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Feb 16, 2016 4:30am EST
county, mount pleasant still -- into cabarrus county, china grove, salisbury and spence. it'll lighten up in the next 15 minutes. to the west still some icy through hickory over towards statesville and taylorsville. some light freezing rain may be out there this morning as temperatures in that pocket are still near freezing. so be cautious, especially on highway 321, highway 16, working through gaston, lincoln counties and, of course, i-40 west of statesville. we're at 40 almost, though, in charlotte. an our numbers will move significantly today. so we're put town hall meeting behind us. we'll show you the timing in our future cast straight ahead how quickly everybody could get well above that freezing point. john. >>> breaks right now i-77 near statesville is back open after hundreds of drivers were stranded for hours. highway patrol confirmed lanes in statesville reopened about 2:30 this morning after several late night crashes shut them down in both directions >> yeah. because those rose were so icy, tow trucks could not remove the vehicles and d.o.t. determined it would not
Feb 25, 2016 4:30am EST
areas, several fire stations in charlotte, huntersville, cornelius, china grove and mooresville were all targeted. calls to find their car windows smashed out. the latest incident happened last sunday in fort mill. ? sm departments had security cameras that did not catch any images the thieves. in huntersville, firefighters started parking the personal trucks inside the station to prevent thefts and in noda, veteran williams is standing call when firefighters go on calls. >>> kids are accused of robbing a pizza truck driver. he and another man kidnapped a delivery driver in charlotte's cherry neighborhood tuesday morning and forced him to take money out of atm's along i-85. the man says the suspects finally let him go about 80 miles away in archdale, north carolina. >>> that wind is really whipping out there this morning making it feel much colder. meteorologist keith monday has your forecast in severe weather center 9, keith? >> it will be a blustery day all day long. -- 42 in charlotte but it feels like 20's. we have 20's in the mountains. feels like teens in the windchill. bundle up.
Mar 3, 2016 4:30am EST
you are hitting the interstates from -- china grove southbound to concord, from 152 to nc 73 average speed is 66 miles per hour. that will take about 11 minutes. john? >>> i'm in the breaking news center following two stories. first overnight we have learned new details about a deadly double shooting at a hickory mcdonald's. this is the man, eric yount behind bars. he will face a judge today. he is charged with murder and attempted murder. police say just before 6:00 last night he shot mcdonald's managers in the restaurant parking lot on highway 321. one died at the seen. watts is in critical condition. witnesses tell us he was driving when the gunman started firing shots near the play area. >> my chest was hurting. i pulled over here. it's a crazy world that we live in. >> police believe the shooting
Feb 26, 2016 4:30am EST
understand. because your ties and clothes you make is in mexico and china. >> you know what? they devalue their currency -- >> they make them in america. >> one candidate felt left out during the debate at one point, ben cars asked, quote: somebody attack me -- asked, quote, can somebody attack me, please? we'll update you there as results come in from south carolina. >>> 4:36. charlotte leaders will hold a forum on a proposal to cut trash services to several home owners and renters. we told you about this plan on tuesday. the city is considering eliminating certain trash removal services which means home owners and renters would have to pay for third party services. the proposed change would affect all complexes with more than four units. critics stay could lead to a spike in the hoa fees and rent but the plan would save the charlotte area millions of dollars. >>> mayor of matthews plans to to discuss that possibility of splitting from charlotte-mecklenburg schools. i talked to him on wednesday. we were the first to report this. mayor jim taylor and other local town mayors are co
Feb 22, 2016 4:30am EST
china grove. in some cases, cash, ipads, even guns were taken. right now, police do not have a suspect in custody and they have not confirmed whether these cases are all related. >> four cyclists are recovering after a car hit them just outside of raleigh. you can see the right side of the driver's windshield was smashed in there. two of the victims suffered head injuries. right now, two are listed in critical condition. the driver said she saw the cyclist, but there was another car coming in the opposite direction and there wasn't room to move. >> it happened so quick. >> charges are pending against the driver, but investigators said alcohol and speed were not >>> today, city council will look at making improvements along i-85. our partners at the independent tribune report they began the second phase of widening 85 to the rowan county line. city council reached out to d.o.t. crews about bridge structures, landscaping, and gateway signs project. >> school officials will ask parents pre-k through 6th grade to discuss a magnet program. our partners report parents will also hear informat
Feb 23, 2016 4:30am EST
down steady. same case in rowan county, all same for china grove, the west side, highway 52 into rich field. everybody has rain all through the foothills. i-40 corridor into the mountains. you have wet roads for everybody for the morning drive, you'll have to anticipate a little extra time. we're at 48 in charlotte. only low to mid 40s up north. a few and upper 40s up north, it will be a raw, damp start to the day today. our numbers do warm up a little bit this afternoon. once the rain begins to ease. around 50 by lunchtime. low 50s in charlotte. a few middle 50s down south and some areas may get warmer. but up north, 40s into the high country. barely 40 for the afternoon. most of our rain will fall this morning. the rains begin to dry out a little bit, but while the rain overall lightens up, we'll have clouds, still a mist and a drizzle for a good part of the day today. damp out there with a passing shower, overall, much better than what we're dealing with. ahead at 5:00, talk about a much bigger chance for stronger storms coming our way. our five-day forecast, we spike up to almost
Feb 11, 2016 4:30am EST
counterfeit hover boards. 2,400 motorized scooters were made in china and violate federal laws. the lithium ion batteries pose a flyer risk. >>> governor pat mccrory explains the moments after he was involved in a minor crash after the super bowl. >> it was surreal sitting at the side of the california highway after the super bowl in the dead of dark going what am i doing here? and get me home to north carolina. >> we brought you this story as breaking news. he was headed to the airport when the car he was riding in was rear ended. he had just put his seatbelt on when it happened. roads right now. let's check in with traffic team 9's. >> starting with 77, near uptown charlotte. the john belk freeway, cold but no big issues here. there is an accident on i-40 at burke county. we'll see if it is causing back-ups. with if so, we'll look at alternate routes. >> it is clear and cold. no doubt about it. it will go down not just today but want to point out up to the north it is bitter, bitter cold. worse than we are as we head to the ohio valley. 13 below zero. that is the problem here, we
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7