responsibility on russia's part to change behavior and actions. i think he has to be mindful that he does not yet, i think, have a full appreciation and understanding of the implications of going down that road as well as making sure he understands what russia is doing. >> sunday
looking for more cooperation in the future. >> what has been the reaction from china with this evolving relationship with the u.s. and vietnam? >> reporter: certainly china is watching this trip as closely, if not more closely than anyone else. they have keen interests in that decision to lift the arms embargo. they also have a keen interest, of course, in the president's remarks about the disputes in the south china sea, where neighboring countries here have accused china of taking aggressive territorial claims. so there was an editorial in one of the state media publications saying this in response to the visit. it is worrying to note the three-day visit has been described by some as a pivotal move in the u.s. strategic rebalancing to curb the rise of china. the president has batted away any suggestion that the dropping of the arms embargo is about countering china's strength, but still it's being noted there by the china daily, which wraps up its editorial in saying this. we hope obama means what he says. alison. >> so many headlines coming out of this trip. cnn's alexandra field, th
victims this morning as the workweek begins. already attacks being reported overnight in china, japan and korea. now, this virus locks users out of their own computers and then demands hundreds of dollars to regain control. it's ransomware, holding all of your information for ransom. global companies like fedex and nissan, as well as hospitals, universities, even government agencies have been hit by the so-called ransomware around the world. software target's a flaw in microsoft windows and now microsoft released a security patch in march, but it hit people who did not update their systems. microsoft stressed the importance but also says it's a wake-up attack for governments saying the information was stolen from the nsa. they say the government should treat cyberspace as it does physical weapons. a remarkable statement from microsoft about this hack. again, this is going on as we speak, as people are waking up this morning. >> a new starting and a lot of concern. let's get more on the global impact of the cyber attack and what could be in store with business and technology correspond
disaster in china stocks. european stocks are up for hopes for solution in greece's debt crisis. european leaders say greece has until sunday to agree on a bailout plan and a chance to stumble out of the euro. shanghai deposit is down 6% and a huge move folks. more than half of all companies, half of all companies listed have halted trading and not even trading in hong kong. the hang sang fell 6%. forces brokerages to buy billions in stocks but investors are not clearly convinced. you'll see this folks, in u.s. stocks today. u.s. stock futures down about 1% right now so looks like a sell-off for the u.s. >>> fallout for bill cosby. that is next. when you don't get enough sleep... and your body aches... you're not yourself. tylenol® pm relieves pain and helps you fall fast asleep and stay asleep. we give you a better night. you're a better you all day. tylenol®. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink
hours. the beginning of a jam packed day in the big apple. >>> china's president wakes up in washington. a key meeting with president obama this morning. a big announcement on climate change. >>> good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. nice to see you. it is friday, september 25th. 5:00 a.m. in the east. pope francis waking up this morning in the city that never sleep, new york, new york. a few hours from now, he will address the general assembly at the united nations. this comes a day after historic address before a joint meeting of congress. it was there he brought up the issues of climate chge, immigration and the death penalty. vatican officials say the speech at the united nations will cover many of the same topics and social infan injustice and pove. this is stunning. this is fifth avenue, the pope coming down the avenue in the popemobile. the crowds were ecstatic. i saw the pope drive up in front of me. the beautiful doors of the cathedral and the choir music came out. it was moving. cnn's alexandra field was there and has more on the pop
is under way after a landslide buries dozens of people in china. we will take you there live after the break. announcer: if the hardest part of your day is the staying awake part... [train horn blares] sleep train has your ticket to a better night's sleep. with a 100 night low price guarantee, sleep train's love your mattress money back guarantee, same day delivery, plus helpful advice from the sleep experts, it's no wonder more than a million people fall asleep each night on a sleep train mattress! ♪ sleep train [train horn] ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >>> to china where there are frantic rescue operations ongoing. they are trying to find nearly 80 people missing after the manmade mountain of waste collapses. the company in charge of the waste dump alerted the local government about safety concerns about a year ago. cnn's matt rivers live in shenzhen with the latest. just an unbelievable sight behind you. >> reporter: christine, you are absolutely right. an unbelievable event here on sunday. late morning local time. that pile of waste you are referring to is a
about china. he wrote, china taking out massive amounts of money and we wealth in the u.s. in trade, but won't help with the north korea. nice. >>> and trump's new year's eve party at mar-a-lago, trump thanked one fame member in particular. >> and you are seeing it. >> that's an apparent reference to his business partner in dubai. the company built the golf course in dubai. this course designed by tiger woods is set to open in 2018. trump and sajwani's relationship started in 2005 with a plan to build a tower in dubai. the trump team said the two did not talk business. trump said over the week, the conflict is not a big deal. we could get more details on how trump will separate himself from the business holdings on january 11th. the new date for the rescheduled news conference. just the raising all kinds of questions about having business partners there at the intimate event of 800 people and how he will mix business and the presiden presidency. >> this was a for-profit event. people bought tickets to be at mar-a-lago. it wasn't a campaign fund-raiser. a for-profit event. >>> member
, earlier today by the australian prime minister, tony abbott. he's on official visit to china. take a listen to what he said earlier today. >> we have very much narrowed down the search area, and we are very confident that the signals that we are detecting are from the black box on hm-370. >> reporter: well, tony abbott also saying that he was very confident that the signals coming from under water that had been detected over four occasions now by the australian vessel, the "ocean shield," are, indeed, from the black boxes of the missing malaysian airliner. what the head of the search operation, though, here, angus houston, is saying that so far, throughout the course of this day, there's been no real significant breakthrough in the search. they're still continuing to scour the indian ocean by air, and of course, in that very much more limited search area about 1,000 miles or so off the coast of western australia, john. >> so, angus houston leading the search, sort of tempering the enthusiasm right now at the same time that the prime minister of australia really seems to be raising ho
naval vessels are also expected to be there tomorrow. there is an icebreaker from china also making its way there. it's all continuing to build, but at this moment, the only return we're getting is frustration on more frustration. >> there's no question, it's one step forward, two steps back, and obviously, winter setting in, that's going to make it even more challenging. this plane could not be farther from anything. all right, andrew stevens for us there in perth, australia, thanks so much. and when they do finally locate this plane, how hard is it going to be to retrieve the flight recorders and the rest of the jet? well, one deepwater search expert says it's going to be like nothing else they have ever done before. >> it's going to be a monumental challenge. unprecedented, really, in its scale. and comparing it directly to the air france 447, which everybody has been talking about. previously, that was probably the biggest, most complex and most challenging aircraft investigation in deep water in the middle of an ocean. the scale of this is many times greater. >>> now to the ang
on the debate stage when he talks about the 45% tax on imports from china. the worry being that there could be a big trade war started up. let's go to the sound from last night and get your reaction. >> sure. >> they are killing our companies. thousands and thousands. you look at the number of companies and number in terms of manufacturing and plants that we lost. 50,000 because of china. >> you never advocated putting a tariff. >> we add have lost between 4 to 7 million jobs to china. >> he can demagog about this and it which is resonate. as jeb bush pointed out, the prescriptions that trump is offering are dangerous. do we want to get into a trade war with china with all that is going on in the markets? that is the last thing the markets want to see. >> i want to show you what is happening in world markets. europe is down. shanghai is down 3%. on the cover of "the wall street journal." concerns mounting over the u.s. economy which is solid here. the u.s. economy and financial system can take everything that is happening worldwide. what do you think? >> it is valid, christine. the wo
morning. big, big selloff in china dragging down global markets. shanghai's benchmark down more than 6%. many companies listed there fell the maximum daily limit of 10%. the chinese market began collapsing earlier this summer wiping out trillions of dollars of value. the chinese government trying to stop the bubble from popping but not having much success today. following the lead, the u.s. stock futures are lower this morning. a lot to digest including looking at the books of some of the country's biggest retailers. earnings all out. we'll get a good lead, search and rescue people are reaching the site of a deadly indonesian plane crash. we're now live with developments. iness strategy. and a partnership with hp can help you accelerate down a path created by people, technology and ideas. to move your company from what it is now... to what it needs to become. so why treat your half mouth any differently? complete the job with listerine®. kill up to 99 percent of germs. and prevent plaque, early gum disease and bad breath. sfx: ahhh listerine®. power to your mouth™! the uncer
? >> i would send them to china to stop ripping us off. i would send them to mexico. when i say cease and desist, maybe the equivalent. >> reporter: jeb bush saying the talk of his campaign failing is premature. >> if you look at the polls and crowd sizes and enthusiasm that exists. >> reporter: and taking on criticism of being an intro vert. >> you will appreciate this. introverts set goals and grind. they go at it. which is a pretty good thing to be when you are running for president and written off over and over. >> reporter: john kasich after the poignant time on the campaign trail. >> you have to celebrate other people's wins and sometimes you have to sit with them and cry. that's what we need in this country. >> reporter: all three have one more day of campaigning in south carolina. donald trump, the clear frontrunner, all three look like they're on the glide path. the moment is urgent. especially jeb bush. for john kasich, it is about proving the momentum following that second place finish in new hampshire is for real. cristina and miguel. >> joining us to break this all down a
slowing. data from china showing the worst annual growth rate in 25 years. oil prices stabilizing this morning, but dropped below $29 a barrel on monday. now with iran adding to the glut of oil right away, crude prices are expected to stay under pressure. corporate earnings. how will the report cards for u.s. companies fare? the chinese decline and crash in oil. so far, these factors have been a nightmare. the dow is down 8% in ten trading days in 2016. is all the worst built into the horrible performance and now there are buying opportunities. looks like you will see a pop. >>> we will watch. the music industry and so many fans around the world remembering glenn frey. co-founder and leader of the eagles. such an important band in the '70s. he died monday at the age of 67. don henley, another founding member of the band, said glenn was the one who started it all. the man with the plan. frey, henley and other eagles started in the '70s. they were a back up band for linda ronstadt. glenn frey was a back up for bob seger. "take it easy" was one of the first hits. jackson browne wrote that
turbulence in china. that wasn't the case yesterday when the dow reacted to china. stocks have dipped for five days in a row. the worst losing streak since january. investors are worried about the health of the global economy and looming interest rate hike. the fed reserve two-day meeting happens today. the rate hike is coming. low rates have been key to the bull markets long run. we will get a closer look at the health of corporate america with earnings from twitter and ford and pfizer. we are keeping an eye on oil prices. crude oil is above $47 a barrel right now. that is in reaction to the china slowing growth and supply glut. drivers are reaping rewards. >> you look at how much it recovered from march. it is back down to that territory. >>> a serious burst of heat in the northeast. it will get worst. let's get to meteorologist ivan cabrera with more. >> john, the heat continues to build. the humidity as well. we are talking about temperatures in the 90s. it will feel like the 100s. little rock 108. memphis, 108. 100 in atlanta and birmingham. look at new york. into the low 90s. that i
except china. he said it will cost americans their jobs. >> i'll issue notification of intent to withdraw from the trans-pacific partnership. a potential disaster for our country. we will negotiate fair bilateral trade deals to bring jobs back to american shores. >> the term dadetermination to the tpp has other countries worried to say the least. joining us live this morning is andrew stevens from hong kong. andrew, this would be the biggest world trade deal in history. now it is almost dead. i'm sure people in china are relishing over the dominance in that region of the world. >> reporter: i don't know if relishing is the word. chinese have put out a statement saying they believe in the big multilateral trade deals. they worry about the fragmentation as they call it of trade deals which is what donald trump is proposing. one-on-one trade with the u.s. and other countries. the chinese want to see a much bigger over arching trade deal. you are right. china will have more influence now in creating the next big deal if there is is one in the region because the tpp as you point out d
final stages of a nuclear weapons capable of reaches the u.s. it won't happen. then china taking out massive amounts of wealth from the u.s. but won't help with north korea. nice. i have never heard someone, a president-elect, using twitter, social media, to deal with issues like this. >> that's true. it is interesting. to the phrase it won't happen. remember how much trouble barack obama got in over the red line in syria. dangerous to lay down specific claims. it won't happen is -- you have to live up to that once you make those claims. how do you do that? i don't know. >> isn't it what kim jong-un wants? he wants a direct response from the white house. >> it elevates him. it puts him, the two leaders on a personal debate with each other. i don't see how that helps our position. >> ellis, congressional democrats. chuck schumer has a list of eight no, ma'am ee kneminees th delay. how much do you think democrats really can muck up this process? >> i think it will slow it down. i think it is highly likely the president will get most of his nominees through. there may be one or two. the
i think it will be interesting to hear from wilbur ross about china and trade and nafta, richard. >> providing you're looking at things in a transactional deal-making way, that's fine. but i was at a breakfast this morning where people are talking about you can't do that always with public policy. davos feels different. there's an intensity about what will happen. an uncertainty about future direction. and they really believe the rules by which they have lived their lives here for so many years are about to change. and they, frankly, don't know what to do. >> globalization backlash embodied by donald trump by brexit by a whole bunch of things right there in front of them. >> richard quest, nice to see you. >> put the cap back on that marker. "early start" continues right now. >>> big backlash after president obama commutes the sentence of chelsea manning, how did this move affect interaction among those who leaked classified material. >>> the president-elect making preparations for his presidential inauguration friday as more democrats decide to boycott. >>> and a critical day on
secretary, chuck nag he will, the come feert. annexation of crimeblackberry. have a dispute with china. china in the. impose its will to reinternational boundaries. and violate. >> all of the world take note of that. the world won't respond to that. >> hagel will meet sunday with japan's foreign and defense ministers. >>> the mother of one of the passengers on flight 370 is speaking exclusively with cnn. up next here, assess snaj but one is so clever that your skin looks better even after you take it off. neutrogena healthy skin liqakeup. 98% saw improved skin. does your makeup do that? neutrogena® cosmetics. lactaid® is 100% real milk? right. real milk. but it won't cause me discomfort. exactly, because it's milk without the lactose. and it tastes? it's real milk! come on, would i lie about this? [ female announcer ] lactaid. 100% real milk. no discomfort. . >>> welcome back. live picture from kuala lumpur. we're expecting them to brief the public about malaysian flight 370. just a few minutes from now, we'll bring you the live news conference as it ends. >>> up to 13 helicopters, r
around this region. it's front page news. it's made the major papers and news channels here in china and throughout the asia pacific region. and there was one regional network caught in a very disturbing situation for viewers. they were simulcasting a local television station when graphic images showing a half partially clothed body floating in the water were shown on live tv. we've talked about how it was extremely upsetting to the families in indonesia who were watching that signal live. but that signal was also shown live via this regional network in china. shown in malaysia and australia, very upsetting to a lot of people here following this so closely. i've been talking to the mh 370 families and i was sitting next to steven wang a young man whose mother was on board of 370. he told me he was hoping for a miracle of those on flight 8501. he was hoping there might be survivors. it was during our interview that the news came in and in fact debris had been found and bodies pulled from the water. >> thank you, will. >>> the death toll expected to rise off the ferry fire. look at tho
headaches, tooth aches and pain after surgery. >> interesting. >>> a food scandal in china. rotton meat sold to mcdonald's in china. why are they standing be i the supplier? crimes in america. in fact, there's a new victim of identity theft every...three...seconds. so you have to ask yourself, am i next? one weak password could be all it takes. or trusting someone you shouldn't. over 100 million consumers had their personal information stolen in recent retail store and online security breaches. you think simply checking last month's credit score can stop identity thieves now? that alone just isn't enough. but lifelock offers the most comprehensive identity theft protection available. as soon as the patented lifelock identity alert system detects a threat, you'll be notified by text, phone or email. ♪ your response helps stop thieves before they do damage to your identity... helping to keep you safe... with three powerful layers of protection. detecting threats to your finances, credit, and good name 24/7. alerting you to potential danger. and if anything is found, your resolution expe
from the foreign ministers calling for the perpetrators brought to justice. we heard from china saying the americans should get its house in order in the rules of war and torture. we heard from iran, the cia has shown itself to be a tierney against humanity. of course, all these countries have something in common. appalling record of human rights. you look at u.s. allies. we heard from david cameron saying torture is wrong under any circumstance, but what cameron did not state is britain may have been complicit in the aspects of the torture program. we heard from poland's former president. he said he was aware and he did offer what he called a quiet place for cia operations on polish territory. he said he did not know what was going on. the european court of human rights is already condemned poland for actions allowing the cia to operate a black site on its territory. whether it can be forwarded to the international criminal courts, for example, a debatable point. that would count on assistance from the u.s. officials. the cooperation they will probably not give. >> they made that clea
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