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2017 7
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decade. he will "sincerely negotiate with the united states." and china, their top trading partner of the deployment of the advanced missile-defense system the u.s. has been installing in south korea. the swearing-in happening earlier today in south korea. on our schedule this afternoon we will have the white house briefing coming up at 1:30 p.m. eastern. senate democrats are holding the policy committee holding a discussion on health care and the impact of the recently passed american health care act. the congressional budget office tweeting they will score the official cost of the bill sometime in the week of may 22. the house is out this week on a district work period. the senate is in session and you can follow the coverage on the future of health care in the future of health care legislation in the senate with on c-span2. [indistinct crowd noise]
south korea looking at how it will affect relationships with china, japan and the united states. this is an hour and 20 minutes. >> good afternoon, i would like to thank you all for coming. we have done through the election and there is a new president of south korea. we are very fortunate to talk about how this election will impact u.s. career relations, policy with north korea, economic relations between our two countries and a series of other important issues. we are fortunate to have three very good experts, john baurd burton of the financial time in sole. we have scott synder, bruce clinger and former assembly man song. we have fortunate to have them all. i know we have a lot to discuss so i will turn it over to john. for further information on the speakers, you have their bios as well. thank you very much. >> thank you, troy. i also want to thank our panel for giving their valuable time to come here and talk about south korea's new president. why do you think moon won and what does it say about the political and social trends? >> i think the major factor that shaped this was the
negotiate the agreement with not only the united states but china and how do you negotiate with a country that is putting frrth -- it frank he wants the transfer quickly and when that was done before it caused a great deal of angst in south korea. he wants to increase south korean's independent and having the missile defense system not integrated you can see it as maintaining a strong relationship with the united states but he wants to reach out to north korea and have sanctions and engagement. you can say that sounds like statements from u.s. officials or you can see it as he brings baggage to the table because his relationship with the hunt administration. you could see if not divergence, turbulence in the relationship. >> what do you think about him reopening the case on industrial complex? >> that is a violation of u.n. security council resolutions if he does that so he would have to work with the u.n. and 1718 committee for prior approval of economic engagement of north kor korea. it would be a troublesome movement if he does it. >> scott, you indicated he is a bit more optim
needs to be re-examined. >> what about in terms of china? what do you think he will do? >> he moved from opposition to really being on the fence. he kept sort of saying well, the next government should deal with that. you will be the next government. he just sort of kept trying to punt on that. you know, more recently, as i said, i think he serves well. it is sort of a done deal. why wouldn't it be a done deal after five or four or three? and given the north korean threat to you now that they have miniaturized, they have weapon dcweapo weaponiz weaponized. where as in the past he said skud missiles, they don't have a military target. it's like well, sir, the only military target they have is south korea. i think at least in my view it's a question of south korean's f sovereignty. if you're willing to negotiate that way with china you're willing to negotiate anything away. they have tried to offer technical briefings and they refused. how can they talk about it and he turned it down. they know it's not only false, it's disingenuous. i think it raises some concerns. >> i mean we agree
korea's relationship with the u.s. vis-a-vis china, talking with koreans they will say you guys are focused on that really korea was focused on reform and the economy. in termso you expect of north korean policy under moon? he has a very full record of statements, but do you think he will implement them? indicated --he has i guess i would interpret broadly the direction he is headed. it is one that really wants to pursue every possible peaceful option by which to address the north korea issue. with the faith that will work. and maybe in a way that is the core, if we have faith in the work on either side in terms of the prospects for engagement and appeasement. -- in a peaceful, what. -- in a peaceful kind of way. and as he north korea as a market. that's also an area in which there is potential for contradiction between the pressure-led strategy of the united states and a possible emphasis on economic engagement with north korea. isally i think of thes point these are issues that will have to be discussed between leaders of u.s. and south korea. there is probably a way of sequencing
and the creation and relationship with china and others there is a very full record of statements but do you think that he will implement those?nt >> certainly he has indicated a as one that really wants to pursue every possible option by which to address the issue. it will work in terms of the prospect. the other distinctive element or priority is to see north korea as a market and that is an area noat there is a potential forr contradiction between the pressure in the united states and a possible emphasis on economic engagement with north korea. but these are issues that are going to have to be discussed between the leaders of and there is probably a way of sequencing a lot of the elements of this strategy together with the approach that synthesizing. i don't think we should automatically presume is a seems to be on a collision course because the fact of the matter is this is in the context of online games as a family matter and within the families you have to work through these issues in order to move forward so as long as both respect the fact. >> what do you expect in terms o
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)