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states. it's not going to happen any more. t's not. our trade deficit with china is almost $400 billion. $400 billion a year. a year. and then i see our president entertaining the heads of china and talking about our great trading partners. yeah. there are great trading partner -- for china. not for us. ur deficit with japan is $70 billion a year. the cars pour in. we don't know what we're doing. we sell them practically nothing relatively speaking. what we sell them is beef. beef. they sell us cars. you go out to los angeles. you see these ships. the giggest ships you've ever seen. and the cars are pouring off and they have no respect for us. and our trade deficit with japan is almost $70 million -- think of this. think of this. japan, $70 billion. crazy.s absolutely now, we go to mexico. i love the people of mexico. i love mexico. they're great people. i have thousands and thousands of hispanic working for me. thousands. thousands of hispanics. and in fact, in nevada the same poll i win with the hispanics, which everyone is surprised. i win with the hispanics. so our trading deficit w
counterterrorism. they will say look at the threat from russia, china, and cyber assessment is greater. from your perspective, do you think in resources, messaging, perhaps in the way we cover it in the news, that we exaggerate the threat to some degree? not to say that it is not a threat, but it is exaggerated? on the other hand, did you bristle a little bit? do you think there is an overestimate and in our coverage we get that balance right? in resources, from a law-enforcement perspective, a national security perspective? a.g. carlin: like the president before him, he is very much focused on preventing terrorist attacks in the united states and against citizens overseas. and remains dedicated, and expects us, as the president before him, day in and day out to be focused on the threat and use all the resources provided to us to make sure citizens are not killed here by those who are filled with hate. when it comes to preventing that threat, i think that one reason why we have seen, and hope to see, the numbers of people killed or maimed by these actors to stay low is because of the dedicated ff
manufacturers. the all they cannot get their product into china. they can't do it. they do, there's a big tax. the bring it in. flood it in. do their currency manipulations. one of the reasons the work.pact doesn't hillary clinton was in favor of my speech. debate me, she knows she's going to get killed the tax. hand it in hillary clinton, i have to hand it to angry.u can all be i have to hand it to her. it took great courage for her to go against president obama on the trade pact. what?ow maybe she gets indicted. because she is being totally protected by the democratics is illegalt she did and you look at general petraeus. % -- a friend of mine is familiar. general petraeus did 5% of what she did. they destroyed his life. other people have done far less. destroyed. the democrats aren't just protecting her. there's no reason for this. i want it to go a fair investigation. fair.erything be what's happened is absolutely crazy. she mightif she -- have done okay last night. she did. she did okay. nobody attacked her. attacked her. there was no attacks. i hate ton my
leading country in the world, and not just russia and china. [applause] jeb bush: you may remember as governorst years there was a expendable launch plan that was being built. and the state of florida actually put up a sizable amount this, i think we put up 50 million bucks to lure it of the, can't remember if or lockheed, it was grumman, to design this so it would replace the some. be an interim to the next launch vehicle that would look like you could launch you'd come back and have dramatic reductionings in cost and have access to space at a would allow for discovery, science, all sorts of tongs that would allow us prosper and lead the world. well, that was in the first year of the obama administration that was killed. by theaccess space russians. i don't think that's a smart idea. this is the same country that is running circles around us in all parts of the world that views menace,ed states as a not as an ally. and any time they would want, may not fb their commercial so, any time they wanted they could shut down our ability to access the space station. clearly we need to are ant
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4