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Jul 9, 2017 8:30am EDT
sorry about that. >> our experience with china has been and i've said this to others, it's been a bit uneven. china has taken significant action. then i believe for a lot of different reasons, they paused. and didn't take additional action. >> that's the voice of rex tillerson there this morning. it's not clear what kind of pressure china is going to put on north korea and joining us is tom bernie is the president of the korea society been kind enough to join us once again because north korea keeps seems to be in the news a lot. >> it's a lot >> you were here about six weeks was that all of these other countries, like china, like the united states, they were going to come together and put pressure on north korea and then that would hopefully moderate north korea behavior. that doesn't seem to have happened. tom. what's continuing to escalate this situation? >> well, first of all, the u.n. has sanctions and u.s. has sanctions, u.s. sanctions ten to be tougher, the u.n. are the common de. they need to be fully implemented. the second area in which they could work on is filling in the lo
May 7, 2017 8:30am EDT
china quickly. because the president kind of had two voices on china. on the one hand he views them with a weary eye. when it comes to economic matters but on the other hand he said that china could be a positive force in this korean situation. what's the truth there? is china enabling this or are they somehow going to help >> we actually don't know yet. there were sign that is the chinese were willing to go along with the u.n. sanctis. china is -- north korea is facing a sanction regime. will china play along we'll see. >> we've been talking about this so much we appreciate it. >>> the week ahead as we roll into this week, the former acting attorney general of the united states sally yates is set to testify before a senate judiciary committee. going to be asked questions about the former national security advisor michael flynn and his contact. last week, we had the situation where the fbi director was up on the hill talking about the russia investigation. getting hard questions from democrats and republicans. the democrats are not happy about revealing what he revealed about the hi
Sep 24, 2017 8:30am EDT
display near the north korean border >> china will be limiting oil supplies under the u.n. sanctions, the commerce industry said in china the north main trading partner will be limiting supplies of refined petroleum products. that will be a problem for north korea, and also, it is going to affect north korean textiles as well. not to be left out of all of this? iran. shut not the shot off in new ballistic deal this week, in device it's said to have a medium range of 1200 miles and carrying multiple war heads, it was displayed during a military parade. these are a couple of the big topics the trump administration is dealing with. joining us from the hill, niles standage from the hill and you've had your work cut out. you've been everywhere this week. let's talk about these tweets that the president fired off at north korea. helpful or hurtful? >> certainly pretty high risk strategys at the very least. decided to roll the dice in a nuclear situation, his argument would be that it shows strength. consequences for any misbehavior on the part of north korea. but it's a very high stakes ga
Apr 16, 2017 8:30am EDT
china, why would i call china a currency manipulator when they're working with us on the north korea problem? we will see what happens. in some way, i guess acknowledging something is going on but not any insight to what these thinking. he keeps tweeting about the foreign policy with the sentence saying we will see what happens. i guess that's true, we will see what happens. it's, and, not giving us as much as we would like >> the reason people are asking is because what he repeatedly said that china was manipulating currency. you look at these pictures coming out of north korea with the missile tests and parades. the parades are nothing new. there will be another one on may day, we imagine, but they appear to be the act of a spoiled brat having a temper tantrum right now. north kore d that that summit down in mar-a-lago seemed to go well. they don't like the fact there seems to be a president not shy of using maryland power whether it be in syria or sending a carrier strike group somewhere within their zone of influence. right now, the question is, how far do they didn't push this i
Jan 22, 2017 8:30am EST
some way acknowledged that there was hacking. he also pointed to china being part of the hacking. he said he was going to point this 90-day team to start at the foreign hacking in general. i think that the president does have the opportunity to quietly leave those sanctions in place until the hearings are complete. because i don't think this issue is something that he feels attacked by anymore. i think he just sort of acknowledged it. lumped it from around the world. said he'll address it with his group and if something comes out, certainly we'll see him overturn >> seems like they come to the well, they've had hacking. the one thing that the president has been correct about in saying is that this is not just a russia problem. you know, this is a problem from china, you know, you talk to former congressman frank wolf who had his can computers hacked on capitol hill. you look at what north korea was able to with sony pictures a major corporation not only in this country but japan as well. the ability they had to get into major corporation's database and kind of run them into the groun
Jan 15, 2017 8:30am EST
interview with cia director john brennan. we will also ask him about the hot spots the trump team faces from isis to china. john
Jun 25, 2017 8:30am EDT
roll up his sleeves and get involved with south korea, china and easing some tensions we're seeing in north korea and obviously death of the student warmbier enraged a lot of people >> it was a big topic of conversation, how the president will respond. if he will put his money where his mouth is. that's what we're looking to. >> five republicans still as we stand this morning on sunday coming out in opposition to the president and the senate leaders on healthcare bill we'll be tracking that. mitch mcconnell would luke to have a vote some time by early july. we thank you for joining us. of >> always >> fox 5 news on the hill news sunday with chris wallace is coming up next on fox 5. (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood... all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... shift your thinking about buying your next one. >> brit: i am brit hume in for chris wallace. all eyes are on the senate as republicans unveil the plan to replace obamacare. but do they have a post? republicans be
Nov 13, 2016 8:30am EST
society, we're technological. china, india, russia, other third -- not third world but developing nations, they have >> those are the promise that is donald trump made. which may more than anything else lead to -- it's way too soon, people are talking about four years he's done, there is a question, how can he keep those promises? a lot of people voted on those jobs and the economy. obviously, let's give the man a chance. we want to thank sophia nelson for joining us >> you got a book coming out >> i do, there it is right there. in january. and reclaiming their vision for united america. our motto out of many one, we need to come together. we're divided, come together. >> are you going to come back >> i want to come back again and again. >> as we head to break, saturday live reflected on the presidential election with a somber but comedic tribute to the late leonard cohen passed away this week. (vo) how can we really improve health care? bring back the housecall? open walk-in clinics in convenient places? help more moms get prenatal care? er health care costs? maybe help doctors s
Oct 1, 2017 7:30am EDT
reporters during diplomatic visit to china yesterday that "we are probing stay tuned. we're going to stay tuned because secretary meeting with chinese officials north korea and trade and whole lot of other issues that are important to this crisis right now. >> this is is relationship that continues to grow and mature on the strength of relationship between yourself and president trump. >> so we will stay tuned on that. tillerson saying u.s. is urging north korean officials for possible new around of talks and that could be a big break through as these crises and tests and missile launches have continued. of course secretary of helm and human services tom price he's adios out of d.c. this week. of course, price esigned as you know friday after coming after fire for using more than 1 million in tax money to pay for private planes and trips and military flight. former congressman says he will repay the government 5,000 cost of seat on those domestic flights across those they were private planes. meanwhile president tried to keep foc saying his plane will put more money in hand of busine
Apr 23, 2017 8:30am EDT
relative to russia, china and certainly mideast and isis helped along that counts >> bombing a place is not a long-term policy. it's not enough to just have air strikes all the time you need to be able to follow up. a lot of republicans don't like to talk about nation building, but that's one of the hard lessons we learned about what happened in a place like afghanistan when you leave it to its own devis. people on the ground to put people in place. that those bad elements like isis, like al-qaeda don't sweep in there and take over and reestablish themselves. >> you're right. we have same situation in libia. we took care of it >> let's talk about healthcare and tax, because we were told by the president, that this week, we're going to find out about this big tax cut. now, the healthcare and the tax cut are tied in we were told when the obamacare repeal and replace fell apart, that they were going to immediately move on to taxes. this is is what the president had to say about this. >> it's evolving, there was never a give-up. the press sort of reported it was like a give-up. there's no g
Nov 12, 2017 8:30am EST
the tweets we saw in the tweet storm if you will that china increases north korea and they do admittedly want to denuclearize north korea and progress is being made. is this amount of success that he wanted that you think the president would call or believe is success after this trip? is this enough to say the trip was successful? >> it can be enough to state trip was successful and administration also set a high bar for standard on north korea they will not rest until they have complete denuclearization of entire peninsula. that would be high bar to achieve. >> we don't want to ignore events of this past week. couple things going on this week. one of those things we'll have a new governor in the state of virginia not only in virginia but in new jersey democrats were successful in both efforts. we were in richmond this week to talk to ralph northam lieutenant governor and governor elect of virginia now what he saw was motivating factor of people putting him what he thinks he will be ai believe to do with president trump as you know who has run strongly against. here's what we
May 1, 2016 8:30am EDT
the policy of he said slow to go to war and deal making with russia and china the major take away from donald trump is what he called america first. take a listen. >> my foreign policy will always put the interests of the american people and american security above all else has to be first. has to be. and that will be the foundation of every single decision that i will make. >> we go back through history before world war ii isolation of this movement to keep fdr from entering world war ii to take on nazis called themselves america first. how do you not going the that at some points and not name your foreign isolationist movement at that point kept us out of world war ii and there were contradictions within the speech itself. >> he had a gap he mispronounc mispronounced tanz aknee awhich is hard but i don't think there is anything new here we didn't see a lot of specific but he want to appear presidential it was more muted than donald trump speech. this is are we going to see the more presidential trump i don't think we'll see it consistently until the general election. >> on the p
Nov 5, 2017 8:30am EST
trump will head to south korea next then china, vietnam and the philippines. >> of course during this visit th is meeting on her own. she met with japanese first lady and two met at the city's luxury pearl dealer in tokyo. >> i don't know if you heard about this it happened last night. republican senator rand paul recovering after police say that he was assaulted in his kentucky home. employees have arrested 59-year-old renee' about cher and charged him with fourth degree assault. dee tells of the assault or motive not clear at this time. paul reportedly suffered minor injuries. that was a weird story it come on the heels of very weird week here in washington. if your head spinning you're in the alone. we're talking about indictments of the president's former campaign manager, a key aid, a guilty plea by a campaign adviser. of course there's also the small issue of the tax reform package that came out this week and the tragic events in new york city this week. joining us this morning is our honor to have jerry at the table the executive e street journal. thanks for joining us. >> sure
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13