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Oct 22, 2017 10:00am EDT
david to china's goliath in an international dispute in the south china sea. when china refused to back down, there didn't seem to be much the small island country could do to reclaim its territory until carpio and other philippine officials decided to sue. the philippines won its lawsuit against china, did china change its ways? antonio carpio: china said that we are not complying with the ruling. scott: american homes in houston, the florida keys, and puerto rico are not the only things underwater this season, so is the entire national flood insurance program, or nfip. steve ellis: here you have a program that's subsidizing people to actually build in harm's way, to stay in harm's way. scott: are you saying that they're almost encouraged to keep building in places that they're at high risk? steve ellis: absolutely. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ♪ scott: hello, i'm scott thuman in for sharyl attkisson. welcome to "full measure." chan a priorities. for colleges and universit
Nov 19, 2017 10:00am EST
competing on even ground? we travel to three nations in southeast asia to see how china's plan to spend $1 trillion building connections between asia, europe, and africa may be putting them in a position to control trade and dictate terms. is what china is doing the biggest global outreach by any country, you think, of all time? chan heng chee: i think the united states should pay attention to this. >> airplanes aren't an occasional sight anymore. they are common. lawmakers worried that smaller, rural towns might be forgotten as airlines moved to larger, more lucrative markets. so, they approved the essential air services program. rep. tom mcclintock: it's the least essential program in the entire federal government. sharyl: for over three decades, country music singer travis tritt has turned out records and turned up on stages across america. but that may not be his biggest success. travis tritt: in the early part of my career, i had an opportunity to do a video, a music video, for a song called "anymore." ♪ i can't hide the way i feel about you. ♪ anything that i can do, on my end, t
Mar 6, 2016 9:30am EST
u.s. warned china over its militarization of the south china sea. china is boosting its military presence in the south china sea, creating bases on islands carved out of coral and sand. the concern is more than one third of maritime traffic flows timesh this region and 15 as much oil as passes through the panama canal. scott thuman examines the dangers of the green lagoon. scott only a few yea a cays in the spratly islands off the coast of the philippines and south vietnam were largely uninhabited, wanted only as fertile fishing grounds. today, converted to military outposts equipped with runways and sophisticated radar towers. adm. harris: china's intent to militarize the south china sea is as certain as a traffic jam in d.c. scott: admiral harry harris, jr., is head of the us pacific command. he came to capitol hill to raise concerns about china's intent. adm. harris: in my opinion, china is clearly militarizing the south china sea and you would have to believe in the flat earth to think otherwise. greg poling: you're seeing an entirely new island, where nothing existed before.
Aug 13, 2017 10:00am EDT
with china. there's a big trade surplus with the united states. $300 billion a year. at least 200 million american jobs. since then, he has backed down. he swapped trade for north korea when he didn't need to. sharyl: why do you say he didn't need to? peter: china is going to do what it needs to do with regard to north korea out of its own national security interests. ♪ [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ♪ sharyl: welcome to "full measure." i'm sharyl attkisson. today, an exclusive first look at a new report that says you can put a price on success when it comes to congress. the report by "issue one" exposes the secretive money system in which members of congress "buy" top spots on the most powerful committees. to raise the money, they often collect from the very interests their committees are supposed to oversee. our cover story is "the price of power." nick penniman: it's not only a powerful position, it's a perverse system. in fact, it's the inverse of what we all as citize
Dec 25, 2016 12:00pm EST
be preparing fo sharyl: whether cyber attacks come from russia, china, or somewhere else, there's no doubt america is doing battle in an emerging cyber war. one potential target, the nation's electricity grid and some say that battle has already begun. full measure correspondent lisa fletcher has our story. lisa: this is the nation's electrical grid. 55,000 substations pushing power to 200,000 miles of high voltage transmission lines, lighting up 125 million homes across the country. cyber security experts call it a target waiting to be hit. jon miller: one hacker, that's adequately skilled, can cause infinitely more damage than a bomb. lisa: jon miller is the chief research officer for the cyber security company, cylance. he used to get paid to hack critical infrastructure like banks and nuclear power plants to find the vulnerabilities before the bad guys do. jon miller: i mean somebody actually coming in and causing kinetic damage to a power plant or a pipeline, or the transportation industry, will create a ripple of destruction. lisa: miller says an intentional outage by an enemy
May 21, 2017 10:00am EDT
are manufactured and shipped to the u.s. from overseas from countries like china, india, and mexico. the shipments are mixed in among the millions of packages that arrive on our shores every day and the narcotic distributors have found an easy method of entry. sen. amy klobuchar: believe it or not, a lot of times, they just use the good, old postal service. joce: minnesota democrat senator amy klobuchar says foreign distributors are capitalizing on a loophole that makes it easier for illicit drugs to evade detection when they're sent to the states. sen. klobuchar: these dealers see an opening and they go for it and we are the ones that have to be as sophisticated as they are. that means putting tracking information on the packages. joce: electronic tracking information that details exactly where packages came from, who shipped them, and other specific required for foreign packages handled by private carriers, like fedex and ups. it's been the law for them since 2002. more than a decade and a half later though, no one's closed the loop on the postal service. so packages shipped in th
Feb 14, 2016 11:00am EST
increasingly in the south china sea. but we noticed one thing that hasn' t changed for a half century -- ships go to sea painted battleship grey. so we asked a few questions and met one man who introduced us to some ships of a different color. jim: as a young boy, i had a poster from world war one that hung in my bedroom and it showed a destroyer coming to the rescue of a merchant ship and the destroyer was painted orange and blue andll kinds of different colors and i thought, "this is so ridiculous -- they would sharyl: but that' they did. jim bruns is the director of the national museum of the u.s. navy in washington, d.c. he tells the story of the art of war. in order to evade the german u-boats, the u.s. and british navies took a page out of the sketch pads of picasso and the cubists, hiding their ships in plain sight -- with paint. jim: you can' on the high seas, it' s impossible to disguise it. s you can' can' t literally camouflage them, but what you can do is distort cubists, hiding their ships in plain sight -- with paint. them and that' s what the art and science of razzle d
Sep 25, 2016 11:00am EDT
china, in terms of a trade deficit. with mexico, with japan, i mean, what are we dog? what are we doing? i, i often say, who negotiates thdeal so, your establishment people are saying, ohgee, you know, let things be the way. i don't think we can let them be the way they are, because our country is being devastated and our jobs are being taken. sharyl: i want to hit on a couple of personal controversies for you. new york's attorney general, eric schneiderman, who's already suing you over trump university, which he's called a bait and switch fraud, now says he's opened an inquiry to the trump foundation. are you confident that the trump foundation has followed all donald trump: well, i hope so, i mean, my lawyers do it.oney, i'e anything, i take no salaries, i take no costs, i have zero costs, and a lot of money goes through the trump foundation into charities. goes to charities, it doesn't go to me, it goes to charities. sharyl: i'll point out that mr.schneiderman is a hillary clinton supporter and has apparently found nothing worthy of inquiry with the clinton foundation. donald t
Feb 7, 2016 5:00pm CST
time when there's already heightened concern about china. scotot along the eagle foror shale where the glow w s once bright, there are only 64 rigs sending out their flares. the skyline of south texas has darkened. mike: just because you're paying $1.34 at the pump, you know, when you're doing that in life is great, there's somebody on the other side of it that's on a complete differentntpectrum. they're hurting. they're fighting for their lives. scott: betting on how long this slump will last is like getting into a game of texas hold 'em. it's high stakes poker, but some analysts are predicting a rebound by the end of 2016. ahead on "full measure" -- the candidates have passed go with iowa. and a few new attacks. scott: with the first in the nation caucuses beghind them, the 2016 presidential candidates have set their sights on the first in the nation primary. tuesday, voters in new hampshire cast their ballots. while some candidates are hoping capitalize of the m mentum gained in iowa, others need a win in the granite state to stay in the race. here's your quick dose of presidential
Oct 30, 2016 11:00am EDT
because wise and others say nations like china and russiaave already infected the u.s. power grid with the very same destructive malware in ukraine. while it hasn't been triggered there is no way to remove in. >> what does that mean that black energy malware is in the grids? >> it is a way of mapping whether you have. put it there what is in our grids. >> michael rogers who runs both thn.s.a. and u.s. cyber command raised the same concerns. >> it is only a matter of when not if. you are going to see a nation state or group or actor engage in destructive behavior against critical infrastructure in the united states. >> are the governments and utility companies prepared for the kind of outage you are talking about? >> i don't belve so. the reason is that very widespread and it could be very long. >> as long as nine to 18 months he says. >> what does that look like? >> it would be like going back to the 1850's. >> but the utility industry trade association has minimized the threat of a cyber hack. the executive director scott aaronson was in front of the senate homeland security committee in
Nov 23, 2015 1:00am CST
in alabama. we borrow money from china to sese it to pakistan. it is crazy, it is ridiculous, and it should stop. sharyl: senator rand paul went ballistic over a state department program to pay for pakistani students to pay for cash to attend -- to attend space camp to promote their english language skills. since in space no one can hear you scream or speak english, it -- the paid it to her included a trip to dollywo and a visit to the nation's capital. thatas just one example whate says is an astronomical waste of your tax money.y. sen.n.aul: we spent $300,000 last year studying whether or not japanese quail are more sexually promiscuous on cocaine. we spent $700,000 stying -- several hundred thousand dollars studying whether or not we can relieve stress in vietnamese villagers by having them wch arican television reruns. sharyl: senator rand paul is a frequent critic of government waste and his website publishes a waste report dedicated to exposing outrageous government spending. still ahd, taking a stand shshyl: in these last dozen days, we have seen new horrors and are facing the
Apr 10, 2016 9:30am EDT
power over china, over mexico, we just don't know it. sharyl: when the french president recently made remarks at the nuclear summit in washington, d.c. about iran, the white house scrubbed the words from his translation -- "islamic extremists." mr. trump: it's inconceivable. we have a president that won't talk about radical islamic terrorism. he refuses to even talk about it. he's living in a world of the make believe. sharyl: here's something he said about you, though, at the same summit though. he said you don't "know much about foreign policy or nuclear policy or the korean peninsula or the world generally." what do you have to say to president obama? mr. trump: well, let me tell you, look -- i've been very critical of him, because i happen to think he's incompetent as a president. and i know more about nuclear than he will ever know. in other words, we are, right now, the policemen of the world. we have $19 trillion in debt going to $21 trillion in debt. what's going on in this country is crazy. sharyl: on the subject of nato, trump suggested the u.s. is paying as much as 73%
Mar 13, 2016 9:30am EDT
for president were respectful for the most part. >> the answer is not simply to yell china, bad, muslims, bad. you've got to understand the nature of the threats. and how you deal with them. >> on behalf of the american people, i want to thank you for bringing a little class to the republican debates. hillary clinton: we've got our work cut out for us. that is why it is so important for all of you to turn out as many voters as you can. >> in a stunning upset, bernie sanders winning the michigan primary. sen. sanders: frankly, we believe that our strongest areas are yet to happen. still in the lead for the republican race. but according to a new poll, his rivals may be closing in. donald trump: see, hostility works for some people. it doesn't work for everybody. sen ted cruz: if we are divided, he wins the nomination and hillary becomes president. if we unite, that ain't going to happen. >> and that same cnn/orc poll shows clinton winning in a landslide, in the next two big contests, florida and ohio. rubio and kasich are underdogs in their own states. gov. kasich: our campaign i
Nov 12, 2017 10:00am EST
president's trip to explain how china's play to control the region may impact us at home. what do these other southeast asian nations do with two great world powers trying to befriend and court them? >> the 10 countries in southeast asia really don't want to choose. trade is promiscuous. you can trade with as many partners as you'd like. some countries have found the united states less willing to engage them, you know, and so they've been engaging far more with chi sharyl: until next week thanks , for watching, i'm sharyl attkisson. . >> from washington d.c. and around the world, this is "government matters" with francis rose. >> thanks for watching the weekend edition of the only show covering the latest news, trends, and topics that matter to the business of government. i'm your host francis rose. >> two years after cyber breaches unveiled the personal information of 2 million people, they are still struggling with those issues. the inspector general released the audit this week. michael is an
Jan 8, 2017 10:00am EST
. sharyl: in short order, what do you think president obama has wrong, if anything, related to china? peter morici: he stood by while china built the islands in the south china sea and militarized them. he has tried to make china back down on currency and trade issues, but when the chinese stand firm, he's flinched. sharyl: what is it you advise president trump to do? peter morici: bite the bullet and put up with the criticism and perils and put china back in its box. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ♪ sharyl: welcome to "full measure." i'm sharyl attkisson. the new republican-led congress was sworn in this week and one priority was clear -- doing away with obamacare. the promise of the law was affordable health insurance for all. but for too many, the hard unaffordable premiums, and huge out of pocket costs. we've covered the pitfalls since our beginning here on "full measure" and, today, we begin by reviewing what went wrong and the prospects after obamacare. it was a popular e
Aug 21, 2016 10:00am EDT
over a group of small islands. china is refusing to recognize an international court ruling against its sovereignty claims in the south china sea. that's of concern to five other naon territory in the waterway - including u.s. ally the philippines. more than a third of worldwide maritime traffic flows thorough this region, making it a crucial passage for trillions of dollars in commerce annually. scott thuman examines the dangers of the green lagoon. >> only a few years ago, these little reefs and sand cays in the spratly islands, off the coast of the philippines and south vietnam, were largely uninhabited, wanted only as fertile fishing grounds. today, they are converted to military outposts equipped with runways and sophisticated radar towers. >> china's intent to militarize the south china sea is as certain as a traffic jam in d.c. >> admiral harry harris jr, is head of the us pacific command, he came to capitol hill, to raise concerns about china's intent. admiral harris: in my opinion, china is clearly militarizing the south china sea and you'd earth to think otherwise. greg po
Nov 5, 2017 10:00am EST
be worked out. we'll see what happens. i do believe that china -- where i'm going very soon -- and president xi has been working. i really feel this. he's been working very hard to see if he can do something, but we're going to see. but i think that estimate hopefully is extremely high. sharyl: do you think there's work you can personally do on this trip that will lessen the threat? pres. trump: yeah, i mean, we're going to see what happens. i can tell you that there's not going to be something bad happening in terms of what we're going to do or maybe what they're going to do. but i can tell you that we are a very, very strong nation getting stronger all the time, not only our economy, but our military. you see what we've done with isis in eight months. i've done more than the previous administration has done during the entire two terms of the administration, and we are going to have to solve problems like north korea and north korea is a big, big problem. hopefully, it can be worked out. maybe it won't be able to, but hopefully it can be work. sharyl: would you ever consider sitti
Jul 16, 2017 10:00am EDT
discovered in china nearly two years earlier turned up in the u.s. it was mcgann's lab that found it. back immediately, you know. are you, are you serious? joce: from the street musicians wailing out jazz to the fern-covered balconies of the french quarter, new orleans is the place where america lets the good times roll. one of the best ways to see the big easy is on foot. if you dare. what message does that send to pedestrians? becky mowbray: take your chances. sharyl: louisiana's shrimp industry has been a family affair for more than a century. how important is the shrimping business to you personally? acy cooper: it's everything to me. sharyl: the u.s. has become a massive importer. about 94% of the shrimp we eat comes from abroad. there's no getting around it -- the u.s. shrimping industry is dying. acy cooper: there's no way we can survive, it's gone, we can't make it with where the price is now. ♪ [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ♪ sharyl: welcome to "full measure," i'm sharyl
Nov 27, 2016 11:05pm EST
what's going on. sharyl: he's talking about foreign shrimp flooding the market from places china, indonesia, vietnam, and thailand. the u.s. has become a massive importer of a resource we have about 94% of the shrimp we eat comes from abroad, selling for a fraction of the price of the ones caught at home. there's no getting around it. the u.s. shrimping industry is dying. acy cooper: there's no way we can survive this this the way it's going. you know we can't keep up our boats. we can't keep deckhands because nobody wants to work, because they're not making any money. we can't make it where the price is at now. sharyl: take the haul from this boat, the ba ken. after 12 days out, it returned with more than a ton and a half of shrimp. but after paying for fuel, ice, and four deck hands, the owner will clear just $166 for each day at sea. hardly enough to keep the boat running, let alone help pay the bills in the off-season. robert nguyen and his son face the same harsh reality. nguyen came to the u.s. as a refugee from vietnam and ended up in louisiana in 1985. he became so prospe
Dec 4, 2016 10:00am EST
-feared bacteria, first discovered last year in china, turned up in the u.s. it was it. patrick mc gann: i think i used an expletive when i responded back immediately, you know. are you, you know, are you serious? sharyl: there's a run for the border, the u.s. border, by citizens around the world. they may be trying to get in under the wire before an anticipated tightening of border security under the trump administration. i've looked at the numbers you've given me and it looks like, in many categories, there's a big uptick in congressman henry cuellar: there are countries from all over the world, not only mexico and central america. so, it's a u.n. type of diversity, if i can say that. ? joce sterman: from the street musicians wailing out jazz to the fern-covered balconies of the french quarter, new orleans is the place where america lets the good times roll. one of the best ways to see the big easy is on foot. if you dare. wh m becky mowbray: take you chances. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit n
Aug 27, 2017 10:00am EDT
money but where do i take her? answer was alternative medicine in china where photos ere taken and before that at a clinic in reno, nevada, where she received treatment from poisoning and slowly came back. >> the thing is we got there she couldn't swallow and they were having to feed her baby food get it down esophag esophagus. >> there were so many other that i was having by then my arm is drawn up like this. mean, i laid in a bed in that for five months on i.v.'s wonderful, d my wonderful, wonderful, wonderful so thankful -- thank you, baby -- laid on a five monthso me for and read how many books? >> 17 books. >> he read. he didn't leave me. and we were away from our children. still our youngest we have seven kids and youngest are 11 at nd they were about the time and as i'm lying in bed i'm aying over and over going to live to raise my kids. 'm going to live to raise my pwaebls. >> her treatment revealed the gadolinium which was supposed to be gone from her were offng levels that the charles. >> this is in the danger zone i stayed ll see that at that level for a very, very long
Sep 17, 2017 10:00am EDT
: cohn also told us about administration efforts to level the playing field on trade with china, and one other key promise, improving the nation's infrastructure. more on those in the weeks ahead on "full measure." coming up on "full measure" -- is europe's immigration crisis getting worse? it seems the media has gone silent. scott thuman reports from ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor and i sponsored this ad narrator: ed gillespie says dr. ralph northam doesn't show up? dr. ralph northam was an army doctor and a volunteer medical director at a children's hospice. he passed the virginia law requiring concussion standards for school sports. the smoking ban in restaurants. and dr. northam is working to connect veterans to good paying jobs in virginia. ed gillespie is a washington dc corporate lobbyist. he shows up for whoever pays him. sharyl: a year ago, screaming headlines spoke of an immigration crisis in europe, caused by refugees fleeing the middle east. you may not have heard much lately about what was called the refugee crisis of 2016. here's a new headline
Jul 9, 2017 10:00am EDT
most feared bacteria first discovered in china turned up in the u.s. it was this lab that found it. >> i think i used an expletive when i responded back. are you serious? joce: new orleans is a place where america lets the good times roll. one of the best ways to see the big easy is on foot. if you dare. said heuy who hit me did not see me. joce: she was hit by a car last year at this intersection near new orleans city park. traf five different directions. you won't find a single pedestrian crossing light here. >> when you see a pedestrian light, you are surprised to see it pedestrian light, whereas in other major cities, they are pretty much on every corner. sharyl: there is no getting around it, the u.s. shrimping industry is dying. >> my dad taught me well. he did good. now my sons are struggling because of what is going on. sharyl: he is talking about foreign shrimp flooding the market like places like china, indiana -- indonesia, vietnam, and thailand. all of those stories coming up next time on "full measure." until then, we will be searching for more stories that old powers
Feb 28, 2016 4:00pm CST
. >> "tell me what you think about red china. signed, your fan." >> well, dear fan, red china? i think it's just fine as long as it doesn't clash with the tablecloth. >> it's the very best of hee haw, america's longest running comedy variety show. available now for the very first time in one grere collection on dvd from the good folks at time life. imagine collecti l the great hee haw jokes, the best sketches, and the most outrageous moments. >> when you serve gusto goulash, it'll only go around once. >> here's hank williams jr. >> way down yonder in the bayou country in dear old louisiana that's where lives-- exclusive bonus features plus y'll get over 100 rare performaes by country music's greatest stars. >> funny face, i love you funny face, i need you >> these shows are now available on dvd. and they've been digitally remastered for magnificent picture and sound. >> hey, gordie, what do you mean "wives are just like fishermen"? >> well, lisa, they always are bragging about the ones that got away and complaining about the one they caught. >> yeah. >> get the entire hee haw col
Aug 14, 2016 11:00am EDT
investing markets. at a time when there already heightened concern about china >> along eagle forge shale where the glow was once bright, there are oil only 64 rigs sending out their flareses. the skyline of south texas has darkened. >> just because you are paying 1.34 at e you are doing that, and life is great there is somebody on the other side of it that's on complete different spectrum. they are hurting. you know? they are fighting for their lives. >> betting on how long this volume will last like getting into game texas hole em it is high stakes poker. but some analysts are predicting rebounds by the end of 2016. >> for "full measure." >> thank you, scott. rep rip so why d -- relationship so why so many cube bans returning the u.s. border. about of >> earlier this year business barack obama payment first sitting president to visit cuba since calvin cool ij in 1928. the trip came one year after the two nations moved to reestablish diplomatic relations. congress has considering steps that would ease travelling to the island nation. but what you may not know astonishing number of cubans
Jun 19, 2016 10:00am EDT
. sharyl: what forms of censorship are faced in china, is it very blatant? are journalists sometimes told by government what not to publish or is there self-censorship? lijia zhang: they are certainly self-censorship, but there also is lots of censorship from the government. i have a friend who's editor of a newspaper in beijing, and she received a long list of things not to talk about. neil clark: i see a big change, really, in the british media, certainly in the last ten, particularly in the last five years. the parameters of the things that we can sort of say and write are much narrower now than they used to be. sharyl: can you elaborate a little bit on that? neil: yeah, i call it the new mccarthyism and i don't think that's overstating it. the thing is this very pernicious gatekeeping going on the targeting of any journalist who really puts their heads above the curb on certain issues and foreign policy is the number one sort of no go area really and this is a kind of bullying and intimidation and it's all meant to silence a journalist and also push you out of the mainstream. the
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 83 (some duplicates have been removed)