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Feb 15, 2016 3:23am EST
or middle class in china and many other countries. a century ago this month the battle of verden was just beginning. the most excruciating chapter of a horrific war that would cause 37 million casualties and kill one german and one frenchman out of every five. to ears ago, 75 years ago be precise, millions of refugees were streaming not into europe, but out of europe. seeking refuge from a confrontation with fascism that would climb max in unprecedented savagery and the holocaust. 50 years ago, half of europe lived behind the iron curtain. a quarter of a century ago, europe was witness to a brutal campaign of ethnic cleansing that would rage for years. my friends, we cannot come to munich to a security conference and ignore the underlying message of this history. this moment is not as overwhelming as people think it is. we know what needs to be done and most importantly we have the power to do it. the transatlantic community is not strong
Feb 15, 2016 4:03am EST
. well, general, as far as you know, are the conditions in indo china any different today than they were at that time? >> we'll also hear from special consultant to the president. for the complete schedule go to >> on friday pentagon officials gave congress an update at a house hearing. veral defense officials gave status report. this is an hour and 45 minutes. . >> welcome. . i am delighted to convene this hearing. this is a very important topic and one i know ranking member speier finds concern. i know the gentlemen from north carolina, mr. jones, is attending the hearing with us today and i unanimous consent mr. jones and any other members not assigned to the committee be allowed to participate with the understanding that all members sitting on the subcommittee will ask questions first. without objection so ordered. the oversight began last week with the foundational testimony that general campbell laid out testifying about the evolving security situation in afghanistan and the policy, strategy, and posture required from our nation in order to develop, sustain, and support
Feb 12, 2016 8:04pm EST
general, as far as you know, the condition in china any different today than they were at that time? >> we will hear from special consultant to president johnson general maxwell taylor. and then secretary of state dean russ gaves a statement defending johnson's policies. for the complete weekend history schedule go to >> on the next washington journal climate reporter amanda riley talks about the supreme court's decision this week to temporarily block the epa's regulation on carbon emission from power plants. and a look at the u.s. and international response to the zika virus with alex alexander who specializes in global health. and we discuss campaign 2016 and the role of so-called super delegates in the democratic primary. we will talk calls and look for comments on facebook and twitter. washington journal is live every day at 7 am eastern on c-span. >> president obama released his 2017 budget request this week. it provides for continue support of afghan nationt security forces. several defense department officials gave a status at a house armed service subcommittee hea
Feb 12, 2016 10:30am EST
nato and china in its near seas. as a consequence, even as we continue to cooperate on issues of mutual interest to both countries, we included the department must be prepared for a period of increased competition over the next 25 years. the third strategic challenge is a unpredictable and dangerous north korea. north korea is an armed nuclear power and now pursuing advanced ballistic capabilities that threaten our allies and those in the broader pacific asian region. it is committed to developing long-range missiles which could propose a direct threat to the continental united states if it's successfully designed and fielded. that is a new thing. moreover, another new thing is the new leader, kim jung-ung has demonstrated propensity to provocation and is very, very, in our view, destabilizing and risky. threatening our ally, the ally of korea. for these reasons we must continue to retain forces on the peninsula that can fight tonight if called upon to counter north korean aggression. the fourth involves countering and deterring iran's maligned influence throughout the middle eas
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4