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Oct 28, 2016 8:00pm EDT
with the environment. you can look at the air in china. you can look at the waters in china. we don't want to go back there. we don't want to turn the page back to pollution like we had in the past. mr. hullinger: senator, you get a 30 second rebuttal. sen. isakson: the constitution gives the congress of the united states that navigable -- the responsible before navigable waterways of the americans. what the epa is trying to do to take control of every waterway that exist. even if it's a pond or farm in south georgia. the overly regulatory environment of this administration, making it impossible for anybody to do business whether they're a farmer or developer. i am for clean water and clean air, that can be accomplished. but you don't have to regulate people out of business to do so. mr. hullinger: your question for allen buckley. sen. isakson: allen, in april, i read an interview which is great interview by the way, talking about drug issue, which you i share a common interest in. but you were referred to an economist study that recommend the legalization of drugs. how do you reconci
Nov 2, 2014 5:00pm EST
jobs. korea, china, taiwan, mexico -- not once did you mention the us. you are the head of sourcing all in asia. so, if that is not outsourcing jobs, i do not know what is. he said that he will question the business career -- your business career do not understand, but i do not think you have been able to clarify for us. >> you said just a minute ago -- you talk to a farmer about this. and, again, all these attacks have been false. not only in the general elections but in the primary and the runoff as well. but talking to a farmer, michelle, it is interesting that you can do that without feeling like a hypocrite. he told the farmer how important he and his businesses to you and yet in your own plan, you rated farming issues number 18 in your list of priorities and you actually rated rural issues that last. that is the kind of distraction that i'm talking about. you don't want to talk about the sleight-of-hand when you say one thing to one group and another thing to another group. i think barack obama wants you in his senate to fight for him, not for the people of georgia. >> david, you
Oct 27, 2014 9:00pm EDT
were 16 different countries listed when you created jobs, india, pakistan, china, and whether it is sara lee -- you have a pattern here of outsourcing jobs. i think that is a question of you run on a business career, some people deserve to know what that involves. i haven't eight point plan around job creation, and i am the only one who does. >> let me just say this. we created almost 20,000 jobs in about four years, yet we outsourced every single product we sold in our stores, almost all in the united states. i am proud that we helped our customers get from payday to payday and provided great opportunities to provide for families every day. >> let's move on. because into this race i believe we need to change and fight the gridlock and dysfunction in washington. ofave talked about a variety ways of doing that, including mandating congresspeople don't get paid unless they pass an annual budget or that congressmen are precluded from going on to become lobbyists. can you share some of your ideas for what we need to do to fight gridlock in washington? >> one thing we can start doing is
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)