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Jan 7, 2016 4:30am EST
claims of a successful h bomb test.this morning condemnation comingfromall corners, china, russia, and here in the u-s. ity's now become an issue in teh presidential hopefuls placing the blame on president obama, citing weak foreign policy.the gop front runner says he knows whgat he would do. (donald trump/(r) presidential candidate)"china has total control over them and we have total control over china if we don't."the white hosue says they doubt north korea actually has developed an h-bomb.a doubt shared by most nuclear analyst. two men recover this morning, injured in a small explosion at a crossroads church in miami those men are doing this morning and what officials believe led to that explosion. a grand jury already decided against any indicments in the case of sandra bland.the reason this morning the officer who pulled her over has been charged in her case. jennifer will call for graphic fullskies are mostly clear for the morning drive with lows ranging from 17-250, trending on the warmer side in cincinnati. skies turn partly cloudy this afternoon and
Feb 11, 2016 4:30am EST
reached the eastern hemisphere.this morning... china is reporting it's first ever case of the zika virus. health officials say the victim had recently traveled overseas... but it's unknown just where they'd been.they're also downplaying the risk of other cases... saying harsh winter weather would prevent mosquitoes from spreading the virus. you'll soon find something new on the lunch menu at one of america's biggest fast food chains. chains.burger king will start serving hot dogs later this'll have two choices... a classic grilled dog and a chili-cheese executive is calling it the biggest launch since the 1970's... sword attack.a tri-state man arrested after attacking his girlfriend with a samurai sword.what neighbors are telling 9 on your side about the fight... that nearly turned deadly. valentine's day is almost here...and one woman says she's spreading the love.why virginia is for lovers... a chilly start to the day with feels like temperatures at or slightly below zero. highs will return to the mid 20s this afternoon with partly cloudy skies. minor snow chanc
Mar 7, 2016 4:30am EST
, china, and other devloping countries now have the option of basic smartphones for 25 dollars or less!the best we can do are low end android phones for around 100 dollars. dollars.without subsidized smartphones.... customers are learning they are really carrying a miniature laptop computer with take good care of yours, so you dont waste your 9 on your side. those smartphones are fueling the popularity over a new way to catch a ride.but folks in cincinnati are finding "ubers" seem to be disappearing. disappearing. a spokesperson for the rideshare company says they're growing in cincinnati...but some tri- state uber drivers disagree. many say it's because they're making less... another says some drivers only pick up fares when it's busy. and a shortage of drivers can more.w-c-p-o insiders can read why that is -- and what other rideshare companies are doing to get business. there's a new top dog... or at least, a top rabbit... at the box office. office.disney's "zootopia" exceeded expectations... opening with 73-point-seven million to top the passed "frozen" for
Feb 1, 2016 4:30am EST
jack black... also topped the box office in china, where the series takes place.the animated feature earned 41- million dollars.however... it's the lowest opening for the franchise yet. fans of *harry potter* creator j-k rowling are rejoicing over this new behind-the-scenes featurette for "fantastic the magical adventure is the first film the "harry potter" creator has written directly for the stars oscar winner eddie redmayne and hits theaters in november. jetblue is making a major makeover to its airplanes... and they say they want you to feel at home. home.the compays says its adding reclinable headrests... a -quote- "patented comfort suspension system"... and blue l-e-d lighting to its airbus a-320'll also find gate to gate wifi... h-d-t-v's and power outlets for every seat.but if you want to grab one... you'll have to travel to cleveland.that's the closest jetblue gets to the tri-state. in case you're wondering... today is national frozen yogurt day...and if you have a sweet tooth... you can get some froyo for free here in the tri state. in west chester and
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4