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. republicans want to take that region away from china which will dominate trade relations. affordable care act, maybe they agree on that. right taxes, maybe they agree on that. but private -- congress has backed away from that. currency has gone up, gone down. not sure if they want to tangle with china over this particular issue when there are a lot of other issues they need china's support on. >> the numbers are solid in the house of representatives. republicans believed they would lose at a minimum double digits. still retain control. they have lost but a handful of seats. they will not lose double digit seats. republicans firmly in control of the house of representatives. >> that make as job if for paul ryan, if he wants to stay on as speaker, and i have don't know if he does. it makes it easier for him and become more conservative and it would have been harder for him to pass obviously anything with president clinton but even maybe sometimes with a president trump. so, it makes the path just a little bit smoother for him to try and retain enough support. >> 30 seconds. >> the rema
other asian nation. . they are woried about tariffs, which donald trump hasz called on to tame china. all those things is suggest protectionism and constrained market and the markets don't like it. after breakfast after the brexit the markets were off more than 5%. we're down 4% in futures and 3% in s&p 500. if this ends up being a donald trump win, you could expect the markets to show an even greater slide. the economic experts say some of those policies could easily tleed a recession. about a donald trump win than there has been about a hillary clinton win. >> in the big picture, you have to pick off a blue state. what looks most likely to you? >> wisconsin or michigan. or both. >> let's look at michigan and wisconsin. you see that on your screen. wisconsin and michigan, they have both been very close throughout the night. here's wisconsin. donald trump leading in wisconsin by 2 points plus. you can see are in. he leads by 2.7% in wisconsin. that was entirely too close to call. here's the state of michigan. @dth winning in michigan by just a about 2 points. if these numbers hold, d
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)