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facing, the near competitors say russia and china, and the pace they're changing their capability is growing exponentially. and we have to keep up with that pace. it's kind of like we went into the halftime of a football game in 2000 up 28-3 and kind of popped the champagne and said, game's over and the referee came in and said, halftime is over, we're ready to start the second half. and we said, we'll get there when we get there. and we strolled out midway through the third quarter to find out the score is now 28-24. so the capability gap between us and our competitors is really close and a keen interest to us here on the navy side of the house in terms of what is the capability that we need going forward. so there's a lot of discussion going on today about what is it, what is the navy that we need. and not necessarily what is navy we need in the 2040s, but what is the navy we need in the 2020s. we tend to talk about, what is the navy we need today? and we are trying to take a lead angle and say, what is the navy needs in the mid-20s and go make decisions based on kind of that in na
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1