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Mar 13, 2016 12:00pm EDT
afternoon. this is heading towards china grove in the next few minutes. light rain in the mountains and that is where we have seen a lot of rain since this morning. we continue to see the threat for showers in and out throughout the afternoon with the steadier rain on top of us right now. i'll take you through the rest of future cast to show you how long this will stick around. >>> another unruly crowd, this is in kansas city missouri. that is officers pepper spraying the crowds. inside the crowd was mostly trump supporters but there were packs of trump haters too. kansas city police arrested also yesterday in dayton, ohio, a demonstrator jumped over the barricade. hee rushed the stage that trump was on. you can see him jump there and trump's secret service quickly surrounded him. he was led away in handcuffs. trump is s going to start pressing charges. >> you know what? i am going to start pressing charges against these people. [applause] >> okay? then we won't have a problem. >> reporter: authorities charged four people after violent protests broke out at a trump rally friday nigh
Mar 1, 2016 12:00pm EST
. midday following good news out of china's market. oil prices spiked this morning but came back down. the dow is up more than 250 point this is noon and the nasdaq is up about 94. >>> we're seeing the metro area with a beautiful shot of uptown. but clouds and rain will start moving in. keith monday is looking at the timeline and how much you will see in your neighborhood. keith? >>> most of the rain will hold off until d but clouds are pushing into the west and south carolina. so far b 84 miles away from the rain with spotty showers north of greenville but the clouds are working close to cleveland county. for the rest of the afternoon, in. other than a few spotty showers in the western foothills, we'll stay dry and then the downpours work closer into the mountains. we'll zoom in to how quick the neighborhood coming up. >>> police are investigating a deadly crash on the side of windy grove road near berry hill road. the crash happened after the final bell. medic says one person died and three others were taken to the hospital for minor injuries. >>> right now, millions of voters are c
Feb 22, 2016 12:00pm EST
. u.s. oil prices are up 7% to nearly $32 a barrel. and there are new signs of stability in china's economy. right now is dow is up 208 >>> thieves have targeted yet another fire department in our area. over night suspects broke out the windows of cars parked at the flint hill fire department in fort mill. investigators have not said how many cars were damaged or what there are surveillance cameras on the outside of the building. and they hope it leads them to a suspect. in the past two weeks, thieves broke into cars at stations in kannapolis, china grove, and two charlotte fire stations. all while firefighters were out on calls. in huntersville, firefighters department after someone ransacked their vehicles friday night. police haven't said if they're related. channel 9 will continue checking with police on the investigation and what the community is doing to do to protect firefighters and their belongings. news. >>> you have another chance to weigh in on cms's controversial assignment plan the district is considering sending thousands increase diversity and improve academic succes
Feb 19, 2016 12:00pm EST
. that brings to the total, eight in our area. because we know mooresville, china grove, kannapolis, they all had fire stations hit the same way. someone breaking out windows of first responders' vehicles while they're out of the car. rummaging through them. as for what was taken, we've asked police and fire about that. we looked through some of the reports. these are personal items including an ipad in one case. we're also learning firearms are being taken. and police stressing to make sure if you do have a firearm in your car that it's safely locked up, lock it away. they have different devices to do that so that they don't get stolen. but really firefighters are upset about this. because they say they feel vulnerable when they're going out to help people while they're on a call and then they're coming back to their cars being broken into. one charlotte firefighter telling me they think someone traffic. you'll hear from them coming up tonight at 5:00. also some neighbors, they're not happy about these developments either. all that is coming up tonight. we're live in west charlotte, >>>
Mar 8, 2016 12:00pm EST
china grove. still a few leftover delays. boulevard. grove. the good news is, getting ready to clear out. but right now, still slow about six miles per hour. if you want to avoid some of this congestion, jump on 29. >> in the next few hours, republican presidential candidate ted cruz will address supporters in kannapolis. he is expected to speak at central kannapolis church at 5:00 p.m. in the most recent elan poll, trump is leading cruz in north carolina 28-19. >>> and coming up in the next tuesday, take 2. how the front runners are trying to pad those leads. >>> police say kyle moore attacked the girl from behind on west gold street sunday. she screamed and several nearby national guard members rushed to help her out. police say they caught moore and held him until police could get there. he now faces second-degree sexual offense and sexual battery charges. investigators are trying to figure out who is beheim this smash-and-grab. since then, they told eyewitness news reporter angela hong what exactly was taken in this. angela? >> reporter: this morning, i spoke with a store employe
Mar 14, 2016 12:00pm EDT
, china, other countries. but these are the best for education. now, we're number one at cost by so much that there isn't even a number two. the number two is so far back. so we spend more per pupil than anybody else and we're down in the bottom. it's a little bit like running for office, okay. money and i'm at the highest level. isn't that nice. >> trump there talking about education. we're also live streaming that on our website. these are the crowds outside. we have joe bruno inside. you could follow him on twitter because he's live tweeting from inside. just to follow joe bruno. there's protesters and supporters outside. so far it's been relatively peaceful. a few protesters have been kicked out from inside that event. those seats given up to students. are creeping >>> let's go back live to hickory as donald trump continues speaking. they just threw out another protester i should point out. >> we're going to make our military so strong, so powerful, that nobody's going to talk about messing with us. it's the cheapest thing -- [ cheering and applause ] >> it's the cheapest thing we ca
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6