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2016 27
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Sep 3, 2016 9:00pm MST
this to happen. >> president obama's visit to china gets off to a rocky start. president obama touching down in china >>> president obama touching down in china ahead of the g-20 summit. >> but we're learning the trip got off to a rocky start with some heated words exchanged between a white house aid and a china and has this report. >> reporter: his 11th and final presidential trip to the asia pacific. president obama arrived in the picturesque chinese city of honko. right off the bad, china and the u.s. displayed some tension at the airport. >> okay. >> reporter: chinese officials demanding the white house counterparts b susan rice was temporarily denied access to the president. despite the tension, the two leaders managed to carve out some moments of calm during a nighttime walk. but the highlight of the day was china and the u.s. formally committing the world's two largest economies to the paris climate agreement. >> this is the single best chanc that we have to deal with a problem that could end up transforming this planet in a way that makes it very difficult other challen
Sep 16, 2016 12:00am MST
unbelievable scene in china, a giant moon balloon. this looked like an oversized blueberry coming at you. it's time for the buzz... where we >>> time for the buzz, we talk about the stories we are thinking that all of you may be talking about. >> first up, well, we are going to start with a serious tonight. we all know heroin use and overdoses are at an all time high, and obviously what's being done to stop it is not working. seattle is proposing something new, very controversial. it's a safe space across the city where users can go to shoot up with medical supervision. the thinking is that this would reduce overdoses and deaths, but critics say that this is just condoning illegal, dangerous drug use not combatting it. argument on both sides, but i think if you get to that point, you are kind of throwing in the towel on it. you are saying, look, we are not going to stop this, we are going to help people shoot up and at least make it safer. >> i keep hearing that we need to reduce the sentences and make it easier on nondrug violent drug offenders, but i think the people pushing the drugs
Oct 24, 2016 12:00am MST
base jumping. i cannot watch that. this is a southwestern china. base jumpers were jumping from a bridge 1,200 feet in the air and half of the competitors are sky skydivers. a frenchman won the competition followed by a brit and, of course, we're proud to say an american came in third place. where everybody's feet were firmly on the ground and moving as fast as possible. more than 500 servers walked as fast as possible without dropping bottles and glasses on their trays in bay news the winner takes home worth in prizes. >>> a 4r5-year-old took home a top prize after being runnerup for 60s years. he cracked and ate 12 stone crab claws that is two minutes better than the previous records. >> reporter: just about everybody in town is buzzing over one of the most bizarre football games. it was aggressive for the seattle seahawks but missed field goals and special teams will define what turned out to be a tie. you will hear from and you will want to hear from brue arians. we have the game highlights and the most unusual plays and i guess you can say failure that ? ? ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-we
Sep 11, 2016 9:00pm MST
in southwest china getting a chance to check out the sea lion perform and it's kind of an unusual trick. old male sea lion and to the crowds amazement, the sea lion has been seen jumping into the water in synchronization with its mom. have we seen it? >> have been looking and i don't know if we caught it. >> i will act impressed. amazing. >> this is one incredible fish story a woman walking with a friend on her way to labor day boot camp at philadelphia's art hit by a fish. >> was slammed in the face with something. i think it might have been head face and neck. i smelled so bad afterwards. i'm like, i'm more likely to get struck by lightning than getting hit by a fish falling from a sky. >> a bird had a fish in its beak or feet and dropped it on lisa's head. >> what are the odds? a bird dropped the fish and it hit the lady in the face. the fh long. >> in philadelphia. she is not at the beach. >> and it weighed about five pounds. that's no small fish. >> that's a big fish. >>> a local chick-fil-a owner is reaching out to the community. it seems there is a cow culprit on the loose.
Sep 19, 2016 12:00am MST
twin panda cubs born in china in june? they now have names, meaning good health. an arts festival was thrown at the very first home built in arcadia over the weekend. >> the furry friends fine arts festival gave animals a chance to look at the finer things in life, the at the shammer art center. that's where people got to bring their furry friends along with them. artists were selling animal themed art work, drawings, paintings, and the arizona humane society was also there trying to find animals new homes. one artist at the festival says she's inspired by dogs in her art work. >> they are never looking straight ahead, they are either looking sideways, up or down, and it's because you never know to the arts center and its continued visual arts programming. >>> police asking for your help getting suspects in this surveillance video off valley streets. >>> surgery and weeks of rehabilitation after a driver plows into a valley restaurant, costing a woman her leg. we'll have her inspirational fight to get her life back. >>> and a if i am screened in sedona raises awareness to an untol
Sep 13, 2016 9:00pm MST
china and cross the border, it comes across in powder, mixed in liquids, in heroin. >> it makes it harder for agents to detect the drug. >> and in hawaii, a local church handing out overdose prevention kits, inside the kit two doses of naloxone. families of heroin users are urging them to pick up a kit, but warning that it is not a reason not to see a doctor a bar mitzvah and letting teenage boys touch her breasts. during seven weeks of testimony, witnesses often gave x-rated accounts of the incident happened that allegedly happened on march 17th. she drank heavily, allegedly flashed her breasts, and allowed the boys to fondle her be breas. >> all of thinking she might be guilty, we have proven beyond a reasonable doubt that she is not, because the doubt this we have presented to you trumps anyone being firmly convinced of guilt on counts one and two. >> the counsel spent a lot of time talking about the way our society treats women and the way we blame them when they are victimized. and what he was really arguing to you is you can't convict her you can't hold her accountable becaus
Aug 8, 2016 9:00pm MST
point china where the u.s. navy makes a house call. the visit comes after an international court rule that china cannot claim the south china sea as its own, that vast area in the west pacific ocean. a uss ship arrived in china today, and it's hoped that it will ease tensions in the south ch claims. >>> remember this guy, back in the news again nearly a year after the texas teen was arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school that looked kind of like a bomb, the boy and his family are taking legal action. ahmed mohammed was arrested last year when the teacher took a bomb. the 14-year-old was suspended for three days from school, to qatar with his family. ahmed's attorneys say that his civil rights were violated during his arrest and that the school district has a history of overdisciplining minorities. >> i lost my creativity, because before i used to love building things, but now i can't. there is nothing i can do. >> ahmed is not asking for a specific amount in damages. he's leaving that to a jury to decide. getting bigger, a new report showing there were 2473 of them around th
Oct 21, 2016 9:00pm MST
nationals from china, columbia, laos, vietnam, moving in to take advantage of the legalized market. >> montgomery says money won't initially go to education because of costs for the department of marijuana which would need to be established. if arizonans do approve prop 205, arizonans 21 and older could legally possess marijuana and grow up to six plants for supporter of the event, a former miss arizona who got sober after becoming addicted to drugs and then testing positive for hiv. she won her title back in 1996 and exceeded in the miss america pageant representing us. she says after hanging up her crown, she started using drugs. and erin finally cleaned up, and that's when she tested positive for hiv at only the diagnosis helped her clean up her act, and now she's a volunteer for the a.i.d.s. walk, and she also works as a facilitier at the southwest center for hiv. she's now married with a 29-month-old baby boy. >> as long as i don't drink or pick up a drug today, i think my life is going to be successful no matter what. it's messy and it's beautiful and it's human, and it makes
Nov 23, 2016 12:00am MST
. >> reporter: manufacturers in china and india are selling marketing to young first-time users and heroin addicts. >> it is flash to get kids to look at this stuff. >> reporter: parents unaware that the doorstep delivery could chill their children. >> it is on the internet. we can't stop all of it. pay attention to what they are buying. pay attention to what they are are looking at on the internet and make sure you are not one of the people that has to deal the problem in your house. >> reporter: d.e.a. tells us they have seized 50 pounds of fentanyl and you only need a tiny amount to be toxic so the 50 pounds is amount to kill thousands of people. if you're found in possession of opioids you will face prison time. according to global water. they suffered a water main failure ahropbt porter -- along porter road. some homes and businesses have no water. we spoke with global water and they tell us the water pressure is slowly getting back to normal. they expect things to be fully functional by later on tonight. >>> he got his lights off. he is smashing into the back of my car twice. >> a ma
Sep 1, 2016 9:00pm MST
mandate is kind of like something you would see in communist china. >> and this is college that we are talking about. it sounds like stuff that you would talk about in kindergarten. >> don't hurt someone's feelings. >> by the time you get to this like that. the college shouldn't mandate it, i don't think. >> you should also know that people should have a little bit thick skin, i can handle it. >> could be rough heading into the real world. >>> list of awkward social situations, we have picked out a few. number one, running into your ex while you're out with a new date. awkward. >> never know what to say. >> that's when you to avoid the situation. and then finally being told or finding out that you have something in your teeth or on your face. now, the one where you forget somebody's name, i am sure you do this, kari, too, i'm hoping that i have somebody there with me that i do know their name, i say, this is my friend, so and so and i listen for the other person's name. >> or you guys know each other, right, or it's so great to see >> and i heard walt disney had a little trick saying t
Nov 9, 2016 12:00am MST
, killing the trans-pacific partnership. bringing back jobs from mexico and china in ways that have not yet been explained including a 45% tariff on chinese goods. the rich and cut back regulations on the environment. the turn power the people, and as late as the last presidential debates, said of hillary clinton, if i were president, he would be locked u up. and his crowd screams "lock her up. lock her up." and they meant in the investigation. and you will see and the world will watch as has now been elected the president of the united states. at trump headquarters in stage imminently. hillary clinton and her camp have said that they are going to bed. they will address these matters tomorrow. that the votes should be counted, but the votes are counted. pennsylvania is in the bag. donald trump has 274 electoral votes. hillary clinton's 213 electoral votes, and there are states outstanding. these numbers will change, but donald trump's numbers will not go below 278. therefore, donald trump is the president of the united states. a.b. stoddard of real john bussey of "the
Nov 26, 2016 12:00am MST
republican dangerous international chess game that awaits the next president. >> whether it's china or russia or iran or north korea, radical islam, all new president gets tested but all these countries are i lining up to test this new presiden. >> donald trump has been busy. keeping a rigorous schedule right now. eight more potential administration members will visit the president-elect at trump tower on monday. the transition team says they are considering many ofhe candidates for multiple positions. >>> and while trump is in the process now of assembling his administration, jill stein the green party candidate in the 2016 election wants a recount of the votes in at least three states. stein is getting the process going in wisconsin and she also wants a recount in michigan and pennsylvania. stein came in last in all three of those states losing by millions of votes but she claims she wants a recount to further democracy and the integrity of hillary clinton. some computer science experts prompted this recall effort when they claimed a hack core have influenced the outcome of the presi
Sep 6, 2016 12:00am MST
, right? and this is proof of that. without the signs. >>> all the way from china, president obama weighing in on the controversy surrounding nfl player colin kaepernick. the president says kaepernick is exercising his constitutional right to protest, but the president says he understands why kaepernick's refusal to stand during the national anthem has upset a lot of people. >> as a general matter, when it comes to the flag and the national anthem and the meaning that that holds for women in uniform and those who have fought for us, you know, that is a tough thing for them to get past, to then hear what his deeper concerns are. but i don't doubt his sincerity, based on what i have heard. i think he cares about some real, legitimate issues that and, you know, if nothing else, what he has done is he's generated, you know, more conversation around some topics that need to be talked about. >> well, that is true. people are talking about it. after choosing to sit during the national anthem during several preseason football games, kaepernick is now pledging to donate a million dollars to
Nov 15, 2016 9:00pm MST
, the great wall of china is supposed to be a must. cost just under $4,000. at number two, there we go. the grand canyon. you don't have to travel far for this. to spend a week taking in the sights will cost around that is not for us here. it would be way, way less. >> i can arrange something less. >> you've been to thailand, right? >> this is cambodia. akor wat.3 it is amazing. >> a week-long adventure would run $2,900. >> reporter: your waist line expanding this thanksgiving so will be numb of people traveling. the most we've seen in nine years. if you are fly to a holiday destination, it will cost you. airfare is up 29%. a round trip ticket will set you back $209 for a domestic flight. >>> retail sales rising 1% last month. moon while, post election rally on wall street keeps going setting the record high for the fourth straight session for the dow thanks to rebounding oil and technology stocks. >>> forget age. new survey finds financial independence is what make young people feel mature. in fact, most 18-26 year olds who say they don't feel like an financially dependent on their
Search Results 0 to 26 of about 27 (some duplicates have been removed)