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2016 8
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Feb 1, 2016 5:00am EST
..the trade imbalance with china. for a first hand look at exactly what that means -- matt tivers takes us to sea... aboard one of the world's largest container ships. 3 end to end... its longer than the eiffel tower. its got an 80,000 horsepower engine and weighs up to 240000 tons...and yet thanks to the magic of buoyancy...the container ship benjamin franklin... floats. it's leaving china soon and will head to los angelesa& it's the largest ship that has rivers, reporter) "being onboard, you really get a sense of scale..mainly because of how small you feel. but for a transport ship, the most important number is what it can hold.... the benjamin franklin can take on 18000 containers. put end to end, they would stretch 68 miles." (velibor krpan, captain, 'benjamin franklin') "it's cheaper to have a bigger ship, you can carry more products and you have less things to pay after that."(matt rivers, reporter) "often on the other side of these doors are things like electronics, toys, clothing...consumer goods made in china that will sell an american stores. this is what trade between t
Feb 12, 2016 5:00am EST
have more people in jail, disproportionately african american and latino, than china does // here's my promise: at the end of my first term as president, we will not have more people in jail than any other country," the fireworks really coming at the end with this contentious moments clinton sot:" ...the kind of criticism that we've heard from senator sanders about our president i expect from republicans. i do not expect from someone running for the democratic nomination to succeed president obama." sanders sot: "madam secretary, that is a low blow.//one of us ran against barack obama. i was not 3 that candidate." tag:clinton was asked about losing the she responded she has devoted her career to empowering women to -quote- mkae their own choices even if that choice is not to vote for me. lz abcn, w3 3 pattie virginia's house has approved a bill that seeks to undo governor mcauliffe's ban on the open carry of guns in some state-owned buildings. now it heads to the senate.. where it faces a likely veto from governor mcauliffe. mcauliffe's executive order in october.. prohibited the open
Feb 18, 2016 5:00am EST
concerned about what the wild swings in the stock market, and china's troubles, could mean for the u-s economy. and that's a diagram of airbus' new idea for under- seat storage. looks like it would severely cut down on leg room for the passenger behind you. the diagram is part patent application. and pay for babysitters is going up. the national average for watching one child is now 15- dollars, 71 cents an hour... up five percent from last year. for two children, 18 dollars an hour. and nearly 20 percent of sitters get tips on test, test, test, test so, let me get this straight -- u.s. cellular has the phone you're looking for, a network that's built to give you coverage way out here where the other guys don't, that's a lot less than verizon and at&t. so, why on earth would you ever go with one of those other guys? switch to u.s. cellular now and get 6 gigs of data for $40 a month plus get $300 back. >> patti: the henry county sheriff's office is look for a missing person. now they are on the search for 62 year old bernie foster. authorities were tipped off to the situation when a cal
Feb 9, 2016 5:00am EST
when president bush...had trouble handling those locked door handles in china?"on the view, the hosts recreated the republican snafu..."michelle collins"as they made their entrance... but when it comes to hailing these chiefs... (nats) better hail them louder. 3 pattie3 still to come on good morning virginia... looks like a lot of people have panda fever these days... a look at our favorite panda baby, bei bei... that's in the next half hour of gmv. 3 mona but first, here's a look at the most viewed news stories this morning on wset dot com. lynchburg police say they have charged two teenagers allegedly involved in multiple larcenies on old forest road. also, many of you are logging on to read register for a tornado drill set for next month. and a madison heights man is facing charges following an alleged domestic dispute. be sure to log on to wset dot 3 good tuesday to you, let's get a check of your morning drive. as you head out the door today, bundle up and please watch out for any slick or slippery spots on the roads. for tuesday, we could see a few light rain and snow showers. th
Mar 1, 2016 6:00am EST
talked about china and of course something he is coming to be known for. mocking his competition especially rubio. he was soaking wet like he got out of a swimming pool with his clotheos and it was honestly a sad thing to see. >> that is why some of his supporters like him. >> it is time we have someone that is not a politician that is more business minded and will >> others like the science students disagree. >> hate speech and the rhetoric he is able to give to his supporters and for them to believe it is just mind-boggling. >> reporter: trump's speech went on for 15 minutes when an act another. >> are you from mexico. >> a few more and the tone of the rally changed. when the political science students were kicked out that was happening the focus shifted to them and then to this a photographer and a secret service agent getting in an altercation. >> patti: police arrested the photographer and later the photographer said they decided to detain him. secret service is investigating this incident. >>> george mason university fairfax. the governors and senator introduced her. hello!
Feb 12, 2016 6:00am EST
. >> when we have more people in jail african-american and latino than china does here is my promise at the end of my first term as president we will not have more people in jail than any other country. report fireworks coming at the end with this moment. >> the criticism we heard from senator sanders about our president i expect from republicans not from someone running for the democrat nomination to succeed obama. >> mad am secretary that is a low blow. one of us ran against obama. i was not that candidate. >> reporter: clinton was asked female voter in new hampshire? she respond she worked her career to empower women to make their own choices if that choice was not to vote for her vment lana, abc news, washington. >> patti: still to committee latest on the fire at old dan river mill plant. dead is set to be back in so, let me get this straight -- u.s. cellular has the phone you're looking for, a network that's built to give you coverage way out here where the other guys don't, and 6 gigs for only $40 a month. that's a lot less than verizon and at&t. so, why on earth would you ever
Feb 26, 2016 5:00am EST
the clothes you make is made in mexico and in china. you'll be starting a trade war against your own ties and your own suits. trump: you don't know a thing about business. on immigration, trump was accused of hiring undocumented workers.20:52:38you're only person on this stage that's ever been fined for hiring people to work on your projects illegally. trump: no, no, i'm the only one at this stage that's hired people. you haven't hired anybody. on trump's tax returnstrump 21:56:51 i want to release my tax returns but i can't release it while i'm under an auditted cruz22:02:07 he doesn't want to do it because presumable there's something in there that is bad. john kasich touted his record. ben carson delivered a head scratching comment on how he would fill the supreme court vacancy.sot ben carson 21:32:33 the fruit salad of their life is what i will look at. while the republicans debated...nat charlie wilson concert hillary clinton concert ahead of tomorrow's south carolina primary and talked race at a north charleston church. but bernie sanders was on a midwest tour...his biggest
Feb 8, 2016 5:00am EST
rocket launch. china says it regrets that north korea went ahead with the launch and is urging all sides to exercise calm. the us, japan and south korea have called for an emergency u.n. security council meeting. 3 pattie still to come on good morning virginia... think you know who will win the election this year? apparently one fortune teller in china believes she has the just after this. mona3 grab a coat this morning as we're waking up to mostly clear skies and temperatures in the 20s. though the day begins dry, we can expect a wintry mix of rain and snow later in the day. highs will reach the mid 40s this afternoon with overnight lows mainly in the upper 20s. timing: moisture begins to arrive to the western parts of the area by noon and pushing east through the afternoon precipitation type: we'll see a rain snow mix, before temperatures start to fall later on tonight accumulation: the accumulating snow will be confined to areas west of the parkway and north of lynchburg where 1 to 3" will be possible in those areas. expect higher amounts west of i-77. lynchburg and central virg
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8