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Nov 8, 2016 6:00pm PST
both building a wall and altering trade treaties. we have to watch china since he's spoken negatively about our relations with them so there will be worldwide repercussions in financial markets. and expect if mr. trump were declared the winner tonight that you could see a 3% to 5% pullback in the next day or two. >> ron insana, from cnbc. the mexican peso is where money has flowed in and out of as global financial markets try to assess the future, that is down around 8.5% right now, so there is a lot of hot and panicky money in global markets watching this with bated breath. rachel, back to you. >> wow, dow futures down 500 points. that has been an unusual marker for the volatility sense and the sense of donald trump's prospects in this race. that's an exclamation point for us tonight. >> another break for us. we're back with our live coverage right after this. >>> 9:46 p.m., no one has the advantage of information tonight, no one has an inside read, a private poll. we're all working out of the same books. in some cases off the same rules and in some cases people are learning to their
Nov 9, 2016 3:59am EST
someone do that when they make their shirts and ties in china? you know? there is a lot of things that he talks about that he stands for but i saw a softer side of him tonight with his speech. there's a lot of things that i hope the house and senate can work with them instead of against him as they did president obama. and maybe we can get some things done. host: frank, what to do in auburndale, florida. caller: i am a supervisor in the software field and i have seen reimbursement showdown. i have seen a lot of things. and i have also seen a lot of good things from obama, you know. that he created. i just hope that donald trump does not spend his first two years trying to disassemble all of the things that were you know set by obama. host: that was frank and obama, in lynchburg,ie virginia. good morning. republican line. a first-time voter. i will be 34-years-old in a few weeks. ien though i have not voted, have been watching the elections for years and all of the debates and i believe that the political system has been broken and that many americans have no idea what a candidate is do
Nov 8, 2016 11:59pm EST
for shoes, and everything was made in china. i was trying to ask, is there anything made in america? wants tohat trump bring back. he is not a politician. no, he does not have the right words to say. i would venture to say if we were having the media ask us how many of us could deal with that and being dealt with, and her family's personally attacked -- attacked, that is personally run. host: thank you very much for calling tonight from florida. steve, something new? >> interesting numbers for donald trump in pennsylvania. he has increased his lead. in michigan, the results in that state, where donald trump continues to maintain a lead in michigan. same situation in new hampshire. 47% for clinton. there are key areas around detroit that have not come in. in new hampshire, a very close race between donald trump and here he larry -- and hillary clinton. donald trump is ahead. a 35,000-vote margin now for donald trump in pennsylvania. he has increased his lead with 97% reporting. 47.9% for hillary clinton. in wisconsin, results showing trump has significantly increased his lead, so he
Nov 9, 2016 1:59am EST
parts are made in mainland china. the other ones are made in mexico or canada and the reason being because manufacturers are not here in the united states. i want to get back to making good, american products for americans. i am tired of buying stuff from overseas and that is why i supported donald trump. host: did you support mr. trump in the primary? caller: yes. host: jacksonville, north carolina independent line. which we did you vote? caller: i went with hillary. i am way too much against trump from everything i have seen. common did you want to make tonight? nonaffiliated. all of the different options for president should of been in all the debates. i voted for bernie originally, he should of been the one going against donald trump. today i voted for hillary now i don't like her very much. it would've been nice to have a female president and if she wins that will be awesome but trump is not even an option for me. i man that talks about the size behis junk, thinks we should punished for abortions, makes "p" and says he wants to use nuclear bombs on our allies, that is not some
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4