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Jan 7, 2016 5:00pm EST
, 1991, even though we had a rough start, the dow was up 20%. so we know that china is slowing down, and we know that oil prices are falling, and so those two factors are combining and worrying investors in the u.s. and forcing them to sort of reset their expectations on how in the united states. so that's what's going on here. you've got cheap oil prices and slowing global growth and so investors are saying, a lot of these companies that may be based here in the u.s. do a lot of business around the world, and they shouldn't expect the revenues that they've enjoyed in recent years. so that's what's driving the selloff. it's interesting we're seeing -- >> i can't imagine that we're going to have another rebound like we had back in 1991. the economy is saying, yeah, we're going to have continued growth, it's not going to be robust but it won't be as anemic as years past but we'll be moving forward. >> absolutely. so, you've got a recession in the manufacturing industry already. you have very depressed holiday sales so the consumer sector is shaky, too. we know overall growth is about 2%. a
Jan 25, 2016 5:00pm EST
mom's antiques and her antique china cabinet. >> reporter: the suspect had a hit-and-run accident nearby moments before driving on the street. but once here troopers say he hit the black car over there and then ran into the fence over there, hit the back of the pickup truck and crashed into >> he took out a power pole and hit another car there. >> reporter: troopers detained a person and released him. they discovered the person was the roommate of the registered owner of the pickup. investigators plan to have the homeowner identify the suspect in a lineup. >> he was standing on the streets and several people saw him. >> reporter: herb said many expensive items were destroyed in the crash but he realizes how lucky he is to be alive. >> nobody bot got hurt. everything can be replaced. >> bob: in volusia county a search continues for an inmate, gary bullet junior, after he cut off his ankle monitoring device. his girlfriend is the alleged person who picked him up. they stole a gun and got money and are believed to be with the woman's three year old son. and grand theft. fsu is settli
Mar 14, 2016 5:00pm EDT
: good evening, bob. donald trump was well himself today, railing about losing jobs to china and mexico, talking about building a wall and talking about getting rid of common core. mr. trump was in a much smaller venue today, just 2,000 people able to see him speak. and there were fewer disruptions we've seen at past rallies, mr. trump spoke for a little over an hour saying he's going to win florida and he took his shots at marco rubio saying i don't want to call little marco, little marco. >> you go to the building, you raise your hand, right vote, wrong vote, you got to vote. he's never there. he's never there. i don't know where he is, but he's never there. he's weak on illegal im breaks. he's very strong an amnesty. got elected. i don't know how he got elected. how did he get elected? can anyone tell me, please? >> reporter: mr. trump picking up a big indoorsment today. pam bondy throwing her support behind mr. trump. she is a very, very popular republican these days. at the convention center in in. >> bob: let's talk about the election, great to have you with us. let me start with
Feb 3, 2016 5:00pm EST
majority of the hits were coming from china. >> we're evan -- evangelizing china now. >> the the good news is there's no credit card information on the site. there are names of the parishioners. so if they were not hacking for money, what were they doing? >> they had some theor ease as to why. maybe they're -- [ undiscernible ] >> reporter: testing it out here and upgrading as they go? >> that's right. >> reporter: since then, they put in software that will prevent anyone from getting in, if they enter a wrong password more than ten times in a row. since they put these new security measures, they haven't had any problems. in del an, kelly joyce, -- delan kelly joyce, fox 35 news. look at the capsule that will take the lucky few back to the moon. a tiny peek of orion. >> at the orion capsule, the pressure vessel that arrived here several days ago. this is the orion pressure vessel i'm talking about and you can see there it's mostly just an aluminum skeleton. nasa says they're going to be working on this to build it up to the full capsule over the next 18 months, at which time they will
Mar 15, 2016 5:00pm EDT
. >> he was the seventh overall we played professionally in china. didn't know a whole lot about this guy. coupled in the back court with harris, have been good for the nuggets club. putting up 20 points a game, six assists, 42% from beyond the arch. he's worked on the shooting, you can't leave him open. 23 points last night, in a loss, he's one of the young bright stars in the nba, and starting at the point tonight for the nuggets. we hit the air at 6:30. >> looking forward to it, thank you very much. >> thank you. >>> coming up at 6, a parrot stolen during bike week, and the >>> and football is back f yeyeahah, , ththatat's's r rigightht.. dedealal d diviva a cocomimingng t thrhrououghgh.. yoyou u sesee e alall l mymy b bogogosos,, mymy w weeeeklkly y adad.. jujustst w waiait t titillll y youou s seeee mymy s savaviningsgs.. anand d brbracace e yoyoururseselflf.. ththe e didigigitatal l cocoupupononss arare e cocomimingng n nexext.t. lolookok a at t heher,r, soso p proroudud o of f heher r momommmma.a. yoyou u sasaveved d ququitite e a a bibit t totodadayy gogo a aheheadad. . sasay
Jan 26, 2016 5:00pm EST
globe, china is affecting things also, so, again, i think we are in a soft period right now, not sure how long it lasts but i think there is more to go. >> and, one more question, before we let you know for people scratching their heads and looking at the 401(k), what is your advice. >> if you held it, do nothing, the great things about -- great thing about bad marketsics they always become good again. >> gary, thank you so much. >> my pleasure. thank you. >> no doubt, fast troubles in orange county. stink. >> to say the least. new hope and an apology from the mayor. >> i apologize for the inconvenience. >> county commissioners debate a joel? >> six days until the iowa caucuses and the leading g.o.p. candidates step up the attacks against each other, i'm joel waldman in washington, and we'll have t introducing longhorn' s steaks that sizzle for $12.99. like the new smoky bacon sirloin. and the parmesan only at longhorn steakhouse. >> break, news, "sky fox" is over this, orange county and a wrong-way crash, and this is eastbound, 528 and obviously tying up traffic though they are
Feb 22, 2016 5:00pm EST
importing this from china. but this isn't just chinese wood. this is the type of laminate being used. the company believes the cdc is overestimating in its calculation, and they believe the cdc which said it's going to expand its investigation, they said if you want to bring new products back, you can do that, but they're not exactly putting the hands up and saying, okay, we're wrong, here; they believe more investigation is needed. >> did the company bounce back from a controversy like this? >> it's very difficult. they were hit hard last year when this story first surfaced, the c.e.o. resigned. behind them. now it brings it back to the forefront. it's a huge p.r. nightmare. question is, what happens from here, and what further tests reveal about their laminate flooring. >> thank you for bringing us up to speed. >> thank you. >>> reuters reporting tonight as many as 90 million more takata airbags will be recalled, and an expanded recall could cost the company billions and add years to the replacement process. the company says it is cooperating with regulators. >>> facebook thinks friends
Mar 21, 2016 5:00pm EDT
markets, even china. even folks here in the u.s. that may not be able to afford the $600, 7 hundred $700 price tag of the latest version of the iphone. they are introducing. this is the highly anticipated product announcement and some updates to the apple watch and apple tv. they are calling it the iphone se. the entry level model. $399 with no contract. that works out to $17 a month with no contract and that's key. and the screen will be smaller. about four inches versus 5, 5.5 inches for the big iphone 6 and 6s that can barely fit it into their back pocket. it will have a chip that is faster than the 5s that was the last attempt at an entry level and you can get it in rose gold. apparently quite popular to have the rose gold body. >> i like it. it makes sense. i've got the larger phone but it. and maybe there's a market that don't need all the other stuff but like the idea of the phone being a little smaller and a little faster. >> they may be a little younger, better eyesight -- no, i'm just joking. this is a way to get people that can't afford the $649 price tag. so it's cheaper
Feb 7, 2016 5:00pm EST
strong allies here in the republic of korea. >> the united states and china have been working on new sanctions against north korea since the country launched a nuclear test in january. north korea's rocket and nuclear tests are seen as crucial steps towards the country's ultimate goal of a nuclear armed missile that could hit the u.s. >>> rescue workers scramble to retrieve bodies from a collapsed building in taiwan. after a powerful earthquake. witnesses say the structure folded like an accordion onto its side after the quake struck. at least 26 people have been reported dead and more than 100 still missing inside that rubble. >>> you decide the debate is over, but the campaigning still in full swing as the clock ticks down to the new hampshire primary tuesday night. as ed henry reports tonight the candidates using everything they can to win over those last undecided voters. >> "saturday night live" is proving once again they are a force to be reckenned with, especially when the major political parties continue to choose candidates that look and sound like prominent comedians. >> so
Jan 23, 2016 6:00pm EST
ushering in a -- china's president ushering in a new chapter in chinese iran relations. the first time a chinese president has visited iran in 14 years. it comes week after international sanctions were lifted on tehran. >>> four people dead and several others after two shootings in canada. investigators say a man was taken into custody yesterday at a high school. police received a complaint of a person firing a gun and searched the school until a man was finally arrested. hearing screaming and more than a half dozen shots fired. investigators have not released the name of the suspect or motive for that attack. >>> wildfires continue to burn through south africa's main wine producing region. reports coming in saying damage has already cost millions of dollars. helicopters called in to drop water on the flames as firefighters struggle to keep that blaze under control. at least 7,000 acres have been destroyed. different problems here in new york. >>> i was going to say like all sorts of crazy weather everywhere. too much heat, too much cold. we're somewhere in the middle right brook?
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10