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Dec 3, 2016 8:00am EST
years of tradition. >> china is ripping us off. >> will this stir up an international firestorm? plus, sarah palin at odds with trump over his latest deal. >>> caught on camera, look at this, holiday delivery warning this morning. a robber dressed as a u.p.s. worker gets a homeowner to open the door, three others burst in, guns blazing. >> i grabbed the gun and we started tussling over it. the weapon was discharged in the house. >> the things to look before before you open the door. >>> and the abc news exclusive. sharing his wife's story, keith papini revealing new details about his wife's kidnappers. >> i will share with you that their faces were always covered. >> plus, what sherri relied on to survive her horrifying ordeal. >>> hey, good morning. so many people talking about that "20/20" interview this morning. keith papini revealing new details about his wife's terrifying and bizarre ordeal only to abc's matt gutman and matt will be here with much more on this case later in the show. >> such a riveting story. but we're going to start here with the angry reaction this mornin
Dec 18, 2016 8:00am EST
night victory and already facing foreign policy challenges. his surprising reply to china's offer to return that stolen drone. >> russia's response. moscow reacting to u.s. findings personally involved in the hack attack. terry moran is in moscow this morning talking with russian officials who are doing their own finger pointing. >> and late for christmas? amazon customers who rely on two day prime delivery are getting a warning. >> the airlines are so undermanned. >> will your gifts arrive on time? what amazon is telling its customers this morning. >> good morning everyone. baby, it is cold outside. thank you for joining us on a bitterly cold sunday morning. so many of you, tens of millions of americans waking up to this, a brutal and in some places dangerous winter blast. >> the temperatures have been diving fast. look at this time lapse video out of texas where it went from over 80 degrees to about 30 degrees in 12 hours. >> that will send your body into shock especially in texas. check out the national map. huge areas of the country dealing with the frigid temperatures. feelin
Jul 8, 2017 7:00am PDT
world leaders at the g20 summit just moments ago he sat down with china's xi jinping and another cruise face-to-face to comes amid heightened tensions with north korea and the president's growing frustration with china's unwilling it is to take a harder long with pyongyang. he also sat down with britain's sean spicer -- >> prime minister may and i have developed a very special relationship, and i think trade will be a very big factor between our two countries. so, i want to thank you very much. >> reporter: but even the president himself is among those still talking about yesterday's high-stakes face-to-face with russia's vladimir putin. i want to thank you very much. >> reporter: later this morning -- they said they had positive chemistry. he reached out for a handshake. there was smiling, small talk and before they got down to business, even a back pat. >> we look forward to a lot of very positive things happening for russia, for the united states. it's honor to be with you. thank you. >> reporter: putin returning the compliment. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> reporter: saying he
Jul 8, 2017 8:00am EDT
. i want to thank you very much. >> reporter: later this morning he'll meet with china's xi jinping, another crucial sit-down that come as mid heightened tensions with north korea and the president's growing frustration with china's unwillingness to take a hard i line with pyongyang but even the president himself is among those still talking about yesterday's high stakes face-to-face with russia's vladimir putin. >> rex and i had a tremendous meeting yesterday with president putin. >> reporter: secretary of state rex tillerson was in that room saying the two men connected quickly and had positive chemistry. the cameras allowed in to see president trump reach out for a handshake. there was smiling, small talk and before they got down to business, even a back pat. >> we look forward to a lot of very positive things happening for russia, for the united states. relationsh thank you. >> reporter: putin returning the compliment, saying he too was pleased to meet president trump for the first time. later first lady melania trump also seen smiling and chatting with putin seated right next t
Apr 29, 2017 7:00am PDT
flexing his muscles. despite the growing pressure from both the u.s. and china, today another show of force. this time a short to medium-range missile believed to be a new type, a kn-17, that broke up just minutes after launch, according to u.s. military officials, it exploded on north korean soil. president trump tweeted that the failed launch disrespected the wishes of china and its highly respected president. but trump has also expressed doubt about china's influence over kim jong-un who has never met china's president, and there is no indication that that will change. >> i have a lot of respect and i really like president xi. i don't know that he's going to be able to pull it off. it may have to be a much more difficult ending, to be honest with you. >> reporter: on thursday, trump said anything could happen. >> there's a chance that we could end up having a major, major conflict with north korea. absolutely. >> reporter: as for south korea about the launch, very little reaction this morning. i asked these people what they think about the missiles and north korea, they say a fe
Mar 18, 2017 7:00am PDT
of emergency. >>> china meeting. secretary of state rex tillerson in beijing and talking strategy about north korea. >> things have reached a rather dangerous level. >> abc's bob woodruff in beijing this morning. >> where is the red line on this? >> getting the answers after the new hard line approach. >>> standing his ground. president trump not backing down on those wiretapping claims. the answer to a reporter that shocked the german chancellor. >> i guess by, you know, this past administration, at least we have something in common. >> this as the justice department makes a special delivery to capitol hill. >> fantastic finishes. march madness. >> that was good. >> kicking into high gear. the buzzworthy moments, favorites coming out on top. but which team will be the next bracket buster? >>> hey, good morning on a saturday with lots of news including a fresh storm moving into the northeast. >> and speaking of weather, you may notice that we have a familiar face here at the desk. rob is off. sam champion pitching in this morning. welcome. >> good morning. >> hi. >> nice to see yo
Feb 11, 2017 7:00am EST
. will honor the one china policy. thereby averting confrontation but according to many, appearing weak. >> let me pick up on that. this morning "the new york times" as we know a fafrning punching bag for the president reported that analysts are saying trump handed china a victory and sullied his reputation with its leader as a tough negotiator who ought to be feared. is trump perhaps seeing that the world is more complicated when you're in the oval office than when it is out on the campaign trail? >> reporter: maybe. the chinese will certainly see this as a victory. here the two leaders squared off over an issue of crucial importance to china. their man stood his ground, trump blinked and according to one expert, he'll come off looking to china like a paper tiger. dan, paula. >> more to come on this. thank you. facing another simmering story. the national security adviser michael flynn is under fire over a conversation he had with a russian diplomat before the inauguration. did they discuss u.s. sanctions and was that against the law? abc's gloria rivera has the latest from our d.c. bu
Jul 9, 2017 8:00am EDT
to china, but it is russia dominating the headlines yet again this morning. >> a new meeting between members of team trump and a russian national now coming to light. abc news has learned that during the campaign, donald trump jr. and jared kushner met with a russian lawyer with connections to the kremlin. >> meanwhile, the russian president vladimir putin now speaking out about his face-to-face meeting with trump insisting that trump seemed to accept his denials of russian election meddling. and president trump tweeting this morning, saying, i strongly pressed president putin twice about russian meddling in our election. he vehemently denied it. i've already given my opinion. >> george is standing by with analysis but we're going to start here with abc's seen choir white house correspondent cecilia vega who is in hamburg, germany, for us where the g20 summit took place. cecilia, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, paula, good morning to you. you know, white house aides are calling this trip a huge success for the president and really it was a chance for him to escape some of that
Nov 20, 2016 6:00am MST
to china earlier this month. the world are on loan from china but the caretakers at the breeding and research center over in china say the bears don't like the food there. and cannot understand the local language. >> so they have been fully americanized, right? >> yes. actually been mixing up fruit with american cracker. >> oh, gosh. that's the downfall. >> i was confused about they don't understand the local language. actually at the research center when the folks say come here, they actually do in english but won't understand it in chinese. >> that's interesting. dan with panda facts this morning. love it. >> now i'm going to shut up. >> also, we're taking you behind the scenes for the american music awards, the world's biggest fan voted award show. how many times have you voted dan? >> 76.4. >> yes, well it airs tonight on abc. a whole lot of surprises planned. a full preview coming up. but first, a grieving father speaking out about the brutal murder of his son. >> joey comunale went to new york city for a night of later in a shallow grave and eva pilgrim has the emotional interv
Feb 12, 2017 7:00am PST
call with president xi of china over the weekend where he says he's standing by the one china policy, that his asia policy is coming into focus. he knows he needs both south korea, china, and japan to hold an alliance against north korea. >> there's a real difference between being on the campaign trail and being in the white house, an we're seeing that shift now. speaking of the white house, you have trump adviser stephen miller on the show this morning. a really young guy, 31 years old. he's emerged as such a powerful and controversial figure in the white house. why is that? >> he's got profiles in both "the washington post" and "new york times." he was an aide to senator jeff sessions on capitol hill, became a close adviser to president trump on the campaign trail along with steve bannon, he is seen as one of the ideological activists inside the white house, the driving force behind that executive order of the travel ban. that's why he's become controversial. he's very, very powerful inside the white house now. driving a lot of policy. >> and lastly, trump's been tweeting this morn
Jan 16, 2016 8:00am EST
now looking like they are at risk. some of them have even been lost already. there is also china. china's markets are causing big fears here because their markets are down 20% from thdecember highs. they have been getting hit time and time begin, cecilia, and what we've seen over and over again this year when china's& markets tank, ours do too. >> hits us here at home. concern and fear the words you mentioned. what is happening with people's 401(k)s, so many people looking at their portfolio saying what do i do? >> a lot of white knuckle days for those retirees especially. the average 401(k) of $92,000 0 has already lost about $7500 in value since the beginning of this year. now, the unsatisfying answer is the accurate answer. it's the one people hear time and time again in these environments of down market days. unfortunately, riding it out tends to be the best option and historically speaking, recession, if you didn't sell on those terrible down market days, your portfolio is up, in fact, the stock market in the last five years has returned massive amounts to investors, so in a
Aug 8, 2015 8:00am EDT
moved on to the coast of china. bob woodruff is there. >> this is like unbelievable sand. in taiwan outside the capital city a family of five had to be rescued from their home after flood waters reached nearly the second floor. across this country more than 100 people injured, at least six people reported killed so far. the worst has past this morning. right now taiwan is assessing the damage and cleaning up. bad as it is, people are thankful because they fear this one could have been even worse. dan. >> we are thankful as well and thankful neal is okay. >> and bob as well. we want to turn over to ron with more of the surprise verdict out of colorado. good morning. >> good morning to both of you. in colorado the man convicted of that movie theater massacre will spend the rest of his life behind bars. the jury of nine women and three unable to reach a unanimous verdict. to impose the death penalty. holmes will serve a life sentence without the opportunity of patrol for the attack that killed 14 and injured 70. breaking news from afghanistan. a u.s. service member was killed along the
Aug 9, 2015 8:00am EDT
, taiwan and mainland china have been hit by typhoon soudelor. officials reporting that 22 people are dead or missing. china being hit by heavy rain triggering mudslides. >>> back in this country, in texas, three adults and five children were found dead inside of a house near houston, texas, and a suspect is now in custody. this happened saturday night. they went to the home to do a welfare check. they saw a child on the floor and that's when they went in and found the victims inside and the suspect was arrested later. >>> in seattle, black lives matter activists disrupted a rally for democratic presidential hopeful bernie sanders. two activists jumped on the stage and grabbed the mike. they were met with a mix of boos and some cheers from a crowd of about 2,000. sanders eventually left that event without giving the speech he was scheduled to give. he did speak later at an event at the university of washington in seattle that drew a crowd of 10,000. >>> and take a look at this. this is a 1-year-old child, 1 1/2--year-old child, actually, standing in the street, alone, wearing only a d
Jul 2, 2017 7:00am PDT
president's schedule today. those are calls with the leaders of japan and china. those come in advance of that meeting this week between president trump and vladimir putin. that as the fbi investigation into russia goes on. dan, cecilia. >> so much going on, gloria, thank you. >> it's going to be a big week. >> let's bring in abc news chief global affairs correspondent, martha raddatz, who is in in washington where she's going to be hosting "this week" later this morning. martha, good morning to you. >> good morning to you both. >> so let's start with the news overnight, the president taking more shots at the media. in your view is there a smart strategy here in that it fires up his base? >> well, i think he's certainly trying to appeal to his base. we talked to a lot of ohio voters this week, and i have to say not a single one said, yay, let's keep doing those tweets. some people weren't really paying attention. others were saying, look, it's really juvenile, and these were part of donald trump's base, most of the people i talked to were trump voters, and they really didn't like this
Aug 7, 2016 7:00am PDT
victory over china with dominating performances by kevin durant. >> catch and shoot for durant. from downtown. >> reporter: an incredible display of dunking by demar derozan. >> leading to this. derozan again! >> reporter: 19-year-old sheeting teen star ginny thrasher with a win. on the socker the pitch, the women's team seizing a win with a single goal from carli lloyd. the crowd revolting against the reigning champs, taunting hope solo with boos and chants of zika. >> in france. >> reporter: and in the pool in a day that saw u.s. swimmers rack up three silver medals and a world record smashed by hungarian katinka hosszu. >> and this is just an unbelievable performance. a world record for the iron lady. >> reporter: the biggest splash was made by the 18-year-old syrian refugee. she missed a slot in the next round, but put the world on notice after a stunning first heat. >> i want everyone to do what they feel in their hearts, even if it's impossible. >> reporter: and around the village, the athletes waiting for competition having fun. trying their hand in other arenas. the women's g
Apr 9, 2017 7:00am PDT
, instead of the focus being on the missile strikes, the china summit, or even the swearing in of a new supreme court justice, the focus today is on infighting. sources tell abc news president trump was forced to step in to cool down a clash between two of his closest aides. just as he was hosting a summit with china's president. and planning the missile strikes in syria, trump reportedly confronted his top aides over in-fighting between chief strategist steve bannon and son-in-law and senior adviser jared kushner. during the campaign, kushner and bannon were allies. but sources tell abc news, their relationship has soured over ideological differences. kushner pushing closer engagement with the world. bannon advocating america first. the white house now says the president ordered the two to sit down friday and work this out so they can move forward on the president's agenda. the meeting, brokered by white house chief of staff reince priebus. the white house denies any imminent shakeup. >> i think we have shaken them up. but i think we have had one of the most successful 13 weeks in the
Jun 11, 2016 8:00am EDT
, america, from china. china. >>> i'm gray hall, coming up next on "action news," saturday morning at 9:00 a.m., a former contestant on the the voice from south jest is killed after a concert. an outpouring of grief. >>> nelson agholor is underinvestigation -- is under investigation for alleged sexual assault. those stories all next on "action news" saturday morning. ♪ ♪ double down on your candy and coffee cravings with dunkin's new heath and almond joy candy bar flavored iced coffees. america runs on dunkin'. ♪ ♪ new fresh step with the power of febreze. odor control worth celebrating. you, saturday, june 11, i'm gray hall. here's some of the stories we're following for you right now on "action news," breaking news, a gunman opens fire at a concert venue in florida killing a new jersey resident him we have the latest. >>> hit-and-run in center city, a suspect is in custody. temperatures are turning hot and humid we could be in for some strong thunderstorms. let's get you over to the accuweather forecast with meteorologist chris sowers. >> reporter: it will be after 4:00 p.m.,
Dec 4, 2016 8:00am EST
" since the election. that has rocked relations between the u.s. and china. china says they've already complained. we want to get the trump response to that as well. so a lot to talk about with the vice president-elect including that carrier deal and all the fallout from the carrier deal this week. president-elect trump on a tweet storm this morning also saying any more companies that move their jobs overseas are going to face that 35% tariff, so we'll talk about that with the vice president-elect as well. >> so you're going to be on the show this morning, you're also going to be interviewing the retired general david petraeus. he's reportedly in the running for secretary of state. as many people may remember he had to step down after it was pointed out i gave classified this was to a reporter who was also his mistress. after this long campaign after trump railed against hillary clinton for endangering america's secrets with her private e-mail server, is it going to be difficult for him to explain to the american people why he would pick petraeus if he does so? >> well, that's going to
Dec 4, 2016 6:00am CST
relations between the u.s. and china. china says they've already complained we want to get the trump response to that as well. so a lot to talk about with the that carrier deal and all the fallout. president-elect trump on a tweet storm also saying any more companies that move their jobs overseas are going to face that 35% tariff and we'll talk about that with the vice president-elect as well. >> you'll be interviewing the retired general david petraeus. he areportedly in the running for secretary of state as many people may remember he had to step down after it was pointed out he his mistress. after trump railed against hillary clinton about her e-mail server. will it be difficult to explain why he would pick petraeus if he does so? >> well, that's going to be one of the key questions, i'll put it to vice president-elect pence and david petraeus and somewhat of an unusual occurrence. politico reporting that the trump transition is going to be watching general petraeus this morning to see how he does, now of course, he met with the president-elect this week, president-elect trump sai
Jul 22, 2017 7:00am EDT
? needed a haircut. he is ron for owing him the money, china has now banned the crooner from performing in the country blaming what they call his bad behavior on and offstage. the beijing municipal bureau of culture claiming the ban was necessary to purify the entertainment history adding he is a gifted singer but he is also a controversial young foreign idol. strong words. while touring the country in 2013 he was seen being carried up the great wall of china by his bodyguards on his shoulders. this was seen as controversial. >> is it too late to say he's sorry? >> ah. >> that was -- >> they concede he's gifted, though. >> they say gifted but you are an idol and we will purify this country. >> i'm just going to turn around. >> sorry, ladies and gentlemen. >> paula in rare form. >> not that rare. >> and now, and now, right, now to luke skywalker's land speeder from "episode iv." grown-ups w yes, this is for kids. the drivable ride -- jedi, i was trying to say like jedi mobile. this is for the kid. it goes five miles per hour. >> what's the weight capacity? >> dashboard. light,
Aug 5, 2017 7:00am PDT
companies and their operators barred from selling toys imported from china because they contain lead and a choking hazard. for more information on the toys affected, you can head to our website. >>> also, gridiron glory. some of football's greatest being inducted into the hall of fame during a ceremony in canton, ohio, tonight. among them former arizona cardinals quarterback kurt warner and dallas cowboy owner and gm jerry jones. kurt warner will be inducted by his wife. >> he won on the rams, though. >> thank you for the clarification. >> not to name drop but i know a guy in that group, michael strahan. >> he is a good friend of yours too. >> he is a good guy. >> i love that guy. he sometimes puts me in his pocket and we go out shopping. >> i'd love to see that. >>> let's talk about another football legend, tom brady. did he or did he not suffer a concussion last year leading up to the super bowl? what the patriot superstar is saying about his health as he celebrates a big birthday but first here the verdict for notorious former drug executive martin shkreli. >> a federal jury
Nov 1, 2015 9:00am EST
time as they have been from china to paris. in recent years, they have become serious globe trotters. the couple's travel smarts extend to trip insurance, which they made sure they bought for last year for a greek cruise. happen. >> reporter: those plans were interrupted when pamela tripped and broke her heel. they had to cancel the trip, when they tried to collect on end. >> we sent several e-mails and called them and i was really, really irritated. that was our money and we should have gotten it back. >> reporter: after ten months, they threw in the towel and called the abc news fixer. stephanie zimmermann and her in in investigate investigate. in tend, our fixer got the airline to issue the full refund. >> it's fixed. thank you, abc news fixer. >> and we're all in luck because stephanie joins us from chicago this morning. good morning, stephanie. >> good morning. >> you know most people never dream their trip is going to be affected by illness. >> you have to read these policies very carefully. and check on whether it's going to limit how much money you can get as a refund and als
Aug 16, 2015 8:00am EDT
nausea. >>> and overseas now to china, new explosions over the weekend in the city of tianjin. fueling fears of exposure to toxic chemicals there. two state-run news agencies, warehouse at the center of the explosions were storing 70 times more than sodium cyanide than it should have. the death toll from the blast is at 112. evacuations of residents in the vicinity of the explosions still under way. >>> and happening now, a small passenger plane reported missing in indonesia. it was headed for the city of oksibil. the twin turbo prop plane was on the 42-minute domestic flight when it lost contact with air traffic controllers. there are reports of bad weather in that area. >>> and a new report, cellphone giant at&t working hand in hand with the government, a government program to spy on people's e-mails. at&t gave the nsa access to billions of e-mails over 10 years. at&t alleged helped the agency wiretap all communications at the united national headquarters which was an at&t customer. >>> and a man struck in a steep retention basin in phoenix. watch as emergency crews pluck him to safe
Aug 13, 2016 6:00am MDT
, the u.s. is leading with 50 medals. that's 5-0, everyone, followed by china with 37 and japan with 24 but it's all about those gold medals. 20 of them right there. >> then there was the soccer sshocker. team usa losing to sweding, the first time for 20 years the usa won't play for the gold medal. ance's matt gutman is there at rio with more. >> hi, matt. >> reporter: good morning, ryan. calling it the soccer shocker is probably the right term. this is the biggest upset so far in these games, but the u.s. seemed to make up for it in the pool. michael phelps only winning silver and sort of ceremoniously passing the baton to that human who, as you just mentioned, seemed to lap her opponents in the pool. overnight katie ledecky with a seemingly superhuman domination in the woman's 800-meter freestyle obliterating the competition by 11 seconds. so far ahead, it seemed, she was swimming the wrong way, not only besting her own world record but completing a sweep of the 200, 400 and 800-meter freestyle events in a single olympics. no one's done that in 30 years. >> it's all good the whole way
Sep 27, 2015 8:00am EDT
we have to. obama has a bone to pick with china's president. had an in-depth report. >> the armrmy got this informatn so they know some of the things that person was. morris: unlocking soldier suicide. using big day that helps pinpoint troops at risk but privacy abounds. >> that means someone has to pay. morris: implementation of the data act well underway so is it a done deal? "government matters" starts right now. >> this is "government matters." morris:
Nov 29, 2015 9:00am EST
with leaders of china. >> we know that security will be extremely high for all of those world leaders. jon, thank you. >>> back at home in the race to replace president obama, the two republican front-runners, donald trump and ben carson making two different appearances. ben carson making a surprise trip to jordan to visit syrian refugee camps. dylan dwyer is on the story. flew into florida from the sound track from the silver screen, touching down in sarasota, then offering free rides to kids on his personal helicopter. thousands of fans turned out for trump, including this elephant, doubling as a billboard. inside the packed arena -- trump also addressed his treatment last week of a newspaper reporter with a rare genetic disorder. >> you got to see this guy. i don't know what i said. >> they said i was mocking him, i would never mock a person that has difficulty. >> reporter: meanwhile, rival ben carson was visiting refugee camps in jordan. >> we're just getting a good impression of what's going on here. >> reporter: his campaign sharing images with families that fled syria. carson
Nov 1, 2015 7:00am CST
to places. they have been from china to paris. in recent years, they have become serious globetrotters. >> we learned a lot in 4 1/2 year >> reporter: the couple's travel smarts extend to trip insurance, which they made sure they bought last year for a greek cruise to corfu. promised to cover cancel yagss for any reasons. >> we never know what could happen. >> reporter: those plans were interrupted when pamela tripped and broke her heel. they had to cancel the trip, but when they tried to collect on that policy, they hit a dead end. really irritated. that was our money and we should have gotten it back. >> reporter: after ten months, the chernicks threw in the towel and called the abc news fixer. stephanie zimmermann and her team stepped in, asking them to investigatehat missing money. the couple should have been paid under the terms of their travel insurance. in the end, our fixer got the airline to issue the full refund. >> it's fixed. thank you, abc news fixer! >> and we're all in luck because stephanie joins us from chicago this morning. good morning, stephanie. >> go
Aug 14, 2016 7:00am EDT
is his last olympics ever. the u.s. china great britain, germany, and japan. good morning, matt. >> reporter: bon gia, paula. it was bittersweet saying good-bye to the greatest olympian ever. i kofered the 008 games when michael phelps became famous. michael fephelps is okay with h sport of swimming. of course, he has. this morning, the greatest olympi olympian, michael fems, leaving the pool with another olympic record. winning his 23rd gold in saturday night's relay, celebrating with teammates. his five golds and his silver here, a swan song only phelps could have composed. he tells nbc sports he's ready for what is next. >> it's not tend of a career. it's the beginning of a new journey. but kate ie ledecky just gettin started. he won a race by 11 seconds. you win the race, you touch the wall, you're 11 seconds ahead of the next competitors. that is a long time in sports. can you tell us more about what was going through your mind? >> it's nothing different than any other time. i mean, i think, throughout the race, i was just -- appreciating olympics. >> reporter: team usa ear
Aug 22, 2015 8:00am EDT
about what's happening or what will happen with interest rates or what's happening in china, of course. there is a temptation when people see these numbers to get very worried. >> yes. >> put it in perspective for us. >> don't panic. anybody who tells you with certainty where the market is heading from here is trying to sell you something. but the pigger picture is what's so important. over the last five years the same stocks that have lost a lot of money in the last week are up 61%. most people's 401(k)s if you left your money there and you let it ride, it is doing a lot better than it was in the great recession. >> useful perspective. a lot of people say buy the dips. we appreciate it. >> takes a big stomach to do that, but, yes. >> and a big wallet. perhaps. rebecca, thanks. cecilia, over to you. >> don't panic. >>> we got out west to washington where fire crews are tackling those out-of-control wildfires. resources stretched so thin, volunteers are now coming from abroad to help on those front lines. abc's kendis gibson joins us from riverside, washington, where thousands of
Jan 22, 2017 8:00am EST
president china, russia. instead, we're talking about crowd size. i would say, dan, it's a challenge for us in the news media not to obsess over it either. this is not an important issue. he had a big crowd, whether or not it was bigger, who cares? let's talk about the issues. quote, i want to be the president to all americans. so, does he plan on being the president of those millions of americans we saw marching across the country? >> i think he does. i think if you looked at the last third of his speech, on friday, there was an effort to reach out to others. and i think that he knows that that's a challenge. the people at the white house know that's a challenge. this is not exactly the way to do it. >> jon karl, great to have you. you want to stick around? >> why not. i'm here. >> come back for "pop news." >> a reminder, george stephanopoulos has a big show on "this week." he'll speak with kellyanne conway. about the first days of the trump administration. and senate minority leader chuck schumer. senator john mccain will weigh in. on the week ahead. jon karl will weigh in. all com
Oct 8, 2016 6:00am CDT
this. full of good people who work hard. and send them off to china and mexico? my opponent backs bad trade deals that export jobs, and billion dollar tax loopholes for big corporations. i'm going to close those loopholes and help small businesses in wisconsin grow and create jobs. for the folks who work hard... for the middle class raising a family... finally a hand for you. wfrjts just one day until the heats up. >> she's been there for 30 years and hasn't fixed anything. it's all talk. >> what kind of genius loses a billion dollars in a single year. >> now tomorrow on abc, what will they say? new format, new debate, co-moderated by abc's martha raddatz. she's faced them both before. >> mr. trump. >> secretary clinton. >> this time the stakes couldn't be any higher, the presidential debate, abc, tomorrow night live. >>> as matthew marches up the coast people in are getting ready for the state's first major hurricane since '99. >> mary bruce is live in wrightsville beach, mary, good morning to you. >> reporter: hi, good morning. well, we are getting a powerful taste right now of the
Dec 20, 2015 7:00am EST
. unlike some, pjohn kasich has proven he can do the job. p brought back jobs from mexico and china. keep us safe, make us boom. because he's done it before. p only an impatient rascal can john kasich. new day for america is responsible for the content of this advertising. praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member. cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. >> now your storm team 5 forecast with meterologist danielle vollmar. danielle: good morning. well, a mix of sun and clouds over boston but you see the camera is shaking because we have strong winds today. out of the west at about 13 miles an hour. making it feel more like 25 degrees in boston. the upper 40's or upper 30's, excuse me and low 40's. we'll see a lot of sunshine. those winds will finally back down. a couple ocean-effect snow shower
Jan 31, 2016 7:00am EST
not presidential, jeb. john kasich did cut ohio's taxes. cut state spending. turned a deficit into a surplus. brought back jobs from mexico and china.
Jan 17, 2016 9:00am EST
. stood strong... get the job done. hillary clinton. she stood up to china... ...and spoke out on women's rights... ...went toe to toe with russia on human rights. the drug and insurance companies spent millions against her... ...but hillary didn't quit until eight million children got health care. i've never been called a quitter and i won't quit on you. she's got what it takes to do the toughest job in the world. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. >> now from wmur news 9. sean: good morning, i'm sean mcdonald. a check on what's making news, right now a crash in enfield is under investigation. state troopers say 49-year-old southbound on i-85 when he veered off the highway, struck a guardrail and rolled the car. speed could be a factor. borneman could face charges for drug possession. a suspected drunk driving crash, 28-year-old daniel boucher hit a car and caused it to roll on its side. he was charged with driving while intoxicated. kevin: good news, 20's to lower range of the 30's. light snow pushing in our direction, it will arrive after midnight. could be a qu
Aug 20, 2016 7:00am EDT
medals. china is in distant second with 65 total medals. and we're going to go back to matt gutman in rio for more. hi, matt. >> reporter: i got one word for you. usain bolt, what an amazing way for him to close out his -- you like that. to close out his olympic career. nine golds and today is his birthday and he finished last night with classic humility saying it was never in doubt. overnight jamaica's superstar adding a ninth gold to his treasure chest. the fastest man in the world usain bolt anchoring the jamaicaen 4x100 relay for the fourth straight time raising the baton in victory as he crossed the finish line. >> the triple-triple. >> reporter: the usa's 4x100 team suffering a different fate after a review of the race l the replay showing justin gatlin receiving the baton from teammate mike rogers well before hitting the exchange zone. that violation costing them the bronze. team usa's filed an appeal and expects a decision later today. it was quite the opposite outcome for team usa's women. allyson felix and her teammates basking in redemption and gold medal win. >> it's going
Apr 22, 2017 7:00am PDT
america's place in the world. >> i will direct my secretary of the treasury to label china a currency manipulator. >> reporter: some items trump has fulfilled including a new supreme court justice to replace antonin scalia, a tougher line on immigration and a threat to cut federal funding to so-called sanctuary cities, but on other promises -- >> the repeal and replace obamacare act. >> reporter: -- he's fallen well short of the mark. >> remember this, we had no democrat support, so now we're going to go for tax reform. >> reporter: now as he approaches the 100-day mark, he calls that benchmark a ridiculous standard. >> a lot of good things are happening. thank you, folks. >> meaning you'll get a health care vote next week? >> it doesn't matter. if it's next week. next week doesn't matter. >> reporter: one week left before he hits that 100-day mark. not a single major piece of legislation passed. the president clearly has a few more items that he's racing to get done, but it's safe to say he's finding that governing is a bit tougher than running a business or a campaign. dan,
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