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Feb 25, 2016 6:00pm EST
. turned it belong to his ex-wife, china, and gave it to kylie. according to documents he hadn't paid for it since october. trying to get back the g-wagon, the problem is it's been at kylie's house and he lives in a very secure area in calabasas, which -- she lives behind two guard gates, a regular guard gate and then the uber-rich guard gate. have the been trying to track her down. >> something tells me they'll find their way out of this mess just fine. gary, we look forward to checking it out on tmz. >> bob: too early to pass the hat? >> sonni: a gofundme account has been set up to help keep her eighth car. >> glenn: nice. >> bob: have the top down for this weather. >> glenn: nice. also cool, though, need a scarf. temperatures in the 60s by day, 40s by night, and then on the weekend, we warm it up. 4 by sunday, beautiful day, next week we stay sunny and warmer, temperatures back into 80. so this is a 12-day stretch we'll have of about almost clear blue skies. so, you have to like that. >> probably seen the last of this brisk, brisk cold morning. >> pretty much. by the end of february, e
Mar 14, 2016 6:00pm EDT
being exported to china. and mexico. he even took questions from the audience for substantial amount of time as well, and he could not resist taking shots at his rival. he did say lying ted. as much as he tried to avoid calling little marco, little marco, he did. >> you go to the building, you raise your hand, right vote, wrong vote, you got to vote. he's never there. he's never there. i don't know where he is but he's never there. he's weak on illegal immigration. he's very strong on amnesty. i mean, sort of like i don't know how he got elected. i don't know how he got elected. can anyone tell me, please? all right. >> reporter: now, the trump campaign again feeling very confident that they will take this election tomorrow in florida. in fact he had to do ohio for a rally tonight. then nothing on the schedule for tomorrow other than a press conference at 9:00 in palm beach, and we'll be there. mike synan, fox 35 news. >> sonni: an opinion poll conducted shows trump with commanding lead in florida, parts of the survey suggesting that marco rubio is gaining last minute support. here a
Feb 1, 2016 6:00pm EST
part by toyota of orlando. sonni: rapper black china is in furious trouble tonight after being busted at an airport with xtc pills. how did she get busted, gary and we understand someone in the kardashian clan has something to say about this? reporter: first she was drunk and disorderly. she was at the austin airport and when cops went through her stuff, they found the two pills which they later tested and identified as xtc. compressed with gold flecks in them. she was at a layer over. rob kardashian is the boyfriend now, he got into a car immediately and went to texas to go rescue her. he bailed her out and then drove her right back to l.a. it was a 20-hour road trip. it looks like possibly this is a strong relationship. sonni: yeah, you are bailing someone out of jail, i would say that takes it to the next level. a ring should be next week at this point. thank you out. bob: drive you to the airport, help you move, bail you out of jail. i think that's ow it goes. glenn: forecast looks pretty good, too, warm weather, low 80s for the next couple of days, rain here on thursday an
Jan 21, 2016 6:00pm EST
a police officer in philadelphia earlier this month. an earthquake rattling parts of china, the 6.4agnitude quake hitting the northwest part of the country. no reports of deaths or serious injuries. damage. in the northeast, bracing for their first big storm of the winter. hello. american airlines already canceling the bulk of its flights in the northeast, ahead of the storm that's supposed to arrive tomorrow. snow, ice and strong winds will all cause problems for flyers and drivers. early snow causing problems for the nation's capitol after ice caused several accidents on the roads. word has it they're shutting down the metro right now in the nation's capitol. >> bob: it's causing several problems on the sidewalks as well. it's easier to walk on the snow than the ice. >> that's true. >> through experience. our forecast here is looking very changeable. major winter storm up north. of video coming out of the mid at than tinge states through virginia, carolina, tennessee, and working up through philadelphia. the tail-end of that system, we get during the day tomorrow. temperatures
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4