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with the president of china xi jinping. donald trump lays it on the line for china telling them they need to get involved to deal with the problems in the korean peninsula, and neil gorsuch, the nominee for the supreme court is expected to get a vote sometime this week. republicans confident they're going to get him confirmed. the question is will they do it with the 60 votes customary for a vote like this? all this as the cloud of russia continues to overshadow this administration. adam schiff the ranking member, reacted to the news that michael flynn is willing to make an immunity deal. schiff said his committee may not be interested. >> we don't want to do anything that will interfere in any case that the justice department might decide to bring and we have to determine whether we need him to learn information we can't learn from other sources so it's very early to consider this. >> reporter: even though russia continues to be a big issue for the trump administration, the president himself is not backing down tweeting on sunday morning quote the real story turns out to be surveill
stand by? >> china can fix this problem easily and quickly. and i am calling on china and your great president to hopefully work on it very hard. >> and president trump with a face-to-face appeal asking the chinese president for help with north korea, plus why did president trump compliment china for taking advantage of the u.s. on trade? good morning and welcome to "early start." big reversal from the campaign rhetoric. it's a long way. thursday, november 9th4:00 in the east, 5:00 p.m. in beijing. we start with republicans trying to regain their footing. if the party can get anything done legislatively and if the gop can avoid a disaster. exit poles show anger at the president. >> republicans appear divided about what drove their defeat. frequent trump critic john mccain scolded his fellow republicans said i predicted this and unless we get our act together we're going to lose heavily. >> then, the anti-trump wave. they wrote democrats came out in droves to send a message to donald trump. the clichÉ is not to reach too much into an off-year election, this defeat was broad and deep
nationalistic anger chosen from donald trump. china will be issuing a joint statement talking about their commitment to the paris deal and their intention to work together you shouldn't shy away from the reality of climate change. more specifically you can't specifically push aside this reality as you can leaders. a reference to what happened here in europe last week. >> the president suggesting that the u.s. will try to renegotiate or negotiate a new deal. they're saying that's not in the cards. >> with the u.s. pulling out of the paris climate accord, rivals are stepping up and earning praise. if america steps off the world stage the chinese are in a prime position to fill that vacuum. certainly in terms of propaganda and public relations it will be a wonderful moment for china to step up and say we'll be a leader in the world and we'll continue to step forward with all the money we have spent on climate change. >> it's also a very easy sell to their domestic population because the fact is those of us that live here have to deal with some of the worst air pollution in the world. w
. paula hancocks, thank you very much. >>> meanwhile, china is the critical wild card in the north korea equation. the vice president had this to say about china and their willingness to cooperate on north korea. >> it is heartening to see china commit to these actions, but the united states is troubled by china's economic retaliation against south korea, for taking appropriate steps to defend itself. the better path would be for china to address the north korean threat that is actually making such defensive messages necessary. >> the campaign trail, president trump hammered china for their practices. but he is toning down his rhetoric, saying, quote, why would i call china a currency manipulator when they are working with us on the north korean problem? good morning to you, matt. let's back up a little bit if we can and remind us why china has allowed this nuclear program in north korea to go on so long. >> frankly, china has an interest in being a buffer state between south korea and its own borders. it has no interest in seeing north korea collapse and likely unify under south k
. >>> president trump weighs in after high-level talks between the u.s. and china. was there any movement on how to deal with the growing threat from north korea? we're live in shanghai. >>> the trump administration says the u.s. and china share a common concern about the threat posed by north korea's nuclear missile program. jim mattis and secretary of state rex tillerson hosting their chinese counterparts to discuss the growing crisis. for months the white house has been lobbying china to exert more influence over the kim jong-un regime. >> last night in iowa, president trump praised china's president but also sent a message that he expects more from beijing. >> we've had a very good relationship with china in all fairness. and i do like president xi. i wish we would have more help on north korea from china. that doesn't seem to be working out, but i do like the president a lot. >> the meeting with top chinese officials comes days after the death of otto warmbier. the american college student spent 17 months hard -- before he was sent -- hard labor before he was sent home in a coma. we
which to u.s./china relations. >> and you look at these geopolitical stories that are hitting the news. we don't see the market being rattled by that. you look at how the s&p 500 is doing and the dow. they're up more than 10% so far this year. >> yeah. >> what can really rattle the market? this is of interest to anyone who is invested in the stock market. >> first and foremost, the fundamentals are great. moderate growth, great labor market, low inflation, steady interest rates, good corporate earnings. so that's fine. there's only two things that i would see that could rattle the markets. number one would be any sign that tax reform is dead. i don't think it's dead. i think it's going to plod along. it's going to take a while. the other one, though, the wild card now is geopolitical. and i think since donald trump loves scapegoats, since he can't get north korea to do what he wants, he's going to make china a scapegoat. so i worry later this week we may hear the announcement of new u.s. trade sanctions against china. for the markets, a u.s./china trade war is not a good story. >>
interesting sitting down with china, china thinks in 100 year increments and americans think in presidential cycles. >>> hours before the president signs two executive orders aimed at reducing america's deficit. quoting that the next meeting with china's president will be a difficult one. >> we'll find out next live in beijing. >>> president trump plans to sign two executive orders today to combat and reduce the trillion dollars trade deficit. this comes one week before meeting with the china's president. the latest tweet, quote the meeting wi meeting china will be a difficult one. american companies must be prepared to look at other alternativ alternatives. good morning to you, will, president trump says the meeting next week will be a difficult one. is that how the chinese see it? >> reporter: the chinese are hoping for business-like discussions but preparing themselves for a worst case scenario, president trump has accused china from currency manipulation, to abusing the u.s. lenient enforcements of -- far cheaper than american products. they're worried about the u.s. putting higher teari
. >>> a critical week for president trump starts today and the president is already putting china on notice to stop north korea or the u.s. will. >>> and breaking other night jared kushner president trump's son-in-law and senior advisors made a surprise trip to iraq. >>> a crucial vote in the senate on neil gorsuch. >>> how was your weekend? >> it was good, beautiful weather. >> a busy, busy week ahead. april 3rd, 4:00 a.m. in the east. >>> looming questions about russia's alleged collusion in the campaign. it kicks off a week of diplomatic meetings, nominations and fate of his -- that's all. >>> the former national security adviser michael flynn's quote to tell his story in exchange for immunity. >> reporter: good morning, we've said this a lot during the trump administration, but this could be one of the biggest week's of donald trump donald trump's presidency, he has a lot on the table including a whole host of meetings with important foreign leerds that's going to be capped with a summit of president xi ping. he really lays it on the line telling them they need to get in line
soon as possible. we know parts have been arriving over the past month and a half. something china doesn't like but pence said would go ahead. >> thank you. >> china is a critical wildcard in the north korea equation. the vice president had this to say about china and they're willingness to cooperate on north korea. >> sit heartening to see china commit to these actions but the united states is troubled by china's economic retaliation against south korea for taking appropriate actions to defend itself. the better path would be for china to address the north korean threat that's make such defensive measures necessary. >> so where does this go next? let's go talk to david to break this all down. good morning to you david. >> good morning. >> so the line we're hearing is the era of strategic patience is over. is that in a sense the trump foreign poll saz icy as we know >> who knows. the president has approached the korean problem with a sense of urgency and understanding that his predecessors have done various things to try to get this regime in line and nothing has worked and bill cl
north korea. why did the president comment china for taking advantage. u.s. on trade. >> republicans looking to reset after democratic wins 0en election day. will gop law plakers stand by an unpopular president? good morning and welcome to "early start." >> i'm dave briggs. it is thursday, november 9, 5:00 a.m. in the east and 6:00 p.m. in the beijing. that's where we start. president trump in china making a direct appeal to president xi to help solve the north korea nuclear price sis. la lashing out add pyongyang. >> mr. president trump calling on all responsible nations to stop arming and working with what he calls a murderous regime. listen. >> the entire scivilized world must unite to confront the north korean menace. and the entire world is watching us right now. >> all right. let's go live to beijing and bring in cnn's jeff zeleny. the president, president trump talks tough about north korea, but did he get any firm commitment from president xi we're going to go ahead and pressure north korea to back off the nuclear program? >> good morning. that is the key ques
today from brussels, joint statement between the european union and china that they intend to not only keep up their commitments to the paris deal, but to accelerate their cooperation, so really what will see is a pivot away from the united states by europe, away from what has been a historic and essential ally to other potential allies as european leaders look ahead, not just to the global challenge that is posed by climate change, but to many of the other global challenges going ahead, christine. >> all right, melissa bell for us this morning in paris. nice to see you, thank you. >> china reaffirming its commitment to fight climate change, promising to be a responsible party after the u.s. bailed. one european leader warning if america steps off the world stage, the chinese are in prime position to fill the vacuum. let's bring in cnn's matt rivers for more on chinese plans. he's live in beijing. what are the plans? >> the plans are to kind of be the de facto leader of the paris climate agreement and why is that? whether the chinese want that or not, china is the biggest greenhou
the $300 billion deficit, the president has talked sometimes in crude terms about what china is doing to the u.s. and stealing american jobs, at the same time he needs help with north korea. >> reporter: that's exactly right and that's why i think north korea is going to take the top of the agenda, in the meeting later on today. two more ballistic missile tests, and the satellite imagery suggesting a sixth test might be just around the corner. both sides agree that it's a problem, they disagree very strongly on the best way to solve it. china believes the united states should negotiate, the united states says china needs to do more to use its economic leverage to scale back their nuclear ambitions. the other thing you mentioned trade. these two economies number one and two in the world linked but the president has been incredibly critical of what he calls c cal call c-- a very interesting meeting set in florida later today. >> donald trump hit list will be jobs, jobs going to china, trade barriers and the currency, three thing that is got him elected frankly matt rivers, we'll see if
having many companies to circumvent these sanctions. two dozen individuals who work in china and libya as well have also been sanctioned so really trying to tighten the noose around these -- the ways of north korea getting cash to its nuclear missile program. also the secretary of state rex tillerson heading to china later this week. it will be a very interesting conversation, obviously north korea topping that agenda, potentially laying the ground work as well for when the u.s. president visits there in november. there will be some difficult questions about those banks because they do do business in china. >> a very important trip. thanks. >>> we are following breaking news this morning out of afghanistan. a rocket landing near the international airport in kabul. as james mattis visits that country, a spokesman for the afghan interior ministry said secretary mattis had already left that airport when this incident happened. no casualties or damage reported. >>> ahead, the republican establishment in some turmoil this morning. the president's former top strategist is just fine wit
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top agenda item for the meeting persuading china to curb pyongyang's nuclear ambitions. the moments came moments after a u.s. official issued a dire warning about north korea's nuclear program declaring quote the clock has run out all options are on table. for the latest we want to bring in matt rivers live for us in beijing. any reaction from beijing on this yet and how does this launch differ from those we've seen recently? >> reporter: pretty standard response this frarch the chinese saying that the launch clearly violates u.n. sanctions, u.n. resolutions that were put on the table by the united nations. the chinese rejected the notion this launch had anything to do with the upcoming summit tweet presidents trump and xi scheduled for later this week. this was an intermediate-range ballistic missile. second one launch this year. it differs from last year because of the way these missiles are being launched. there's progress being made because these missiles use solid fuel. that allows them to launch from the back of a truck. that makes them mobile and easier to be hidden and it ma
. he was ambassador to singapore before china. this is interesting. he is a republican and served under a democratic administration. he is known as a very adept china hand. now translate skills to russia. >> i know many mentioned him as a senate candidate if orrin hatch steps down. >>> new round of preliminary trademarks granted by china to the trump organization. does this obscure the line with the business empire? we are live in beijing. >>> in the face of questions about remaining ties with the president and his businesses at home and abroad, the chinese government granted preliminary approval for more than 30 trump related trade marks. this is according to documents reviewed by cnn. they are trying to probltect th trademark from squatters. i have matt rivers with more ins possible could y moscow. i have never heard of this in any country. >> reporter: we are in a bit of unchartered territory. 39 trademarks were filed for donald trump here in english and china and chinese. 35 were granted. in construction and hotels and ones in animal training and body guard services. this is t
russia and china at the u.n. security council to get a resolution. you know, russia is clearly positioning itself, vladimir putin clearly positioning himself further away from the u.s. position by siding with china over the issue of calling for a freeze for freeze, a freeze for the weapons drills that the south koreans and united states are doing around the korean peninsula for a freeze of the nuclear activities in north korea. clearly a non-starter for the united states and its allies. you know, you have china concerned about possible trade relations with the united states going forward. russia concerned about its standing on the global stage. it wants a bigger position. it wants sanctions lifted from it. it's at a distance from the united states. so trying at the moment diplomatically to bring together principal players to get into a position where you can force north korea to step back from the brink where it's at now is very, very difficult. for that reason, the head of the iaea here says that he believes that while we can't know for sure that north korea has developed a mi
. security council for further sanctions on north korea. we know that china and russia are opposed. to that point, president putin had an article published in the newspaper that says he doesn't believe that sanctions work. of course, he is under tough sanctions from the united states, from the european union, from others, for annexing crimea and putting his troops inside ukraine. so there's that part of president putin's message. when it comes to xi jinping and north korea, president trump's relationship with the leader is on the slide, selling $1.4 billion worth of weapons system to taiwan, that's angered chinese and others. how will he win the chinese leader over to getting his commitment on stronger north korean sanctions? that's probably a bridge too far. most experts would probably -- would probably make that assessment. the best he perhaps can hope for is to avoid a chinese and russian veto. the u.n. security council. i think just think that the president's -- what the president needs to try to achieve here is a very, very big lift. he is absolutely sailing into the wind on this
president trump is expected to speak by phone with china's president. it will be the first known contact between these two leaders since the missile launch last week and its nuclear test over the weekend. after that test the president referred to north korea as an embarrassment to china and threatened to shut down trade between the two nations. overnight the president met with putin in russia both offering a sobering assessment of the crisis on the korean peninsula. we are at that economic forum where president putin and moon are meeting. what is russia's role in all of this? >> reporter: you know, this meeting here on the eastern coast of russia is really not very far from the north korean border at all. i think what's been very important is the north koreans really want russia on board when -- the south koreans want russia on board when they deal with this north korea crisis. they say it's important for them to see eye to eye with russia but there are clear points where there are difficulties between these two countries. they believe that stronger angsts are angs sanctions are in order
it. the u.s. says china needs to use economic leverage, beyond north korea you can expect both sides to also talk about trade. trump targeting him and what he calls unfair trade practice, does the president bring up things like possible tariffs, currency manipulations, some of the threats he's had in the past and will be interesting how much president xi jinping pushes back on his end and one more note that will make for a very interesting photo op a official in beijing says both sides are looking at what could be a joint press, the chinese president hardly ever has a press conference. >> that is such a test. i want to bring in our chief cnn correspondent, chris chia ina i amanpour. >> what can the president do if he has changed his mind and now his policy. what can he do about it? >> reporter: here is the thing christine, i really listened carefully and nearly leapt out of my seat when i heard president trump describe the crim crimes committed on the children in syria, he said it himself he's changed his attitude because of that attack and kept doubling down about how it passed line
strategy is to drastically increase pressure on the north korean regime. and russia and china are directly undermining the strategy by increasing their own trade with the regime and by blocking strong internal action. that is a huge problem. i don't think they'll get to that in the trump/putin meeting to be honest because they don't have the time. what you saw last night was president trump meet with the leaders of south korea and japan. mrs. pretty much unity amongst america's allies, no unity with -- there's pretty much unity amongst america's allies, no unity with the stopping of provocations. it's risky and not likely to work without chinese and russian buy-in. the question is if they're not going to do it voluntarily, do we pressure them to go along with it, and will that work, and does that represent a risk of escalation on its own. this problem will get worse before it gets better. that's not the trump administration's fault but their responsibility. and what we're all leaning toward is eventually we're going to have to sit down with the north koreans. we'll have to have di
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the kim jong-un regime. but that will require help from china. the target of a nasty trump tweet storm that happened late last week. cnn's will ripley is live from beijing with the latest developments. you know, we've watched, will, the president really try to put a lot of pressure on china to take extra steps, to put pressure on north korea. it doesn't seem to be working thus far. >> reporter: and now president trump seems to be fed up, tweeting that china has done nothing to rein in north korea, implying that there could be trade consequences as a result of this. china, within the last few hours, warning the u.s. not to conflate the trade issue with the north korean issue because a trade war between the u.s. and china would be bad on a whole different level, not even factoring in the north korea situation which continues to escalate. president trump and the japanese prime minister speaking on the phone, addressing what they call a grave and growing threat, promising to work together to take further action without really specifying what else they can do beyond the sanctions, the
can china put on north korea, whether it comes to enforcing those sanctions or trying to persuade kim jong-un to stop the nuclear and missile program. you also have negotiations and dialogue, and then, of course, the military option which mcmaster said nobody wants at this point. still, pointing out that all options are on the table. which of course they would be. it is inevitable that a country like the united states would be updating its military options when you consider that north korea has state its goal as being wanting to hit mainland united states with a nuclear-tipped intercontinental ballistic missile. also have six prominent north korean experts in the united states writing an open letter to president trump saying that it is time to talk, urging him to talk to north korea saying, "to avoid a nuclear catastrophe." this is likely to be the same message we will be hearing from the south korean president when he meets later today with president trump. a key summit and certainly in south korea it's been dealt with in an interesting way. officials not more concerned with north ko
execution of those sanctions. >> all eyes now are on china. north korea's largest trading partner, the chinese, voted for the u.n. sanctions. it will be key to implementingle this. we'll go to manila and ivan watson. ivan, there's such a heavy sanctions regime on north korea already. they've said in a statement just a short time ago that they are going possibly to retaliate. what's in it for the north koreans? how do the sanctions get us any closer to shutting down the nuclear program? >> reporter: well, the argument is that the sanctions ban north korea's coal, iron, and seafood exports. and washington says that that may deprive north korea of up to one-third of its export revenue, which could be potentially very punitive. but north korea's already responded in characteristic style saying that this -- these sanctions are a violent violation of north korea's sovereignty. that there's no chance that north korea will put its nuclear weapons program on the negotiating table, and that if the u.s. thinks it's safe overseas, that its land is safe, it's sorely mistaken. it doesn't look l
hours president trump is expected to speak by phone with china's president xi. it will be the first known contact between the two leaders since the missile launch last week and its test over the weekend. the president referred to north korea as an embarrassment to china. let's go life to russia and bring in fred live for us. what are we hearing? >> reporter: yeah, you know, the far eastern town where i am now is the center of diplomacy on this day in this big crisis. vladimir putin meeting with the president of south korea and both sides saying we understand both of these countries are very important in this process. both vladimir putin and the south korean president say they agree it's completely unacceptable to have a nuclear armed north korea. that's where the agreement then ends. the russians are saying they believe the only way forward is dialog. the south koreans are saying the only way to achieve dialog to get north korea back to the negotiating table is to put more pressure on them. the russians say they don't think that's going to work. putin believes the north koreans woul
president xi of china where they talked about settling the korean situation and putin specifically talked about his concern about the deployment of more u.s. weapons in south korea. >>> thank you. the u.n. security council set to meet in emergency session today at the request of the united states. the meeting in response to north korea's launch of what military analysts now think was a two-stage intercontinental ballistic missile. they claim to have developed a nuclear capable icbm and tested it as an independence day gift to the u.s. >> kim jong-un says he won't negotiate over his missile programs until the u.s. ends what he calls its hostile policy and nuclear threat against the north. in response to the test the u.s. and south korea say they conducted a joint ballistic missile drill. >>> and secretary of state rex tillerson has released a statement calling it a new escalation of the threat to the u.s. and the world. let's turn to andrew stevens monitoring the situation from hong kong. good morning to you. where is the story headed from here? >> reporter: good morning, dave. well
from the u.s. and toward china, saying "america has lost." white house chief of staff reince priebus says human rights do matter, but cooperating with asian partners to deal with the north korean threat takes precedence. >> this is a different level of problem that we need cooperation among our partners in southeast asia. the issues facing us developing in north korea are so serious that we need cooperation at some level with as many partners in the area as we can get to make sure that we have our ducks in a row, so that if something does happen in north korea that we have everyone in line backing up a plan of action that may need to be put together. >> cnn's ivan watson is monitoring the situation from hong kong and joins us now live. ivan when you think about one of the most coveted invitations in the world, to be invited to the white house, the center of democracy, western-style capitalism, and thinking of, you know, the philippine leader as basically a strategic partner in the north korea situation, not something that is, you know, top of mind. >> reporter: yeah. it's debatable w
china for leverage. it is china that has the most important economic relationship with north korea. again the secretary of state and secretary of defense also reaffirming the fact that they are working with allies like south korea and japan. that is not a new or different approach, but it is in line with what we've been hearing from the top officials as they have visited the region. >> china is north korea's neighbor and north korea's banker and north korea's purse. so obviously there is a lot of pressure to be had there. thank you so much for that alexandra field. >>> president trump giving the pentagon the power to set troop levels in the fight against isis and iraq and syria. the delegation of authority allows against secretary james mattis to determine if more troops are needed to back up operations. pentagon officials say the decision does not change the current troop deployment numbers just yet. >>> let's do some sports next. think of a super bowl where every time gets to play. that is the nfl draft. that kicks off tonight in prime time. andy scholes with the details in this
. india wants to join china, leading the world it a more sustainable future, after the u.s. pulled out of the paris climate deal. >>> it may have looked like a black tie cabinet meeting, huh-uh, but this was pairing the president and first lady, the vice president and others, it was the wedding of treasury secretary steve mnuchin. the two exchanged i dos saturday. they have conflicts of interest. mnuchristian opposed for -- mnuchin inapologized for being involved in a film. >>> next, a crucial day for the supreme court. we'll hear whether the court is taking up president trump's travel ban case and whether justice anthony kennedy is retiring. >>> and terrifying moments for hundreds of passengers on an international flight. shaking violently for nearly two hours. the cause still a mystery. we'll show you more of this video coming up. ♪ if you have moderate to severe ulcerative colitis or crohn's, and your symptoms have left you with the same view, it may be time for a different perspective. if other treatments haven't worked well enough, ask your doctor about entyvio, the only biologi
different. last year, he said he was going to dig a hole to china. at&t is working with farmers to improve irrigation techniques. remote moisture sensors use a reliable network to tell them when and where to water. so that farmers like ray can compete in big ways. china. oh ... he got there. that's the power of and. >>> it was -- the thing you put over you. they was stuck, and they couldn't move. this girl -- mom -- i remember the little girl's face. she was screaming for her mom. >> tragedy strikes at the ohio state fair in columbus. one person killed when a ride malfunctioned. seven others injured. three in critical condition this morning. this accident was caught on video. we're only showing part of the video because of the graphic natur nature. you can see where we stopped the video. what you can't see is one of the cars on the fireball ride spins off. the entire car broke off and slammed to the ground. >> ohio governor john kasich ordering all rides at the fair to be shut down and plans to travel there today. kasich offering his condolences. >> it's kind of hard to imagine tha
nuclear war could break out anytime. china suggested the military drills should not happen. if the u.s. holds the military drills, potentially north korea could suspend of the missile program. it is not a new situation or suggestion and not one that the u.s. welcomes. dave and alison. >> great reporting. let's bring in tal kopan live in washington this morning. >> good morning, dave and alison. >> let's stay on the subject. korean peninsula and talk about the fuss over where donald trump said. the president. regarding armada sailing to the korean peninsula. we have sean spicer with the statement. >> we are sending an armada. very powerful. we have submarines. very powerful. far more powerful than the aircraft carrier. that i can tell you. >> the statement that was put out was the "carl vinson" group is headed to the korean peninsula. it is heading to the korean peninsula. >> it is headed there now. it wasn't headed there last week. >> that's not what we said. we said it is heading there. >> the president believed he may have spoken to quickly on the location of the vessel. >> the p
president xi jinping of china did discuss north korea. china still wants the u.s. and north korea to be negotiating. they want the peaceful solution to be sought and they want that to come through talks. this is not what we're hearing from washington, though, clearly at this point president trump and rex tillerson and also james mattis, all the ministers saying that they want all options on the table. so, of course, we're hearing from national security advisors here in south korea as well that they are happy that at the same time having this discussion all options on the table, you are seeing the military hardware arrive here as well. it gives those threats credibility. boris? >> paula hancocks, thank you for the update from seoul. >> all right. a big legislative save. cnn projecting state treasurer ron estes has won a special election for the congressional seat vacated by mike pompeo. jim thompson in kansas's fourth congressional district. that district has been in republican hands more than two decades. republicans much north carolina still reeling from the bathroom bill controversy a
particular. the question is how much and whom. many point to china. many companies accuse them of boxing out competition. tariffs could hurt automakers. they rely on cheap steel for manufacturing. they warn duties could translate to job losses or agriculture. u.s. farmers send a quarter of their products abroad. many farm groups worry tariffs would trigger a trade war as china would turn around and tax american goods. >>> federal charges filed against the driver involved in the suspected deadly human smuggling case in san antonio, texas. james bradley jr. charged with knowingly transporting undocumented immigrants. he told authorities these had no idea -- he had no idea undocumented immigrants were packed inside the tractor-trailer he was hauling. one of the survivors describing a horrifying scene saying the trapped victims each took turns taking breaths from a hole in the truck. the death toll now rising to ten. of the 39 people found inside the trailer, 25 were mexican nationals. bradley's request for bail will be taken up at a preliminary hearing on thursday. >>> charlie gard's
the region, going through hawaii, south korea, japan, as well as china, where of course north korea will be top of the agenda. >> all right. a lot of messages out of the white house and the administration. the president also meeting with nikki haley, the u.s. ambassador to the u.n., today. it is a busy time. thank you very much. >>> on wall street, greed is out, caution is in as tensions with north korea escalate. u.s. stocks closing sharply lower after president trump's latest round of rhetoric. the dow shedding 200 points. the s&p 500 fell nearly 1.5%. it was the nasdaq that took the biggest hit, down more than 2%. a drop in high-flying tech stocks including apple, amazon, facebook, netflix. global stocks are extending the slide. this selling is not over, folks. some analysts say investors may be using geopolitical concerns for a reset, if you will. stocks have been on a record-breaking year. volatility is back. wall street's fear gauge, the vix index, surging 44% yesterday. back to the highest level since the election. perspective is important -- the market has had a few fits and
fingerprints of russia and china all over there. the united states did not get the name put on the sanctions. it would have been tantamount to an active war. the air core yo will still fly allowing diplomats and elite north koreans to travel back and forth from china and russia. yes, they can to longer sell the textiles, coal, iron lead, seafood. the income gets cut significantly if sanctions are enforced but keep in mind it gets a lot of money from other means. it's also trying to stop north korean smuggling. ships carrying weapons, they are continuing to create weapons at a very fast pace despite round after round of sanctions and open officials on the ground tell me they will continue to accelerate the missile program and nuclear program and demonstrated their ability to develop even more powell nuclear weapons just this past weekend with the largest nuclear test ever and many experts believe they are ready to launch yet another missile. narcotic south korea they thought they were going to do that a few days ago. that didn't happen. we don't know why but one thing i learned is t
like china, with asian countries, where they already do have an industrial partnership. they could try and deepen those if they feel that the u.s. isn't reliable anymore, but what christine said is absolutely correct. german carmakers created some 110,000 jobs in america making 900,000 cars, so this could potentially be a big deal for america as well. >> fred, let me ask you, dave forwarded me this unbelievable opinion piece from under ash spieg spiegel, where the editor in chief said president trump needs to do, here are the seven ways to do it, and haase hurting the world. is some of this maybe angela merkel reflecting what the media and what the elites in germany think about donald trump? >> reporter: i think partially. one of the things i think you notice in europe is there is some division. there are certain countries where president trump is very popular and other countries that are trying to make it work, for instance britain who's voted for brexit to leave the european union, looking for closer ties to america. but many elites in europe are downright scared of this new whit
the u.s. ford is moving focus production to china. ford previously said it would ship production to mexico. they want the michigan plant to make more profitable vehicles like suvs. it saves the company $500 million. because after seven years auto sales are slowing especially for smaller vehicles so auto makers are looking to cut costs. ford plans to trim $3 billion this year. trump claimed victory when the company cancelled plans for a new plant. when reached for a comment wilbur ross did not criticize the company instead saying the company will move facilities to the u.s. once president trump's policies take hold. but the idea of moving focus production to china, making the car there and then sending it back to the united states for american consumers to buy, that's exactly what donald trump campaigned against. >> rallied against. it's part of the new ceo at ford or was this in the works well before? >> this is about cost cutting. when they make a move like this this is something that's been in the works. it's all about cost cutting and focusing on building the profitable vehicles
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your money. president trump plans to get tougher on trade with china. today, the president is expected to direct the u.s. trade representative to look into alleged chinese violations of trade with the u.s. including things like patent thefts, enforced -- and forced intellectual property transfers. it could lay the groundwork for a federal investigation. if wrongdoing is find, president trump could impose tariffs against chinese imports. some saying it will poison the overall u.s./china relationship. although trade tensions between washington and beijing are ramping up, corporate markey is happy with china. u.s. companies have reported strong second quarter earnings and revenue from chinese operations in recent weeks. 82% of u.s. companies in china expect revenue to increase this year, up from 76% a year ago, according to the american chamber of commerce in shanghai. they're benefitting from a chinese economy growing at almost 7%. a chinese housing boom and a slide in the u.s. dollar which makes american exports more competitive. >>> also aimed at china, some words in the "wall
project must create ten jobs. it attracts tens of thousands of applicants, particularly from china. in fact, chinese citizens have snapped up 80% of these visas since 2011. that translates into billions of dollars for developers like kushner companies. it is mainly used for high-end luxury projects. instead of bringing jobs to rural areas, the original intention. they want strict rules for the areas included. the white house spokesman says they are reviewing the program to make sure investment is being spread to all areas of the country. >> so now a lot of attention on whether the trump administration continues that program or slows it somewhat in the months ahead. >> 19 minutes after the hour. a grueling grudge match between ma sharapova and the opponent after sharapova was banned for doping. so i wanted you to have the ring to, at jared, we only sell one piece of jewelry... ...the engagement ring of her dreams you had designed just for her. in fact, with custom design services in every jared... ...anything you can imagine, our expert jewelers can create. something compl
play-doh in turkey and china. it used to own the factory that will make it which produces board games and trading cards. the move was not a response to the trump policies, but step to boost production after years of strong play-doh sales. >> what they need to figure out is how to keep the colors separate. they get mashed together. >> this is your burning question. >> it keeps me up at night. >> you know withhat i'm talking thank you for joining us. i'm christine romans. >> i'm dave briggs. "new day" starts right now. have a great day. >> academy award for best picture. >> "la la land." >> a mistake. "moonlight." you won best picture. >> i was speechless. i have never seen that happen. >>> you will see something special. >> a surge in defense spending and cuts across the board. >> the future ain't what it used to be. >> as you know, obamacare had tremendous problems. >> will democrats work with republicans? >> we are fighting the fake news. fake, phony. >> you are going to need to use the special prosecutor. >> the fbi has said this story is bs. >> let's have the investigation an
close to the japanese coast. china is speaking, foreign ministry, expressing concern here in beijing, saying it's extremely tense and reminds all sides to remain calm and cool-headed here. they're thought blaming north korea, interestingly enough, they say united states plays a role in these provocative actions of north korea because the u.s. continues its joint military exercises with south korean forces. in fact, we have confirmed within the last couple of hours that yesterday a u.s. bomber flew with south korean and japanese fighter jets in south korean airspace, a very short distance from north korean airspace. this is considered a very provocative action by pyongyang. they just put a video simulating if they lieu up a u.s. bomber and aircraft threatening to do just that, if the united states provokes them. this will be a main topic of conversation when chinese president xi jinping travels to the united states to meet with president trump. and we that secretary of state rex tillerson who was here in beijing over the weekend has been briefing the president about this issue. we don
rise of china and north korea instability and fear of north korea. this is an american ally that is undergoing some obviously a crisis here. >> and the protests you are seeing, the clashes with two dead. pro and con. colliding. there are some that are fur rfu. this story breaking at 4:20 eastern. >> paula hancocks reporting for us. thank you, paula. we will come back to you. >>> 20 minutes past the hour. julian assange says wikileaks wants to help. is it smart for companies to take his help and would he admit there are holes to plug? we will go live to london next. powerful you'll think they are. it's time to see what power really looks like. new neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair with accelerated retinol sa. clinically proven to reduce wrinkles in just one week. wrinkles? your time is up! rapid wrinkle repair. and for dark spots. rapid tone repair. neutrogena® see what's possible. >>> welcome back this friday morning. wikileaks founder julian assange is offering to help fix gaps in companies security. a lot of unpublished information about tools it claims it allowed the cia to use
governor, huntsman serve as u.s. bhaambassador to china. it will require senate confirmation. >>> turning now to health care, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell refusing to concede defeat to the republican effort to get rid of obamacare despite the latest effort for outright repeal now replace eventually. failing almost as soon as it was announced. mcconnell announced last night purchases will hold a first procedu procedural vote early next week. it is a move that will force gop lawmakers to go on the record, if you will walk the political plank. >> today the white house has invited every republican senator to lunch to talk health care and other issues. with a straight up repeal apparently dead, the president says his new plan is only to lifto -- is simply to let obamacare fail. >> let obamacare fail, it will be a lot easier. i think we're in that position where we'll just let obamacare fail. we're not going to own it, i'm not going to own it, the republicans are not going to own it. and democrats will come to us and say how do we fix it. or how do we come up with a new p
where most of it occurs to the u.s. the iphone is assembled by hundreds of thousands of workers in china while most of apple's employees are in retail with a much smaller number of engineers and tech brainiacs. but one of apple's biggest suppliers is considering opening a factory in wisconsin and apple started a $1 billion fund to create u.s. announcements. >>> the widow of the legendary frank sinatra has died. she was the last of his four wives. they were married the longest, 22 years until frank's death in 1998. she raised millions of dollars to help abused and at risk children. a spokesman said she died of natural causes at her home. she was 90 years old. >>> a growing crisis for the nfl and every parent with a child who plays football, alarming results from a new study on a degenerative brain disorder linked to football. more in the bleacher report. tak. [siri tone] want to see more of the rock and siri? just grab your iphone and say, "hey siri, what are you and the rock up to?" ♪ [siri tone] ykeep you that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamin
around excluding the united states. i see mexico and china talking about doing a deal. i see the eu and japan doing a deal. is the united states america first policy as it is so far, does it mean america alone? >> yes. what the critics. say is that the u.s. is isolating itself. so withtrated agreements, we are now further removed from key deals and from regions like asia where you can see some of the effects on issues like north korea. also with climate change. we are now standing alone in many ways from the rest e rest of the world. so the american first strategy can be very detrimental. and it assumes america first doesn't include the interests in curbing climate change. >> right. >> it's a very chemical understanding of what that means -- a very particular understanding of what that means. >> from the op-ed in "the new york times" to an important press conference, two and two, two questions from the american media, two from the french. certainly one has to be about don jr. the meeting he took with the russian lawyer. we got a hint of how the president might play this in an interview
dollars worth of coal, iron ore and seafood. there's still text tiles and china upholds all u.n. sapnctios but some are skeptical. crises on multiple fronts. the other tomorrow hurricane now tropical storm harvey. we'll have the latest on that as "early start" starts right now. >>> the gulf is taking another hit from harvey, a new update from the national hurricane center shows harvey making landfall at this hour. how much longer will harvey linger? good morning. and welcome to "early start." >> yeah, this storm is back in the houston area. we'll have the forecast for you in moments. it is wednesday, august
the world to contain north korea. china doesn't want that. they would prefer us to reduce our forces. that's the only kind of pressure point that exis. sanctions aren't going to do it and a war would be risking gambling with the lives of millions of people. >> i want a shift a little bit julian. vladimir putin not there, but the russian story still in the news. cnn reporting paul manafort was wiretapped both in two separate times. this does not back up the president's claim that obama had his wires tapped. he may have been inadvertently swept up in someone else's surveillance. how does this show perhaps a shift in where this investigation is headed from bob mueller? >> well mueller has been quietly moving forward when a lot of the news has shifted to other questions, he's interrogating very high level officials both in the trump campaign and then in the trump administration. and the story about whether he was wiretapped and whether this confirms what president trump said actually misses the story. story is about one the highest ranki ranking oh fish ranking officials being under inve
from china. and leave more debt to our kids. keep your word. tax cuts shouldn't add to the national debt. you wof your daily routine, so why treat your mouth any differently? complete the job with listerine® help prevent plaque, early gum disease, bad breath and kill up to 99.9% of germs. listerine® bring out the bold™ ...has grown into an enterprise. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. now, i'm earning unlimited 2% cash back down-play down-pl . politically correct. we're so politically correct that we're afraid to do anything. >> the president now calling for the death penalty for the suspect in the manhattan terror attack. >> disturbing details emerging about the suspect. he began planning a year ago. self-radicalized in the u.s. he said he feels good about what he has done. >> welcome to "early start." >> i'm dave briggs. 30 minutes past the hour. president trump already taking heavy criticism for politicizing tuesday's terror attack. the president saying quote, new york city terrorist was happy as he asked to hang his isis flag in his hospital room
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