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May 19, 2017 11:18pm EDT
witnesses i do not have faith in the bureaucratic structure although china is rapidly advancing with a new military organization to focus cyberand electronic warfare capabilities misstated earlier we're not broke organized to deal with those new challenges the old structure may have been sufficient with areas of operations but that time has passed and i cannot agree more. ladies and gentlemen, now was the time for reform so without afford to hearing your priorities on this topic i now recognize my friend from tennessee. >> bob like to add my note of congratulations and thank you for this hearing especially the focus to strengthen the space capabilities there is no more important goal there are many issues before us but i am glad we are addressing them in a bipartisan fashion of afford to the testimony. >> can now recognize our witnesses statements will be submitted for the record if you to leave it to five minutes or less to get to questions that would be awesome. >> i will also pylon to say congratulations to look forward to have you sitting here next u.s. next year. [laughter] has di
May 22, 2017 8:32am EDT
they must work with. meanwhile, china, for example, is advancing rapidly in space and counterspace and has established a new military organization to focus its space, cyber and electronic warfare capabilities. dr. john hamre eloquently stated in an earlier hearing to thismi subcommittee, quote: we are not well organized to deal with the new challenges we face in space. the old structure may have been sufficient when space was an uncontested area of operations. that time has passed. again, i couldn't agree more. ladies and gentlemen, now is the least capable our adversaries will be in space, and now is the time for reform even if it's disruptive today w. that, i look forward to hearing all your per spect be is on space priorities and posture, and i thank all of you for being here and working with us on this important foppic. i now recognize -- topic. i now recognize the ranking member, mr. cooper. >> thank you, mr. chairman. i would like to add my note of congratulations to steve, well done. and i thank you for this hearing, mr. chairman, and i appreciate especially your focus on st
May 19, 2017 8:00am EDT
, russia and china. he also speaks about the concerns that we have. he says both will continue to pursue range as a means to reduce military effectiveness. what i thought you were going to tell me is that it was in line of this is another layer of war that we must be ready to fight. i'm not sure when you have russia and china, i would like to know to the extent you can tell me here today, what exactly does this all mean in terms of our military and what was -- what do you need when you come to see us in order tonight that battle? >> first of all we don't talk about a war in space. we talk about a war that extends into space. >> is that something that's unrealistic? could our satellites be the first target? once you take out our satellites you are basically destroyed our effective communication m mechanism. >> they are talking about a full range of cape abilities that range everywhere from reversible jamming all the way up that we saw from china in 2007. we want to deter that. >> mr. hill, would you like to excellent on it? >> and i say in my testimony, there is evidence that everybody is
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)