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Jan 26, 2016 7:00am EST
he will be on china but china is stealing america's secrets. >> it's a false attack. a bogus attack. it consistent work then -- it didn't work then. i would suggest that if other candidates are going that direction, that they're very frustrated by the dynamic that's playing out on the graph. >> reporter: donald trump setting his sights on cruz. saying it's time to settle whether he's a citizen of canada. >>> we have dramatic new voof an orlando police officer shooting at a stolen car. >>> the officer said that the what happened after the officer fired his gun. we have an update on the cleanup after the massive snowstorm in the northeast. the areas still feeling the impact even days later. we'll bring you upto dated, coming up. >>> the pollen count is up. down in the coming days as the rain chance starts to rise. maybe a little purge effect with the heavier rain moving in. pinpointing locations and the exact arrival times and much, and a sneak peek at the inin t thihis s lilinene o of f woworkrk ononlyly t thehe f frereshshesest t iningrgrededieientntss mamakeke t thehe c cutut itit'
Jan 15, 2016 7:00am EST
: today's tumble in china may kill some of the momentum from yesterday. it closed with its best day since early december yesterday. the s&p 500 went up 1.7%, and nasdaq up 2%. the gains came after a calmer day in china. but asian markets began to drop again. the fed has impacted future interest rate hikes and say they could be delayed by the slowing economy. >> john: 7:15 here on "good day orlando." here's your accuweather forecast. hi, jayme. and i've been monitoring this, south of town, towards the southern end of palm bay. the next wave is reloading. priming the atmosphere for what i call the main event. the computers are showing twisting and turning and that's called a sheer marker. indicating rotation within the storms that are out in the gulf, still out at south sea, but nonetheless moving in our direction. keep in mind, this is a developing weather situation. i am not here to scare the day lights out of you, this is for you to be conscious and aware. be aware where you are located and have a plan if we, in fact, see rotation indicated on doppler radar we could find ourselves dealin
Jan 19, 2016 7:00am EST
the magical we'll have details on that in a second. plus. >> a china with threatening my babies with the gun and kill my baby. i was look no. >> we're hearing from a mother after men badge into barge into her house. >> a gun display controversy in a florida town. the owners of a gun store put out characters in front of her business, but they're holding guns. the city says they have to take them down. the owners say no way. let's go back to jamye and talk about that. is it true that cold weather makes for pretty sunrises? >> it's the cloud cover. the canopy is moving over. i've seen a few posts this morning, folks said to me, rainbow pics during the course of yesterday driving towards that sun. you good it's that cloud mass in place and it dazzles the senses. senses, climb back in bed with the dogs or something. it's a cold one. thirty-two gainesville, 30s widespread over north central florida. windchill factor 27 at gainesville, 30s for the rest, so that canopy of clouds streaming in high overhead, you can see the movement lurches to the east and to the south, so we begin to get rid
Jan 14, 2016 7:00am EST
say tumbling oil prices and a slowing economy in china are attributing to the turmoil. the average 401-k is already down $7,000 for the year. >> john: don't look until maybe august. >> john: how would you feel if you found out your boss was reading personal e-mails and messages. >> amy: a court ruling allowing bosses to do just that. right now, let's check in with brooks. >> good morning. we have a little cup of tea here. a little sore throat. but feeling all right. we'll be back find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories. yeyeahah, , ththatat's's r rigightht. . d deaeall didivava c comomining g ththrorougugh.h. yoyou u sesee e alall l mymy b bogogosos,, mymy w weeeeklkly y adad.. jujustst w waiait t titillll y youou s seeee mymy s savaviningsgs.. anand d brbracace e yoyoururseselflf.. ththe e didigigitatal l cocoupupononss arare e cocomimingng n nexext.t. lolookok a at t heher,r, s so o prprououdd ofof h herer m momommama.. y youou s savaveded q quiuitete a a b bitit t tododayay gogo
Jan 7, 2016 7:00am EST
korea which prompted the un council to hold an emergency session. >> amy: stocks in china tumbled more than 7% overnight before emergency measures kicked in. they actually stopped trading after just 30 minutes. they said no more >> ryan: that's shocking that they went that quick right around the corner. the big race is just a few weeks away. the last testing session this weekend. good to see you. from charlotte, north carolina. you won this above and came in second last year. >> it'll be great for us. and it's very important. we have three days coming up to test. looking forward to it. >> ryan: it's 24 hours straight. you rotate four different drivers. you start things off. >> yes, some people think you have 24 hours of straight driving. we do two or three hour stint, and change out drivers and cycle through. a long day. getting in the race car a lot. 100%, working for as hard as you can, six, eight, ten hours throughout the course of the event town, into daytona, talk about the speedway. >> it looks incredible. the whole daytona rising is almost complete. we'll be the first race event
Feb 24, 2016 7:00am EST
because -- being targeted because it's american. say it's a cellphone company out of china, the u.s. has no precedent to say, we're going to make you build code to crack your own security system. don't you think it's an apple, american company issue? >> it is. imagine if the chinese government were asking apple or thank you for coming in. >> jayme: accuweather forecast update. a live look at downtown. it's been a morning of clouds and freshening breeze. i do want to reiterate that a tornado watch continues until 10:00 a.m. a tornado watch for 10:00 a.m. for alachua, marion, and sumter county within the confines of the fox 35 viewing area. i am watching a couple areas of concern right now. what happened though, when kristin was on the forecast at 4:30, the line was more stout looking from north to south. now we're seeing segments. duval, jackson county, and marion, and another one loading up around tampa. watch the break there. of no surprise, the main area of low pressure, we call the parent low or the main low, driving the area, is moving and advanced to the the north. we separate
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6