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Mar 8, 2016 9:00am EST
ripping off the united states, we've never been taken advantage of. and what china's doing, japan, indiana, vietnam and mexico both at the bordr and with trade, they're killing our country, taking our jobs. we can't let it happen. >> obviously, florida is a big win state next tuesday. marco rubio a couple weeks ago wasn't doing so great in the polls, but that's starting to shrink now. we're starting to see his numbers come up. i think the latest poll showed about a 8 -point difference. what are you thoughts about in winning next tuesday in the state of florida sph. >> i love the state. it's a great state. i own many, many property in florida. i've invested billions of dollars. i think i'll do very well. i've been doing very well in florida. i have thousands of employees. you know, marco rubio's a guy who doesn't even vote. he doesn't show up to the senate to vote. he's not gonna be a senator for long. he's done very, very poorly in the presidential run, very and he has not done well. most people thij he's gonna drop out of the race, but we'll see what happens. >> how important is
Jan 7, 2016 9:00am EST
simonetti. good to see you. it has not been pretty after the 29-minute session in china? >> i know. half-hour. must be nice! actually, it is terrible news, traders wanted to work the whole day, the dow falling 240 points and will go lower, dow futures down almost 500 points. and it is ugly, not the first decline we have seen and the selling as you said, started in china and they closed the markets early there for the second time this week alone and this is the earliest close ever. and devaluing the currency, the yuan to a low level and makes chinese stuff cheap for americans, and folks in other countries to buy. hopefully, to spur their economy, china the world's number 2 economy is really, really struggling. and stuff like that. >> ryan: they've been in a free fall, 7% one day, a lot. and macy's now. >> it would have been worse. >> ryan: imagine where things would have fal en had they not cut things off, 3% of macy's staff being cut. what is behind the numbers? >> such a warm december, i mean, we were in t-shirts in new york on christmas day. up and because of that, they had the scarves
Jan 21, 2016 9:00am EST
and this is what is going on. in a nutshell, oil prices are weak. china's economy is weak. you have the central bank in europe saying inflation, there is none, could be a problemment but also means we can put stimulus into the markets, and that equals growth. >> john: china is falling off a cliff. >> cliff notes version. >> and, impact a lot of people in central florida, especially, and orange juice demand at a 30 year low and a lot of reasons for this, we know about citrus greening down here and it is >> apparently they are having the worst season since 1964 i was reading and am i the only person who has a glass of orange juice every day? i think i am. >> john: could be. >> orange juice demand is predicted to be the lowest in more than 30 years and you have to go back to 1984 to get a lower number. what is this reason? we're drinking less sugary beverages, right? a lot of options for different beverages on the market and we are shunning oj apparently. >> john: yeah. there are problems and see the growers here, empty with the citrus greening disease and impacting a lot of the crop h
Feb 15, 2016 9:00am EST
end manufacturers, not the made in china brands for -- i guess more safety. to prevent the fire and explosions and that. >> amy: and it ties into strangely enough, barbie. getting a makeover? >> the drone? >> amy: it is crazy. >> i now, you thought the barbie expensive. has a smart home dream house, 2i9 $299, wifi enabled and kids want talk to it because it has voice recognition software and you can see you, elevator go up and barbie, you know, gets on her elevator and goes to the top floor but that is not it. she's also got etting a hover board drone, for $60. >> amy: okay. >> iknow. >> amy: you know, if barbie gets one the kids want one, and i think for me, i'm more concerned about the injuries these kids are getting than anything else. the fire may be, okay. it could happen but, gosh, kids are really getting hurt. all right. dangerous. all right, good stuff, love you, girl, have a great rest of the day. >> you, too, see you tomorrow. >> amy: catch her on fbn a.m. on the fox business network, 5:00 a.m. not sure where to go, go to fox finder. it is memorized. j
Feb 18, 2016 9:00am EST
those. >> those are from 1890 to 1910. made in china and for the western market for export. >> i buddy was hoping he could finance the college kids education with them, can he or not. >> these days, it might buy a good pair of tennis shoes! >> reporter: sorry, charlie! what do you have here? a smoking apparatus? >> reporter: these were made in the german area, influenced by turkish. tobacco has been associated with turkey and these have that and are made in germany, 1850 to 1935. >> what do you suspect it might be worth. >> these will be individually price theed d out, 150 to $350. >> i brought this in, it was part of my family's inheritance i got from my grandmother and i want to talk to charlie and find out if it is really something that is valuable and should be passed down through the family. >> because it is engraved with the family name she wants to keep it and she could do a repair and polish it up and it would be a prize for her family as well. a beautiful piece, typical of work 1870 to 1890 and will be nice, silver plate was popular among the well-to-do. >> reporter: in terms
Mar 11, 2016 9:00am EST
everybody. you know, we have 330 million people. we're going to be competing with china with $1.4 billion. we have to develop all of our people. you know, the people who are the downtrodden in our society, we're not doing those people any favor. by patting them on the head and saying there, there, you poor little thing, i'm going to take care of all your needs. we need to be concentrating on mechanisms to allow those people to climb out of the state of strength and fabric of this nation. that's what america is about. it's not about the dependency. it certainly isn't about socialism. you know, socialism is seen as the pancea by some who don't understand it. i think a lot of some -- >> ryan: dr. carson speaking. he tackles some of the issues that divided them in the past. the second candidate to endorse donald trump, with christie being the other. could be a possible vp candidate? dr. carson endorsing donald trump. amy. >> amy: thank you. on the health watch, more and more children are being diagnosed with adhd, but a new study says a lot of them don't actually have it. the study sa
Mar 9, 2016 9:00am EST
it's a six. the other markets are up, too. we don't have terrible news out of china. influencing stock markets and oil prices are up. >> that's good to hear. they scampering through this workers. this one, though, this nur virus, kind of sounds like this is out of their control. they're obviously testing, sanitizing that store as i speak. i consider the health of chipotle a barometer for that is the restaurant across the street, huge restaurant. line used to be out the door. it was unbelievable. took forever to get your lunch. now there's no line and hasn't been for quite sometime. you think chipotle cleaned things up, we started to see some people go back, that small line got a little longer and it's probably going to be short again because another instance of neuro virus at one of their restaurants near boston. what we know now is that four workers called out sick. they're told to call out sick. this is how chipotle will better instances going forward. we don't know what happened to them, but at least one of them tested positive for neuro virus and that restaurant closed as a r
Feb 1, 2016 9:00am EST
dow up 400 points. unfortunately, no follow through and oil and stocks are down, and, china, manufacturing sector, contracted for the sixth month in a row and set the tone for trading. >> chipotle. a lot of people know there were e. coli fears, what is this latest on this? >> okay, 53 people get sick from e. coli and ate at chipotle in 9 states and 20 had to go to the hospital and no one died but a major health scare, the "wall street journal" says as soon as today, the cdc might clear chipotle in the investigation, saying the outbreak is over. what does it mean? it means the cdc is wrapping up their investigation and does not mean there is a cause or a -- pinpoint what caused the contamination. in terms of you going to chipotle and feeling comfortable. would you? even though the cdc says, the don't know what caused it? >> john: the video i'm thinking about going today, now i'm yeah. watching the video. >> reporter: no lines, people are skittish and have their safety training meeting when the stores are closed through lunch. and one week from today, and, earnings. and that i
Jan 19, 2016 9:00am EST
industrial average and a decent day, and, china's economy is slowing in a big, big way and chipotle trying to lure back restaurants and employees will be retrained but they have something else, too. >> february 8th every one opens at 3:00 p.m. for the day and you might start to see food given out for free. during lunch hour or when you go into chipotle. different based on the restaurant and essentially the free food is the best way to thing of saying i'm sorry for the food scares we have seen. it hit the share price and sales and made people not as eager to go into chipotle. and if you get free guacamole you know why. >> amy: it makes sense, a lot of people eat there because they like the fact that they feel the food isitier and the worst possible thing to happen is people get sick, because it defeats the purpose they go there in the first place. >> and they pride themselves on quality and why the pr campaign to fix the problem is massive. >> only hope it helps, i still like them. thanks, good to see you. >> you, too. >> amy: you can catch her every day 5:00 a.m. on the fox business networ
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9