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Dec 24, 2015 10:26pm EST
, block. [laughter] >> what would you do about it? >> i'm telling you. >> china was the kind of guy , picture, ran on the deck and say this is my god. not at all fazed by the potential of the submarine attack. he firmly believed that his ship was pastor. >> and that is something that is interesting. you describe how few people really understood how dangerous the german submarine was at that point. enough that the author of sherlock holmes actually got it. >> this is one of those elements. i agree. >> it is going to be good from here on in. >> of the thing is when i write history the way i like to write it, one important thing is to try to put yourself in the.of view of the air. one thing that was important to grasp for me was how new the summary was. they are all very familiar, run silent, run deep. there was no sonar and world war i and no depth charges. so the submarine was actually brand-new and was not understood by anybody as to whether it would ever be a viable weapon. a couple of guys got it. one was for conan doyle before he wrote this really prescient short story about an i
Jun 14, 2015 9:02am EDT
right now. i'm reading "china shakes the world" by james cringe. he was a financial times writer, award-winning books, very fascinating look. he's a lucid writer dealing with, you know, kind of what you would not think would be an interesting topic, but it is. i'm also reading primo levy's works that have been compiled into a book called "if this is a man," and just an astounding account, his experience as an italian jew that survived auschwitz in one of the most important accounts of that to come out of the war. just very inspiring makes you think about, you know, the rule of law and, you know, just because something is legal doesn't necessarily mean that it's humane. you know? some pretty weighty things to consider there. but it's a reminder. i'm reading through proverbs and corinthians right now, you know just in my morning devotional reading. and then, you know i always peruse different topics. i've finished some very good books lately. i've finished a.j. langett's book called "the patriots." fascinating look at our early framers and founders and how we not only came to have a natio
Oct 14, 2015 8:01pm EDT
, if you think, let's say instead of losing in terms of china, let's say instead of losing 352400 billion dollars a year in trade deficit, let's say we broke even do you know what that means? does anyone have any idea what that means? let's say instead of losing with japan $75 billion a year, let's say we broke even. let's say they agreed to take more of our products so we can equalize. not that it's a one-way street. and it's easy. we have the cards because we can say we don't want your cars anymore. they would know what to do. we are going to do a job i give you my word. i don't care about my company. it's peanuts. i have wonderful children. my kids are wonderful. my wife is wonderful. [applause] but my three other kids that i just mentioned, it doesn't mean anything to them anymore. i want to do such a great job. i want to make you people so proud of this country again. so proud. [applause] look around at all the people here. look around at the people next to you because this is a special night. we are going to make america great again. thank you, thank you. [applause] [applaus
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)