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Aug 21, 2015 11:01pm EDT
there is a rumor that the 7th fleet of the america still in the south china sea. but there's some hesitation because they say the communists might caught us before we get out of there. so we, for a second time, decided to stay. and then life goes on. i came back to the pharmacy. and my husband, he went to his's office to practice for a month. and then in june 1975 the communist government called all of them to be present and after three days to release them. >> you bring up a really important point about the reeducation camp. on our panel we have two people who went to the great education camp. and the reeducation camp was a way fort north vietnamese to seek revenge upon those who served for south vietnam. they would imprison them. they would torture them. they would forcibly indoctrinate them. we would like to ask mr. wen, after the war you were placed in a reeducation camp for four and a half years. can you describe what life is like in a reeducation camp. >> yes. i was in prison for four and a half years in the reeducation labor camp in north vietnam. while there, the enemies c
May 2, 2015 8:30am EDT
$4 billion in military aid from china and russia. from the soviet union. this is why one of the big reasons we lost the war. >> eventually saigon, the capital of south vietnam, fell on april 30, 1975. that date marked the end of the vietnam war. it is a very important date that's engraved in many of our minds. on that date, where were you and what were you doing? >> i lived in saigon since 1954 when the geneva treaty decided to have our country into parts. the north to the communists and the south to the nationalist. and my family, they had heard about experiences with the communism. and my parents at the time were very young. 36 and 32. with seven children aging from 11 years old to four months old. we left our home from the noise -- the north and moved south to be able to live in freedom. we already had experience with the communists. even struggling to have new life in the south, after a few years my parents would be able to prosper and all of us went to college. i was in the second year of pharmacy school when i met my husband in med school. he was a medical student. we waited u
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)