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handling wrestler, china, north korea in the middle east to addressing displaced workers, civil rights, the new plague of drug addiction at home as well as slow economic growth and rising debt. they are all critical. this cannot be understated. you can overload us if we let it. even in the face of this multitude of complex problems clarity can emerge. anxiety the of choices can't be reproduced and then reduced to 10 and then again. they eventually are whittled down to just two. here they are. our backs on the ideals of america that has seen as the two centuries or are we going to reform that america is the last best hope for man on earth. this is our choice. for some of the challenges we couldhat each to present ite rise to fear or anger could be paralyzing. the response for some is to retreat into the past-to yearn for "the way things used to be." to these people, today's america is only seen as a broken place, and the people who did the breaking are "the other:" people with more money-or less money, people with different-sounding last names, or different religious beliefs, or differe
. here are the numbers. by 2050, the africa population will double to twice that of china. 40% of the world's youth will be african which excites me because i have a sense of who they are and want to be. of the one campaign, 7 million members, 3 million are african. we have a sense of their potential as an engine of growth that can roar. but we also fear that if the young people of africa are misled and marginalized their anger could be channeled not to hope, but to hate. and choices start when we fast track our friendship or inviet new enemies. i know that you in this room believe deeply that freedom is more powerful than fear, that hope is more contagious than hate and i know you'll agree with when he when i say that sometimes hope needs a bit of help. well this is one of those times. you see, to defeat bad ideas, you need better ideas. but the good news is we have them. unch have great ideas on how humanitarian support could be provided better and help with jobs. they notice the mood of a camp changes if there is a class built for kids and despair in the faces of workers not allowe
allowed to lobby our government. how much is lobby from china, russia, and cuba? and what happened with china in launching a multiple warhead attack on the united states. as satellites it that clinton help to get through, and now they sit with it, they can launch satellites or warheads. might be alast one little out of our ballpark in this segment. on foreign contributions, what are the rules on that? guest: foreign governments, corporations, individuals are not allowed to make political contributions to contribute in our system. unless they are green card holders, residents of the united states. again, if we have a system whereby the money is secret and we cannot know where the money is coming from, we also can't the assured that it is domestic. we've had a foreign money scandal in the past, i don't know why people would think we are any less likely to have it now that money can be given anonymously. host: westfield, massachusetts is next, and independent, john is calling in. caller: good morning. i would like to make suggestion. -- a suggestion. many of these topics that are bein
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)