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with the president of china xi jinping. donald trump lays it on the line for china telling them they need to get involved to deal with the problems in the korean peninsula, and neil gorsuch, the nominee for the supreme court is expected to get a vote sometime this week. republicans confident they're going to get him confirmed. the question is will they do it with the 60 votes customary for a vote like this? all this as the cloud of russia continues to overshadow this administration. adam schiff the ranking member, reacted to the news that michael flynn is willing to make an immunity deal. schiff said his committee may not be interested. >> we don't want to do anything that will interfere in any case that the justice department might decide to bring and we have to determine whether we need him to learn information we can't learn from other sources so it's very early to consider this. >> reporter: even though russia continues to be a big issue for the trump administration, the president himself is not backing down tweeting on sunday morning quote the real story turns out to be surveill
stand by? >> china can fix this problem easily and quickly. and i am calling on china and your great president to hopefully work on it very hard. >> and president trump with a face-to-face appeal asking the chinese president for help with north korea, plus why did president trump compliment china for taking advantage of the u.s. on trade? good morning and welcome to "early start." big reversal from the campaign rhetoric. it's a long way. thursday, november 9th4:00 in the east, 5:00 p.m. in beijing. we start with republicans trying to regain their footing. if the party can get anything done legislatively and if the gop can avoid a disaster. exit poles show anger at the president. >> republicans appear divided about what drove their defeat. frequent trump critic john mccain scolded his fellow republicans said i predicted this and unless we get our act together we're going to lose heavily. >> then, the anti-trump wave. they wrote democrats came out in droves to send a message to donald trump. the clichÉ is not to reach too much into an off-year election, this defeat was broad and deep
nationalistic anger chosen from donald trump. china will be issuing a joint statement talking about their commitment to the paris deal and their intention to work together you shouldn't shy away from the reality of climate change. more specifically you can't specifically push aside this reality as you can leaders. a reference to what happened here in europe last week. >> the president suggesting that the u.s. will try to renegotiate or negotiate a new deal. they're saying that's not in the cards. >> with the u.s. pulling out of the paris climate accord, rivals are stepping up and earning praise. if america steps off the world stage the chinese are in a prime position to fill that vacuum. certainly in terms of propaganda and public relations it will be a wonderful moment for china to step up and say we'll be a leader in the world and we'll continue to step forward with all the money we have spent on climate change. >> it's also a very easy sell to their domestic population because the fact is those of us that live here have to deal with some of the worst air pollution in the world. w
which to u.s./china relations. >> and you look at these geopolitical stories that are hitting the news. we don't see the market being rattled by that. you look at how the s&p 500 is doing and the dow. they're up more than 10% so far this year. >> yeah. >> what can really rattle the market? this is of interest to anyone who is invested in the stock market. >> first and foremost, the fundamentals are great. moderate growth, great labor market, low inflation, steady interest rates, good corporate earnings. so that's fine. there's only two things that i would see that could rattle the markets. number one would be any sign that tax reform is dead. i don't think it's dead. i think it's going to plod along. it's going to take a while. the other one, though, the wild card now is geopolitical. and i think since donald trump loves scapegoats, since he can't get north korea to do what he wants, he's going to make china a scapegoat. so i worry later this week we may hear the announcement of new u.s. trade sanctions against china. for the markets, a u.s./china trade war is not a good story. >>
soon as possible. we know parts have been arriving over the past month and a half. something china doesn't like but pence said would go ahead. >> thank you. >> china is a critical wildcard in the north korea equation. the vice president had this to say about china and they're willingness to cooperate on north korea. >> sit heartening to see china commit to these actions but the united states is troubled by china's economic retaliation against south korea for taking appropriate actions to defend itself. the better path would be for china to address the north korean threat that's make such defensive measures necessary. >> so where does this go next? let's go talk to david to break this all down. good morning to you david. >> good morning. >> so the line we're hearing is the era of strategic patience is over. is that in a sense the trump foreign poll saz icy as we know >> who knows. the president has approached the korean problem with a sense of urgency and understanding that his predecessors have done various things to try to get this regime in line and nothing has worked and bill cl
. >>> president trump assigning china a large share of the blame this the aftermath of north korea's nuclear test. the president even tweeting the administration is considering stopping all trade with any country doing business with north korea. china would certainly be at the top of that list. cnn's andrew stevens is live for us in china this morning with their reaction to the threats. good morning. >> good morning to you, alison. yes, the chinese coming back pretty swiftly and saying it's totally unacceptable and unfair for donald trump to aim sanctions at china when they are doing so much they say to resolve this crisis in north korea. in fact, china seemed to be taking the threat from trump a lot more seriously than many of the delegates that the chinese president and four other world leaders. most delegates here dismissing it as too far-fetched, saying it would hurt the u.s. too much as a start. china has on north korea forcefully and clearly condemned north korea's action. but what they haven't done is given any further strategy on how to combat the rise of the nuclear north korea. wha
senate act in time to keep the government open? we have the latest from capitol hill and china iraq and london. welcome to "early start." i'm dave briggs. >> i'm christine romans. it is nice to have you back, dave. we are 20 hours away from the possible government shutdown. one that is increasingly likely folks. after the senate adjourned out a stop-gap funding bill, there is no clear path to a solution. government workers are preparing to shut the doors and turn off the lights at midnight. >> senate returns at 11:00 a.m. with both sides dug in. we're told democrats have enough votes to block the spending bill. one democrat says the senators are resolute and determined and united against the measure. on the senate floor, democratic leader chuck schumer a stop-gap bill to fund for a number of days but mitch mcconnell says they don't see the point. >> and schumer said he was not trying to play for political points, efforts republican senators laughed out loud. mcconnell went right after the democrats. >> there is a real emergency in the immigration area. we have until march to deal with i
this much longer. and adding, "perhaps china will put a heavy move on north korea, an end to this nonsense once and for all." paula hancocks is live this %-p. -- live in seoul. good morning. >> reporter: hello, christine. that tweet from mr. trump was before north korea had this claim that it was a successful icbm. it will be interesting to see what the reaction is next. we know that north korea had its own ideas of a celebration for july 4th, the timing clearly not lost on anybody. they say that they can now hit anywhere in the world. that's not what the experts think. they're crunching the numbers now to figure out exactly how far it could have reached if it was targeting the u.s. us and south korean officials trying to figure out how far it could go. a distance of more than 570 miles. flew for about 39 minutes, according to north korea. u.s. command had different figures initially saying they thought it was not an icbm but one step lower. they haven't mentioned anything science north korea has said -- anything since north korea has said this. we had reaction from president moon
, china, iraq and london. good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans. one long day. >> never going to sleep. i'm dave briggs. it is friday, january 19th. 5:00 a.m. in the east. you find people are actually surprised by the brink of the government shutdow? it seems not so much wherever i go. >> it seems inevitable. that is what is different about this shutdown than in 2013. we thought they would be able to come up with something. there was a shutdown. there is at least a feeling. we moved to the blame game. >> this is the first of it's kind. the house and senate and white house all controlling party. a shutdown which is increasingly likely. the senate adjourned without spo voting on the funding bill. there is no clear path. >> the senate returns at 11:00. democrats are resolute and united against the measure. on the senate floor, democratic leader chuck schumer had a plan to fund for days, but others say they don't see the point. >> schumer said he was not trying to play for political points. several laughed out out. mcconnell went after the democrats. >> there is a
today from brussels, joint statement between the european union and china that they intend to not only keep up their commitments to the paris deal, but to accelerate their cooperation, so really what will see is a pivot away from the united states by europe, away from what has been a historic and essential ally to other potential allies as european leaders look ahead, not just to the global challenge that is posed by climate change, but to many of the other global challenges going ahead, christine. >> all right, melissa bell for us this morning in paris. nice to see you, thank you. >> china reaffirming its commitment to fight climate change, promising to be a responsible party after the u.s. bailed. one european leader warning if america steps off the world stage, the chinese are in prime position to fill the vacuum. let's bring in cnn's matt rivers for more on chinese plans. he's live in beijing. what are the plans? >> the plans are to kind of be the de facto leader of the paris climate agreement and why is that? whether the chinese want that or not, china is the biggest greenhou
. big changes on key issues including russia, nato, china. his new out look and what it means right now. good morning and thanks for getting an erm staarly start wi i'm dave briggs. >> you get many and conditions on the ground mean there are a different set of facts to work with. >> i'm christine romans, it's 5:00 a.m. in the's east. flip flops that formed the bedrock of his campaign, the president took the most skeptical position yet on russia just hours after secretary of state rex tillerson met with the president. >> he also took a complete reversal on nato as he stood along side with the nato secretary and the president suddenly full of praise for president xi. more on reversals in the moment. >>> echoing rex tillerson's frosty tone in russia speaking to reporters after his meeting with lavrov, tiller sson offere this. >> current relations is at a low point and there's a low level of trust between our two countries, the world's foremost two nuclear powers cannot this this kind of relationship. >> i want to bring in cnn's paula newton. she's been walking us through these very imp
. thank you. >>> 18 minutes past the hour. china is threatening to retaliate now that president trump's chief trade negotiator has been asked to determine whether an investigation of beijing's trade practices is needed. the move could pave the way for the president to impose tariffs on chinese imports. the administration turning the screws on china in order to get more cooperation on the north korea crisis. let's bring in david mckensingtony from hong kong. china might be -- mckenzie from hong kong. china might be complaining, but is this less harsh than people expect from the trump administration? >> reporter: good morning, yes, i think so. i think many people expected the investigation to be launched straight away. the trade representative of trump has about a year to investigate possible infringement of u.s. intellectual property rights within china. something people have complained for for a very long time. i think it's sort of stepping off the pedal a little bit, perhaps to gain china's help on north korea. >> the number of ceos i know who build a factory or do a joint vent
, nato, china. the president's new out look. welcome to early start i'm christine romans >> and i'm dave briggs. my body clock has flip flopped and so too has the president on virtually everything. >> good to be back. a stunning display of acrobatics. in matter of hours he performed at least three major back flips that formed the bedrock of his campaign. he took the most skeptical position yet on russia even though he left the door open for reconciliation with vladimir putin just hours after secretary of state tillerson met with the president. >> he proclaimed the relevance of nato, a body he claimed was obsolete and the president suddenly full of praise for president xi jinping. why is rapid change? >> reporter: sharp change in tone on the subject of russia at the white house with the nato secretary general, he described the relationship between the u.s. and russia at an all-time low and said they may have known about the attack in syria, but the president was not so quick to criticize vladimir putin who has been the biggest backer of al assad. >> it would be wonderful as we were d
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crisis. in fact, secretary of state rex tillerson says that china threatened sanctions against north korea if it attempted another nuclear test. tillerson said to chair a u.n. security council meeting later this morning with the house of representatives set to vote on new sanctions against pyongyang next week. for the latest, let's bring in alexandra field live in seoul. good morning. a lot to unpack here. what is reaction on on all of this from seoul? >> reporter: certainly a lot of heads left spinning here. these are certainly the most blunt words that we've heard from president trump warning of the possibility of a major, major conflict as he puts it. he does go on to say of course that he hopes to resolve the situation through diplomacy, but you've also had chinese officials from the ministry of foreign affairs warning that the whole situation could spiral out of control, the chinese along with the russians have been calling for more open dialogue with north korea, and that was something that secretary of state rex tillerson has also left the door open for, saying it could be pos
top agenda item for the meeting persuading china to curb pyongyang's nuclear ambitions. the moments came moments after a u.s. official issued a dire warning about north korea's nuclear program declaring quote the clock has run out all options are on table. for the latest we want to bring in matt rivers live for us in beijing. any reaction from beijing on this yet and how does this launch differ from those we've seen recently? >> reporter: pretty standard response this frarch the chinese saying that the launch clearly violates u.n. sanctions, u.n. resolutions that were put on the table by the united nations. the chinese rejected the notion this launch had anything to do with the upcoming summit tweet presidents trump and xi scheduled for later this week. this was an intermediate-range ballistic missile. second one launch this year. it differs from last year because of the way these missiles are being launched. there's progress being made because these missiles use solid fuel. that allows them to launch from the back of a truck. that makes them mobile and easier to be hidden and it ma
his son from prison in china over alleged shoplifting. this started while the president was on his 12-day, five-nation tour. the three ucla players were detained. the president heard about it and asked chinese president xi if they could be released and returned to the united states. they were. the president wondered whether or not the players would thank him. they did. he tweeted about them, warning them to be weary of the many pitfalls of life. then, as soon as we thought it was over, friday, the father of lee anglo ball made a comment to espn down playing the president's role in their release. he tweeted about the situation once on sunday morning. then, hours later, writing, shoplifting is a very big deal in china, as it should be. five-ten years in jail. should have gotten his son out during my next trip to china, instead. china told them why they were released. very ungrateful. the president caught flak for suggesting the idea he would not have helped release them from the chinese prison if he had known one of the parents would not give him credit in public. christine and dave. >>
basketball teammates out of jail after their arrest for shoplifting in china. >> ball had minimized the president's role over the weekend, to which the president responded by tweeting that ball was very ungrateful and he should have left them -- the players -- in jail. ball telling cnn he is still not convinced the president helped bring the young men home. >> if he said he helped, that's good for his mind. >> what do you mean good for his mind? >> but why even say it? if he helps, he shouldn't say anything. if i helped someone, i don't walk around saying, i helped you now. come on, give me some love. i helped you! come on, for real? i would have said thank you if he would have put them on his plane and took them home. then i would have said, thank you, mr. trump, for taking my boys out of china and bringing them back to the u.s. there's a lot of room on that plane. did he help the boys get out? i don't know. >> why do you doubt it? >> i don't know. if i was going to thank somebody, i'd probably thank president xi. >> the interview did end on a note with mr. ball wishing mr. trump a hap
calling on russia and china to help step up. it's no coincidence they'll be meeting with both of these leaders this week. they'll be going to a beijing tomorrow and meeting with russian president vladimir putin later in the week. no question north korea front and center here, but the president's tone so different than earlier this summer when he referred to kim jong-un of course as rocket man. >> jeff as well -- he listened to that entire press conference with us. let's listen to a little bit of what the president said in this press conference where he talked about determination and urgency. >> north korea is a worldwide threat that requires worldwide action. we call on every responsible nation, including china and russia to demand that the north korean regime end its nuclear weapons, and its missile programs and live in peace, as the south korean people no so well, it's time to act with urgency and with great determination. it is unacceptable that nations would help to arm and finance this increasingly dangerous regime. >> talking about china. is he talking about china there? >>
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-- >> doing to be a tough bill to fill. >> president trump turning his sights on china, stating next week's meeting will be quote difficult. we'll find out why live from beijing next. >>> president trump plans to sign two executive orders to reduce america's trillion dollars trade deficit just one week before china's president visits the u.s. he says the meeting next week will china will be a difficult one. american companies must be prepared to look at all othothe alternatives. good morning, will, president trump says this meeting next week will be difficult. is that how the chinese see it? >> reporter: absolutely, christine and really digging in their heels on this because they feel donald trump's accusation of unfair trade practices are not true, the fact that chinese goods are so much cheaper is why americans are buying hundreds of billions of items from china than from the u.s. his order pledges to investigate the causes of the massive trade deficit and establish anti-dumping laws that chinese countries and other countries have been accused of by flooding the market of goods at
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. this latest spat with lavar ball over the release of his son from prison in china over alleged shoplifting. this all started while the president was on his 12-day, 5-nation tour of asia. those three ucla players were detained. the president found out about it, we're hearing from white house officials, and personally asked chinese president xi jinping if those students could be released and safely returned to the united states. they were. and in that process, the president allowed on twitter, wondered whether or not those players would thank him. they did, and he tweeted about them, warning them to be weary of the many pitfalls in life. but then just as soon as we thought it was over, on friday, lavar ball, the father of liangelo ball, one of those three students, made a comment to espn, downplaying the president's role in their release. so, he tweeted about the situation once on sunday morning and then again hours later, writing, "shopliftsing a very big deal in china, as it should be. five to ten years in jail. but not to father lavar. should have gotten his son out during my
about though is north korea and president putin at a press conference with the president of china on tuesday where they talked about settling the situation and putin specifically talked about his concern about the deployment of more u.s. weapons in south korea. >> all right. thank you for that. officials have reason to hope president trump's second european trip will be smoother than his visit in may. that was marked by awkward body language and the president scolding world leaders for not meeting their nato obligations. >>> the pop you list government is expected to roll out the red carpet. cnn's melissa bell joins us from warsaw. does the president face a warm welcome or a cold shoulder in europe? >> reporter: no, he had faced skeptics back in may. this time he's beginning this trip with a friendly government. this is a populist government which shares many of his views. it is anti immigrant. it is concerned about supernational organizations and all over warsaw you'll see signs encouraging people to come out to hear donald trump's first european speech which is what's on the age
. >>> china's air force on high alert, cruise missile capable bombers preparing to respond to any provocation from north korea. a u.s. defense official telling cnn, an extraordinary number of chinese military aircraft are now being readied for combat. president trump expressing confidence that china is working very hard to rein in kim jong-un. cnn's david mckenzie tracking the latest developments live for us from beijing. david, good morning to you. these comments from pentagon officials to cnn. any comment from chinese officials? >> reporter: good morning, dave. not surprisingly at all, both the ministry of foreign affairs not having any comment that says that chinese planes, bombsers are on high alert, bombers that can unload cruise missiles in the chinese theater and elsewhere, that's not surprising at all. they very rarely comment on military matters to the press or to anyone else publicly. but you saw the statements from president trump saying that china is applying the pressure on north korea, diplomatically and through trade. there's an unusual turn here from the days of pr
strategy. >> we also face rival powers, russia and china, that seek to challenge american influence, values and more. >> what's the reaction overseas? live to moscow. >>> president trump outline iin national security plan that will put america first. policies that have left the u.s., cheated and taken advantage of by other countries all while leaving americans served at home. the president took aim at predecessors in both parties. >> a nation that does not protect prosperity at home cannot protect its interests abroad. a nation that is not prepare d o win a war is a nation not capable of preventing a war. a nation that is not proud of its history cannot be confident in its future. and a nation that is not certain of its values cannot summon the will to defend them. >> trump calls russia and china rival powers who seek to challenge america. but he stopped short of calling out moscow for its election meddling. nic robertson is live in moscow. what are we hearing from rival powers this morning? >> russia's position is becoming a little clearer. a spokesman has just given his assessment
drive china, russia, and north korea much closer together." john mccain, who plans to return to the senate next month, despite starting radiation and chemotherapy treatments for brain cancer, was quick to criticize the president. >> mccain writes, "the concerns expressed in the president's signing statement are hardly surprising, though misplaced. the framers of our constitution made the congress and the president co-equal branches of government. this bill has already proven the wisdom of that choice. going forward," he says, "i hope the president will be as vocal about russia's aggressive behavior as he box office his concerns with this legislation -- as he was about his concerns with this legislation." we have more in ten minutes from oren liebermann on that. >>> republican leaders declaring they're ready to move on from their many unsuccessful attempts to repeal and replace obamacare. the trump administration not ready to throw in the towel just yet. white house budget director mick mulvaney throwing down the gauntlet. >> we're not really sure how you can run for seven years sayi
. paula hancocks, thank you very much. >>> meanwhile, china is the critical wild card in the north korea equation. the vice president had this to say about china and their willingness to cooperate on north korea. >> it is heartening to see china commit to these actions, but the united states is troubled by china's economic retaliation against south korea, for taking appropriate steps to defend itself. the better path would be for china to address the north korean threat that is actually making such defensive messages necessary. >> the campaign trail, president trump hammered china for their practices. but he is toning down his rhetoric, saying, quote, why would i call china a currency manipulator when they are working with us on the north korean problem? good morning to you, matt. let's back up a little bit if we can and remind us why china has allowed this nuclear program in north korea to go on so long. >> frankly, china has an interest in being a buffer state between south korea and its own borders. it has no interest in seeing north korea collapse and likely unify under south k
. >>> president trump weighs in after high-level talks between the u.s. and china. was there any movement on how to deal with the growing threat from north korea? we're live in shanghai. >>> the trump administration says the u.s. and china share a common concern about the threat posed by north korea's nuclear missile program. jim mattis and secretary of state rex tillerson hosting their chinese counterparts to discuss the growing crisis. for months the white house has been lobbying china to exert more influence over the kim jong-un regime. >> last night in iowa, president trump praised china's president but also sent a message that he expects more from beijing. >> we've had a very good relationship with china in all fairness. and i do like president xi. i wish we would have more help on north korea from china. that doesn't seem to be working out, but i do like the president a lot. >> the meeting with top chinese officials comes days after the death of otto warmbier. the american college student spent 17 months hard -- before he was sent -- hard labor before he was sent home in a coma. we
. >>> a critical week for president trump starts today and the president is already putting china on notice to stop north korea or the u.s. will. >>> and breaking other night jared kushner president trump's son-in-law and senior advisors made a surprise trip to iraq. >>> a crucial vote in the senate on neil gorsuch. >>> how was your weekend? >> it was good, beautiful weather. >> a busy, busy week ahead. april 3rd, 4:00 a.m. in the east. >>> looming questions about russia's alleged collusion in the campaign. it kicks off a week of diplomatic meetings, nominations and fate of his -- that's all. >>> the former national security adviser michael flynn's quote to tell his story in exchange for immunity. >> reporter: good morning, we've said this a lot during the trump administration, but this could be one of the biggest week's of donald trump donald trump's presidency, he has a lot on the table including a whole host of meetings with important foreign leerds that's going to be capped with a summit of president xi ping. he really lays it on the line telling them they need to get in line
xi, some effective sanctions happening between north korea and china, i think the president would like to see it as part of the u.s.'s pressure on china and north korea. >> i would put that in the flip flops this week that's been so fascinating to watch. he said on the campaign trail time and time again he was going to label china as a currency manipulator and sat with president xi for ten minutes and said gosh, it's a lot harder than i thought it was going to be. and today on the wall street journal -- "washington post" editorial, talking about this story in the wall street journal that it's folks around him advising him and maybe why you're seeing these u-turns, what do you think? >> possibly. every president comes into office and learn new things, get new information and a lot of their policy positions change from what they were during the campaign. this president just seems to sort of wear those changes a little bit more on his sleeve than most perhaps and there's an internal debate not just on the foreign policy and national security but economics as well. there's a debate am
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overnight in china, japan and south korea as the morning got under way in those countries. the virus locks users out of their computers and then demands hundreds of dollars to give you back control. global companies like fedex and nissan, as well as hospitals, universities and even some government agencies have been hit by the so-called ransomware. the software targets a flaw in microsoft windows, and now microsoft has released a security patch. it did back in march, but the virus hit networks that had not updated their systems with that patch, which microsoft stressed the importance of in statements sunday, also said this attack is a wake-up call for governments, kind of a remarkable warning from microsoft to governments, nsa in particular where this came from. >> let's get more on the global impact of this cyber attack. what could be in store today? cnn business and technology correspondent samuel burke live in london. >> good to see you, samuel. >> we report there 150 countries. we know there are new cases today. any yet in the united states and how do our viewers protect themselv
chinese-backed firm making good on his tough talk on kwhien in a. the u.s. is blocking china backed plan to buy lattice economy conductors. the move puts the white house in a middle of a very controversial issue. chinese investment in u.s. total hit $46 billion last year, raises concerns over china's influence in technology. it's already investigating whether china is unfairly getting 0 hold of american technology. president trump accuses them of failing to restrain north korea and treasury secretary steven mnuchin told "fox news" he'd stop trading with them over the issue. >> we can stop trade with any country that does business with north korea. we're going to be careful in using the tools but the president is committed. we will use economic sanctions to bring north korea to the table. >> stopping trade with china? >> stopping trade with anybody. >> meanwhile the chinese government is concerned that the u.s. blocked the deal. i got to tell you in years of covering these acquisitions by chinese and even chinese government-backed entities, usually when there's a national security re
. the president arrived in beijing overnight. early start's coverage from china and pyongyang continues right now. the president started talking about human rights, something he largely left out of the conversation until now. >> it is 4:00 a.m. in the east, 5:00 p.m. in beijing. let's begin with politics in the u.s. a blue wave crashing over the democrats. election night a strong one for the democrats with key wins in virginia n new jersey, in new york city and other local races. the virginia race closely watched as a referendum on the trump presidency. >> ralph northam beat gillespie. brianna keeler has more from the headquarters in fair fax, virginia. >> reporter: christine and dave, lieutenant ralph northam winning. they were biting their nails and expecting a very late night. in the end, that's not what happened. this is indication of a bigger picture of anti-trump sentiment. ralph spoke about that to the crowd here. >> virginia told us to end the divisiveness, we will not condone hatred and bigotry and to end the politics that have torn this country apart. >> reporter: a
they did not mention china, which the president has been leaning on to help the situation in recent weeks. let's go live to seoul and bring in alexander field. anything changed in the dynamics here? >> no, dave, in short. you're right, the secretary of state and secretary of defense didn't name check china, but they are locking at china when they say they are leaning ob international partners to increase pressure on north korea, which they hope would lead to deescalation there and now they are saying that could open the door down the road to a path for talks for discussions, which to some extent is something you did hear the secretary of state on his visit saying the climate and conditions are not right to be talking to north korea. for everything we have heard from the trump administration over the last 100 days that the era of strategic patience is over, 20 years of efforts have failed, you are now hearing from the secretary of state and the secretary of defense this emphasis on economic sanctions and diplomatic efforts in order to control and deescalate the situation. what's diff
interesting sitting down with china, china thinks in 100 year increments and americans think in presidential cycles. >>> hours before the president signs two executive orders aimed at reducing america's deficit. quoting that the next meeting with china's president will be a difficult one. >> we'll find out next live in beijing. >>> president trump plans to sign two executive orders today to combat and reduce the trillion dollars trade deficit. this comes one week before meeting with the china's president. the latest tweet, quote the meeting wi meeting china will be a difficult one. american companies must be prepared to look at other alternativ alternatives. good morning to you, will, president trump says the meeting next week will be a difficult one. is that how the chinese see it? >> reporter: the chinese are hoping for business-like discussions but preparing themselves for a worst case scenario, president trump has accused china from currency manipulation, to abusing the u.s. lenient enforcements of -- far cheaper than american products. they're worried about the u.s. putting higher teari
the $300 billion deficit, the president has talked sometimes in crude terms about what china is doing to the u.s. and stealing american jobs, at the same time he needs help with north korea. >> reporter: that's exactly right and that's why i think north korea is going to take the top of the agenda, in the meeting later on today. two more ballistic missile tests, and the satellite imagery suggesting a sixth test might be just around the corner. both sides agree that it's a problem, they disagree very strongly on the best way to solve it. china believes the united states should negotiate, the united states says china needs to do more to use its economic leverage to scale back their nuclear ambitions. the other thing you mentioned trade. these two economies number one and two in the world linked but the president has been incredibly critical of what he calls c cal call c-- a very interesting meeting set in florida later today. >> donald trump hit list will be jobs, jobs going to china, trade barriers and the currency, three thing that is got him elected frankly matt rivers, we'll see if
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the sanctions are implemented. here in china that is the key because there have been six rounds of increasingly strong sanctions. yet what we have seen is north korea continue to test missiles, nuclear devices, and we saw a response from pyongyang doubling down on their nuclear missile program saying these snanks will not stop their efforts. in fact, they say they will work harder to fight against what they call a violent violation of their national sovereignty, even hinting at a physical response against the united states. we've heard this kind of rhetoric before from north korea. i've heard officials in the country as recently as when i was there in june talk about the fact that despite any sanctions as a result of the missile program that would be the last programs they cut. they'll continue to push forward. but the new dynamic here is that never before has north korea had an intercontinental ballistic missile that analysts say could reach theoretically much of the mainland u.s. missional? >> north korea stick -- miguel? >> north korea sticking to their guns in a literal sense.
potential allies on the climate, like for instance china, but also to other allies on other issues more globally. europe feels that it's lost a very important ally, a leader on so many global issues. and i think that if the announcement comes as it does today, it will simply be a further nail in the coffin of what has been a historic alliance now for decades. >> melissa bell live for us in paris. thank you very much. >> a lot of business leaders say they expect chinese companies to take the lead here and china to take the lead on the global stage for this. when it comes to the climate deal, big business has one question for the president -- will america be a global leader or put itself first? hundreds of companies say business will suffer if the u.s. withdraws. business leaders lobbying the president with public campaigns and with private phone calls and personal letters, including tesla founder elon musk. musk tweeted that he had done all he could to persuade president trump to remain in the treaty, even threatening to quit as one of the president's advisers. he's very upset about this
... don't borrow more money from china. and leave more debt to our kids. keep your word. tax cuts shouldn't add to the national debt. verizon and google have teamed up on the pixel 2. it's like verizon is the oil and google is the balsamic. it's more like the google pixel 2 is the unlimited storage. and verizon is the best unlimited plan. i like oil and balsamic. (vo) get up to 50% off the pixel 2 on google's exclusive wireless partner, verizon. >>> the president cheer leading the success, tweeting that all countries know the rules have changed. the united states has to be treated fairly and in reciprocal fashion. the rules have changed z because other countries are still making trade deals without u.s. leadership. president trump pulled the united states back in january seeking the word's biggest trade deal, a deal years in the works. over the weekend the 11 remaining nations forged ahead on a new deal without the u.s. including marriajor allies. of the they will negotiate their own deal the and might not want the one-on-one deals the president favors. president trump could face pressure t
to china, president xi jinping consolidating his power. it could extense his influen-- influence for years. we are live if beijing next. . >> the new lineup for china comes within an heir apparent, president xi enshrined his ideology into the constitution, how long does xi intend to rule? let's ask cnn matt rivers live in beijing, good evening, how long might he be in power? >> reporter: oh, that's the big question and it could be an open-ended question at this point given what we've seen over the last week. it's called the 19th party congress or frankly just the party congress. it happens every five years, this is the 19th. it's been interesting, because we seen xi jinping formalize a power grab he has been engaged in the last five years the likes of which we have not seen since the founder of communist china moo mao tse tung and the other happened this morning. the standing committee of the pollit bureau, there are six other people besides xi jinping. when all six are revealed, they are all men, no women made na standing committee. all were xi jinping allies and none were a success
to come. donald trump convinced china to stymy the fuel. this will be a difficult one. you know, with china, donald trump does have some leverage. right now, u.s. and russia relations are at an all-time low. what do you hit russia with? they are talking about more sanctions here at the end of the month. it will be a tough one if russia decides they want to in fact help that north korea regime. >> paula, thank you for that. >>> tom brady suffering an injury with his throwing hand. >> oh, no. john berman will not come in to work this morning. >> we will have andy scholes with the bleacher report next. to do whatever it takes, use every possible resource. to fight cancer. and never lose sight of the patients we're fighting for. our cancer treatment specialists share the same vision. experts from all over the world, working closely together to deliver truly personalized cancer care. specialists focused on treating cancer. using advanced technologies. and more precise treatments than before. working as hard as we can- doing all that we can- for everyone who walks through our doors. t
standing with them. while china and the eu are forming greater alliances. and so all of those things are swirling here. and you know, a part of me does wonder, on the one hand, it's odd that there's surprise that trump is sort of governing at face value and what he told us he would during the campaign. at the same time, remember a report he was going to tear up nafta, a few days later it was a slightly moderated approach. it will be interesting to see how they actually frame what they're doing this afternoon. and whether there's any indication of, we were sort of making a very hard push, now we're going to pull back late bit as a negotiating position. >> some of those small developing economies, they had complained during the process that the u.s. wasn't giving up enough. that we're one-fifth of the world's carbon emissions and the u.s. wasn't giving up enough compared with what many of these developing nations would have to. so it depends on who you are, how you view this. i want to -- you talked about the science, whether the president appreciates the science. there is an engineer
north korea. why did the president comment china for taking advantage. u.s. on trade. >> republicans looking to reset after democratic wins 0en election day. will gop law plakers stand by an unpopular president? good morning and welcome to "early start." >> i'm dave briggs. it is thursday, november 9, 5:00 a.m. in the east and 6:00 p.m. in the beijing. that's where we start. president trump in china making a direct appeal to president xi to help solve the north korea nuclear price sis. la lashing out add pyongyang. >> mr. president trump calling on all responsible nations to stop arming and working with what he calls a murderous regime. listen. >> the entire scivilized world must unite to confront the north korean menace. and the entire world is watching us right now. >> all right. let's go live to beijing and bring in cnn's jeff zeleny. the president, president trump talks tough about north korea, but did he get any firm commitment from president xi we're going to go ahead and pressure north korea to back off the nuclear program? >> good morning. that is the key ques
it. the u.s. says china needs to use economic leverage, beyond north korea you can expect both sides to also talk about trade. trump targeting him and what he calls unfair trade practice, does the president bring up things like possible tariffs, currency manipulations, some of the threats he's had in the past and will be interesting how much president xi jinping pushes back on his end and one more note that will make for a very interesting photo op a official in beijing says both sides are looking at what could be a joint press, the chinese president hardly ever has a press conference. >> that is such a test. i want to bring in our chief cnn correspondent, chris chia ina i amanpour. >> what can the president do if he has changed his mind and now his policy. what can he do about it? >> reporter: here is the thing christine, i really listened carefully and nearly leapt out of my seat when i heard president trump describe the crim crimes committed on the children in syria, he said it himself he's changed his attitude because of that attack and kept doubling down about how it passed line
president xi of china where they talked about settling the korean situation and putin specifically talked about his concern about the deployment of more u.s. weapons in south korea. >>> thank you. the u.n. security council set to meet in emergency session today at the request of the united states. the meeting in response to north korea's launch of what military analysts now think was a two-stage intercontinental ballistic missile. they claim to have developed a nuclear capable icbm and tested it as an independence day gift to the u.s. >> kim jong-un says he won't negotiate over his missile programs until the u.s. ends what he calls its hostile policy and nuclear threat against the north. in response to the test the u.s. and south korea say they conducted a joint ballistic missile drill. >>> and secretary of state rex tillerson has released a statement calling it a new escalation of the threat to the u.s. and the world. let's turn to andrew stevens monitoring the situation from hong kong. good morning to you. where is the story headed from here? >> reporter: good morning, dave. well
strategy is to drastically increase pressure on the north korean regime. and russia and china are directly undermining the strategy by increasing their own trade with the regime and by blocking strong internal action. that is a huge problem. i don't think they'll get to that in the trump/putin meeting to be honest because they don't have the time. what you saw last night was president trump meet with the leaders of south korea and japan. mrs. pretty much unity amongst america's allies, no unity with -- there's pretty much unity amongst america's allies, no unity with the stopping of provocations. it's risky and not likely to work without chinese and russian buy-in. the question is if they're not going to do it voluntarily, do we pressure them to go along with it, and will that work, and does that represent a risk of escalation on its own. this problem will get worse before it gets better. that's not the trump administration's fault but their responsibility. and what we're all leaning toward is eventually we're going to have to sit down with the north koreans. we'll have to have di
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